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About: Need a lift? Use Lyft to obtain an affordable ride in mins. Ride sharing with Lyft lets you request a car with the tap of a button and obtain picked up by a nearby friendly driver wholl take you to your destination right away. Receive rides from our highly-rated drivers instead of hailing a cab or waiting for the bus and enjoy a welcoming, affordable and memorable ride today! The Lyft release is cheaper than a taxi, faster than the bus, and simple to use. Travel anywhere you wish to go without needing rental car services or figuring out bus routes well give you a ride right to your destination. Using Lyft makes transit easy download actually and create your next trip the finest trip youve ever had. Ride Sharing Made Simple Download Lyft, sign up, then simply launch the release and request a ride. Your Lyft driver will be at your territory in mins, ready to drive you to yo ... Show more
Genre: Maps & Navigation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Lyft, Inc.
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Similar Apps Like Shiraz Offline Map Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Shiraz Offline Map...

Developer: World Offline Maps | Tourist Info [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Las Vegas Transit • RTC rail & bus times Alternatives
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About: Need to know when buses and trains are coming, and where they're going? This is the app for you. Countdown boards for buses and trains Watch your bus or train on a live map as it gets near Get step-by-step public transit directions with live guidance from A-to-B Service alerts to let you know what's going on in your area Seven-day schedules Save your favourite stops and stations See every nearby route and where they go Simple and clean,...

Developer: Transit Now [email protected]

Similar Apps Like RTC Ride Live Alternatives
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About: Get real time bus arrival times and schedules for RTC Ride / Reno Features Use search to find any stop or route instantly. Find when the bus is coming at particular stop for particular route. Find all the buses coming at a particular stop. Find bus information by selecting a stop on the map. Alarm when you reach destination. Save favorite stops or routes. Live location of bus on map. Home screen widget. Uses arrival predictions as provided by Nextbus....

Developer: Thupten Choephel [email protected]

Similar Apps Like HOBA - Hop On A Boat, Anywhere Alternatives
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About: HOBA lets you book a boat trip on-demand from wherever you are! - Find Boat Captains near you - Chat directly with HOBA Booking agents to let them know where youd like to go, what youd like to do, and get a price right away - Pay for your trip right from the app, and then hop on the boat and have fun! - After the trip is over tip your captain and leave a review. HOBA is the easiest app to Hop On a Boat Anywhere!...

Developer: HOBA, Inc. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like FastTimes: NYC Train/CitiBike  Alternatives
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About: FastTimes: NYC does just what the name says. It's the fastest NYC Subway tracker for Android. - Uses LIVE NYC Subway data to give you instant arrival times. - Map with Citibike availability - Add stops as favorites for quick access during your commute! - Full Material Design experience Interested in testing new versions before they're released? Send an email to [email protected] and I'll add you to the Google+ Beta community!...

Developer: Starboardland Software, LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like NYC Citi Bike  Alternatives
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About: The most comprehensive application to view detailed information about the stations of the Citi Bike rental service in New York. - Map of the city with the position of stations showing the number of bikes and the free stands for each station. It includes also the BIKE PATH. - You can click on a station directly on the map to expand its information. - The map also shows your current position and it updates when you move. - List of favourite stations categorized by groups (home, work, friends...

Developer: AltairApps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like i-Boating:Estonia Marine Chart Alternatives
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About: GPS Marine Charts App offers access to charts covering Estonia (derived from EMA(Estonian Maritime Administration) data) with POI layers created from ENC charts. Only marine GPS app to have route assistance with Voice Prompts for marine navigation. It has route manager to create new boating routes or import existing GPX/KML routes. It supports Nautical Charts course up orientation. * Voice Prompts for marine navigation (requires GPS ) -prompts when approaching a boating route marker -Co...

