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About: The trusted Word release lets you make, edit, view, and share your files with others quickly and easily. It also lets you view and edit Office docs attached to correspondences. With Word, your Office moves with you. Whether you are a blogger, writer, journalist, columnist, student, or a project manager working on documentation, its as handy as you wish it to be. Word introduces a PDF reader and makes reading a PDF easier. Read your PDFs and e-ebooks while traveling, before bedtime, or wherever you wish. Create impactful text documents, scripts, blogs, write-ups, or resumes. Customize your document, letter, resume, or notes your idea with robust softwares that enable you to accomplish your finest writing with the finest format options. Make with confidence Jump-run your project, assignments, letter, blog, script, notes, write-ups, or resume with beautifully designed modern template ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Microsoft Corporation
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Similar Apps Like The 30-30 Schedule Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Find yourself procrastinating too much? Too much time for work and not enough for enjoyment? You're not alone. Most people can't really concentrate for more than 30 minutes at a time, but keep working only to end up procrastinating for hours. The 30-30 schedule allows you both to get more work done and have time to do the things you love, simply by timing them better. Step 1: Work for 30 minutes Step 2: Enjoy yourself for 30 minutes Step 3: Repeat Using our app to time your work, you'...

Developer: Umbrafex

Similar Apps Like Chime Real Estate CRM  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Close more deals in less time with Chime! Chime mobile CRM for real estate helps you close deals even on the go. Chime CRM is a complete lead nurturing, productivity improving, marketing automation solution suite. Easily engage leads, track lead preferences, and automate your follow up, so leads always feel taken care of. Chime is more than just a lead management database; our mobile CRM factors in information from our intelligent IDX sites combined with real-time analysis of lead behavior t...

Developer: Chime Technologies, Inc.

Similar Apps Like Rainbow Calculator  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms. If that proves to be challenging, it's high time that you use this colorful rainbow calculator! Featuring basic calculator functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division! Bring color to your maths and choose from several rainbow-themed backgrounds with but a swipe! Features: - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division - Include basic calculator functions like percent, memory buttons, and negative/positive button...

Developer: Pretty Pet Co

Similar Apps Like Character Core Generator 2.0U Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Provide an imaginative set of words, to help your creative mind sketch out an idea. Stop drawing the same old thing, and let the random variables test your skills, and build your drawing abilities. Provides you with generators for a character, location, fight scene, weapon, and also a chaos mode just for fun. New features are to be added if possible, if you have any ideas for more variables/generators, perhaps I can add it in! -Note: This is an artist's tool, it does not visually show y...

Developer: Construct Core Works

Similar Apps Like restore deleted files Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: restore deleted files : restore deleted files presentation and key features : The data recovery application is amazing technologiue of devlopement created to Restore lost data and to recove any deleted accidently ( image - video - file - any data ) . This application is to recover deleted files from android mobile means compatible just with android devices ( tablet - phone ) , we know that the are more then different apps to Restore All Deleted in store have the same ideas but this is ver...

Developer: Video player

Similar Apps Like Search'em All Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Disclaimer : This app is made to provide convenience to a user. This app do not promote or endorse any kind of piracy. It is up to the user how to use this app and only user is responsible for any kind of illegal acts. An App to search all over the web at once. Just type, select category and hit the search button and you are done. Press the globe icon to open link in external browser. ...

Developer: CamelCase

Similar Apps Like SmartPlanner: Schedule Planner, Timetable Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Smart. Imagine you have already planned your schedule for the next month using a normal calendar app, but suddenly you are called to go on a business trip. Rearranging all those events can be a real pain. But with this app, all that can be done in just 5 seconds. Fast. No date/time picker, all gestures. This app introduces a brand new way to add an event --- just drag and drop and the time is set. Also, you can put multiple times in the same event. All these features can help you to...

Developer: Smart Planner Studio


Similar Apps Like Sierra Ventures CXO Summit Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The Sierra Ventures' CXO Summit is entering its 13th year as a distinguished invitation-only event that covers the latest technology, business, and leadership trends where today's innovations dictate the trajectory of tomorrow's operations. The mobile app for the Sierra Ventures' CXO Summit is the best way to stay up-to-date on the latest agenda and get connected to event attendees....

