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About: Lumositys nonpaid brain training tool consists of fun and interactive puzzle releases to support you hold your mind active. Used by over 90 million recipients worldwide, Lumositys educational releases for adults offers over 40 releases designed to place your critical thinking, memory and trouble-solving skills to the play. Run training your brain today! Its simple to obtain caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and allow your brain go on standby. Lumosity challenges your mental muscles across a tons of segments memory, attention, speed, flexibility and trouble solving. The releases are speedy and easy, but require immense focus to master. Run your brain training habit with a nonpaid 10 minute Fit Play to set your baseline scores and see how you compare with recipients your age. With Lumosity, you will work out with a personalized training tool, unblock in-depth insights ab ... Show more
Genre: Education Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Lumos Labs, Inc.
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Lumosity: #1 Brain Games & Cognitive Training App Reviews and Comments:

Lumosity challenges me everyday do better than the day before, mentally. The diversity of activities is also fun.
~ Mary Jagdfeld
nice release. I've been using it on and off for about 5 years. unfortunately the tons of releases for nonpaid players seems to have declined
~ Khulan Ganzorig
Finest release around for training your brain..fun and addictive. It is so fun and challenging you don't realize you're increasing your brain power.
~ Rose Williams
lumosity is fully wonderful! Absolutely worth the dollars. If you test each day, you will obtain smarter, you will be sharper and think better. It gives your brain a workout which is not only enjoyable, but has a noticeable impact.
~ Clinton Johnson
Absolutely love Lumosity. Haven't used it in years but I'm back in 'business'! Soft works well, no troubles so far. Thrilled to see that some of my favoured releases are still there! 😍 Fully suggest this release. Worth each penny!
~ Lambda S
Nice release and yes, the nonpaid ver is limited but rightly so. Recipients have the right to create dollars from their hard work. Product-specific feedback: so far, the only release I have a trouble with is "Pet Detective". I can't pick the route so I feel like sometimes I run out of fuel because of the route the tool chooses... I dunno if I'm just testing the release wrong though.
~ El Samsung
Nice release for recipients who wish improve focus or math skills. The releases are fun and easy so you dont lose track of what you're doing. They present you options for super a bit to much, the quality and cleverness place into this makes up for it.
~ All Alonely
I really enjoy the lumosity release as daily is a newest challenge. of course if you are able to have where you can test infinite releases that's all the better. it's not judging you as well just fun to test you create mistakes test again to learn the release to obtain better the next time.
~ Thomas Ricket
It really gives my brain a nice workout. I search some more challenging than others but that's what's so wonderful. i will continue to test luminosity brain releases because they are the BEST. Thanks! luminosity for a nice creation. I can't wait to see my progress as time goes by.
~ Marquetta Hester
it's a nice alternative to the infinite scrolling through Fb. I can feel my brain getting more potent by the day
~ William Kroptavich
What's the target of the release being nonpaid in the shop of you have to buy 'super' to be able to do anything at all, really
~ Pat Zarzecka
it's an nice release. all the releases are nice. I paid a month of super and was nice, however, I can't afford the yearly access or the monthly access each month. they could at least let 5 releases per day to the non paying players and reduce their prices, or have different lvls of access according to the amount you pay.
~ colomcaliga
recipients who like to test releases in their spare time, specially babes, could test this release, its a brain release, its nice for all age though..i test this release Personally, i like the idea its designed, its give u everyday reminder to train your brain, its has this everyday brain workouts, different types of release for focus, stability, flexibility, speed, memory, its trains your brain in each idea it should possibly be trained virtually. i has everyday details and effects for you to track and compare your self.
~ Nidhi Shah
Some of the releases are fun, others are lousy. The controls for some ganes (ie, Speed Racer) are poorly thought out. Unpaid-test is limited to 3 pre-picked releases per day and the animation similar to the day's workout progress is slow and annoying. Insights are also restricted to super members. This release is nice enough that I have continued using it for 6 months, but I suggest Peak (general releases) and Elevate (English and math) as much better apps, especially for nonpaid-test.
~ Dave Hughes
WARNING! Does NOT test on Fire Tabs. Product gave 4 nonpaid releases (all nice) BUT after I purchased infinite (30+ more) nothing else downloaded. Turns out Fire Tabs are incompatible & CANNOT load newest releases no matter what you test but this fact isn't mentioned anywhere in their FAQ/Support. Help stated a) release doesn't work on FTs & they have NO plans to fix the trouble(s). FT owners: Test the nonpaid releases but don't buy the annual subscription.
~ Marlyn Rosent
I got this today, but something is wrong with your blog it self. I tried signing up on a browser but it claims there is something wrong. When i test singing up in the release it claims there is no Internet connection even though that is what i have. Please fix so i can test. This looks really fun.
awesome, really makes you concentrate - perservere and it pays off! Do it regularly and it supports your cognition. Brighten your brain.
~ Jacqui Byrne
Look, fun releases, runs well, all that. My trouble? You only have a limited amount of releases you can test unless you pay for super. You have like 3 releases unless you pay. I obtain the developers wish to made dollars to hold the release running, but I don't have enough dollars to buy the premuim. Disappointed!
~ Rainbow Kitty
This release is nice unless you pay to test. I download it because of positive reviews and i tought this release was nice but when i saw the release there was only three releases😡
~ kharl rylle tejada
This is a really nice release... I'm only on a nonpaid profile and it's already helped me with my memory among another things. The releases are really fun, enjoyable and speedy. I can usually search some time in the day to do the releases in the everyday workout for 15 mins at the most. I highly reccomend this release because it not only supports hold your brain sitimulated, but also is really fun!
