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About: Diet plan, meal diary, calorie counter & healthy recipes, all in one convenient zone. Reach your weight loss targets with meal tracker Lifesum! Keto diet, weak carb or high protein? Well support you search a diet plan finest suited to you. Need a health tracker to hold you going? Fear not. Weve got an intuitive meal diary, macro calculator & diet tricks to give you a supporting hand. Meal planner & macro tracker - TOP Lifesum informations: Diet plan & diet tricks for any target - lose weight & eat healthy Calorie counter & meal tracker with barcode scanner for simple logging Macro calculator - see your everyday macros, nutrition & calories Food planner - eat healthy meal from delightful recipes for any plan Health tracker - stay on top of your fitness & health WEIGHT LOSS & DIET PLAN Lose weight with your personal diet plan. Take our play to search which meal planne ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Lifesum
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Lifesum - Diet Plan, Calorie Counter & Food Diary Reviews and Comments:

I love this release! It's got a nice design and doesn't feel too busy, old, and overwhelming like MyFitnessPal does. The engine is nice and there are few food plans to pick from. I really love the tricks amd recommendations. There is nice syncing with many apps. I especially love that it is usually encouraging with ideas to do better, even if you go over (instead of the idea MyFitnessPal freaks out when you go over by a calorie and makes you feel like giving up). I really suggest this release.
~ Cynthia
nice release. The nonpaid ver is nice for primary dieting, counting calories, fat, protein and carbs and is simple to use to record everything to stay on track. I've lost 4lbs in 5 days so far simply by recording what I eat to create sure my portions and meal are healthy. I will definately look into the paid ver in the near future. EDIT: I am on my 9th day actually and have lost 11lbs, simply by recording and understanding what I am eating. Great release.
~ Kev Lowe
Decent Soft, but each needed information beyond macro tracking is a "super" information that requires a monthly fee. Don't bother, test something else.
~ Jon Gaskell
The finest release for effective weight loss, and the finest meal dairy. My habits have already changed for the better.
~ Petra Matičević
super nice release, doesn't ruin on me, so simple with barcode and easy calorie function for things you can't scan. all around unbelievable release, do use of you wish to lose weight, eat healthier, or my purpose gain weight!
~ Billy Mauser
Nice release. Want it had a reminder to drink water and add stats about meals. But besides that enjoyed the release.
~ Alicia Frederick
Just had a baby, when I was pregnant I used a pregnancy release that tracked what I was eating, which I loved. This release is exactly what I was looking for to obtain back into shape.
~ jill landers
Installed this a fortnight ago, worked well. I have been on the primary ver, not yet sure about updating. However, Google Fit and Lifesum have stopped synching, it has a lot this week not logged the exercise activity, so not giving me an accurate read of calories burned.
~ glhayes80
definitely one of the finest. however u have to pay to adjust your nutrition targets sucks!!!! change it guys.
~ Sil Cort
its ok, but the UX is cute wonky, a lot of the presupplied meal engine is very inaccurate and the complete inabilty to manually enter macro nutrient amounts consumed is daft.
~ Simon Ashbery
Unfortunately the bar code scanner is not accurate, I scanned me ASDA coffee and apparently is wirtrise? I won't be buying the full release, seems useless is I'm scanning things and it isn't even the actual product, should be less calories than it now claim or it should be more
~ Kirst Marshall
signed up for the super as i wanted it to sync with my fitbit for a bit more accurate calorie in/out tracking but it never syncs and I'm starting to obtain very very frustrated and disappointed. Should someone please look into this trouble.
~ Halie Nolen
Functional, though imprecise at times. I.e. as I consume very tiny ready made meal, it is often very hard to search a correct evaluation for what I ate, because most given choices are ready made.
~ tphstables
The release is cool but i cant change the language release-wise. Language can only be changed when the device system oanguage will be chsnged (which i do not wish). Please modernization possibility to change in-release language.
