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About: Meet, Chat, and Go Live on MeetMe! MeetMe supports you search newest recipients nearby who share your interests and wish to chat NOW! Its fun, friendly, and nonpaid! Join 100+ MILLION PEOPLE video chatting, messaging, streaming, and making newest dudes each day! Its for all ages, all nationalities, all backgrounds EVERYONE! So what are you waiting for? Download the finest release for meeting newest recipients! *** #1 Social Soft for Meeting Newest Recipients in the US *** On MeetMe you can - Video chat with local recipients - Chat with newest recipients near you and around the globe - Livestream and feel the love - Search recipients who share your interests
Genre: Social Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: MeetMe.com
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MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People Reviews and Comments:

Either their code has a lot of bugs or their servers cant handle the traffic, web has troubles loading, working consistently and like others have claimed it is a gigantic resource hog(ram, memory, time and espically battery life). Otherwise the web has nice potential, there are a lot of scammers but the mods/admins are usually very speedy to catch these jerks, but they need to run blacklisting these groups or recipients.
~ Andre Raywood
i love meet me there are only two down sides. if that changes they obtain 5 stars. meet me kills your device battery1 2 half the recipients never read your stats. recipients please read the about me bio saves a lot of typing for you and everyone. another then that the release is super fun and simple to use. also super cool idea to chat and meet me.
~ RadRayne Robson
the release was rrally nice before. I've. met a several recipients and 1 who remaoned a nice dude until actually. but sadly right actually its full of of perverts and admin recipients could do something about this. I've used a paid dating web before, and their admins are really nice in spotting those type of recipients and banning them. But I think since this is an release for nonpaid, then it's kond of impossible to do so since you count the number of players too.
~ A Google user
Loop hole for the bullies. Devs won't fix it. You can Bully recipients then block them and nothing can be done. All day I bully recipients and obtain away with it. INVALID PHONE NUMBER! IVE BEEN USING THIS NUMBER FOR 20 YEAR'S. HOW IS IT NOT VALID? YOU GET ACCOUNT REVIEWED FOR HAVING A PAIR OF JEANS RATED. NO SKIN SHOW. HOW COME THERES NO SUPPORT HOTLINE TO CALL TO PROVE IM REAL AND NOT A CAT FISH! All the correspondence goes to the spam folder. I am very known. So I obtain high traffic. Caps cause I'm pissed.
Fraudulent Company! i accidently bought coins for $4.99 and wanted my dollars back. Named my bank and got a refund. As quick as the dollars was back on my card meetme deleted my profile... So i create 3.5 million diamonds and you delete me over $4.99.. No wonder your not doing anything on Wall Way. Also did you create sure to claim recipients that your a stock while your gaining millions a day off of recipients illeagaly working for you? Right... Trash Soft
~ Bob Marley
You're going to obtain admirers after each time you log in. Just pick the fakest looking one and you'll match. I have had no connections in here that weren't trying to obtain me to sign up on am external web, meanwhile the another apps I'm using have all provided true recipients to connect with. I'll give it other day, then nonpaid up some zone on my device.
~ James Fairservice
Love this release. never used to have troubles logging in. actually i hold getting logged out and cant verify. Which is ridiculous since im not using a different profile. This has been on and off for over a year. Each release has bugs, but please obtain this fixed!! i would love to be able to use this release without these troubles.
~ Lovebug 96
Well so far I've seem to got kicked out of the release for no apparent reason and am unable to log back into my profile in which is very frustrating because I have recipients I no longer have communication with so what can I do? I can't create other profile since this release has seem to block me from doing that. Everything was working fine this morning and afternoon, actually its just rubbish
~ Matthew Leon
I have had this release numerous times. I suddenly got logged out of my release and profile and actually I cannot sign in because its claiming my sign in isnt valid. I cant even create a newest one using my fb. I cant even recover my password. I have no correspondences about anything I should have done wrong. And i have screenshots to prove I had my profile set up through my correspondence. This is bullsh*t.
