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MasterClass: Learn How To Cook, Sing, Act and More   
About: With the MasterClass small release, you can: ACCESS GENIUS ANYWHERE Build learning into your life, each day, with video lessons, workbooks, and more. Use walkthroughs, secrets, tricks and recipes from our courses to elevate your craft. GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Watch lesson highlights and search exclusive content only available on the release. CLASSES INCLUDE: Culinary Arts: Learn recipes and techniques from the finest chefs in the globe. - Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking - Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques - Alice Waters Teaches the Art of Home Cooking - Wolfgang Puck Teaches Cooking Video & TV: Nail each casting. Take lessons from celebrated screenwriters, a nice value compared to screenwriting workshops. - Ron Howard Teaches Directing - Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking - Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing for Tv - Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking - Helen Mirr ... Show more
Genre: Education Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 27MB Developer: MasterClass Inc.
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MasterClass: Learn How To Cook, Sing, Act and More Reviews and Comments:

Very pretty UI design. I just want that they have offline download like Youtube Additional so I can watch them anytime without a WiFi connection.
~ Minh Nhat Le
love this tool. received a year long subscription as a gift. currently going thru the classes, and they are all awesome!
~ Rani Brawner
So much content for the price! Great instructors to pick from. I can already see how Neil Gaiman's Art of Storytelling class is supporting me grow as an artist
~ Elijah Wright
Not glad about paying 180 bucks for Q and A. poor service. they offer 30 day dollars back garuntee and ive been getting the run around trying to obtain my refund for weeks actually.
~ drago619
I'm a chef, the information that these chefs go into would support anyone at any lvl!
~ Denny Warren
Finest investment ive made in a while. the stats covered in this masterclass " Ramsay teaches cooking" is absolutely phenomenal a gotta have for any aspiring home chef.
~ Robert Oliver
though I have not, as yet, used this service to its potential, the nuggets gleaned from the most minute perusals have been invaluable to my burgening teaching career.
~ Jay Wing
nice interface/UI ...and very Intuitive. of course, the speakers are nice too. hope you add more teachers....Ricky Gervais for example would be absolutely wonderful.
~ Cyrus Viccaji
All-access is one of the finest deals on the internet, especially for constructive recipients who work in multiple mediums.
~ Avi Love
The content is top-notch, but the platform itself is very pushy about buying the all-access pass. It's honestly discouraging me from considering it.
~ Evan Zrinsky
The only trouble with release is that has troubles with tracking where you are in the class. I completed a class 2 times, it still believes I am on the first lesson.
~ Gergely Kovács
This release saves you tens of thousands of hours it takes to become a master in all genres of life - on demand. Watch at 2x speed and for time compressed learning.
~ Zenfinity
I have learned so much from the classrs. It is really worth twice the price. I have learned writing from three masters, photography from one, and I have just gotten started.
~ Chris L
The finest $180 ever spent. It's like having an uncle or an aunt that just happens to be known at doing… whatever you dream of doing. Then, sitting down over a cup of coffee hearing all their secrets and taking notes.
~ Stewart C. Alastair
the masterclass service is unbelievable, but the release is not so hot. I feel like I need to take a class just to learn how to navigate the release.
~ Steve F
inspirational and applicable lessons from the horses mouth! there are so many classes and personalities, that if one doesn't click with you, other will. very cool!
~ Lorenzo Thornberry
so much nice stats is available on masterclass, and it's just as affordable as Netflix or related streaming services... except that you learn true skills and tricks from masters of their trade 10/10 the only thing terrible about it is i wish more of it
~ Art by Galen
so far its been worth each penny and i'm excited to see the classes they add before my first year is up.
~ The Old Beekeeper
Masterclass has opened my mind to a newest possibility of learning and their training has helped me so much.
~ Vestine
Learning from the finest teachers is truly a blessing & thanks to masterclass squad for coming up with this nice idea. I really appreciate all the courses that are available actually. I will be more gladful if the diversity of the courses increased in the near future. As the majority courses are mostly on arts and creativity, there is a true need to diversify the fields.As far as i'm concerned i really pleased with the masterclass services. its a true feast for all the constructive beings.
~ Ajaykumar sobbi
this tool has taught me so many newest and nice things and I never thought to test any of them before I had the chance to use Master class! I'm working on Gordon Ramsay's cooking class and next I plan on trying a French pastry class!
~ Lura Landoll
The production value is very high and the lessons are interesting. A single lesson from any one of these instructors would cost so much more than on Masterclass, so it's absolutely worth it.
~ Van Steel
This release allows players to access their classes on the go in an simple to use manner. It has enhanced the value that I obtain from my subscription. I suggest getting this release if you plan to use Master Class.