~ Markus Lohner
you have asked me around 50 questions for my habit and at the time of showing effects asking for super plan. is this meant to spoil my 15-20minutes?. without exploring enough the release, how can I buy super plan?. I don't know how your release works and how much it's beneficial for me but just showing my score, I can't buy release.
~ abhishek srivastva
Lifesum is Awesum! Works nice with my actual fitness plan, has a pretty interface and surprisingly encourages me to add or remove meal's to my diet (you obtain immediate feedback from the release). I'm using Lifesum for building muscles.
~ Anton Lindberg
I wish to like this release more than I do. I paid for the super because this release seemed like a better ver on all calorie counters but with personalized food plans (which is nice). The platform is nice. The reason I gave this release a chance was they offered food choices. Something I should easily create to stay on track to weightloss. The meals are anything but simple to create. They look nice but if you don't own half of the spice and veggie aisles at the supermarket you can't create the meal.
~ Steven Rossi
The release is nice but starting yesterday and today every exercise I place in the release that I did it would double it.It only happens when I exit out of the release and go back in after sometime goes by.Can you please fix it because it is annoying to delete the duplicated exercise it place and when I deleted it, it also deletes the original one that I place in.
nice but needs more meal on it. it's a pain finding things and entering them. also my card won't work so haven't been able to switch to super.
~ KuchBhiMehta
Tracking your water nice is super simple with this release. Would love to set my macro targets myself, which is only offered in the form of diet plans with the super ver, but it offers a lot with the nonpaid ver already.
~ Lydia Scharf
I wanted to like this release it has such nice potential, but when they spam you with "Go super" and give just about nothing to track unless you go super, another then your weight and like 1 another thing, its not worth it for me. Uninstalling and going to go search a nonpaid release
~ Monika Piecko
nice release, i just want there was more available to those who cant pay. also in the lifestyle play it doesn't cover sleep, or rest patterns. which test a BIG factor in weight loss.
~ Addah Day
Giant waste of dollars. The plans, are literally just a headline. If you buy super, you can pick a plan, but it does nothing. Literally nothing. You will be asked to plan everything yourself, which you should just as easily do without paying dollars. This is a scam. Avoid!
~ Anders Frandsen
The main reason its better than s-health is the ability to scan barcodes. The thing i dont love is that most of the informations require including changing the kind of diet which is something i picked when i first started. also i feel like the calories are off. wants me to eat 2kcals a day but i only burn 19kcal with exercise and bmr
~ Laura Ninette
used to love the release, but actually it won't load up! Im stuck at the loading screen and nothing happens. ive tried deleting and redownloading and even using a different profile, but it still wont load.
~ Elaine Hernandez
super disappointed in this release. I'm subscribed and I really regret it. really want I should obtain my dollars back. I cant edit recipes and there isnt a entire lot to do on here besides it being a calorie and water tracker that's in line with a diet plan with recipes. glitches all of the time. not worth the dollars!
~ Amanda Leach
I like this release more than Noom, the only another weight management release I've tried. It had a great, streamlined display- I can see my details in an simple glance. Newest meals are more readily retrieved, water tracking is central to the design, guidance is short and sweet and positive but not saccharine. My only dislike is how prevalent their marketing is for their super ver... but worth the slight annoyance for me.
~ Melinda Hutcheson Horn
Great release that supports keeping track of calories and supports you stay on goal for weight loss and healthy eating. There's a significant trouble though that was probably caused by a newest modernization. When upgrading my weight, the release forgets the newest value and reverts to the value I inserted when installing the release. This happens after 1-2 times of restarting the release. It's also not possible to push weight upgrades from Google fit to Lifesum There's still zone for a lot of improvement, hence 3 stars
~ Marios Koskinas
For what my unsubscribed experience is worth, the primary count that it gives you is great. Understandably, the calorie count isn't super accurate for things you don't scan but search in the engine instead, specifically homemade meal, but still relatively nice though
~ Jagatjit SG
I love this release! I had been using other calorie counting release for years, but I usually found myself obsessed with eating less and less, and this lead to an terrible binge cycle. But, lifesum Claims me when I need to eat more and reminds me to drink enough, which keeps me on track! There are also variety of healthy recipes to test!
