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About: letgo is the largest and fastest growing release to buy and sell locally. Over 75 million downloads and 200 million listings! Search nice local deals, from secondhand devices, fashion, sneakers and releases to furniture, cars and true estate. Here's why tens of millions of recipients are buying and selling on letgo: MILLIONS OF LISTINGS Market for the finest deals on anything you need, whether youre looking for a PlayStation, a pair of Air Jordan sneakers, a newest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, a secondhand car or furniture to decorate your house. Forget garage sales and old-school classifieds blogs! FAST AND CUTTING-EDGE List something in seconds, as effortlessly as taking a picture. letgo's the only release with advanced technology that automatically titles and categorizes your listing, whether youre selling a newest pair of sneakers or your old car! FUN, SIMPLE AND INT ... Show more
Genre: Shopping Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 21MB Developer: letgo
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letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff, Cars & Real Estate Reviews and Comments:

I am not sure what is going on. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this release over and over and it will not allow me sign in. Not through google, fb, or just logging in. It wont even allow me run a newest profile. It keeeps giving me an error, freezes, or keeps spinning. I used to love this release. Please support so I can give you the rating I had before!
~ Alicia Rogers
Be aware, this release send msg for you to others without your permission. And you also obtain info even after turn all off. Go to offer up release, its easier and trustworthy be aware that EVEN THE ADDS will EXPIRE ALL THE TIME, forcing you to go............and reactivate....over and over and over..... omg
~ Rick RR
I created an profile about 2 months ago. I've tried logging in 50 times in the last 2 months. tried upgrading but no upgrades available.... on both the release and the blog the captcha doesn't work. on the pc it showed up and doesn't work. on the release it doesn't even present up. instead it reloads the release back to the sign in screen over and over. each time I test to log in. please support
~ Timothy Robertson
Someone was inappropriately messaging me, which happens, I guess. I blocked them THREE TIMES and reported, and the player was still able to message me. I don't think I will ever be able to have a letgo profile.
~ Jennifer Hamby
5 stars for the release itself. But beware the recipients on it. There are recipients that will test to obtain you to deliver a FREE ITEM TO THEM! They shamelessly weak ball you. If you miraculously some how meet with them they either have less dollars than adopted upon or none at all and need a ride to the bank. Recipients are so stupid and inconsiderate.
~ K P
it's a nice idea for you to obtain scammed , I meet up with the person who was catfishing to be a woman turns out he was a lad , when i gave him my dollars he ran off with it .
~ Raelyne Brooks
It's a nice release. They could add a bartering section where you should list some things that you'd be willing to trade for instead of dollars. Then more recipients should trade more things because not each has dollars but more recipients than not have something they don't wish and aren't we all trying to something or somewhere? Spare what you don't use from the trash and trade it for something better. LetGo, hook us up and obtain your release developers on this please, create more business opps for the consumers😉
~ Alyx C
I have used this release for a several years with very tiny troubles, but tiday thst all changed! I was ripped off 100$ by a player by paying with fake dollars. I had a police officer at my home and almost caught a felony charge! I had to pay the shop 100$ TODAY to avoid being charged for something I had nothing to do with. I have reported the player over and over and Letgo will do nothing i'm sure about it. Deleteing your profile and all it's contents is next to impossible to do. Why am I jumping hoops here?
~ Carrie Sellers
Would you guys please obtain it together?? My profile has been suspended for 3 days actually. Each correspondence I send to you and each time I test to log in I obtain the same we will test to reply to you in the next 24 hours message. If you are permanently suspending my profile over a ridiculously petty verbal altercation that has happened and will happen again to each single adult individual worldwide please just allow me know, so that I can go ahead and make a separate gmail profile and obtain back to it.