Developer: Sierra Ventures

Similar Apps Like SfN Advocacy Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Society for Neurosciences advocacy app offers the tools a #NeuroAdvocate needs to advocate for neuroscience year-round. The app will provide you with: Key messaging and background information for your next congressional interaction Best practices for scheduling meetings, sharing your story, hosting lab tours, and more Customizable letters through the SfN Action Center Convenient access to your member of Congress contact information Important legislative dates and timely news ...

Developer: Beekeeper Group

Similar Apps Like AutoBid  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: AutoBid for Android takes your bid list from QuickBid and enters it into Sabre for you! No longer do you have to cart around your laptop on your 4 day trip just to enter your bids! Set up AutoBid on your phone or tablet, press "Submit My Bid" and relax as it's done for you....

Developer: QuickBid, LLC

Similar Apps Like Pocket Git  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Pocket Git is a powerful standalone Git client for Android with the following features: Simple interface. Clone repositories. Support HTTP and SSH protocols. Passwords and private keys (with passphrase). Automatically capture Github and Bitbucket links. Checkout local and remote branches, individual commits and tags. Stage, unstage and commit. Merge, create and delete branches. Create and delete tags. Create files and folders. Edit files in a external editor ...

Developer: André Restivo

Similar Apps Like Sandy City: CityServe Mobile Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Sandy CityServe is a real-time mobile civic engagement platform. Sandy CityServe provides a free, simple and intuitive tool for you to report city issues to be resolved (like potholes or graffiti) or make requests for service or information (like park reservations or city event information). Snap a pic! Notify the city! Make a request! Just download and get started today!...

Developer: CitySourced

Similar Apps Like Walabot DIY Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: ** This app REQUIRES Walabot DIY Device to operate. Do not download if you have not purchased, received and connected your device. ** ** Requires Android 5 and above ,and supportive of USB On-The-Go ** Walabot DIY is an In-Wall Imager that will let you see up to 4 inches inside concrete or drywall. Perfect for DIYers, Plumbers, Construction, Re-modeller, Installers and more. Use the In-Wall app together with the Walabot DIY device (www.walabot.com/diy) on select Android Smartphones, an...

Developer: Walabot

Similar Apps Like SwiftShift  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Swift Shift An App for Nurses and Caregivers Swift Shift is the new way for home health care nurses and caregivers to find new work, manage their schedule, and earn more money. With Swift Shift's HIPAA compliant platform, clinicians can connect to all of their employers and manage their work schedule easily from their mobile phones. Add your location, work preferences, and certifications to see available cases that are relevant to you. Work when you want Earn what you need Manage yo...

Developer: SwiftShift


Similar Apps Like Realtime Call Recorder - Pro Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: ----- PLEASE TRY THE FREE VERSION BEFORE SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON THE PRO--- One of its kind Call Recording application for regular and mission critical recording of phone calls with secure encryption, cloud synchronization, auto-email recording and unique ability of recovering damaged/failed recordings that ordinary call recorders will fail to capture due to hardware and kernel failure. Below are some of the currently supported features: Enable/Disable call recording Records all your ...

Developer: RealTime Solutions

Similar Apps Like UBhind: No.1 Mobile Life Tracker/Addiction Manager Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: If you cant delete the app, go to Settings > ( General ) > Security > Phone administrators (Device administrators) and deselect UBhind. Now you can delete it in Application administrator. How much time do you spend with your smartphone a day? You would be surprised even if you didnt think of yourself as a heavy smartphone-user. Check it now! Beat smartphone addiction! -Mobile life tracking: shows your smartphone usage in real time Check your Total smartphone usage, indivi...

Developer: RinaSoft

Similar Apps Like Ogletree Deakins Events Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Welcome to the mobile app destination for Ogletree Deakins events! Enhance your experience at many of Ogletree Deakins events by downloading this app. The app for your event will provide a detailed agenda; features that will allow you to personalize your event experience; access to social networks, speakers, and presenters; and more. Thanks for downloading!...