~ Sarah Rysanek
this release has been super useful with calorie counting and finds all the foods I eat on a everyday basis. the one thing it needs is to add more exercises because I cant accurately count the calories I'm burning. I couldn't even search mountain climbers so if you can contain more exercises in a future modernization that would be nice. so far so nice though !!
~ Cara S
Love this release. I was so glad to search an release that on their base lvl (nonpaid ver) tracked your macros. i would love to see the ability to also track my micronutrients as well so that I don't have to obtain a second release.
~ Kya Hornsby
don't know if I like it yet. it wants me to rate after 2 days. it's got a bar code scanner that works. measurements are in metric and you really have to have a meal scale. recipes I've made taste nice and are speedy and simple. ask me in 3 weeks if I fit in my clothes better. modernization: its been over a month and I do fit in my clothes better. This release is worth the dollars. Also, I'm in the US and not all barcodes scan, but most of them do and if they don't, you can add them to the engine.
~ Lizzie
It's a really great, interactive interface. Very visually appealing any time you mark a veg off or a glass of water etc - much more dynamic than another apps I've used. I've only got two troubles: - I've got super, and the release frequently disconnects my FitBit so it doesn't track any of my hardcore exercise - There's no desktop release/blog for you to log online. I'm in front of my pc for about 8 hours a day so it'd be sooo much easier if I should log my meal/water on there - right actually, I frequently forget to do it because I'm quite busy at work and leave my device in my bag, but if I had the blog easily available, I'd probably be much better at logging! I'm just not getting the use out of it unfortunately so have cancelled my subscription :(
~ Dohdie May
I really like this release because it supports me set up meal to eat in order to maintain my diet and exercise to burn calories. One thing that needs improvement is the glitch. It messed up the amount of water I drank and it double the exercises that I added. It really messed up details.
~ Julie Chow
I used to love the Lifesum Soft, even considered going Additional, but lately it's filled with glitches. Random foods in the same genre as my main meals are being added, claim I had a chicken dish for dinner, next day other random chicken dish is being added to my calorie intake. All my exercises are being double upped for every day. Everything just seems to have gone haywire, guess I'll have to be on the looked for a newest Soft to use.
~ Odette Botha
This release is really nice and I enjoyed using it. when I was using I did lose weight which is what I was looking for. However, I found myself addicted to weighing my meal and counting each calorie and my life was in a idea controlled by this release. It is a nice release and I do suggest it but I would claim be careful with it. If I didn't stop using it I might have got more addicted to counting calories and that wasn't a path I wanted to go down
~ Jess Turner
The super ver did not live up to all of the promises made. I was expecting a decent food planner, but the recipe selection alone is very lacking, especially as a vegetarian. Kicking myself for signing up for the year membership, but here we are. I guess I actually understand why a 30-day nonpaid trial or month-to-month subscriptions were not offered. It is aesthetically better than MFP, but the looks arent worth the dollars.
~ Trista Weedman
Before I even got to look at the layout of the release, it was asking me to pay for a plan. I did not obtain to experiance what it was about. It doesnt give you access to anything before it shoves it's "pay actually" down your throat.. Modernization: I contacted help, and was given a several weeks nonpaid trial. I'm going to play out the release, and then create one last modernization on the entire release.
~ Ruksa Hiroku
I've been really glad with this release. Didn't sign up for the super right away, but then they waved a discount in my face. Additional lets me tie my Fitbit stats in, which I want wasn't super, but I do appreciate the number of another fitness apps that can be connected. Setup was simple. Looking up meal is simple. Recipes and food plans are appreciated. Got some tough love when I ate an whole entrée of Chinese meal for dinner. Sounds about right. Hold up the nice work.
~ Christopher Anderson