~ Hunter Waits
The built-in chat, which you are forced to use, doesn't work. Messages don't send at all, and using any external services to communicate with the seller (like correspondence or SMS) is a violation of their terms of service. They censor your correspondence or device number if you test to place it in your listing, and even claim you to avoid listings which ask the buyer to use an external service to communicate. The find doesn't work either. If a listing has a single word from your find query, regardless of if it's in the title or description, it shows up in the effects. The effects are mostly irrelevant, and are place in a seemingly random order. Their find doesn't function like the find functionality on literally any another web, it's fully useless. The interface is confusing, and you can't change the order of photos on your listing. The photo that shows up on your listing is seemingly random, and you can't set it. Pictures randomly refuse to upload. The photo file size limit is too weak (do you guys not know how to compress an photo?), and you can't upload WebP photos. There's probably a lot more I should complain about, but here's what I wish to claim, to anyone considering using this release: Don't. It's a badly designed, non-functional mess. The interface looks nice, but it doesn't work at all. If I had enough time, I bet I should create a better release than this.
~ Kittyhacker101
i love letgo, its simple, reliable and ive found many nice equipment and nice deals. The only think i dont like as much is when recipients are selling an item and you test and communicate with them and youre ignored about it. It doesn't claim the item is sold, it just seems like the seller isn't interested! That is not a trouble on behalf of the release itself, it's more of the player's behavior.
~ Lyndsay Nicole
When you find for a specific item, it loads variety of random equipment. Can't organize favorites into genres. When you click on a picture, it doesn't present you a full size of the picture, instead, it forwards you to a different listing. When posting, you can only load 1 picture at a time. When you are browsing, if you click on a listing and go back out of the listing, it runs you all the idea at the top, so you have to scroll down forever to obtain back to where you were at in the 1st zone.
~ Dy Sellers
This release used to be fun, simple, & aesthetically pleasing to use BUT along came the upgrades & things changed for the worse. Bumping listings to the bottom if you don't pay - not cool. Then the newest layout of listings which is just scrolling 1 by 1; annoying! Not being able to review sellers who don't come through is also a downside. Before the upgrades, I was bringing in steady income. Actually, I'm constantly having equipment expire due to the newest algorithm. This release is losing its touch.
~ Gloria Yasmin
Nice Soft - Terrible Sellers The release is nice and shows lots of equipment. The trouble is the sellers. I have seen few equipment I wanted and offered to buy only to obtain no response from the seller. I just spent a month trying to buy an item with intermittent contact from seller. I received a notice the item was sold then the item was relisted. There needs to be some idea to report terrible faith sellers.
~ Eddie Copenhaver
If you sell your equipment be ready that anyone making an offer to you will test and obtain it for half of what you listed it as. Its very sad that recipients are like this today! When you letgo I would post it for double so you at least have a chance to obtain what you could for it. otherwise the release is player friendly the recipients using are s****y. nice luck!
~ Rachel Munday
I featured a product for 3 days which costs miney. Then I posted a related product and the release decided it was a duplicate without a warning, and they canceled my featured product (for which I paid for) with no refund or anything. DO NOT PAY TO FEATURE A PRODUCT, if you do just create sure you read all the tiny print. They claim your payment is final and not refundable under any circumstances, even if it is their fault. There's better apps to sell your equipment, just check them before you use Letgo.
~ Raul Gonzalez
I want you should do a shipping system so I should sell across at least the entire U.S, an easier price range option along with an option for closest to me would be nice too, but besides that, I love the release, it is really so simple to search nice things for a nice price mostly close to me. Also, if our support system should be more responsive, than that would be nice.
~ Luke Aranda
I currently posted on here to sell my fish I also purchased a information box so it would be featured so I can sell my fish faster they took down my post for whatever reason within 10 mins of me putting it up but they never refunded me my dollars for the future that I pay for 100% total rip-offI did send an correspondence I received an correspondence stating that they would obtain back to me in 24 hours it's been a week still waiting I would go to Craigslist or Fb or somewhere else
~ Billy Carlin
I have been using the release almost since it came out and actually it won't allow me log in at all. I just found out by letgo that they blocked my profile and will never allow me obtain it back because someone threatened my life and i cussed them out and blocked them and reported them for it....how ridiculous...after one incident caused by someone else im the one to obtain my profile removed. Ive had great 5 star reviews from about 15 recipients an ive sold at least 50 equipment on there and purchased about 30.WHAT A JOKE
~ Carl januska
Trash release and customer service. few times ive paid to "information" my product that im selling only for it to not obtain featured. Eventually i was able to obtain them to reimburse the amount by giving me nonpaid informations. But here i am again trying to information my item and its not working. I actually have to go through the hassle of trying to obtain reimbursed for what i paid. On top of that. EVERY SINGLE message ive gotten is the same. "Is this still available?". To which I respond yes it is. And they never respond.