Developer: Ogletree Deakins

Similar Apps Like Color Flashlight -Torch LED Flash Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Flashlight Color Changer is a new modern and fast led torch which instantly turns your device into a bright flashlight with a modern and easy-to-use interface. This fantastic flashlight app helps you find your way in the darkest places - it ensures that you find the best seat in a dark theatre, guides you when you're stuck outside without street lights or helps you find your way around when the power goes out at home. Furthermore, this led flashlight offers you amazing additions in the form of c...

Developer: Photo+Video+Music

Similar Apps Like AORE/WEA 2018 Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) is an organization developed by and for outdoor recreation and education professionals and students. We are advancing the profession of outdoor recreation and education. For the 2018 AORE Annual Conference, update your profile with contact information to make it visible in the directory. View the conference agenda by clicking on agenda. Take notes on agenda items. See other attendees in the directory. Connect with exhibitors on pro-de...

Developer: ResultsAtHand Software

Similar Apps Like SEMCOG Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: For members of SEMCOG, this app is your one-stop-shop for quick information. Take the shortest route to meeting agendas, materials, and locations. You can learn about upcoming events and who is on SEMCOG committees. Find staff contact information and anything else you need from SEMCOGs website....

Developer: SEMCOG



Microsoft Word Reviews and Comments:

Worthless. Dont use this release unless they create it player friendly. Its almost impossible to obtain back to the zone you were typing at if you scroll up.
~ M Erksn
Office 365 is getting terrible, the soft becomes bulky, there are bugs that office developers are either to busy or under qualified to fix. I just went back to office 2016 stand alone Release. Wast of dollars each month :-(. With bugs that slow me down
~ Adrian LogoQRcode
would give it 0 stars if i should. literally got this release 2months ago to download my resume and I didn't realize I was getting charged! i contacted them and literally got a bounce back correspondence claiming its invalid? i just wish my dollars back.
~ Sally Rivera
love the release but it needs more informations like the option to take dictation please also fix this information on the regular desktop app because it fails to take dictation and it's such a needed information) also the language automatically changes every paragraph if I'm writing in Spanish and set the language to Spanish it will automatically change itself to English every paragraph. this trouble with the language changing itself and having to fix it also is experienced in small and desktop.
~ Juan Aguiar
i like this release, very useful...but i am unable to download it on my PC and reading the reviews i'm confused i thought you didn't have to pay FOR IT ALSO PLEASE HELP ME, i dont know how to download this release i have to do it sooon
~ hiya ladhad
nice most of the time. has a very anoying bug where if you have written a line then press enter, stop writing for claim 5 seconds then go back to writing it will delete half the word or in some topics WORDS from the line you just wrote prior. been happening for over a year. another than that it runs well.
~ Simon Adams
Great Word release that offers a lot of Word formatting functionality. Previously whenever I opened the release, it would ask if I'd like to pick up where I left off. Not sure why it no longer asks. Still an awesome release.
~ Black Widow
Its below average not like the windows ver. it only works with certain file folders and will only launch docs from Google Drive as read only which mist recipients using an Mobile device would have. In general if I can search a better solution for my Mobile device I will switch.
~ Neal Wilson
This is a nice software to have on any device you own, especially when you are a business person. On the go and have to kind up documents quickly. So I would suggest having this software to anyone. It helped me kind up a document in less than 45 minutes for a meeting.
~ Ché rion Croney
My word docs in my drive are opening in read-only format on my mobile tab. I am unable to edit unless I save again. this defeats the purpose. I am unable to solve this trouble. I have searched the net there is no solution.
~ Sandeep Nayak
The finest release for pdf to doc conversions. I use it for this purpose and I search it is better than any another apps of this type. However, there are still some troubles to convert the mathematical fonts. I wish you do some improvements in this regard.
~ C S Heisnam
Just like the desktop ver - the tool does what I need it to do. I have a pc in my hand and I have everything at my finger tricks with Microsoft Office including a word processor - "Word."
~ A Google user
