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About: Need to look behind, inside, below ? Use Look Behind !! Use your device as a video camera and your watch as a screen. No action is need on your device, it can be on or off. Just run LookBehind on your watch and you obtain your device camera on your watch. If need, trigger the torch, zoom* in or out (swipe up/down) or rotate the view. Usually obtain your device battery lvl. Works an all mobile wear device Please give feedback/recommendations on e-correspondence or on Google+ : Note you need to have an Mobile Wear Watch to be able to use this release LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360 * only for camera with zoom help (most all of devices) 37ae11e3e9
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 2MB Developer: Pixtogram
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LookBehind for Android Wear Reviews and Comments:

Have a Pixel and LG Urbane. Bought the release and made 3 attempts to load but all failed.
~ Randy Bolinger
Time transmission (streaming) between device and watch is quite nice. Video is continuous enough, not stuttering as another apps do, related to this one. However recording videos or at least taking pictures would be elementary for an release like this. Without them this release is useless to me. (For not) maybe I'll re-buy it if you add recording functions.
~ Farkas Gabor
Works really well when it chooses too but then just goes through fazes of not working. Currently in a faze in which it's picking not to work. Paired with a Huawei watch.
~ Kieran Douglas
Most of the time my device will fit where my head won't. Nice for looking inside machines or behind awkward access panels.
~ john kelly
Would be great if u can toggle visibility of the overlay of the icons (OSD - on screen display) in camera view by tap and keep in the center, to obtain an unobstructed view.
~ Christian A. Guerra
This release is nice. Can you please add audio help. So that we should hear what's near our device as well as see.
~ JpzNews
You need to let a change of resolution to have a faster reaction (0.9 m is enough)
~ Leds4All SPRL
Cute nice. But would be even more needed to be able to capture photos from the wear device (watch), using the mobile device as the video/ camera source that is "looking behind"
~ John Hooper
I have a NOTE 5 and this release doesn't work at all. My smartwatch just hold processing whenever I click on the release. I wish my dollars back.
~ Kenia Choquette
Worked well on my Samsung watches, but is very laggy on my Mobile wear LG.
~ A Google user
Very needed for getting a look at things you otherwise couldn't e.g. awkward bits of cars/plumbing/electrics. Ability to turn flash on remotely very needed. One missing information - ability to capture photos to the device from the watch. Otherwise cool.
~ A Google user
The release went into some weird loop and wore down my device battery in 3½ hours. Uninstalled. Was fine when it worked.
~ Neil R
I've used it to search things behind the couch and also like that you can talk of the light and change the viewing orientation from the Moto 360 device
~ Michael Davis
Would be better if you should snap a picture. Artists that use themselves as references would obtain more benefit that idea. Let you to frame the shot and capture it.
~ Sean Wolf
This is a nice concept for an release. The playback is a bit choppy but I'm blaming that on the fact I have a Gen 1 moto 360. Otherwise this release works nice.
~ Scotty H
I have toyed with cameras, old smart devices and countless another apps trying to search some sort of wifi remote surveillance system thats practical, cheap and WORKS. Rearview has exceeded my expectations in each idea. Thank you developers!
~ Matt
The one and only release which surprised me after downloading. One player mentioned it as a James bond watch. Yes it is. Actually I am enjoying that. My watch is fossil marshal Q smoke. Mobile wear 2. I did not face any trouble while installing.
~ vinod kumar
I don't usually rate apps but this release is extremely handy. I use it everyday at work to monitor my service window and have never had any troubles. Works flawlessly each time I fire it up. Nice release. I would pay for it.
~ Tommy L
Tried this release twice on my Huawei watch. First time it locked up within seconds of first use. Refunded & uninstalled. Decided a several days later to test again & exactly the same. Locks up after about 5 secs of use. Can only obtain a refund once apparently so actually stuck with a pile of shite release that does naff all. Hold your dollars & steer clear!
~ Mick McCarthy
First install didn't work, so uninstalled and one star. Gave it other go after seeing so many 5 star reviews and it works perfectly, really cool release!
~ Geoff Swann
Nexus 6p/Huawei watch. Nice release, brilliant. Takes a several mins to present up on your watch. Well it did for mine. I rated this one star and right after I submitted it popped up on my watch.
~ Michael Becerra
Does not work on Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Ticwach S! Release does not present up on watch or device (except in Tools in settings menu.) Fully useless! No instructions or idea to obtain support problem shooting.