~ Cassandra Self
It's not a great web. but its def a notch above all the others. Been a member since it was named Myyearbook and its relatively the same. Want the match system wasn't broke. But I'm not gonna blame my terrible convo skills on the release lol. The ppl are usually cute great and chill. Nice reliable idea to meet ppl in ur zone, especially if you transport alot.
~ James Mills
not a terrible release. there are quite a several bots/fake accounts and trolls but there are also some nice recipients. a lot of recipients don't reply, making it hard to meet newest recipients (not the apps fault that some recipients read your message but won't keep a conversation) it was better as myyearbook before it changed more towards dating as it is as meetme. it would be great if the inactives and fake/bots were more controlled.
~ Ashlee White
More frustrating than Trump. So I installed it, was using about 40 minutes, all of a sudden, obtain logged out. Check logging back in, claims password or correspondence wrong. Kept trying. uninstalled release, restarted device, reinstalled, tried again, same trouble. Tried resetting password, it allow me do that, went through the entire process again as above, still can't obtain in. GIVEN UP!!!!!!!!!!! WASTE OF TIME! If I should give 0 stars I would.
~ Rosemary Jackson
still learning to use, I dig the live interaction between peeps you can present love by gifting your favoured streamers. some better than others but Haven't found out how to acquire the presents or what equipment is required to run a live stream . which may be how you obtain presents. not sure of that yet but it's decent I will definitely claim dudes about it.
~ Rogelio Small
The release is frequently unresponsive and often fails to save changes. I got few trivial info within 15 mins of installing it. I was suddenly logged out and my credentials are actually invalid. All the correspondences are going straight to my spam folder. I don't believe this release, and its not worth trying to, so I uninstalled it.
~ Corwin Pearson
This release has never been nice but we had a time where fake accounts weren't that terrible but all of a sudden they were all over and everyone was having to create newest accounts. actually it ain't so terrible but still have it happen time to time. the release is great to meet dudes and what not but don't test to reach out to their help for support. they are some of the laziest recipients there are when it comes to this release. still great to talk with dudes on lives when it works.
~ tre n
i have been on the release for a bit actually. I got it because i wanted to meet newest dudes in my zone. However it feels more like a dating cite. I have gotten multiple dick picks from different guys. And am actually looking to search a different and better release. I just wish to meet dudes but dont know how to in the true globe so i am resorting to online and an release. I would not reccomend this release for meeting dudes. Only for dating or more accurately if you wish dudes with benifits.
~ Hillary Van Ness
sucks ass it works well from time to time, but it's very laggy and if you obtain too many likes within the minute it will ruin and you wont be able to log back into it cause of 'suspicious activity' and you have to change your password multiple times before you are able to unblock it and to obtain back into it. and most times it does not work after resetting your password. I really want that meetme would take care of it. cause another than those troubles. everything else is nice and is a nice release.
~ Danni
This release is ok but help is never useful and they just love to delete peoples profile for no reason. I've had 5 accounts for less than 24hrs every and the rabbit hole of trying to obtain a nonexistant confirmation code will give you a headache. THEN when you finally search the help correspondence they never respond. I found out from one of my meetme dudes that my profile is non existant. WHAT THE HELL. I'm not the only person that this happens to and it needs to be fixed if they still wish players.
~ tigger thomas
It's simple to control but it's ridiculous how you can't use the settings to search others looking for friendship unless you pay for it. Not to mention how they hardly monitor the harassment, they just give the player a slap on the wrist and allow them continue what they're doing, you just obtain the option to block them. And how it revolves around dating and admirers, very lame .
~ Sotisha767
there is a fight going on, on this release between recipients wanting to search a relationship and bots and another assorted recipients trying to obtain you to go on to inappropriate live chat blogs, wanting to send inappropriate messages, and trying to obtain you away from meet me and on to other platform like "kik" and to me it's hilarious but to another recipients you can claim that it's getting on they're nerves and it really changes the feel of the release. but I bet if you fixed it you'd obtain idea more recipients on there.
