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About: Students of all ages and abilities can successfully improve and master primary math, English, and reading skills with the Learning Upgrade release. Since 1998, Learning Upgrade courses have been successfully used in schools to improve learning outcomes for students of all abilities. Learning Upgrade has helped more than 1 million learners become proficient at their grade lvl in math, English, and reading. The Learning Upgrade release contains more than 900 sequenced lessons. English Upgrade courses contain lessons on phonics, decoding, vocabulary, grammar, writing, listening, and more. Math Upgrade courses contain lessons on fractions, percents, details, word troubles, geometry, algebra, and more. The Learning Upgrade curriculum contains engaging songs, videos, releases, and rewards that encourage all learners to achieve mastery. Every lesson provides practice troubles accomp ... Show more
Genre: Education Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 15MB Developer: Learning Upgrade LLC
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About: This APP can connect Osoyoo Arduino Robot Car (V1.0) with Bluetooth and Wifi(car working as a wifi hotspot). The robot car can make forward,backward, left turn and right turn movement. Besides, it can also auto run in obstacle-avoid mode and line-tracing mode. All the movement and working mode can be controlled by this APP....

Developer: Yilun Yu [email protected]

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About: In this application your children can begin to teach themselves to read through educational games in a simple way. The first thing they will learn is the alphabet, starting with the vowels and continuing with the consonants. An excellent way for children to learn the letters, numbers is to show them while singing a song, is one of the methods that work best. Here we show you in the form of educational games and videos. This app shows cute and striking letters. We also offer you good comprehen...

Developer: 2019 APP`S [email protected]

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About: "Grrrrr!!!" Dinosaur appeared! Pororo friends finally met the dinosaur. What kind of paintings are waiting for you? There are 10 kinds of dinosaurs in 30 paintings! Let's study dinosaurs by coloring them~ 11 colors of crayon and a magic rainbow crayon! Decorate your own dinosaur with different colors~ Anyone can enjoy it with easy control! You can go back and forth, draw new pictures, and save the pictures. Right now, Let's go travel to Dinosaur World with Poror...

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About: Get the latest beef industry news, ASA alerts, SimTalk and the Register magazine publications, press releases, events, deadlines, educational blogs, and the ASA's Youtube video channel all in one place. Sign up to receive push notifications and more!...

Developer: American Simmental Association Publication [email protected]

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About: The best exam preparation solution for JAMB! Thousands of exercises! All solved Step-by-Step in Video Solutions! Error Free! Learn with Confidence!...

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About: EasyMath College helps students connect with their schools learning center from anywhere at any time. Simply take a picture of your questions and you will be able to have an interaction with a tutor through your phone. Other tools available: - Math Editor - Formulas - Definitions - Calculator...

Developer: 314 Easy Math, LLC [email protected]

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About: This app is a combination of sets, containing practice questions, study cards, terms & concepts for self learning & exam preparation on the topic of Association of Social Work Boards & LCSW. With this app you can learn on the Go, Anytime & Everywhere. The learning & understanding process never been so easy like with our 5 study modes embedded in this app. -The Content & design of this application is developed by Teachers & students to satisfy the exact candidates needs, its gathered from the ...

Developer: Premium mobile apps [email protected]


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About: Kids Scramble Words (Jumble words) Learning is for kids spelling learning with 800+ Spellings to learn. This will help your kids to learn spellings. It helps to improve spelling vocabulary. Features: - 271 Levels. - Each levels has 3 scrambled words to identify its correct spelling. -Type the spellings of each scrambled words. - beautiful design for kids. - Very nice sound. - 800+ spellings to learn with images. - Help is available to teach you spelling if you don't know. How to Use...

Developer: ACKAD Developer. [email protected]

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About: Finger Painting Coloring Pages is a beautiful digital coloring book for kids, pure finger painting fun without all the mess! Coloring is an excellent way to help kids develop fine motor skills, color recognition, eye-hand coordination and focusing. Our colorbook currently includes 96 beautifully designed coloring pages in 12 different themes as well as 8 blank pages to give children a chance to express themselves. Weve been working hard on every detail to create a proper premium colorbook ap...