Developer: Gps Nautical Charts [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Survive Drive  Alternatives
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About: Routes around crime areas dependent on user-designated risk level. Complete coverage of entire USA at cell resolution of less than one-quarter mile. Crime data derived from Spot Crime, a recognized leader in public-domain, police-report-generated, up-to-date crime data sets. Form-free user interactive route control using long clicks for source and destination, radio buttons for highway type, and a slider for route permissible risk level selection. Minimalist voice agent to avoid di...

Developer: Carl Hopkinson [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Ohio USA Metro Map Offline Alternatives
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About: Ohio Metro Map Subway Offline Map Ohio USA United States of America This Ohio metro subway offline map application will be the best assistant for any Ohio visitor or resident using the Ohio subway metro lines App works offline even without connection to the internet. Ohio the subway metro lines of Ohio are included. Ohio's best subway offline metro map! Up-to-date with Ohio the metro subway lines, Ohio Metro Subway map includes Ohio the lines in operation. The map is high quality and non inte...

Developer: PTK Radio Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Denmark Metro map Offline Alternatives
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About: Copenhagen Metro Map Subway Offline Map Denmark This Copenhagen metro subway offline map application will be the best assistant for any Copenhagen visitor or resident using the Copenhagen subway metro lines App works offline even without connection to the internet. Copenhagen the subway metro lines of Copenhagen are included. Copenhagen's best subway offline metro map! Up-to-date with Copenhagen the metro subway lines, Copenhagen Metro Subway map includes Copenhagen the lines in operation. Th...

Developer: PTK Radio Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Live Street View 360 – Satellite View, Earth Map Alternatives
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About: Live Street View 360 Satellite View, Earth Map application is a current earth map satellite and instant GPS 360 roads pictures collection. Live Street View 360 Satellite View, Earth Map 2019 is bound to serve as a world satellite map, a panoramic street view and as location navigator. To play live earth means the original road traveling 3D and live street panorama. However, it is relatively easy to access live images of famous places and seven wonders in the world, as some sites are dedicate...

Developer: Live Satellite View Earth Map - Symmetric Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Move Alternatives
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About: Move es un app de viajes compartidos para viajar en forma rpida y confiable en tan solo minutos, de da o de noche. Sin tener que estacionarte o esperar un taxi o autobs. Con Move, pides viajes con un simple toque y es muy fcil pagar con tarjeta de crdito, o dinero en efectivo en algunas ciudades....

Developer: Estudio Other Spaces [email protected]

Similar Apps Like TiWouLib Alternatives
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About: Nou mennen tout moun nan tout monn.... Developer: Captain Haiti [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Italy Metro Map Offline Alternatives
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About: Rome Metro Map Subway Offline Map Italy This Rome metro subway offline map application will be the best assistant for any Rome visitor or resident using the Rome subway metro lines App works offline even without connection to the internet. Rome the subway metro lines of Rome are included. Rome's best subway offline metro map! Up-to-date with Rome the metro subway lines, Rome Metro Subway map includes Rome the lines in operation. The map is high quality and non interactive. This app contains j...

Developer: PTK Radio Apps [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Izuko Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: From now on you only need one app to access the most important means of transportation in the Izu area. As a special feature you can also easily find & gather information on tourist attractions. Save time, dont miss any hotspots and always get the best connection by using our multimodality mobility as a service app! Why should you use the Izuko app? - Get information on connections and departure times of buses and trains across the entire Izu area and buy tickets with just a couple of ...

Developer: moovel Group GmbH [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Forest Navigator Lite Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: This application is for storage data of mushrooms, as well as for berries, fishing, hunting and other notable places. Built-in navigation with voice prompts is adapted for off-road walking and will help you to return to your saved location after a while or even the year after. The app can help you Quickly find places what you had visited before. Do not get lost in an unfamiliar area. Share good places with your friends. Functions App saves information about your places. The app...

Developer: HobbySoft [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Mad Mutt Marine Navigator 2 Alternatives
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About: The original Mutt navigator has been dragged by the tail into the modern (Android 6 onward) world (compatible with Android 4.0 upwards). To view the considerable capabilities of the app, please download the instructions. No mobile network coverage is necessary. This app uses your device's built in GPS. All that is required is a clear view of the sky (the GPS signal propagates through wood and plastic; the app should work below deck on all but metal boats). In short... Re-written us...