~ reese neville
Your profile randomly gets deleted whenever they feel like it when you havent violated the TOS. There is zero live tech help but they shove ideas to spend your dollars on this release scam down your throat. Everything is "leave feedback" but no one responds. The forgot password feedback is broken. Google could remove this scam release from their shop. They do not help their players at all!! Don't download!!! Anything is better than this!!!
~ Mi Mi
this is a nice release for meeting recipients that are true and not robots. granted you do me recipients that are robots on here hot looking for one night stand. but for the most part you can meet some decent recipients on here and your local zone and the surrounding zones. this release is better than POF and another dating apps. I like the genres and the tags on here. I've met three recipients that are really nice recipients.
~ Adam Leavell
You need to fix this release already. I've had my profile for maybe 2 ish weeks, I've been logged out of it today without me even clicking the log out button. I am unable to obtain back into the profile even after changing the password 3 times, I went to create a newest one and it was logged out instantly, I have done nothing wrong I palyed by the terms, I went live sometimes but thays besides the target. You need to obtain it fixed. I actually have no communication with quite a several recipients thanks to it logging off
~ Devil’s Spirit
This release is rediculous. This is my experience the past year of using it. I started messaging women and no one can keep a conversation, the only conversations are about if you wish to pay her (each woman) with dollars release. I even had a woman claim lets meet up, so I went to where she wanted to meet and she claimed" I'm not coming until you pay me". After driving 30 mins I immediately regreted it. the only another messages I obtain are from gay or trans recipients trying to suck my purple pickle. I dont suggest
~ Jasper Cole
I recently had set up a profile and after logging out, I was not able to obtain back in. I changed my password twice actually and still cannot access my profile. It keeps claiming that my stats is "invalid". I wasn't even on my profile long enough to even edit or write a bio on my profile. And I've had troubles with this web before so no surprise that I am still having these troubles.
~ Kaylee Mitchell
Definitely one of the worst apps on the supermarket. I paid for a super upgrade for 1 month (which is 6.99$) to test it out. BUT when i bought the super, it never upgraded my profile! The dollars is taken out of my profile which means it could be active but its just not! This release scams recipients out of dollars and each single person on there (unless they're very ugly) is fake!! alllllll of them!! dont use this release guys. waste of time
~ Trevor Bilbo
Having a hard time with this release. I have created an profile and edited my profile, but then the release kicked me out. I tried logging in just to be claimed my stats is incorrect. I went to blog to test and restart my password, but I am not recieving a code to restart to the correspondence I provided. I'm not glad that I actually have my profile stats and my picture public on this network that I cannot access. UPDATE: I recieved the code in Spam folder but when use it, it claims it doesn't match my correspondence…
~ David Thrift
There are just so many fake profiles on this release. You'll log in and have a ton of dude requests and secret admirers from players with "kik me" or random letters and numbers in the name. And if you're stupid enough (like myself) to test and message some of them, more often than not, they will usually talk the same idea they did like on other fake profile. I do not at all, suggest this release. It's not even worth it to go through and search the true recipients.
~ mr merkinator
very disappointed. I've been a member since the web was MyYearbook and i randomly got logged out. I couldn't log in with what I thought my password was with no success. I've tried the "forgot password" multiple times and there's an error whenever I tried to use the temp password. I've emailed help 3 times with no response. sorry to whomever I was talking to on the release, I didn't mean to ghost you.
~ Debra Mayer
how am I supposed to verify with a device number if the release will not approve any of the 3 device numbers i entered? all claim invalid number. that is interesting considering I obtain calls each day on all 3. yes, there are alot of spammers on the release, but they have made it virtually impossible for true recipients to confirm things. allow alone how hard it is to obtain anything resolved. "correspondence" is only form of help and they take forever to reply. the "help #" is for advertising only!
