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About: Mei is the first SMS text messaging release with an optional AI relationship assistant designed to improve your texting relationships. From detecting anomalies and strange behavior in text conversations to full personality profiles and solution on what to claim next, Mei uses the newest AI technology to support take your texting relationships to the next lvl and create messaging safer and more fun. Just like an expert in psychology, but better. Even if you pick not to use the optional AI, Mei is an upgrade to replace your stock SMS / MMS messenger. Send secure, encrypted messages and enjoy nonpaid international texting, delete text messages even after theyve sent and much more. MEI, THE AI, CAN Be turned on or off freely Interpret text messages in true-time to give you solution on texting relationships Use anomaly detection to identify when you or the person youre texting ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 12MB Developer: Mei Messaging
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Mei: Messenger for SMS with AI Reviews and Comments:

is it all right for what it's worth it does by showing the emotions of who the person is in personalities and so forth and it's cute nice I can't claim anything else for it I still using it to see how far is the AI's going to go
~ Darrio Dunbar
its a nice release especially if your time isnt the finest the only trouble that im haveing is that when i obtain a message it dosent notify my device with a info even if i go to settings and turn it off then turn it back on i hope the develepers see this and if so can you please fix that it would be so useful thank you ps im reinstalling it rn to see if that can solve it if not then ill come back here and confirm it. okay i got it to work after reinstalling it yay 😂
~ Guitar Cannon
So far, so nice; doesn't seem too intrusive, or annoying...graphics are nice; the integrated options embody a fair tons to be useful...
~ Keith Phillips
i Really really loved this release!! the only downfall, to me, is that you can't search out if the sent message has been read by the receiving party... but loved the themes and the fonts and the colors!
~ Rhonda Adels
This release is phenomenal. It would be even better if it would allow you know that your message has been viewed and/or read. Another than that, I love how it analyzes your relationships while inquiring about them as well as giving tricks/recommendations.
~ Starr Terry
I love Mei. it has really helped my relationship with another recipients. I love how you can obtain personality traits off of the release and you can obtain how related you and someone else are. this is probably the finest release of 2019 yet.
~ Rachel Grubbs
I really love this release! The only trouble that I search is that I can't remove someone from a group chat. For example, I have a group chat for my Birthday Party and someone claimed they couldn't come. Since I don't wish them to obtain annoyed by the barrage of messages, I wish to remove them.
~ Jessica Whitmer
I FUDGING love this release😂, at first I had doubts but with every modernization the quality of the release got idea better to the target where I kept Checking for newest upgrades to see how they'd improve the release. I'm also a fan of the poles I appreciate every question because it gets me to think more about my relationship with my dudes 😎
~ Mikerlyn Bolivar.
Love using it to text others and to be able to have fun communicating. It's very interesting to see how another recipients's personalities work and differ from mine. Very cool indeed. Like how i can change the colors where at first I wasn't able to do that.
~ Jay Ervin
So far i search it very interesting, my only trouble with it so far is that on my Galaxy Watch, when I obtain a message it doesnt give the name of the person who sent it. I just see the release logo and then the message. That's type of a dealbreaker I think.
~ Nicholas Bissanti
cool so far. want there was more questions pertaining too the recipients we are talking to... maybe more for the recipients we message each day. like Our close relationships significant another... etc...
~ Jo Momma
it seems amazingly accurate so far the one thing that I would like to see the ability to ask back questions really like this release so far. UPDATE I trust it already has the ability to respond questions it did so after I made this post
~ Leigh Reed
cute neat release....may 27- been using the release.longer, i can review it better.1st review- couple of days use.actually more txt from a contact and the longer you use mei,the more she learns about you and your contacts. she can compare with min knowledge (100words) the personas of you and the personas of your contact.the longer you use it the more stats she gains to compare.personality tests cost credits,but on beta,u earn credits by taking time polls.like to see if they hold poll pay.was 4sts-actually 5stars
~ Jason Waldon
i really really like this release. the AI is really cool. i just wanted to ask if theres a idea transfer your points or it it eventually upgrades. i got a newest device and am using the same device number but i dont see my points. besides that, release is nice.