~ Jack Fulton
A phenomenal Soft for a Nice innovative concept!!! Worth every Euro that i pay as membership. Nice learning from the finest in the industry! A several more subject can be added.
~ Atul Vaishampayan
It is truly master's class. I love the writing sessions a lot. But it is sad that it only have one business class, I hope it will be more quick.
~ hanqiao yu
Really enjoy how these classes are shown. Its a cool middle ground between learning something on YouTube and a College lvl course. Would suggest to everyone who's looking to learn something newest from an expert in their field.
~ M F
Truly awesome... I have tried out another "learning" apps that disappointed me, but this is the true deal! They have real masters and even give printouts for the classes. I haven't been this pleased with a buy in a long time.
~ Kyle Ross
Great instruction. Very reasonable price. Nice opportunity to expand one's knowledge, especially for those with limited resources. Thank you, MasterClass! 5 stars all the idea!
~ Don Lever
Hands down one of the BEST learning experiences I have had..Some instructors go in depth and really teach you. Ron Howard's class in my opinion is the absolute finest.I can watch that over and over.Thank you and I sure look forward to more. Worth each penny... P.S.If you should obtain Tarantino... OMG!!!
~ Kevin Flynn
It's an wonderful experience to learn so much in so tiny time. This is for sure one of my finest investments. I wrote a TV present following Shonda's TV writing class, I learned a lot about cooking healthy and about recent ingredients, acting etc I'm sure I'll renew my membership in the future
~ Nataly Star
If you really wish to master all that you are passionate about, this is the release for you. As an aspiring filmmaker, I cannot deny the fact that this platform has changed my perspective of my craft on a entire another lvl. And I've learned so much more in the past year I've been using this release, than I have in my whole (lol im 20). 100% worth it.
~ Thalia Mix
Do not buy this release or subscription!!! They breeched time and gave me other customers stats. when I questioned about this they stopped replying, took 3 months and over 200 correspondences to obtain a respond. I finally did and they had no answers, offered no compensation. When I asked for a refund they gave me less than half what I paid. I am still waiting for the rest. incompetent customer service and has no care for customer time. Poor service.
~ Maura Callaghan
I'm really enjoying master class. What the originator's share is invaluable. There is nice depth in these classes.
~ Jonathan Chestang
Its a nice idea to learn from your favored leader of the field you are interested in. I m interested in writing it really supports to obtain my spirits high whenever i feel weak about my work. Though i have not given 5 stars is because their could have been option of downloading the video and watching it offline, as i like to go offline when i m getting inspiration but cant do it as i hv to hold time on to see d video.
~ nikhil kharat
I did the yearly which is about $15 a month for all the classes. I'd like to think of myself as a constructive mind and I couldn't pick just one class. Honestly I love it, I use it almost everyday (it's been about 3months total). I just completed the Tom Morello course, and currently in progress over few another song, video, cooking courses actually. Properly dedicating time to the workbook and subject will present effects.
~ Angel Toro
All the teachers are well spoken and very eloquent, the quality of video and sound is extremely palatable. The mini chapters are very digestible, wether you're on the go or just wish to learn ten mins at a time before going to sleep. All I would claim, not all the teachers necessarily know how to reach. It's more of a special idea to see how your role models think. You dive into their globe and obtain as much as you can from their intricate minds. In that sense, this is a highly valuable archive.
~ Yohan Riba Martinez
I'm extremely excited to have Christina Aguilera as my singing teacher she is the finest teacher I should ever have and I've loved and still love all her song since I was about 4 or 5 possibly even six years old. She is just so nice at her work as both singer and teacher that she is.
~ Joann Nation
true innovation. connecting the globe of genius' to humanity. Acknowledgement for the following - 1. Impeccable Design of the web. 2. Nice concept and brilliant execution. 3. Ever Evolving and scalable model. 4. Connecting us with the globe of Genius. 5. Keeping the lifelong learner alive. :)
~ varun chamadiya
while this may not be the finest for the nitty gritty of skills (I can suggest skillshare for that) it is wonderful for building confidence and motivation. the teachers really are globe class at what they do and the insights they deliever are invaluable. i am binging on the courses, i think it's worth the dollars.
~ Hayley Williams
The written materials are nice, but I would highly suggest working on a pc. This Master Class release is an amateur's execution. It's far too buggy and does not help background use i.e. you cannot lock the device or launch another apps and continue listening your video lesson. What's worse is if you bump the screen or interrupt your content the release will not remember where you left off. Forcing you to guess and scrub back and forth and probably will frustrate you half as much as it did me.
~ Joe M