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About: A speedy and time-efficient messaging release to reach the recipients in your life. Messenger Lite: - Installs quickly. It's less than 10MB to download! - Saves time. It loads speedy, runs efficiently and uses less small time. - Works everywhere. Reach recipients when you're in an zone with a slow or unstable internet connection. - Highly compatible. Runs on Mobile devices ver 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher. With Messenger Lite, you can: - Contact anyone on Messenger, Fb or Fb Lite. - See when recipients are active and available to chat. - Message recipients one-on-one or in groups to catch up or create plans. - Send pictures, feedback, or express yourself with stickers. - Create one-on-one voice and video calls for nonpaid over Wi-Fi (otherwise standard time charges apply). Talk as long as you wish, even with recipients in another countries!
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Facebook
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About: An app for Beaver Creek employees to access information like employee events, weather, perk and benefits, contact info and department specific information....

Developer: One BC [email protected]

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About: Now, your existing two-way radio system can be with you everywhere you go. Tango Tango is a next-generation two-way radio app for radio users in markets like police, fire, emergency medical services, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, education, and more. The Tango Tango app offers press-to-talk communication with other Tango Tango users along with GPS tracking and secure messaging to individuals or groups. Tango Tango can also be integrated to your existing two-way radio system that yo...

Developer: Tango Tango [email protected]

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About: Aruba ClearPass QuickConnect helps you automatically configure your device to securely connect to your organization's wireless or wired network. ClearPass QuickConnect offers an easy way for users to self-configure their Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android devices to support 802.1X based authentication on wired and wireless. This application must be used in conjunction with ClearPass QuickConnect server side software deployed in your organization. After installing the application navigate to...

Developer: Aruba Networks, Inc. [email protected]

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About: Mobile marketing app for MoneyIQ representatives. This app allows users of the MoneyIQ.tech Marketing System to easily push links and videos to warm prospects, social media and more. Plus, leads from lead pages are also downloaded directly to the app for easy management and follow-up. Get instantly alerted of each link click, new lead, new activity and more. ------------------ 1. Access Each Lead's Key Info: Name, Email, Phone, Prospect Score, Score History, Lead Page, Page Path, ...

Developer: MySystemApp.com - Mobile Apps for Sales Teams [email protected]

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About: BTS MESSENGER is a call & messaging! You want to update all information about BTS Group! Want to update your favorite sharing information with your friends and loved ones? Not only can you call and text BTS, but BTS will personally call and text you! Throughout the day, you will receive text messages from all members, and then, you can also receive a phone call! Do not forget that when you choose your bias, he may have special hobbies for you *** This app has been made with the characters...

Developer: A-TMT CORP ���� [email protected]

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About: The app for Texas PRIMA (Public Risk Management Association) Members and Event Attendees...

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About: CURRENTLY, THIS APP WORKS WITH WHATSAPP BETA ONLY! Add any stickers from your phone to WhatsApp in one click! WAStickerApps...

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About: FaLala stickers collection for WhatsApp. Designed by J.Pictures. You can use these stickers in the latest version of WhatsApp. Send them to your friends and family! How to use: - Download and open this app - Tap on 'ADD TO WHATSAPP' - Confirm your action - Open WhatsApp and go to a chat - Tap on the Emoji icon - You will see a new sticker icon at the bottom and can now use this sticker pack WAStickerApps WASticker cute, lovely, couple stickers...

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About: Message and Call Tracker app shows notification whenever it runs in the background or when any data is being sent over the network. These notifications are not optional and cannot be disabled. DISCLAIMER The app is not a remote monitoring app and cannot be used to spy on anyone because 1. The app displays notification whenever the app runs in background 2. The app doesn't save anything in SD card or any public storage so that no one or no other app can access anything from the app. 3. The...

Developer: karanth [email protected]

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About: Facetime Call for android Advice the new App and the best Don't be upset there are a lot of facetime to alternatives that will help you for video or audio call with your friends. With Best facetime video call live advice app, you can make free real time voice, video call, and SMS to your friends via Edge, 3G, 4G and WiFi networks ;the Advice of this APP, you will be capable of using video call app to get the best quality voice and video calls. Meanwhile, If you have an Android phone ...