~ Reborn Joker
Im currently using Release 2.9.2-Prod. While composing a text message the release crashes when I reach 5 lines of text. This has only been happening since fhe last modernization. First critical trouble Ive had so far with release.
~ Dan 'l-boon
A nice release for ai. while texting was forget nice, it's starting to not work well with certain keyboards like Gboards. It prevents them from displaying the enter button for the keyboard, instead merely making it an emoji/one hand together. Removing this function or impairing it causes communication troubles, and in turn hampers the release as a entire
~ R
So far, so nice. I like the release. However, I would really like to know how to obtain rid of that "send a video" ad that pops up each time I wish to send a message. That is very irritating because I have to close out the release and then launch it again for that ad to disappear. Maybe you can claim me how to obtain rid of that pop up. I would rate it five stars if it weren't for that trouble
~ Roberta Moore
So far, interesting and useful! love the concept of a Learning AI that supports me socially. definitely not super smart or 100% accurate, but I appreciate being apart of the teaching process of this AI.
~ Kylie Sosin
it's nice ans i love it!but I have a question. can you 'add' it to another social media apps? like an option for the tiny ai to follow you into social media's to analyze them? you can turn take it off or not, it's just a question, thanks you for reading this.
~ Anxiously Awkward
I really love this release and wont be using other messaging release anytime quick. The idea and style of this release is really different from others and runs so smoothly despite only being in beta. I never have any troubles texting recipients but recently one of my dudes that i test to text only recieves long feedback-looking texts rather than words. Ive only had this trouble when texting her but im not sure why.. otherwise this release is great and i cant wait till its completely developed.
~ •Bangtan Booty•
Its a really nice release and its working, I mean somethings might not be 100% accurate but usually if you text a person alot, it can claim who they type of are when texting you. It doesnt trace calls amd the A.I. information works (if you pick to give it the permission to read your messages) and is cute correct (especially about you) about who a person is when texting you, plus you can change what the release claims about a person to correct them if they're wrong. Edit: *No Trouble its real and thank you*
~ Sierra Dawes
nice, love the customization informations. however I've noticed it takes an terrible long time to launch and has a bit graphical glitches.. It is nice is has everything my defailt Message release had and more. splitscreen. popup respond and call. I have a great theme going
~ TitanTubs
some informations don't work. want it had an option to recieve a delivered message. UPDATE: so I uninstalled and reinstalled it and the informations that weren't working actually work but is crashes my device and drains my battery really speedy!
~ Mel L
The main reason to download this release is for the AI and Personality aspects and on those alone, I would give 5 stars. I suggest at present you dual use this release and another apps. - Backup all your messages from everywhere with iOS and Mobile using SMS Backup and Restore. - Use this release next and obtain all the personality equipment done for fun. - Use a better massaging release next and set as default. Come back each actually and then as this chat portion of the release keeps getting better.
~ Brent Calvin
Very cool release. One information I want it had was the ability to edit/ change input I've already submitted. For example, MEI predicted that my husband was a family member and I adopted, only to realize it was referring to a blood relationship. Of course our relationship is "romantic" in nature but i consider him family.
~ Julie Martin
I have found certain things to be needed so far and do like. need more time before I can create an actual review so far the ai has been a tiny all over the zone, so I feed it with the hopes of it becoming more accurate also I cant send messages without them being in my contacts? and there's no enter to separate concepts. these seem like easy fixes that need to happen
~ Keith Dolderer
Love the newest informations from when I posted my last review. it really does look nice. and the fact there's no banners is also a gigantic plus. but the text sizing for "tiny" is too tiny and "normal" is too large in my opinion though. maybe a slider with example text instead? Wouldn't mind embedded photos and equipment to links either. (for example the title/desc and thumbnail of a YouTube video URL)
~ TickingTime
just dowoaded. cool/creepy. i saw an banner and it was intriguing. id like to see how it determined my traits. I found it to be cute accurate in most parts and for the first time ever im looking forward to text messages
I have been using Mei for a long while and I love all the customization options. I do have some troubles sending and receiving pictures and videos. and another times, the release is very slow and takes a while for me to go from one person's chat to other. However, the Ai is a very cool information and useful in the ideas I communicate with others. Overall, it works much better than what I had originally used and I can't wait to see continued fixes and progress!