~ Laura Venn
I downloaded this release so that I should improve my cognitive skills and the function of my brain to handle stats more easily when interacting with it, but EVERYTHING IS JUST ABOUT PREMIUM. 😡😡😡. And then when I posted my d.o.b I couldn't log in. I mean u wish to learn more about my skills and understand them better but super prevents me from doing that. When I obtain more access to informations such as all my insights and comparisons then I will give you a 5 stars but until then, it's a 3.
~ Adrienne Cameron
Do NOT deliever your true name or age. Your personal date is poorly secured on their servers and then re-sold to 3rd parties. Acc creation in release does not let pasting powerful/long passwords, and you gotta use the slow small blog to register. PW restart correspondence did not arrive within 5 fliggin' mins. This could take no longer than 3 seconds - it's 2019, not 1789!
~ 0
there are nice releases. But I dont like that you have to buy the full ver yearly or monthy. please change it because I can not have the release if i have to pay
~ Jayden Lemming
I love the idea they have categorized, that idea you can test the type you like. Also I love the demo, it makes you take baby steps to test the release instead of reading instructions. The advanced lvls are cute challenging, so it keeps you hooked on. However, it would be great to have some tool codes. I got stuck in lvl 14 in pets detective. It's so frustrating!
~ Lakshmi V
Lumosity will challenge your mind. It can be used to strengthen your memory, cognitive thinking, ability to stay focused and increase your cofidence in seeing how you can improve your day to day thinking skills. it is a workout for the mind. I have been testing Lumosity for few years actually. i look forward to the everyday challenges. It is a nice release for those who wonder where their mental strengths. And it will present you where you can improve.
~ Wendy Frances Milone
i like to experience newest things. i am a very glad person and in nice health but my memory sometimes gives me problem. however, i am 85
~ Kathy Bishop
You've got nothing to lose and only brain power to gain! I've played Lumosity since 2008 before there was an release. I absolutely love it! I can claim that I think more clearly, accurately, and faster when I test brain releases. I've tried another "nonpaid" apps but they don't compare with the OG. Yes, if you are wondering, it is fully worth buying a subscription.
~ Rebecca Hoffman
There is actually banners in this release, and this release is nonpaid. They are not a tiny studio, they also need dollars for they life and for this release development. Stop complaining about Additional. They give us 3 nonpaid releases daily, and that's across all releases in this release. There is also a lot of early access that give you nonpaid access to that release. Stop Complaining, this is really nice release
~ I'm Kevin
The limited amount of releases this Soft offers in the nonpaid ver is very depressing. The description of the release makes it sound like there will be a wide tons. Once you install it they hold baiting you to pay for super. Without ever letting you attempt a wide tons of their claim to have releases. after you turn them down a certain number of times, they only give you the releases that you struggle with. Not an appealing proposition to me, but you create the choice. I'm not sure how long I would have to remain a nonpaid member, before I would have an ability to rotate through the releases. The releases described in the super banners were not rotated into my test. Half the times I played releases over, it would loose count and not count that day or the next days test and run me from the beginning again. The Soft, as described and on a several of the releases I played has a lot to offer, but what I was shown did not live up to it. Maybe some day I will test you again and see if things work out different.
~ AJ Suter
I CANNOT obtain into the training part of the release. I out my age, and at the top of the screen, it claimed "an error occured". I have tryed over and over again and it still has the same effects. I checked my internet, restarted my device, and did everything! I'm not putting a 1star because I do not know if I didn't wait long enough (even though 15 mins probably is).
~ Aurora K
Impressive release, very entertaining for challenging your accuracy and speed. Only reason I don't rate it 5 is because is so damn expensive.
~ Jose Moreno
when I first started I was quite concerned about my brain and its abilities, wondering if it was declining with the passing years. Actually I have much more confidence that I am OK. My scoring is much higher than it was and I beleive that the "releases" have improved my memory also quite significantly. It's a true brain workout that's fun. Sometimes I have been quite sick and scores have fallen, but persisting no matter how rotten you feel , is nice . Trish Harrison.
~ trish harrison
downloaded the release but after picking to sign in with Google it just stayed on that page and nothing happened. I tried a several times with no success so I uninstalled it. there are lots of releases out there so not going to waste my time trying to obtain it to work I'll just transport on to the next release
~ Alexandra Classon
braining training is excillirating and I enjoy the releases that limosity has that really challenge your brain to transport to think. I'm excited about it. It really picks my day.
~ Devorial Matthews
Nice releases mostly. I don't enjoy all, but I am slowly getting better in many...I figure it's doing what I need.
~ Marcia Headley
Constructive and fun idea to workout the brain. have used this release for 6 months actually and noticed a true difference in my ability to focus, plan ahead and trouble solve.
~ Locky Faoa
You could reward super to recipients who can obtain more streaks. like 1 day super for 1 week streak or something like that... it's an nice and challenging release, I love it...
~ Jaison Jose
The frequence of "lost in migration" is far more than another releases. Should you please remove this release altogether. It's note productive release and sounds really childish, go for under 5 years one.
~ Reza Salarmehr
I have the nonpaid ver, which gives 3 training releases per day. But the releases are rotated everyday, so I can still test a tons. I am glad with this release as it is currently. I search it does support to improve my mental abilities.
~ Alison Ellerbeck
The finest nonpaid brain training release and it has NO banners! I have been using it actually for 10 yrs. I am still making upward progress cognitively and I'm not bored with the exercises even after a decade; that's impressive! Highly suggested!
~ Maria St Clair