Developer: lexus dev [email protected]

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About: Since 1999, FLS Connect has been the leading voter contact firm in the country. Our Volunteer Connect web application is now available for use in mobile devices, featuring sweeping changes across the user interface, faster load capacity, dynamic surveys and new calling options while you continue to enjoy all of the industry-led functionality. Utilizing full compatibility with the FLS Data Connect database, Volunteer Connect Pro responses and user information are stored and processed in real-time...

Developer: FLS Connect, LLC [email protected]

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About: Rouses team collaboration and communication platform....

Developer: Rouses [email protected]


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About: Your complete guide to the Family Medicine Midwest Conference and the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians live events...

Developer: MobileUp Software [email protected]

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About: This app works only if you have an italian Iliad SIM card. This app doesn't work on some mobiles with Mediatek chipset due to a bug of Mediatek chipset. This app allows to setup Internet & MMS access to Iliad mobile users from Italy. This app allows to setup Internet & MMS access to Free Mobile users from Mainland France or La Reunion island....

Developer: BimBies [email protected]

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About: Like Rick and Morty? It's now part of the WAStickerApps! You'll probably like this sticker pack to use with WhatsApp and lighten up the mood! :) With the latest version of WhatsApp you can easily use these stickers. Simply download and open this app, tap "Add to WhatsApp" and confirm. Then You're good to go! Open up WhatsApp to use your new stickers. Enjoy! Tags: WhatsAppStickerApps WhatsApp Stickers Stickers for WhatsApp WAStickerApps WAStickers...

Developer: DeanEncoded [email protected]

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About: Express yourself with adorable, cute and awesome Bobble Hindi stickers & GIFs! Now you dont need to invest time in searching and downloading the most popular Hindi GIFs and Stickers, simply get this app brought to you by Bobble Keyboard and make your bond stronger. Features: It is free and easy to use No prior downloading of stickers and GIFs required while sharing. A Large variety of cute and adorable Hindi stickers and GIFs. Enable you to Express yourself personalised way...

Developer: Images, Pictures, Videos, GIF for WhatsApp [email protected]

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About: WAStickerApps Diwali - WhatsApp Stickers Pack Add to Stickers Pack, Share & Download now for FREE! New Stickers Every Week! Can you find the Emojis? - Download app - Open app - Tap on 'ADD TO WHATSAPP' (WAStickerApps) - Add sticker pack to WhatsApp (WAStickerApps) - Use your new stickers to Share and Download Diwali WAStickerApps Diwali Stickers WAStickerApps WhatsApp Stickers WhatsApp Stickers WAStickers Note :- This application is not endorsed by or affiliated with Wha...

Developer: uttam ramani [email protected]



Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages Reviews and Comments:

