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About: MLB At Bat the #1 source for live baseball on your Mobile devices and devices Is the official release of Major League Baseball. **** AT BAT SUBSCRIPTIONS **** At Bat offers two subscription options for its extensive super informations, covering live MLB releases from Opening Day to the Globe Series. - Yearly recurring fee of $19.99. - Monthly recurring fee of $2.99. - MLB.TV All Squads subscribers obtain At Bat Additional informations for nonpaid. **** 2018 FEATURES **** (NOTE: Extra informations and functionality will be available in regular release upgrades throughout the season) Watch and Listen Live Watch the MLB.TV Product of the Day (topic to blackout restrictions; no subscription needed) Access your MLB.TV All Squads subscription to watch each out-of-supermarket release (Subscription needed) See key plays and pivotal moments from each release with Live Look ... Show more
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: MLB Advanced Media, L.P.
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MLB At Bat Reviews and Comments:

For as large as MLB is, this release is cute terrible. doesnt work too often. The Audio (radio) doesnt ever work. Yes, if you log out, uninstall, restart and then install again it will work, til the next day when the Audio (radio) wont work and you gotta do it again. not only that, but each time you uninstall and then reinstall your settings are restart and this causes a trouble (especially when you have hide scores on because you cant watch it live sometimes). It is unreasonable to have to log out, uninstall and then reinstall each day. Unfortunately they dont seem to care and you can see by others comments that the respond from the AT Bat recipients is to uninstall and reinstall even after the review has repeatedly claimed they have already tried it. You will inevitably see that response to this post at some target as well and no one seems to care, you just obtain a stock respond and no fix. very very annoying.
~ Bob Apjok
i have subscribed to MLB.TV for many years and use is across a ton of different devices. once of the finest and highest quality apps period, this has only gotten worse with time and lack of improvements. While many another platforms have received newest informations, the Mobile release has been stagnant for years. Key bug right actually is that quite frequently radio feeds cannot be retrieved, forcing me to go to the Sirius XM release instead. please fix and invest in improvements.
~ Neel Ketkar
I did this and the volume was a tiny better but it's still too weak. I set my car radio volume about 3/4 of the idea to full volume and it's idea loud enough while listening to the broadcast station 700WLW. But when I connect to Bluetooth through this release, turn my car volume to full, and my device volume to full I can barely hear it while driving my car. Please fix this by next year or I will not resubscribe to audio. My rating will hold going down until it's fixed. Btw...This started last year.
~ Nick Sams
I unsubbed because the quality of the video is inconsistent. Most of the time it sounds like a thousand mini-robots are talking in the background. Rarely, it will randomly clear up and my ears will obtain some relief. It's weird because when the commercials test there're no quality troubles. Figures. The radio option is cool (I'm listening to the release actually instead of watching), but paying $100 to listen to the release doesn't seem worth it.
~ Reyna
Soft worked fine until I did an release modernization. Actually I am unable to listen to releases. Uninstalling and reinstalling the release did nothing to fix the trouble. Modernization 4/8/19, did all the suggestions from lvl 1 tech help and nothing fixed the trouble. Was transferred to lvl 2 Tech help and got disconnected. I named again and was claimed they would leave the ticket launch for lvl 2 tech help to see and call me. I'm still waiting for a call back from lvl 2 help. Fix your dang release!!
~ Ryan Delaney
what a bunch of idiots. I too am a very long term player that is actually extraordinarily irritated by MLB. I use the Bluetooth on my device to test audio in my car, but actually MLB has set the release to shutdown if device Bluetooth is on. Are you guys high? What should you be thinking. Anyone using an iPhone has to use the device speaker and blast the audio out. AND, the release crashes regularly.
~ A Google user
*EDIT* obviously you can see from the response below that the help squad didn't even read my review.* This release is garbage. I've been a subscriber for a long time and at this target release audio will not function on my device. Multiple devices, tried un and reinstalling. Even factory restart the devices. No luck. Since MLB stopped allowing SONOS devices to stream releases (even though it's MY subscription and devices) the device has been my only option. Actually that doesn't work.
~ Tony Rendleman
Nice release and service. The only thing is that they don't offer an option to pay for blackout content. During playoffs I have to subscribe to ESPN, FoxSports, and whatever another network broadcasting. I want MLB would negotiate with providers and have a payment per release deal. Another than that grip, this release is nice if you live away from your favoured squad. I've watched with LTE and wifi and both do well.