~ Rebekah Carrasco
So far it's the finest! And it is fun and interesting to see the measured traits of you contacts, as well as view your compatability scale with them. Not just an daily boring text only release, this one has hero and personality of its own! It adds a a entire newest dimension to texting and yet keeps it easy and pleasing to the eye as well as the mind and heart! Nice job squad!
~ Jorge Green
This release has some interesting concepts. I love the concept of having a personal AI that assists you in all parts of your life. This is a step in that direction. Also this release has many many visual and needed customization options built in. 100% nonpaid without much of the annoying parts in another messaging apps. This is still in development so hold that in mind though I've not run into many troubles. It has now helped me understand a part of my relationships and has given instantly needed solution.
~ Bones Townsend
The name is what first caught my attention when I came across this release, so I decided to read up on it. There were two main informations that made me decide to test it. first was Mei's personality profiler. The developers have done a nice job with the a.i. so far she has been about 85-90% accurate with the profiles. The insightful questions, interaction with the a.i. and the polls really do support her learn (I honestly thought it was a gimmick) The second is NO identifying stats kept by them
~ Lilith Darkewolffe
I'm just starting to use it and its unbelievable so far. no troubles to report and simple to use. I was just wondering if a Fb Messenger messages import or stand alone add on should be in the works? Most of my conversations happen on Messenger and I'd like it to have the same informations, but stay separate from fb still. Import messages would be great add-on.
~ Tyler Kamps
So I have an trouble... The release keeps sending a different picture from what i picked. It shows normally at first, but switches the picture fully when i send it. My dudes actually have screenshots of an argument I had with my ex that I didn't wish them to know about.
~ Mika Misaki
Seems to work well, but a major trouble for me is the outgoing text box doesn't let to see more than a several words. So if you're willing a 4 or 5 line text which is cute average, you would need to scroll the single line it shows to proofread what you're sending out. That's really inconvenient.
~ Peter Chimicles
The release is nice! The fact you can read about peoples personalities really does support with the relationship. I only want it didn't repeat sometimes on what a dude or person does for you. (such as "They create you more outgoing" ive seen a lot) That and if it read your groupchats and claimed how you all obtain along.
~ Family Channel
UPDATE: EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Number 1 from Any experience i've had on google playstore! GREAT APP! - I HIGHLY Suggest that if Anyone has ANY Problems - Contact their Help Squad 1st! - They Are Great, rapid responses, And DESERVING of 5 STARS! -- Btw MEI TEAM - It has been my Pleasure working together. Thanks.
~ Daga shannon
It's a nice release, but of course they're going to be bugs for being in beta. Things such as serious battery usage, crashes, a lot of lag, and weird errors. I also can't change the relationship to recipients. However, the release is nice and super interesting and fun to use. It's fun to just mess around with the AI and such and I highly suggest it if you can't deal with Samsung's messaging.
~ Bryant Dangit
Nice release. I have been using this release since the first week it was out and I've never had a trouble with it. Very well made. Simple gui. it's fun to create your own pole. It's harder to create credit's since the the first version. I don't have any dudes and i still enjoy just going on the release tosee poles i made or othersade. Fun to what they think my personality is and they nailed it. I 100% suggest this.
~ Wyatt Lamberton
I've only been using this for a couple days, but it seems very promising so far. The personality tracker definitely gave my dudes and I a nice bit of fun for sure, and the AI assistant seems like it'll come in handy later on. Along with that I've enjoyed the customizability of the release in general. However, as all things are, it isn't great. Some messages between other Mei player and I won't send unless we're both on, and pictures have problem sending in general. Overall very promising run!
~ 1upjlt10