Nice services But, recipients can't feels nice to use so many app's of a same type as compare its or Whatsappppp and or Skypeeeee etc please run an one and only app having all social,communication, Videos and fun etc providing in one release
~ UMER AHMED Rajput-albusins
it wud be GREAT if u cud view/add to ur storyline or others. Guess thats why its named Lite cuz u cant. Upon claiming that 3.9mb of memory versus.39mb. Think ill stay w/lite ver to save memory zone on my device.
~ Debbie Wright
Dametria I am very upset I can't trust you are doing me this thiis idea you ask me for my dollars I never hesitated I don't wish you treat me liike others you ate my first loving born I'm not asking for my remaining I just ask for 50 dollars are something and on top of that you daid you would come to work twice a week you haven't done that why please claim the truth about it I shouldn't have to beg you I claimed you before Mamas gone but when borrowed her dollars we had to pay it back and when we s
~ Robbie August
it was nice, simple to use but we the info of massages was not popped up, please test to fix it quick, thank you.
~ Sina Kumar
Saves on bloatware of Messenger. Downside is no idea to log out short of force stopping the release. Also despite being forced stopped. setting to never notify and giving no permissions it still keeps putting a shortcut on my homescreen by its self. Shocking behaviour.
~ Keith Paddison
nice for a student who needs to study but still needs to talk to another recipients lol modernization (may 26th): this release was ok before!! what the heck happened ugh it cant suddenly send messages so i need to restart the wifi in my device. it sucks
~ nikuletz 27
The lite ver doesn't tax your pc's resources. Also doesn't take up much hard drive zone. Works well with Fb Soft.
~ David Baker
usually shows newest message when there is none. need to be able to turn off badge. uses a lot of storage even when you have that option off.
~ H Burdette
Thank you for this one. The full FB Messenger release upgrade (5/30/19) doesn't function at all. I looked for a replacement and found this. It works quite well and I'll use this one instead!
~ Laura Hammond
because. .. in this call sound hearing background and we can't hear call shound in hands nonpaid .so solve this trouble quickly please. then i will give you 5 stars and will be share. ...
~ umairkhan sahil
works nice. My only trouble is that if you click the message button on someone's facebook profile it tries to take you to regular messenger (and asks you to install) and does not launch in this messenger service...
~ SJ Koffin
Doesn't test well with fb pages. if you hit send message from a business page it claims to install messenger, already have the messenger lite installed. so, cant message any business pages. otherwise,the release seems fine for my uses.
~ Banana Phone
Absolutely useless anxiety causing release adds pop up in the middle of typing there is no escape from the bs actually absolutely ridiculous, horrible to use, just as terrible as the full ver actually what is the target of this release it literally just wastes my time because this is how we're all expected to communicate
~ Jamie-Leigh Carter
In order to sign in you have to have a Fb profile for you to now obtain this release to work and I got this to talk to an agent for my device that I can only download one release on my device so I cant download Fb and I had to delete all of my camera footage and apps just to obtain this one release and it was a rip off. this sucks.
~ Vïçtør Zé Dïnø
to use and enjoy the messenger is very simple . i have a habit to give up too easily when an obstacle is met on my internet path . that is why i am giving to the Messenger Lite 5 stars . easy and reliable .
~ Nikoloz Zarkua
I love the release really!! but should you please add like the waving information and the video calls in group chats and also the reactions on each message that you sent and lastly the removed message, anyways its a nice release
~ John Marr
I've used this release for a long time actually and Ihave zero complaints. It defiantly saves a lot more zone then the regular messenger release which is My main reason 4 using this. I can no difference in the two so I can no reason not to save zone by using the lite ver.. Defiantly Suggest..❗❗❗..
~ Sarah Razee
Just one trouble: one message chat that i haven't talked in, for a while actually, reads as if there's newest messages but it's been months since i talked to that person.
~ Simon Cat
there was a time when lite didn't help voice/video calls, so you didn't have ****heads waking you up with the most absurdly loud and obnoxious ring tone known to lad. unfortunately, actually is not the time... A galaxy S9+ player who could know better than to modernization a Fb release that already ****ing works
~ You Name It Gaming
I prefer the light ver, it is easy and works in any network condition. and, I don’t care about stickers and emoji :-) great one
~ A Google user
regular messenger wouldn't stop destroying. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling no luck. the test shop suggested Lite. No night mode which is pooey but what ev. I have heavy group chats and I can't reply to everything recipients claim but feel rude not acknowleding them. Reacts worked for this but you can't do that on Lite. Honestly everthing else is nice. Love the bonus zone. I'll bump this review to 5 once reactions are available.
~ Mariah Cox
this is what Messenger could be: speedy, responsive, and not loaded with garbage informations. I switched from Messenger. Glad I did!
~ Dylan McNeill
i love the lite ver of this release, continuous upgrades and such, however it lacks informations that are present in messenger, please add the poll and react in it. i know your concern is to give an release that is so tiny in size but works like the original but some players like me who needs those informations makes it useful foer our everyday lives. hope u read this suggestion. thank you :)