Developer: Mad Mutt Software [email protected]

Similar Apps Like London Bus Pal  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: A London bus prediction application which can give you prediction information for nearby bus stops, as well as any route, bus stop or location in London. Features: Bus stops near my current location: shows all stops near me now and predicted arrivals for the next 30 minutes. Bus stop view: shows all buses predicted to call at the specific stop in the next 30 minutes. Bus route view: shows all stops on a route where a bus will call within the next 30 minutes and show when the next bus...

Developer: Mulder Digital [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Icon Driver  Alternatives
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About: Icon Driver...

Developer: IconRideShare [email protected]

Similar Apps Like GPS Speedometer - Odometer, Distance Meter  Alternatives
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About: GPS Speedometer Odometer (digital view, analogue view and Sports Speedometer view) is an advanced speedometer application that uses the phone's GPS system to show your ongoing speed. Suitable for car driving, cycling, motorcycling, boats, truck driving, bus driving or traveling etc. GPS Speedometer display speed in analogue, digital and sports views. It works as a normal digital, analogue or sports Speedometer, which you may have / had in any car or any other speed showing device mounted over...

Developer: ZT IT Solutions [email protected]



Lyft Reviews and Comments:

well, I was trying to obtain my ride! I was trying really hard to obtain ride, so after awhile I got tired of trying; then I go Uber. but also each single time they are asking me to pay $9.99 for 10% off of my rides. So allow me claim you that I do have Uber as the finest option. Note I do have screenshots of my claims
~ Ariel Zelaya
Having used Lyft as a driver for over 3yrs & a passenger for even longer-- I can honestly claim that I am beyond grateful for the thousands of experiences I've been able to have, regardless of what seat I'm in! A truly revolutionary change in the idea we obtain around from day to day! All around nice, hands-down! PROJECTZACKO
~ Zachary Christian
Tried to setup an profile with PayPal and two different credit cards, none of them work. The release is asking to verify the billing address with other card, and fail to verify it despite all the stats are correct. I can see on my profile that the release still do a card authorization successfully... Useless
~ Julien Dumas
I walked in the wrong direction at first then I started walking in the right direction and I named the dude to allow him know I'm at the cross walk he canceled the trip and drove off i was 5 steps away from the car literally. Dude doesn't pick up his device or respond txt. what kind off service is tht.
~ Timothy white
This release has been consistently more cheaper than Uber, but it's major flaw is that it's GPS is super trash. Each time I go home, I have to set the GPS to my neighbors house to avoid getting dropped off in the middle of the way. It's ridiculous that I have to hold changing the drop off territories.
~ Winston Joseph III
Lyft has the worst customer service in the globe... my wallet and device were stolen last year and somebody use my correspondence to make a fraudulent Lyft profile... but they used a different debit card that was not mine to obtain a lyft.. somehow that individual was able to fraud Lyft on that ride.. I'm not sure how but they did... when I signed up for Lyft this year thinking it was my first time they back charge my card from over a year ago and they refused to refund my dollars knowing it was a fraudulent
~ Alex Pacheco
Not what it used to be can't even obtain a ride without it buffering or claiming I have no network connection, don't understand what the trouble is. You all need to fix this asap, inconvenience for sure!
~ Mr C
Scheduled my first ride last night for for this morning. 10 mins before the ride, lyft asks for a second credit card with the same billing address and cancels the ride. I add a second card and test to rebook and lyft asks for third card. Nope. Y'all advertise as a tiny cheaper than uber, but you won't approve valid payment. Uninstalling.
~ Steve Gold
First, a very great looking release. One gigantic trouble though is that I can't specify an exact territory for my home. I wish to pick the target in the map. My home territory does not exactly match my home address. I need to be able to fine tune or pick exact coordinates. For this reason alone I can't use this release.
~ Farhad Bodhanwala