~ Dwight Illk
Extremely slow, major lag on Huawei /galaxy s6. Waste of dollars. Would be cool if they can modernization with a fix.
~ A O
I was worried that it wouldn't work. Not all wear apps work on my 1st gen G Watch. I have to rotate the screen each time I use it, but very needed. At least it has the option to rotate.
Each time I test to load it on my s7 edge it never loads. It ends up getting stuck on the loading screen on my moto 360 2nd gen but never loads then crashes on my device. It worked fine on my note 4. Needs to be fixed
~ Frank Delarocha
Works nice with mobile wear OS. Very laggy when used on Tizen OS. Definitely a gotta have release would be great if there were a capture information though to record video take pic, but don't need of it makes it laggy.
~ Adam Doyle
Really like the concept, and I plan to use it from time to time. Would like a idea to set default camera orientation and view. The default inverted look is a bit wonky for both front and rear camera, but can be adjusted after run. Add that in, and it'd be a 5*.
~ A Google user
very great concept and works perfectly for the most part, but you need to drop frames. i tried it while also streaming song over bluetooth and the decreased bandwith caused a progressively increasing delay. otherwise a nice concept and easy and nice implementation. love it. p.s.: also works while device is locked. nice.
~ Peter Barg
I like the release. There are a several things I'd like to request. Ability to save all settings. Save front and rear rotation settings. Usually need to rotate both cameras currently. Also please save last used camera. It usually opens to front camera. Thanks and well done release!
~ Steve Schnellbach
I've used this numerous times to see behind things that have a narrow zone. Picture is crystal clear, ability to turn on led is nice. The only trouble that at initial run, the rotation is usually off - so I have to press the rotate button on my watch.
~ Kaibosh
Using with Nexus 6P and Sony Smartwatch 3. On Smartwatch have 'WiFi' release installed so usually connected to WiFi even if Bluetooth available. Not sure if that supports refresh yet works well all over house with minimal lag. Nice job! Only 2 recommendations, where available use WiFi rather than Bluetooth and a frame rate so you can see it's now upgrading (especially if your using it to hold eye on the babes in other room).
~ Chris Forsyth
Very nice and fun, I feel like James Bond. My watch is newest, I've been looking for a cool 3D release to present it off to recipients (to no avail) but this will definitely be my "go to" release when showing off my fancy spy watch. I'm also amazed that the camera now loaded. The camera on my stupid device only works 50% of the time (I have to restart to fix it) but it seems to work on my watch just fine with this release! Super cool!
~ Patrick Gross
Can anyone explain why the camera is usually inverted/sideways? And why it usually defaults to the rear-facing camera, if you're supposed to be looking behind? Not terribly needed if I have to reorient the camera every time. And why does it blank out the screen? It would be most needed if it continued to work while another apss were launch on the device
~ David C Cardillo
Works nice on my Ticwatch E running Mobile Wear 2.0. The release is bare bones but does exactly what it claims and does it well. Just run the release from your watch and it automatically opens up a live feed on the watch display giving you a view of what your device camera is focused on. I use it all the time for checking in hard-to-reach territories at work.
~ Franco Cruz-Ochoa
Very Nice! Have it running on my SS Core Prime Tablet/Fossil GEN3 Q Explorist watch. Convenient to execute via Google Support. *(DEV... Would like screen controls to 'auto-hide' after 5 Secs so viewing is un-obstructed Please. Also, Soft needs to launch 180 degrees 'Upright' as its most common position for device use)
~ Dan H
works nice with ticwatch e
~ Cryst A Rusmana
Does not work on my Note 8, Developer will not respond my correspondences.
~ Darrell Pierce
This worked well on my S7. Actually I have a S9+ and it does not work at all. I paid again and installed it, but there is no icon to run it. Support please.
~ Andre Nel
Does not do what it claims it could. Got up to Mobile wearable OS. Takes forever to pair with Google Pixel camera. Is not in true time which the advertisement neglects to mention.
~ Stewart Lees
release gotta first be installed on both watch and device. release is FULLY controlled by your smartwatch. that stats was not clearly explained when buying or installing this release. however, once i figured out how to install on my watch, i have been very excited about using this release. i am absolutely certain i will have the need to use this release multiple times a day. actually i am trying to figure out how i ever got along without it. picture quality will depend on quality of camera on your device.
~ Paul Ramirez