~ Martin Albarillo
works just like original, I use messanger for work and family and i haven't noticed the difference, a lot of reviewers complain that its "too lite" but i really can't claim, haven't had any troubles connecting or making video calls
~ V Sell
i am going to test my finest to create it to class today. I will be there at that time? However my my old lady speak actually my old lady is having troubles with the lottery dollars she wish in England with 28 another recipients the IRS claimed they only wish $500 to deliver the funds I claimed her he'll give him a thousand can you give me being recorded their correspondence on my device I know no I don't believe Google the funds I claimed her he'll give him a thousand you can give me being recorded their correspondence on my device I own your
~ Walter Jäger-Nicholson
What the hell is wrong with this release? My messages weren't getting downloaded for over a month. there is no refresh button. None of my messages were getting sent. And none were coming. Extremely disappointed!
~ Ankita Chowdhury
Everything is working well for me except that it does not have info sound. Is that normal?. I am using Xiaomi Mi A1 ( mobile one).
~ redstonequeen1
I was baited into installing that release, by the web release's messages icon suggesting I have an unread message. Taping on the icon took me to this install, but once installed found out there was no unread message to run with - typical "bait and switch". Shame on you fb
~ Tomek W
As the director for the whole ten years of existence I would like to share one important modernization to this web. There was help that came from across the whole U.S. for our organization. Our totals were over 100,000 individual boxes to the frontlines when we concluded in 2013. Speaking for those that stood proudly here to create this happen," it was truly an honor" to send these hearfelt Christmas boxes. :Your sacrifices are & continue to be second to none for our beloved America".Thankyou
~ Ruth Ann Young
release refuses to install, messenger lite works perfectly fine, I've cleared caches, reinstalled apps, nothing works. I've given up, seems like a trouble on their end at this target.
~ War Falcon
Nice release compared to the original messenger. Takes up idea less zone which is nice. Still has all functions you would obtain with the original messenger. I also love that you just obtain a info when someone messages you instead of those annoying chat heads. I would definitely suggest the lite ver of messenger. 👍
~ Ashley Marie
I am glad. you have given me an release I can have on my device which does not use alot of memory. I am struggling right actually build my businesses. can you send me a newest device with more storage so I can create more dollars to support my community. I would happily discuss my objectives over the device and create you dollars in the process.
~ Joe whinnery
at the moment the release is not sending me info when i have newest messages. It is freezing, not sending my messages to my contacts and I have to reboot my device to obtain and send msseges when it destroyed like this. It's also frozen the info icon on Fb so I constantly have a info that I have 10 messages waiting. This has been going on for over 3 months actually
~ Adeama Walkowiak
Constantly buggy, can't view photos that dudes send to me. It's one of the core functions that I rather have working than to obtain any newest informations. Only positive is that it's a very lightweight release.
~ Photo Deus
Nice messing release! Super easy to use for those of us who don't wish or need all the bonus distracting gibberish that most of the another related apps have. Thanks so much to the developers who saw the need for a more primary texting release.
~ Robyn Baker
meh. I wanted to download the original messenger release as it disappeared from my device but it won't allow me. this ver is OK to communicate but it doesn't have all the functionality. i.lost my color scheme preference (black mode) and can't send or see gif files.
~ L
So far I really like how Lite doesn't take up much zone. But I like how speedy the original release recieves replies. There's also the fact that I can "respond" to a specific message and after sending, my respond is kinda pinned to the message I responded to, which is not in lite. Is it possible to add a "pin/note" genre in messenger wherein we can pin (in the group chat and/or in our own personal storage) documents, files, or feedback we wish to send?
~ FᄐᄂαᅵNᄐ
release has usually had a trouble with claiming me when someone has messaged. no it's not due to having the wrong settings. I've tried this release many times because I do wish an unbloated messenger release (is like having a device or correspondence these days). But I hold having to uninstall it because I need to know when I'm being contacted.
~ Carrina Murphy
I've found that reactions are really important in most of my conversations. Without reactions it seems just a bit TOO lite. You guys should also add an option if we wish to see photos or videos in HD. Oh and dark mode would also be nice. modernization (May 2019) the lack of reactions is still the largest trouble here, recipients should easily misinterpret things.
~ Rhaiou Khen
This Lite release works just as nice as the original Fb messenger release. It does not take a lot of MB as the original, bigger release does. It has just about everything the main release has & I've never experienced any troubles within this release. I have used this release for a long time actually and I haven't experienced any troubles. I'm picky when it comes to installing apps because the more zone the merrier!
~ Erin Weldon