Our driver caused hurt to his own machine when loading our luggage, he than later tried charging me for the hurt he caused. luckily a gift card was used and request was denied. The driver had a camera recording the inside of the machine our whole trip and lyft cared less to investigate. Dont use lyft the drivers are currupt and lyft does not care of there customers! Named to test and resolve this trouble all they do is place me on keep and than hang up. What an terrible company!
~ Bryan Del Castillo
I love Lyft but certain things I'll never understand. For example: I place my destination and was claimed the fee would b $17. Ten minutes later without doing anything with the release it raised $10. Other: i stood next to a lyft driver while requesting a ride but they sent me a driver who was 45 minutes away instead of the driver next to me with his release on and ready.
~ Dominique S.
Lyft's making changes to the release at the expense of the drivers & the ridership. The shared tab was modernized without Any Warnings or Notice. The terrible drivers have to deal with confused riders who aren't really sure why you are dropping them a block away or waiting for them a block away. I realize Lyft is growing and learning..I'm a business owner as well ...I obtain it..however, proactive communication prevents or elevates future misssteps. I'll respectfully disengage. I sincerely want you the finest.
~ Dawnn Hills
rated 1 star on two unacceptable and disrespectfu occasion. today being the worst. I was allow out like a piece of trash or a prostiture in a vacant lot behind my apartment. She claimed because of rain rain water she should not bring me to my apartment. there was no rain no water. I contacted lyft and they do not take customer service serious. Customer service is very terrible. They sent a sorry correspondence in favor of the driver. There could be video audio as yellow cab. They failed me as a unvalued custome
~ Raylisha Randall
they place in their own pickups, stops, and drop-offs which charges the customers incorrectly. There is not a customer service number, you have to communicate through correspondence, and the support desk doesn't like doing refunds even if they know they are wrong. This has happened to me three times. The first time it was resolved, but the second and third time, they refused to resolve this.
~ Mocha Love26
For riders: The release often finds other address than was entered and presents it without offering options. If the first several words match its very simple to end up at the wrong zone. I like the service and the drivers, but the release needs to be improved to be better at finding the correct destination, and presenting it to the player in a idea that will create it clear that it wasn't a great match.
~ Michael Guthrie
Soft modernization broke two important informations. 1. Scooters are gone on my ver of this mobile release. No trace of it anywhere. 2. I used to be able to specify a pick-up territory for Lyft drivers by dragging and dropping the cursor on the map. No longer possible. I hate Uber, and don't wish to switch back, PLEASE reply.
~ Tyler Slater
Well so far my experience has been just ok. And my largest gripe is that if I schedule a ride at least a day before, I feel the driver has to give me a reason why they cancelled like less than 10 mins before I required them, & I could be notified instantly. I've had that happen 4 out of 6 times that I've used it. Can there be a limit on when the Driver can cancel on a rider? at least half an hour before or something? or am I asking for too much?
~ Yume Morqualin
for the amount of resources they have, this release blows. right actually i have 5 bars of internet and the release is claiming i have no internet. if i fidge with it i can almost ebook my ride. im trying to obtain to the airport to see my wife before she leaves for 3 weeks, and i ended up having to take public transportation and arriving much later even though there are lyft drivers parked on the way next to me. not only, but the release has a type of buggy sign up process- not impressed after all of these yrs.
~ Yisrael Vik Karanovich-Beall
Room to Improve: the release will deliever ETA which is different after the driver has been requested. It would be great if there was a idea to give more accurate ETA so I don't wnd up having to cancel due to the driver reaching me later than expected. Also, it seems hard to contact help to search out my passenger rating. Passengers could be able to see their rating too!
~ Tashia Thorbourne