~ Jerry Lineberry
Loved this release before, but the audio feed has really gone to hell. Continual error messages claim me there's a trouble and I have to log out (which in itself is not simple) then log back in. That invariably does not work, so then I restore purchases, delete the release, reinstall it, then give up. The only reliable information of the release is the billing, so at least I know MLB gets paid for the service I'm not receiving.
~ Chris Higginbotham
Manfredd, you moron, less then 20 percent of mobile devices are os 8 or newer, you just eliminated 80 percent of 80 percent of your supermarket, yes androids are still about 80 percent of the USA and Latin American cellphone supermarket, and only 18.2 percent of that supermarket are os8 or newer. Well I purchased this ap, as I do each year, and actually it's not supported on my device. Actually I can't use it, thanks rip off artists. Who eliminates more than half their customer base, mlb?
~ Anthony Vais
Soft worked fine all last season. This season, audio feed would not connect, stopping after a second. Have tried logging out/logging in, uninstalling/reinstalling, clearing time/cache everything that was suggested with no fix. Managed to connect and listened for a couple of releases but cannot connect again. Having same troubles all over again. On the device today with tech help for a half hour. Still no fix. Ready to cancel subscription.
~ Thomas Nardello
I've paid for this release for 3 or 4 years. each year just gets worse. it's at the target actually, in order to listen to a release, it cant search the release even though its listed and live. it won't load the releases and you have close out and reopen 4 to 5 times just to obtain it to test the release. if you obtain lucky, it'll just close and stop testing. never has done this before, but a newest season and newest trouble each year. the only thing that works flawlessly is them taking my dollars.
~ Jeremy Parker
Had some troubles at run up, but help was able to support me. However, apparently it automatically added itself to my calender and that's fine. However, I have each release is listed twice. how do I fix that? EDIT: It is May 23 and I have had to uninstall At Bat, reboot, and reinstall at least 15 times since the season started for it to work. Is there a permanent fix because if not, I won't be buying again.
~ Sue Hagen
Audio streams will not test over bluetooth. I don't simply mean it won't connect, I mean that as quick as any of the devices I have enable bluetooth function, the audio streams stop working. I have to disable bluetooth on my devices before audio streams run testing, and at that target it defeats my use for it. I can't hear the release while driving over device speakers. This started happening on all my devices 2 upgrades ago. I have had the same devices all of last season with zero troubles. FIX!!
~ Juan R
Nice service, terribe Mobile release Lately this release has gotten almost unusable. More than half the time I test to run an audio stream I obtain an error message, claiming the content is unavailable and I may need to log back in. Usually killing the release and restarting it fixes this, but sometimes I have to log out and log back in to obtain it to work. On top of that, video highlight push info take you to a web view with a video user that doesnt work! Really shoddy for something so expensive.
~ Scott Oltrogge
I subscribed to MLB At Bat for the streaming audio service. Everything was fine until their newest modernization. I should not stream! After two calls to customer help, I was finally claimed that the release does not work if Bluetooth is turned on. Sure enough the release worked once I turned off Bluetooth. I hope this is an unforeseen trouble created with the newest modernization and not by design. Actually I can't listen with my Bluetooth speaker or headphones, only on the speakers on my device. Unacceptable!
~ william quigley
I used to love this release. I used it all the time to listen to releases on the radio and watch the nonpaid release of the day. It modernized and actually nothing works properly. If I watch the release it won't rotate with my device so I have a small tiny box to watch it on. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and then it crashes. Do it again it stops destroying but still doesnt fix the screen trouble. I contact At Bat they claim me to contact Apple. Do you not like Mobile players?
~ Sarah Spencer
Haven't used it this year. I'd like to give zero stars, as zero is the amount of time I've been able to use the release in 2019. I have contacted for help, and only been sent canned responses, identical to those on the release when hitting "Subscription Management". No one is reading my actual correspondences, thus I still have yet to be able to use it. I have uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, tried "Restore Actually", which usually gives an error, tried resetting my password, and obtain a "404" error!
~ Jennie Evert
This is a terrible excuse for an release. To think something now recognized and supported by MLB would now work but nope. This release is a sorry excuse for an release. Most of the time it doesnt even allow me use the audio information to listen to the releases. Usually I test to listen to a release it claims "release not found" even though clearly there are a lot of releases being played kn any given day. But for some reason the release claims "release not found" so for that reason alone I give this a 1 star.