very terrible experience. I've been trying to sign in to this release and uptill actually I've tried almost 50 times... but still I haven't been able to. its been a week and it keeps on claiming there are some service troubles... definitely dont suggest it to anyone.
~ Eff Zee
my laptop dropped dead, while i was looking for a job in a different country. finding out that word has an release was the finest thing ever. i should fix my cv and write cover letters without losing proper format. thank you so much for making this possible 😍😍
~ Lona (^.^)
for what its intended, it is verry well place together. i use it literally almost all the time. my job would be extremely hard without it in our actual small supermarket.
~ L D
This is an awesome app. i can protected, send, obtain, edit, add, delete any part of my documents. it supports to upgrade if documents are too old. it is exactly the release i was looking for. I suggest it to everyone. very friendly and easy to use.
~ Lantano Nab
It isn't quite the desktop ver, but it's close, and for being nonpaid on small, I can hardly knock it. Probably the finest small text editor there is. Also works nice on Samsung Dex, if anyone else is using that. Near-desktop experience.
~ Dim Kitsune
I have used Word for years on my PC but actually I have it on my device. It behaves differently in some topics but I can make documents that meet my needs and can share those documents with my PC. Android ver lacks a several informations that are available on my PC but overall I really like Word on my device.
~ Arthur Fillis
Generally simple and almost intuitive. Occasionally I run into weird things which suddenly seem to appear, and that I have no clue about and have no concept how I got there.... oh well - guess I'll just have to ask the grandchildren if they're around, the next times.
~ Andris Rubenis
Lvl of view when creating or editing document adjust on its own... Jumping from expanded size to small size... annoying. Sometimes the ability to resize pictures disappears. When resizing a picture, the scroll control appears and gets in the idea... sometimes I accidentally delete the picture without meaning to. Unable to set a different default font. I DON'T LIKE CALIBRE. The font color selection to act in the same idea as the pc ver of WORD.
~ R J
~ Mazi Allen
My device is a ZTE Blade A512 running Mobile 6.0.1. I have just downloaded the newest ver of the Word release. Unfortunately, a long standing trouble hasn't been resolved. In edit mode, when the onscreen keyboard is in lower topic mode, the icons for the shift button and the delete back button disappear, appearing only when the keyboard is in Upper Situation mode. I tried sending you an correspondence but the address you have given here doesn't work
~ Anne Carey
Just as nice, if not better than, Windows ver of Word. What it lacks in informations compared to PC/Mac Word, it more than makes up for in ease of use and interface, and on top of that it's nonpaid. I use another text editors on Mobile, but I'll usually hold Word on my device because there are some things you can only do in Word.
~ Daniel Shuman
The worst release I have ever seen in my life. Stupid ediot release. I can't obtain the files option in my screen. Also there's no correspondence merge. I request Microsoft to remove the Microsoft apps from Google Test shop and Apple Soft shop. Also sent feedback multiple times, but no improvement happens.
~ Sandip Samajdar
Overall this release is nice, but it has clumsy mechanics that create it hard to write anything true. For instance, it is extremely hard to pick an exact zone to edit in a line of text without choosing around it many times. More precise touchscreen mechanics would support this trouble a lot.
~ Jonathan Perdelwitz
Dear Admin, I have a trouble with the word that even though your release works wonderfully on mobile small devices, I am unable to use it freely on Chromebook. chromebooks are meant to edit and compose word document on the go. if u can deliever word nonpaid on Chromebook as well it would be nice. Chromebook players are less but increasing day by day. you can hold it paid on laptops and desktops but Chromebooks are like an modification of small/ devices. kindly consider and hold me modernized on this.
~ navin s
Everything is nice except the fonts....please add all the fonts that are there in MS Word (PC ver) , to the mobile ver of MS Word....so that the documents created in the pc can be easily viewed in Mobile devices....for example.. I have created a document in my notebook where I have used the Digiface font....but it wont display that font in my Mobile device. Please look into the matter urgently... Looking forward to a respond from Squad Microsoft Corporation
~ Priyam Chakraborty
Having just upgraded my device to a Samsung Tab S5e, because it has a 10.5 inch screen, I actually have to pay for a 365 licence and so all my documents that I like to edit on my device are useless! Will be looking for a suitable nonpaid or one off payment alternative. MS are not getting a sub from me as I already bought Word for my MAC as a one off payment. Very annoyed.
