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About: Have fun while learning a foreign language with Memrise. The more you enjoy learning, the more (and quicker) your skills will develop. This is why entertainment mixed with true-life, relevant content is at the very core of the Memrise foreign language learning experience. Learn Spanish , French , Japanese , Korean , Italian , Chinese , German , Russian , Arabic, Portuguese , Danish , Swedish , Polish , Norwegian , Turkish , Dutch , Icelandic , Mongolian or even learn English . ------ The Memrise Award-Winning Language Learning Soft Google Test I/O Finest Soft of 2017 Editors Choice Top Developer Finest of 2016 - Self Improvement Finest Tools ------ Do you wish to connect with the globe? Receive ready for your next trip or journey abroad? Improve your grammar? Or are you looking for the finest idea to learn a language? Then join our community of over 35 ... Show more
Genre: Education Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Memrise
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Similar Apps Like Forvo Kids, apprendre le français en s’amusant Alternatives
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About: Forvo Kids est une application pour enfants qui sadresse principalement aux enfants de 3 6 ans conue pour apprendre le franais par le biais de jeux de vocabulaire. Caractristiques: 10 thmatiques diffrentes: animaux, corps, vtements, couleurs, nourriture, maison, chiffres, cole, formes et jouets Plus de 135 mots lmentaires avec lesquels lenfant pourra jouer Des contenus simples dutilisation et totalement adapts lenfant valuation des acquis de l...

Developer: Forvo Media [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Preschool Learning Games  Alternatives
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About: Preschool learning is the best games for kids to play at home. Preschool Learning is the best application for kids its make a creative and advance knowledge of preschool. you can download educational games for preschoolers free for your child. There are many features like number system, alphabetic system, shape identification, identify country flag, etc. App Features: * Best Free Preschoolers App * Number System * Alphabets * Shape * Country Flag * Color Scheme * Birds * Animals ...

Developer: SB Creation [email protected]

Similar Apps Like English Kids Alternatives
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About: English Kids is a free educational application for kids, children and starters to learn basic English words in a fun way. English Kids is an educational application for your kids to learn English effectively. With this free app, kids can recognize English Alphabet, animals, fruits, color, food, numbers... and learn their English name in easy way. Variety of beautiful images certainly attract your kids to join. English is important language for kids development, and learning while playing is ...

Developer: KIZI [email protected]

Similar Apps Like AtoZ Birds Name 2019 Alternatives
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About: AtoZ Birds Name 2019! Learn a to z birds names in an easy way with voice speech and pictures. Atoz birds name 2019 app for all ages of Childrens, those parents who are worried about their babies learning when they are in their initial age of learning then those parents are not worried about their child learning because this educational app will help you to learn their child at home. Atoz birds name 2019 have the complete a to z birds name with picture and further for more it have the voice re...

Developer: Appx Help [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Kids Academy - Kids learning ABC, 123, Phonics Alternatives
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About: Welcome to the kids academy learn ABC, 123, countries, colors, letters, for free with full of fun. Looking for educational games for kids or toddlers? Now no need to search further for toddler learning games,Kids Academy . If your child is in kindergarten or going to attend preschool, then is the educational app for kids. Educational games Kids academy is free teaching app which makes the children educated with fun whether they are toddlers, preschool kids, school kids. Kids academy provide...

Developer: All Tools Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like UC Collabing - Learning Never Ends!! Alternatives
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About: A blog on VoIP, Cisco, CUCM, CUC, UCCX, IM&P, Gateways, SME, Asterisk, Mediasense, WebEx, Lync, Skype for Business, IP Telephony, Voicemail, IVR, VMWare, SIP, H.323, MGCP, SCCP, ISDN, E1, T1, PRI....

Developer: KAR AVI [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Animals Sounds - 2019 Alternatives
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About: ANIMAL SOUNDS : ...

Developer: e-Ders [email protected]


Similar Apps Like CVC Learn Spelling 3 Three Letter Words Alternatives
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About: Soon after the alphabets with phonics learning, the stage of Spelling with Phonics comes for early graders. It starts with two letter words (At, Ot, En), followed by Spelling Three letter CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) Bat, Cat, Rat, Pen etc. Traditionally, this process involves collecting and filtering the suitable words and print these words to create flashcards. These flashcards are then presented as a joining cards demonstration to a group of students in the classroom. Since...