~ Michael Vaiciunas
I am a MLB At Bat subscriber. I bought a newest Digiland DL1016 (Mobile 8.1 (Oreo), 10.1" screen with 1280 x 800 resolution, 32GB internal storage, 32GB bonus storage, Quad-core processor, Cortex-A35 MTK8167, and 1.5GB RAM) and for some reason, claims the release is incompatible with my newest device. I was able to search the APK and place it on my device, and it runs just fine. But by doing it this idea, I do not obtain to modernization the release through the Test Market. I assume they are deciding compatibility by device name, as opposed to minimum SW/HW requirements. WHY? You are limiting who can use this release, even if they pay for the service? Bottom line; create sure your device is accepted by their release BEFORE you buy anything online, as there is a nice chance your device will not work.....
~ Robert Watson
I love this release, I test to follow the Cincinnati reds as close I can and this release supports that in so many ideas line ups, box score, pitching track, and an nice stat portal. But the reason for the 2 star is the audio, the reason I have this release downloaded. Each single time I go to listen to a release I have to close the release 2 times go through a entire process just to obtain it to load while getting an error message claiming me to log in and out. super annoying.
~ alex clifton
I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 device. The audio stream does not work when bluetooth is enabled. I can be listening to the radio broadcast of a release, turn on bluetooth, and the stream stops. If I'm already connected to a bluetooth device, the stream buffers for a second, then stops. This seems like cute easy functionality that could be tested by even the most primary of use topic tests. What poorly trained monkey designed, wrote, and tested this soft?
~ Nathan Duffy
The service itself is nice, I just hate this release and the customer help for the release is poor. I constantly obtain double info, info for things that are turned off in the settings, and errors with playback. I have to sign out of my profile each single day and sign back in to access the radio feed. Uninstalling and reinstalling does nothing. Whenever I test to report troubles in the release's form to contact them, I obtain useless replies where it's clear no one now read it.
~ Sagar Bhatt
My AtBat audio stopped working so I finally got around to calling MLB help (which was nice) and found out that my Mobile ver (7.0, from Aug 2016) is no longer supported. I know my device's a tiny old but not THAT old...to fully slash off help? Super annoyed because there are many times where I can listen to the release but not watch. No, listening to the TV broadcast is NOT the same thing, with my squad's broadcasters. MLB, please bring back help for Mobile 7.0.
~ Jeremy Beard
2019 modernization has been poor. doesnt do the things its meant to do, on a true delay even on nice internet connection. Constantly have to sign in again but it doesnt claim you that, just stops working randomly. for whatever reason it won't run on my device at all. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app. next step is to uninstall it fully and not come back. it's absolutely poor this year.||| response to the response: I've done all of this numerous times. your release doesn't work.
~ Seajaye Zug
I have been a long time at bat super subscriber and I've been very glad until this year. Each time I test to listen to a release, the release Claims me "release not found", no matter how many times I close and restart. I literally have to uninstall and reinstall the release each day to listen to a release and it is very annoying. I wouldn't be as annoyed if it was nonpaid, but I'm paying dollars for this service. Any another year, I'd give it 5 stars, but reinstalling EVERY day is a bit ridiculous.
~ Steven Stollings
This release had worked nice in seasons past. This year I have to uninstall, restart, re-install and log in to to listen to a release. It never works for two days in a row. This used to be the Mike Trout of apps. Actually it's the Chris Davis. Edit: I've checked, my device is up to date. I've restarted many times for the temporary fix mentioned previously.
~ James Keeley
Currently barely useable for radio. Almost each time I go to the radio screen, which Claims me there's an error and I have to log out and back in. Since there seems to be no idea to log out, I have to delete the release and install it again, and set up all my preferences again. Then, after that initial time, it stops working again. if it persists, I will be asking for a refund and cancelling my subscription.
~ carlinbc1
This release has gone from cute nice to borderline unusable. As others have claimed, there's a need to jump through hoops with each attempt to test audio. Logging out and back in no longer a surefire cure, uninstalling and reinstalling is more often the only option. EDIT/final: I've followed all instructions and still frequently need to reinstall.
~ edi artiva
Not sure what happened to this release. No more searchable videos. Video is buggy, locks up, loads forever. If you call help they blame you. I have mobile 8.1 and 100 mb and they claim me to contact my isp. It doesn't function well on any of my devices. You'd think an organization that makes millions off their lovers would place out as quality product. They have gotten the last $$$$ they will ever obtain from me. There are to many another ideas to spend my entertainment dollars. Adios MLB.