~ Paul Snell
I would not be able to live without word but I'm on and mobile device and I need to see 2 screens at once for it to be easier to do m assignments. My device has a "Pop-up view" option but Word doesn't help it, it claims. So if someone should pls create a change to this, that would be Nice! Luv ya Bill Gates!
~ Chris P. Chicken
Since upgraiding to the note 9 I have had nothing but troubles. I paid £79 for office 365 on my laptop which is fine but in the last two months it as failed to work on my Mobile device. I cannot edit files as it it is asking me to sign in. I am already signed in and when I test to it comes up with an error cannot connect to server. I've been stuck with this error actually for two months. Uninstalling the release would fix it but unfortunately it came preinstalled and you cannot unistall it.
~ Anthony Gunby
i am a young 16 year old teenager writing a novel about my life, i used my school correspondence to gain the release in order to continue my novel but the school took me off and i cant continue the novel.. it sucks that i have to buy this in order to freely kind but yet it doesnt work. its aggravating but its fine. 2 months of hard work is down the drain and i have to restart it all over again on other release that is nonpaid to advantage.
~ Vendetta 359
I appreciate the mobility, but there are variety of irritating unresolved idiosyncrasies and inconsistencies with this release. The weird zooming in and out for no apparent reason when tapping on text; the cursor tapping that does or doesn't pick whole words, territories, or parts of words regardless of where you tap; the change of access of menu options and icons depending on the direction your device is held...it gets very, very frustrating, yet I tolerate the annoyances due to convenience.
~ Kris Miller
chrombook laptop was a terrible concept especially for school. I have to return my laptop just because i cant obtain the informations I need in this release for school. Total waste of time stick to windows. You cant add border, and barely can do anything. Just the primary things, and I mean as a college student I need all of the informations! so annoyed, and dissapointed because this was such a great laptop.
~ Monay Bagley
It's very related to the notebook ver so it takes very tiny time to obtain adjusted to it. When sharing, it may wish to send the file through OneDrive but you can opt to have it sent otherwise. The autosave option is also very needed in the meeting you're answering a call mid-sentence or the device screen closes while you're think about what next to write. Keeps your text right where you left it. I'm very satisfied with it.
~ Kemar Ferron
A gotta have for my everyday document editing. Just want i was able to add check boxes. Would create checking off equipment on my To Do Lists easier. Can you guys add this information? Or is it available in the full ver of the release?
~ C Romero
Simpler ver of Word for Windows with fewer functionalities, but more practical on device in an emergency case where a laptop or a desktop notebook is too impractical. I just connect my device to a Bluetooth keyboard and a wireless mouse and I can run workin on easy writing or editing tasks.
~ Rasus Budhyono
Terrible. Why on world would I pay for this when I can just use Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Drawing for nonpaid? All I wish is to have a custom font, is that so much to ask?!
~ Darth Sawlex
Generally it is simple enough to use, but I am getting so tired of the troubles it causes me. It keeps changing my formatting and the words I am trying to kind, at times adding things fully different than I am claiming it to. It will not allow me edit a document without first choosing the edit option, which is time wasting and annoying. But it is great when I'm typing a long document that it will ask if I wish to run where I left off and jump me to that target, which doesn't work all the time.
~ Christine Witbeck Hendricks
The idea is nice, however the execution isn't. While deleting a word, it may add an bonus letter to the previous or may add a pasted phrase to it, causing me to delete more. This glitch can also repeat if you delete to the word behind it. Also, the font selection may sometimes be off. For example, I pick forte as my font, it will pick the one that is that is a couple fonts before or after. Please fix these troubles.
~ Matthew pierre-louis
A sorry example of how tiny time has been spent getting this going for mobile players. Variety of standard informations missing (i.e., no paintbrush for copying styles, no typing to pick font, formatting is a nightmare, etc.). Makes players struggle to obtain primary documents out the door. Even though I have the full ver, this is like a lite ver of the tool. Adding that this has to be the worst release available; it's sluggish, very laggy, and frustrating to work with. Could pay me to use it!
~ Christopher Wenisch