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About: Plus key for Link2SD This release is a license key only, requeries the Link2SD (nonpaid) release and turns it into Plus edition, removes banners and unlocks bonus informations. You will see "Link2SD Plus" on the title in Link2SD (nonpaid) release. Plus informations added Urls internal time directory of apps to SD card You need to use a non-FAT file system (ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs) on your 2nd partition. Because the FAT file system (FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT) does not help UNIX file ownership or permissions and causes a safety breakdown of release's personal files. Urls external time and obb folders of apps and releases to SD card Urls dex files of the system apps to SD card Auto clear cache service Removes banners from Link2SD **** Note for old Link2SD Plus players **** Due to a trouble with Google Test the box name of the release has changed and published as a newe ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 85MB Developer: Bulent Akpinar
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Link2SD Plus (New) Reviews and Comments:

Works like a charm.
~ A Google user
did not work
~ Steve Lefler
sucks so, not work on vivo
~ Lamhot JM Siagian
Not working any time licence permission
~ A Google user
Pls refund, I not able to install,
~ darryl banua
it does not work correctly.
~ Теодоси Ковачев
cheers yes well I'm havingtrouble getting throughthis survey
~ A Google user
it's taking too high time
~ Damu Dharam
it's not working on my Samsung j6+
~ Joseph's Palace
This release is for rooted devices only >:/
~ Katerina Kopelia
purchased the release then it Claims me need root access
~ Indri Bukit
nice work hold it up developer.
~ Charles Williams
Soft still shows "Upgrade to Plus"
~ Владимир Новопашин
dont buy it, not modernized anymore
~ Jędrzej Gortel
Soft not working. absolutely nix. paid license
~ Roman Fedchenko
Is this using a root, i can't transport any file to sd card
~ Ferhan Azheem
I already buy the plus ver but the release still on nonpaid and wont allow me use plus informations and still showing banners. please give solution
~ hidayat husni
Works, but banners still shows after buy.
~ Darren Boyd
After paying for it, I should not use for one second. It kept claiming "will not present on rooted" bla bla bla... I know my dollars is gone though
~ Lucky Omolabi
Iam very disappointed, the release didn't launch after installing & no refund!my dollars gone just like that!
~ miriam kithome
claims sd card needs second partition but doesn't seem to work. . unimpressed
~ Paul Ogilvie
Worth each penny.. Thank you so much dev for such an nice release. Hold it up :)
~ Umesh Mahawar
Soft is useless. It can't transport Gmail, Gmaps, Pictures, etc. How can I obtain my dollars refunded? All I obtain is this message. Failed [6].
~ Peter Colon
A gotta have. If you wish the full result of Link2SD, I suggest making this affordable buy.
~ A Google user
Only appearing feedback dalvik cache option even that also appearing and going when I tried to transport release to SD. Initially i succeeded to transport whatsap to SD but actually option to transport back to device storage also not showing then I refund
~ Muhammad Najeeb
Can't even recognize second part of SD card. Claims i need to upgrade regardless the fact that i did that already.
~ Miroslav Makarov
It's wast of dollars, don't bother yourself and buy it only works on a rooted device. So if your device is not rooted you don't need to buy this useless release. For rooted devices you have a chance to test your luck.
~ Ashraf Safwat
Disappointingly terrible. Can't seem to make the mount script even though my device is unlocked and rooted...
~ Rohit Goswami
cannot transport to sd? notif claim need to root? the another review claim that no need to root.. i'm upgrade to pro for that information.. obtain my dollars back..
~ yohanes wijaya
developer didn't respond to my correspondence. thought they don't give a damn about player's troubles. they don't listen to us.
after being furious for not getting it to work i rebooted my device twice and it started working like a charm. nice release.
~ Antonios Armaou
maybe if you didn't have to have a rooted device I would have kept it but when nothing works right with an un-rooted Device it becomes a worthless piece of code!!
~ Jayce Denton
FAR too complicated to utilize. Will be downloading a competitors MUCH less complicated but EXCELLENT Soft. Need an IMMEDIATE REFUND PLEASE !!!!
~ Matoaka Nichols
It was incredibly needed, at first. The ability to feedback time to your SD card sounded like a gods' send for players with tiny-storaged devices. But for some reason the license started to have errors. I paid with true dollars, installed the actual release from Test Market and yet it doesn't detect my license? I don't think that's fair.
~ Kendrick
Usually I reboot the device, some linked apps lose their dex and lib that makes them can't run. So, I have to reinstalled it to create it run again. Support me. Please fix this as quick as possible. Thanks.
~ Rezza
i purchased this already but it somehow does not present, i launch the Link2SD release and it still Claims me to obtain the plus on google test. i have installed both apps on my device.
~ It's me
Nice release. Does what it's supposed to. I just have troubles whenever I restart my device. The partition goes away and I have to use other release to remount it. Would be dandy if this release should partition SD cards as well as mount them on boot.
~ AkhilH47
worst release ever, it doesn't do what ever it claims, if your device already have the (Transport to SD card) option in your device, only then you can transport apps to the SD card BUT if your device have no option like this (Transport to sd card) ,then you can't do this by using this release. you have to root your device, this is only one solution. have a great day
~ Brady Darcy
Symlinking works nicely with LineageOS 14.1 and Samsung SD card. Got a Galaxy S5 (G900V) and moving apps to sd card works nicely. Thank God, Androids built in "information" for this doesn't do much for anyone so it's nice that apps like this exist. Guessing you should do this manually somehow but for those of us who don't have the energy this is a tiny price to pay
~ Anders Eklund
I can assure recipients out there, that this is the finest feedback release out there. I have tried and paid for another feedback apps, but they all disappoint me. I just hold coming back to this release. Really player friendly and effective. I bought the plus key. Don't waste your time. Download Link2SD and Aparted (for partitioning) and you are set to go! 5+ star!
~ Soheil Taurus