~ Dion Starr
Explore relevance is a mess. Each time you change the relevance to latest first it overrides the find you're looking for and just lists everything from latest first instead of what you're now searching for. If I can't find for something and see that product specifically first I'll end up only seeing the same old listings over and over again. This is getting old y'all. Time for and back office renovation.
~ Andrew Negron
well I have been a seller on allow-go for a nice two years and I have had nice experiences but as of the last 6 months my web has been hacked and I refuse to give up and I have reported over 200 profiles that I know we're fake for my hacker band letgo is not looking into them or doing anything about it and that has been for 6 months actually they should at least look into the profiles that I report and do something about it as this gives me no choice but to deactivate my profile they should at least test
~ Lisa Moore
One of the most poorly optimized apps I've ever used, if not the most poorly optimized. Tapping info rarely loads anything, allow alone what you're being notified of. Opening the release normally is an exercise in patience as you wait, and wait, and wait until you finally just forget about it and go to Kijiji instead. Works randomly maybe if you close it and reopen it multiple times with no rhyme or reason. Deleting conversations is useless as they usually pop right back when you refresh.
~ Brandon Storm
it would be nice if there was a idea to report suspicious sellers to warn another players. there is a seller that was trying to create me send dollars to his zelle profile and then send me the Nintendo switch. he posted on a castle but stated he is in Fresno but then claimed me that he would could ship from Modesto. when i asked about this he (Micheal Billerson blocked me) recommendation is to add a report or possible fraud information.also create it easier to see the sellers/buyers believe or history.
~ Arm Ben
there are no fees if you sell BUT if you wish your equipment to be seen FIRST you have to pay a fee PER ITEM which is stupid and ridiculous, there could be a one time or monthly fee for all your equipment to be featured. and you can't sell the same item in different cities. which is other dumb transport on allow go. change this and I will give this release a better rating.
~ Damian Torres
Still sends info when all info are turned off. Cute primary error for such a known release. EDIT: I have the most modernized ver installed and have spoken with customer service through correspondence and I quote "Even if you've disabled all your push info, you may still obtain info within the release's info center. You can't currently disable these info..." from Florencia (letgo)
~ Savy Knutsen
This release is literally craigslist on steroids. It usually works perfectly if you log on and are willing to pick equipment up right as you are talking to recipients. By far the finest software for home body's looking to save a buck on daily equipment. The only thing they can do to create this web even more satisfactory would be to remove the shuffle item information that is automatic. That's the ONLY thing that sucks about this web.
~ Tyler Shrubin
Bump/information it sucks, 1⭐ Please don't leave respond on my comment that if I have a trouble with the release to contact you. I already claimed that bump sucks and you shouldn't have to pay to renew your equipment for sale. Please stop replying the same redundant stats over and over again without a solution, it's just not ethical and/or professional, neither customer oriented.
~ Gary Gomez
honestly they've been upgrading this release with the dumbest informations in trying to create you pay to sell things... they will basically shove your listing to the bottom of their algorithm and you'll obtain next to no views for the easy fact that you don't have a couple of bucks to shell out for "boosts". the general layout has changed for the worse and actually runs like a terrible dating release. I do not suggest this release and would strongly advise you delete it if you have it to send a message to the dev squad....