~ Nichole Montgomery
This release is literally the worst. Most of the recipients who match with either: don't match your sexual orientation, live in another states, live in another cities, live in another countries, the recipients on the web just wish nudes, haven't met one genuine person, if I think I have they never message me again, I've blocked more recipients than I can count. Just as an example, I'm 18 and gay. Most of my matches are women, or straight lads who are 28+. If it's guys closer to my age, they just wish nudes.
~ Noah Strange
Filled to the brim with everything you don't wish. For lads looking to date girls, nice luck. You better like searching for needles in haystacks. Don't obtain me wrong I would claim 25% of the profiles are now true girls. Sadly, these days that's nice. But 3/4 of them are either blatant prostitutes, married, only wish dudes, only have the release to live stream them doing nothing. The rest are bots, catfish, scammers, porn feedback, transvestites, crossdressers, or gay lads who picked female gender.
~ TheLazyAlloy
this release has the potential to be so nice and really a fun thing. but it falls short on so many lvls. you obtain more bots than in irobot. more catfish than you should ever catch in true life. and girl who will ghost you faster than my dad did to us. it's okay, and deserves a 5 star, as long as they can fix alot of these troubles. I trust in meetme. like Gotham did in Harvey Dent. Don't disappoint me.
~ Daniel Warfield
Full of fake profiles. The release makes no effort to weed these out. All you can do is block them. The most primary filters are unavailable, some may be in the paid ver, but even when you pick to see girls you see lads. Pictures are so tiny or are aligned badly so that you have to click on them to see them and there's no profile summary until you click on the picture, and each time someone does you obtain a info, which is nice and terrible; terrible because recipients are forced to click to see you.
~ Samer Hamood
What sets meetme apart in being an exceptionally terrible experience is that you are literally not given the ability to report the spammers and scammers. Fake profiles vastly outnumber true ones, and a nice portion of the true profiles are literally snapchat THOTs, drug dealers, or outright e-beggars (and you can't report them). Meetme also buries their equivalent of the fb wall, vastly reducing communication. Meetme is poorly constructed, poorly run, and is full of the wrong recipients/bots.
~ Slipknotyk06
please delete my profile. i can not log back in at all, and the password restart doesnt work, im usually getting late confirmation codes. so my rating to you is 1 star. i wished there was half a star.
~ Ezio Creed
Login troubles, this is a great release and i love it so much, but when i make an profile the release will log me out after some days, and i wont be able to login again, i have created up to three accounts bcus of this trouble
~ Divine Owali
It automatically logged me out and then when I finally got logged back on, all my messages and dudes had gotten deleted and I lost everything. Then it froze up my device and actually it won't even load the log in screen. Don't obtain this release! Never had so much problem with an release in my life! Made me very my number over 20 times and I still wasn't able to log into my profile. I rate this release 0 out of 5 stars. Uninstalling actually!!!
~ Daphne Mauk
Soft is buggy. Wouldn't allow me use old correspondences to sign up without giving an error. Even created newest ones and got an error. Found out you can make an profile with the blog instead. Main complaint : the release is constantly claiming me I don't have pictures. I have like 15. I go to send a message and it claims I don't have pictures, upload one to send the message. I scroll through pics and it stops me and Claims me upload pics to see more. Very annoying. Galaxy s10+
~ Eric Devine
Very Confused. I downloaded this release today. I was having fun messaging a couple of recipients, then suddenly I was logged out. I was in the middle of typing! I've attempted to log back in, but my password is invalid. So, I've attempted to resist my password. But no correspondences have been sent to mine to restart my password! Very confused and annoyed. I attempted to create other profile (after uninstalling and reinstalling) but all to no avail. I used a different correspondence, but my login is still invalid. Support?!?
~ Marissa Muñoz