~ martin skok
I have a Galaxy S5. I subscribed to the release to stream audio over my Bluetooth headset while at work. However, the audio stream stops instantly once Bluetooth is enabled. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I logged in and out. I cleared my device's cache. None of it worked. This functionality worked all of last year but not this year? Why can't such easy release functionality be solved already? I'm going to cancel my subscription quick if this isn't patched or fixed.
~ Micah Eropkin
My device's soft is up to date, but apparently the ver is not compatible with the MLB release anymore so I cannot access any informations I paid for, like listening to releases. MLB release help claimed I need to contact Google for a refund, but Google Test denied my refund online (after 2 seconds) and when you click to obtain a number to speak to a person, you are taken in circles through feedback right back to where you started. So actually I paid $19.99 for something I can't use, can't obtain a refund for, and can't talk to a person about. The release itself may be fine, but if you can't use it and they can't support you obtain a refund, it's nothing but a scam. Enjoy my $19.99 Google - I'm sure you need it.
~ Alicia Godsberg
Love the release 25% of the time. But a decent amount of times I obtain a lot of buffering when using chromecast to watch live releases. It makes the release fully unwatchable. *UPDATE* the developer claimed me to delete and reinstall release. This seems to have fixed my chromecast trouble for 1 day. Actually it's back to not working. I've done an uninstall and reinstall twice and done a device and chrome cast restart. Nothing has resolved the trouble. Really frustrating.
~ Evan Wagner
Still one star. All of a sudden asking me to sign in when it hasn't in the past. Okay, place in correspondence and password; Claims me invalid password. Click forgot password feedback and test to enter password. Claims me actual password can't be used. If it's my actual password, then why can't I sign in with it!? Okay, test to set up newest password. Actually Claims me page can't be found. Please fix what used to be a nice release or you'll lose a customer.
~ Rich Jurewicz
I've used At Bat for a number of years actually and have never had an trouble until this season. Each time I access the release to stream releases I obtain an "error" message claiming the release's audio feed is not found! So each time I wish to listen to a release, I'm forced to log out and log back into my profile, which then claims my username and password is invalid. At that target I'm forced to uninstall and then reinstall release just to stream audio. Very disappointed in the release performance, considering the $$!
~ Justin Shiveley
CAUTION: BUYER BEWARE: mlb has discontinued bluetooth help, this severely limits the functionality of this release. i have also noticed a significant drop in volume compared to last year, about 50% less. [edit]: Other awesome thing they did was to add 10 mins of "sorry test again" to obtain your release to test--some type of login nonsense, that could not exist if you have paid through your cell provider--. nicely done. outstanding. you are doing a really great job. really.
~ mildlyangryjohnny
zero stars! the audio is not working this year. and before you give me the same slash and paste respond that you've given everyone else, yes, I've uninstalled/reinstalled, powered on/off, soft is up to date, and logged in/out. you guys need to fire the guy you have running this circus out of his parents basement and obtain serious. I haven't complained about the yearly escalating price and I didn't complain when you stopped helping my SONOS, but come on! mobile players do not buy!
~ B Borhart
Archaic blackout restrictions for live video. Audio (radio) deserves a prepared release or more robust help through this one. Chromecast audio? No. How about the Alexa skill, which has worked well for few years? Oh, they took that away. Not happening for 2019 so far. It takes three attempts to run a stream. MLB is worried about shaving mins off their releases in order to appeal to younger viewers. Here's a thought: obtain an release that works- that what the babes (and longtime lovers) wish.
~ Nicholas Spagnolo
been a subscriber for many years, this year can't listen to any release. All streams run and stop 1/2 second later. named help, that was a total wast of time. contacted help via correspondence, still no support. I asked for a refund and I was informed that they can't refund me. Spent $20 for nothing. congrats to mlb, they found a idea to take your dollars for an release that's fully useless! Any lawyer reading this, if you're interested in a class action lawsuit, allow me know, I'm in!
~ Tony Puppo
Soft is broken this year. Previous seasons were nice. Mobile players don't bother. My review is the same as so many others this year. Soft doesn't recognize password, no matter how many times you change it. You can't listen to the release while you're working in the yard or in the pool this year
~ Eric Benline