~ Rex Koch
The release Will not work while using a VPN. I will not believe an app that forces it's player to disconnect from the security of a virtual personal network. I contacted letgo on this matter and the respond was: "Sorry for any inconvenience! I see you have troubles when connecting through a VPN connection. Please bear in that the release is finest optimized when not using a VPN". So, in another words, if we allow you use a VPN we won't be able to track you. and sell your stats for targeted banners. Sad!
~ midas617
This web seems to now support you transport your equipment fairly quickly! For quicker effects it depends on the topic matter!! It does seem like you obtain at least two interested recipients per day for the first several weeks then your equipment because they become less prioritized due to the nonpaid ver. If your serious about buying and selling this is the release to use !! Unpaid members obtain primary but there are some perks in that and upgraded i assume you sell much more because they stat on front page and present 1st
~ ryan rohde
when I am sent a feedback through message from the share option on the release it takes me directly to test shop and doesn't allow me pull up the item on the allow-go release this is very irritating when you are trying to look up an item and you can't see what the another person is sending you because of this trouble please fix it!!!!!
~ Magan Campbell
Nice release! I just want they would allow recipients know they can change prices without taking down equipment and reposting, It removes item from my favorites and weeks later it pops up sold again. Also please create it mandatory that machine miles and information are listed, thats how fb does it and it supports so much, I hate it when there is no stats. But another than that I really like the release, If those corrections were made I would give it five stars for sure.
~ Boyd Mc
overall a nice release but...i want you should review recipients that you chat with about equipment. was talking with a person about a nonpaid chair that i was interested in. i was informed that the chair was still available, didn't hear anything from this person for like 5 days then she gave it away. i know it was a nonpaid chair but still, the fact that i wasn't notified really pisses me off. so, i want in topics like this you can review recipients.
~ Holly D
ok so another than shady territory and time usage, this release requires upgrades often with tiny to no improvement... AND i scrapped my previous review because i need room to complain about my equipment not now posting! i confirmed that equipment (8 listings) that i posted 24 hours ago have been viewed zero times ..so i used my cousins device and release to look for my equipment and confirmed that my equipment were not posted ... so i just got done editing the territory of each item so MAYBE theyll really post
~ filthynice 88
I just got a response from Brody that allow go customer care that claimed it isn't possible to post the same picture on "More than one listing". This makes it very clear he didn't even see my postings. just blowing me off. So I'm done, no more for me on this release. I just replied to the Letgo correspondence I received. Here is what I claimed: Ok, Thanks for responding. I don't know why your system did what it did. Also, not my system, however, I did scream about it, so you know there is an trouble with your system. Since there was an trouble with your system I posted on Craigslist and both the receivers (your guy, Brody) claimed me about are already sold, so what do I gain by continuing this trouble with your company? If you fix the system, nice for you. If not, well that's your system to do with as you see fit. So, like I claimed berfore, "nice luck!" No worries.
~ Terry Mann
forcing recipients to use territory? really? why cant we set our territory like Offe-r-U-P. This is just other reason why letgo release sucks
~ Miao
They basicslly extort you to feedback Fb before you are completely "verified" and then they default every listing to test and spam your fb page and dudes in the hidden, deceptive idea. Company got greedy and lost morality. It's plagued by spammers and scammers. And the release bot encourages you to lie and post your equipment as "nonpaid" to sell faster. Whatever PM came up with that could be tarred, feathered and fired. Mandatory Fb feedback to gain equal treatment is underhanded. SEC pay attention!
~ N D
It was poor. I thought it was a protected and secure platform to buy things and i got scammed. The vendor stole $400 from me, blocked me and was never shut down or convicted. I reported this trouble 4 times and i still haven't gotten a response. This release is very unprofessional, and inconsiderate.
~ Serene Lewis
Love Letgo! It's like a garage sale in your device, but you know what you're buying before you obtain there! Have met some nice recipients through Letgo, found wonderful deals that I probably wouldn't have found w/out it. Lovely furniture & decor equipment, winter boots (& found them in FL before we recently moved to western NC), jewelry, an nice washer & dryer set for a steal are just a several of the treasures I've found on here! Nice quality equipment for wonderful prices!
~ Kitty Griggs