So I installed lyft to test to go to a concert while in dallas for the weekend. It claimed only how simple it is to make an profile and all of these unbelievable informations. First off, if you have only one card as a way of payment, dont waste your time. Secondly, in the meeting you could need to contact someone for help, finest of luck. I searched (granted in a hurry, I hope I missed something) for a number to call, but the only form of help is a please fill out this form and we'll obtain back to you
~ Ryan St. Clair
So today I missed my doctors appointment because my lyft driver was driving the wrong direction intentionally, I named and informed him he was driving the wrong direction and he hung up. I was forced to cancel. This morning on my idea to work I requested a lyft, the driver passed my territory so as I was walking outside I decided to call the driver to inform him I was approaching the machine. He chose to ignore the call and drove off, I was late to work. Moral of the storyline, use Uber.
~ Ternell Phillips Music
Been a Lyft customer for a while actually, have been overcharged here and there...didn't create a fuss of it. Over a month ago was charged SIX different transactions for one ride. Driver claimed he had a glitch on his device, I assumed it would be fixed. Can't search anyway to now speak with anybody from Lyft, so I've emailed the contact us on the release 3 times and have had no response from anyone. Paid $60 for a 3 mile ride.
~ Amy Williams
3 stars only because the release works. Their customer service, however, could obtain negative stars. seriously the worst I've ever had to deal with. The fact that a true person is damn near impossible to reach proves how much this company doesn't care about their customers.
~ first name last name
Do NOT use their advance scheduling information!!! I scheduled a ride for 4:30 am in advance. The morning I required to be picked up, there was still no one assigned to me 10 mins before my pickup. So I frantically tried to cancel, but then it assigned someone over 30 min away!!! If there was no driver available to pickup a SCHEDULED ride, it could have allow me know at least 30-45 mins ahead pickup, so I should search a different service. 👎
~ C G
Newest drop in service quality for pickup at SFO, my newest pickup was really quite horrible. To be fair I use this release all the time. It's much better, safer, cleaner, more flexible in machine kind as well as more reliable that taxis. It is also very competitive on price. Although you may need to give that up if leaving from SFO where a taxi might actually be competitive. If they fix that up, I'll change my rating to five stars. I still confidently suggest this for most travel in the USA.
~ Jesse B
I used the another major ride service and the cars were gross. Lyft has usually had clean cars. I do have a trouble with my address. they go to the opposite end of my complex for pick up . i usually end up out on the highway for pick up.
~ Patty Love Brady
usually responsive if any troubles arise, usually nice drivers. Cute nice at driving usually near by depending on territory or zone. the tiny glowing purple lyft sign is usually chill, if you are talking a lyft uber or taxi or any public transportant just create sure to allow a dude know or something. idk. i usually think the finest pf everyone.
~ Chelsi Seeley
l DON'T RECOMMEND THEM AT ALL. I talked with one of Lyft drivers and he explained to me how they suffering while working with Lyft. Imagine they took almost 50% of the ride fee and sometimes more especially when the ride short! While they didn't offer anything, just using the Soft. Moreover, they stolen their cancellation fee in many times for this and/or that reason. Therefore l decided to STOP dealing with them fully because l don't like there roles especially how they treated their driver.
~ Ammar Ali
Nice afternoon. the service is awesome. But this is what happend to me. I requested a 6 recipients. I had 10 suitcases of 50 pounds, 5 of 20 and 5 personal. The machine was not large enough. My question is How can I request a large enough vehi s?. Thank you
~ Rodrigo Garcia
Zero stars is what this company deserves! They don't have device customer help and their correspondence customer help will never contact you back. THIS IS 100% SCAM COMPANY!!! If you have any troubles with your ride or payment NO ONE will support you with this. They changed me "hurt fee" for nothing and never contact me about this. So eventually they just STOLE my dollars!!! Very unreliable service! I WILL NEVER USE LYFT AGAIN AND WILL LET OTHER PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THEIR FRAUD! DON'T USE THIS SCAM LYFT!!
~ I am AM