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About: If you are considering applying for your US Citizenship, then an important part of the procedure will be the Civics Test (Citizenship Test) administered during your interview. On the Citizenship Test, you'll be asked up to 10 questions from a preset list of 100 questions. You need to get at least 6 questions right in order to pass. If you fail to pass the citizenship test, then your Citizenship Application will be denied and you'll need to reapply and pay a new filing fee. Use this app...

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About: Toddlers learn many new words every day and the number of words in a toddlers vocabulary expands rapidly. Every child develops on his/her own timeline, but the best way to help develop your baby's language skills is to simply talk to him/her. We have built 3 apps with typical language milestones of childrens vocabulary development in mind. We are hoping that they will have your baby/toddler to develop language skills while having fun. First Words 12 Months Plus First Words 18 Month...

Developer: Too Funny Artists [email protected]

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About: SpellHero : Spelling Test is for kids to improve spelling knowledge. More than 100+ inbuilt spellings with Images to recognized what it is. User can Add their own custom spellings with image and also functionality to change the default images of inbuilt spellings. 1. Inbuilt Categories for spelling test A). Alphabets B). Animals C). Birds D). Body Parts E). Colors F). Fruits G). Numbers H). Shapes I). Vehicles ...

Developer: Alakmalak [email protected]

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About: - Die App VoteInfo bietet einen mobilen Zugang zu allen offiziellen Abstimmungsinformationen von Bund und Kantonen aus einer Hand auf dem Smartphone! - Sie finden die Erluterungen und Ergebnisse aus den Kantonen und knnen sich nach persnlichen Interessen Favoriten z. B. Wohn- und Heimatkanton einrichten. Die Informationen ber die eidgenssischen Vorlagen sind immer als Favorit eingerichtet. - Freiwillige Pushmeldungen machen auf neue Infos, Videos oder die Schlussresultate aufmerks...

Developer: Schweizerische Bundeskanzlei [email protected]

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About: Learn English Through Story is a free application, this app provide you many stories with transcription and audio. Improve skill listen english, remember more vocabulary. You can listen to and practice along with at your own pace. You can easily start your listening English practice from the level youre comfortable in, and work your way through the more advanced level articles and conversations. You can improve speaking skill with it, listening every day and speak repeat. Listening is the...

Developer: Tan Pham [email protected]


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About: cool math, maths solver smart calculator first in math you looking for quick and accurate scientific calculator, graphing calculator, algebra calculator in your smartphone. with phito math & cool math all you need to do is take photo an let calculator pro elite do your math homework. also photomath provide tip calculator with Camera smart Calculator calc picure math and you can get a solution instantly and percentage calculator also. for all your fraction calculator with gpa calculator a...

Developer: julian fris [email protected]

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About: Giving You Jesus Anne Graham Lotz is called of God to lead individuals to a deep and personal relationship with Jesus through the pages of His Word. On Anne's newly updated APP you can read two daily devotions (Daily Light and Joy of my Heart), listen to her 1-minute audio series (Daily Light for Daily Living) and her 25-minute radio show (Living in the Light), and enjoy a variety of videos. For more from Anne please visit her website: All content, graphics, audio/video messages an...

Developer: Subsplash Inc [email protected]

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About: La aplicacin ms efectiva para aprender ingls. 5 ejercicios efectivos mximos para la memorizacin y cursos nicos en lnea. Una aplicacin educativa nica para aprender palabras en ingls. Se necesitarn tan solo 10 meses para comprender el 95% de CUALQUIER TEXTO. Mtodo exprs de aprendizaje en lnea. MTODO nico para memorizar y repetir lo aprendido de forma EFECTIVA. 10 palabras por leccin que incluye solamente las PALABRAS MS IMPRESCINDIBLES en el habla inglesa. Los ...

Developer: Appvise, LLC [email protected]

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About: USG Mobile is the official mobile app for Universities at Shady Grove. Instant access to events and services on-campus. Always be in the know of whats happening at USG. USG Mobile allows you to: *Browse the USG event calendar *Check out the weekly dining menu *Read campus news *Schedule appointments with academic and career coaches *Stay connected on social media *Find hours of operation *Receive USG alerts, including push notifications *And more USG Mobile will be adding additio...

Developer: The Universities at Shady Grove [email protected]

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About: The official app for Ware Shoals SD51 allows users direct access to the most recent news, announcements and event calendars. Customize the app to display information relevant to a specific campus and to receive important notifications from the district. Users may also access the directory of district faculty and staff, view dining menus, find the location of district events, contact campuses and departments, follow athletic scores and updates, and much more.... Developer: Apptegy [email protected]



Learning Upgrade Reviews and Comments:

sandeep rathore
~ A Google user
It's awsome!!!!!!!!!
~ A Google user
Cool thanks for making it
~ A Google user
Took too long to lode
~ Audra Booker
I think the release is lovely it supports me
~ A Google user
Cool so far but need my refund for rap booth the booth
~ JMarcus Riley
freeze also player not found
~ A Google user
Nothing is clickable after login
~ Hung Thong
It doesn't allow me click on any courses … ~_<
~ Danna C
It allows my students to login but doesn't allow them do anything else. The lvls are not click able to launch the tool. Only able to login and that's it..
~ taylor cohrt
Won't allow me click any courses
~ Lovers Babe
Helped my son improve his reading and math and he loves it. Nice idea to learn.
~ Shaila Schaible
It is useful
~ Bella Dora
Nice nice
~ Tommy Johnson
Needs a parent portal to change grades. I place in 3rd to look at courses noticed it wasn't challenging enough, I had to reregister to switch. When I tried to go back it made me reregister, no zone to login with username.It's claims 8 lessons nonpaid. I don't know what the charge is after because the entire thing has been a hassle. Probably could do a lite ver and a complete ver. And be up front with costs.
~ Carrie Fuchs
The lesson I go to doesn't run because I need to install the nonpaid release for smart but I just did I install the learning upgrade !
~ A Google user
It dose not let me to login cause it keeps on claiming that I am on, on a othet profile. Even though I had log out.
~ June Alan
It's fine
~ Eduardo Galvan
I'm speechless
~ Elena Santana
Nice.I use it for class.😝😀🔤🔡🔢
~ Mochelle_ Sandoval
I love . This release ... nice
~ Lovely SR
I think it's nice it has so many lessons that can support you along is very worth of your time and it supports babes become better at math.
~ Kyle Teran
You guys could create the play with infinite time or at least for each right respond you obtain more points instead of getting 2 target.
~ Joaquin Rivera
Thanks to learning upgrade not only have I improved. But actually I love math.
~ Samantha Santos
love it
~ A Google user
I love this release. My only complaint is that I created my profile on my pc, and sometimes, when I test to log in, it claims 'This profile is currently in use on other device. You can only log in on one device at a time.' And it's not even used on other device. Anyway, nice release, but please fix this.
~ Michael O. Olunubi-Ojo
~ Holger Solano
Its fine.
~ MaddieVlogs
poop i don`t like
~ Brianna Arellano
Very great release
~ A Google user
this release is very useful
~ A Google user
It's a unbelievable release
~ Julhaj Rana
Very useful release
~ A Google user
Yesly fully fine thank you
~ A Google user
Because it teaches you
~ A Google user
i think thqt this is q nice learning software.
~ Robert Bethune
Black screen and nothing
~ Rahmiel Zephyr
It is an nice release☺☺
~ Fortnite gaming Family
supports babes learn
~ xxxtentacion bicth
don't works, I have Samsung S9 but when I need to write the release doesn't send the stats to launch the keyboard
~ Luisa Fernanda Garzon Cetina