not so glad this time....I USE LYFT IN BOTH PHOENIX AND FLORIDA and was quite upset with Phoenix .My mother and I requested a ride.Our driver pulled up. My 76 yr old mother had her hand on the door when he just pulled off.No warning.Lucky she did not fall or obtain feet ran over About 1-2 min. later I obtain a ride cancel. I sent lyft an correspondence and i not heard a word since.I trust this driver (stan.white toyota avalon)could be reprimanded.WHAT IF THAT WAS YOUR MOTHER????????NEXT DRIVER WAS GREAT.
~ Kristine Green
Horrible help service. You cannot obtain in touch with anyone on the device. I've signed up for a certificate and they just suspended my payment way next day because I do not possess 2 credit cards with same billing address. Cannot use the release and dollars are spent for nothing. Correspondence replies for support are not connected to every another and seem to be done by robots. 3 days in a row. None of 2 credit cards is accepted. I've got response once a day in correspondence with incoherent texts that are no support.
~ Михаил Дешко
I never have written a review in my life but I'll take time out today so you guys dont have to ever go through it. I was charged twice which is no large deal and I'm sure is an simple fix with any another company but this one. not only did they create me jump through hoops the hung up on me 3 times. it's near impossible to talk to someone. never using this release again. they stole from me and who can I complain to. poor service.
~ Alberto eme
Left me stranded at the airport. It decided it wasn't going to work with Google Pay. So I tried to use the credit card I had manually entered and had successfully used the previous day. The release informed me that I required to enter a second card with the same billing address. Trouble is I didn't have other card. There also doesn't appear to be a idea to contact help through the release. Only idea home was to install the contest's release which worked just fine with Google Pay.
~ Tim Clemons
Modernization: It feels as if there was a mass exodus of drivers. it doesnt seem to matter what time of day you order your ride, there are no drivers within the zone. Within the past month it has only gotten worse. they saw pick up times are 2-3 mins then ten mins later youre still waiting for your ride to arrive. 5/16/19 unreliable. sometimes its nice, but most the time the release isnt working. it needs to be modernized or something. i have the up to date ver but it doesnt feel like a fix.
~ Emma Servant
lyft would be a much better release if they provided the accurate time estimates when the lyft driver shows up so both sides can cancel appropriately when the driver is too far away. it is terrible for the driver because they are wasting gas and struggling through traffic and it degrades believe with the players because they can't count on the time estimates. i will raise my score for lyft when this is fixed.
~ Katherine Chou
They have better drivers and better directions than they did in 2017. Unfortunately they charge more for a 3 minute ride. I'm going to see how much a regular taxi costs as Lyft is raising their fees yet their drivers barely create dollars. Pathetic ! I trust in tipping as I worked in the hospitality business but for those who don't hint it makes it hard for these hard working recipients trying to create a living. To all the unbelievable recipients who were my Lyft drivers I pray you obtain a higher pay.
~ A Google user
I have earned a several business $5 offs, but no bonus code and release does not automatically apply bonuses. So they expire and are useless. I had a driver no present. Instead of crediting back to my credit card, they gave me a Lyft bonus, again with no bonus code. So it expired as well. The release functions ok, but Lyft has been a terrible experience the last several times I have tried using it. I had a ride present as one fee, which I picked. But once in the car, the fee suddenly went up $20. Joy.
~ Shery Monahan
On 4/27/19, I experienced a no-present driver upon discharge from a hospital. I reported my trouble to the Customer Service Department via device. At that time, I submitted feedback concerning the release devoid of reporting no-present drivers. To date, this trouble has not been resolved. Based on the lack of resolution by the Development Squad, I have reached the following conclusions: 1) Resolution of Driver Problems is not a priority to Lyft. 2) Reporting No-Present Drivers is not a priority to Lyft.
~ Shely McGuire
lyft is keeping more dollars and not giving back to the drivers. it used to be they kept 25 to 30% but actually that has greatly changed, up to 50%. they removed a power driver weekly premium to random much smaller gifts that pop up thru the month. hope you impress stockholders while screwing drivers Lyft.
~ bgklug