Developer: Preschool Kindergarten Games for Kids & Toddlers [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Kids Math Puzzle - Best Free Math Apps Alternatives
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About: This is the best maths puzzles games for kids. Kids Math Puzzle is one of the best kids app for a preschooler. This app includes addition, subtraction, multiplication & division as well as the best animation and HD graphics. # Kids Math Puzzle is the best maths apps for all Key Stage in the UK Key Stage 1 ages 5-7 (Years 1 and 2) Key Stage 2 ages 7-11 (Years 3-6) Key Stage 3 ages 11-14 (Years 7-9) Key Stage 4 ages 14-16 (Years 10-11) This is a tricky maths puzzles with ...

Developer: Gkgrips [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Teddy Bear Coloring Book Alternatives
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About: Teddy Bear Coloring Book is the free painting and drawing game for kids on Android. This free coloring book contains many pictures of cool bears. Every boy, guy, men will love painting teddy bears coloring pages of this cool coloring book. Teddy Bear Coloring Book is the best coloring book game for adults and children, especially for boys any age! Teddy Bear Coloring Book Coloring Book is absolutely free! With the Teddy Bear Coloring Book you can color and paint teddy bears coloring pag...

Developer: Kapa Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Washington-Nile Local Schools  Alternatives
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About: The official app for Washington-Nile Local Schools allows users direct access to the most recent news, announcements and event calendars. Customize the app to display information relevant to a specific campus and to receive important notifications from the district. Users may also access the directory of district faculty and staff, view dining menus, find the location of district events, contact campuses and departments, follow athletic scores and updates, and much more....

Developer: Apptegy [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Rockd Alternatives
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About: Explore, learn about, and document your geologic surroundings! Whether you are a professional geoscientist or curious about the rocks around you and the stories they tell, Rockd allows you to explore and learn about the geologic record, contribute your own observations, and log your journey through the geologic record. Features: - Instant access to geologic and geographic summaries of your current location via a Dashboard - Interactive global access to more than 140 geologic maps, with...

Developer: UW Macrostrat [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Sight Read Master: learn music  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: If you want to learn to sight read music quickly, the app is for you! Five unique modes of training and extensive reference material will be useful for both professionals and novice. Practice with the application five minutes a day with a cup of coffee in the morning and the result will not take long. And a nice interface in retro style will make you feel like a great composer of the early 20th century. Training modes: 1) Sight read for piano; 2) Sight read for guitar; 3) Read chords; 4) ...

Developer: uuddlrlrba [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Journey with Jesus Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: This is an audio companion to the Journey with Jesus art trail at Saddleback Rancho Capistrano in Orange County, California. Listen to Pastor Rick Warren as he teaches through the 15 Stations of the Cross, chronicling the events of Jesus in Jerusalem leading up to his crucifixion and resurrection. For information about the Journey with Jesus trail, please visit ...

Developer: Saddleback Church [email protected]


Similar Apps Like AACE Meetings Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: **FOR ATTENDEES ONLY** The AACE Meetings application allows you to access each AACE conference details. Within the underlying event apps, users can access presentations, exhibitors, and connect with other attendees. Users can also take notes adjacent available presentation slides and draw directly on slides inside the event apps. Keywords: AACE, AACE Meetings, American Assoication of clinical endocrinologists, CadmiumCD, Eventscribe...

Developer: cadmiumCD [email protected]

Similar Apps Like WQA Convention & Expo Alternatives
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About: The WQA Convention & Expo mobile application allows you to view the schedule, exhibitors and speaker details from the annual conference. Users can take notes adjacent available presentation slides and draw directly on slides inside the app. Note-taking is also available in the Exhibitors modules. Additionally, users can share information with attendees and colleagues with in app messaging, tweeting and emailing....

Developer: cadmiumCD [email protected]

Similar Apps Like ASVAB Test Prep | Study.com Alternatives
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About: Study.coms ASVAB Test Prep app is the perfect way to quickly and easily prepare for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) exam. Watch short, engaging video lessons created by our subject matter experts to help you learn even the most difficult concepts. Take quizzes and practice tests, tailored to mirror what you will encounter on test day, to help you master the material covered on the ASVAB exam. With so many preparation resources at your fingertips, the Study.com ASVAB Test ...

Developer: Study.com [email protected]

Similar Apps Like KC Pet Project  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The KC Pet Project mobile app gives potential pet owners the ability to browse animals currently available for adoption at the KC Pet Project from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet. App users can learn more about the individual cats, dogs and other critters (hamsters, mice, rabbits, and more!) who are ready and waiting to find their forever homes. They may also sign up for Pet Alerts to receive notifications when a pet matching their specified criteria becomes available for adopti...

Developer: Baseline Creative [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Vehicle Sounds PRO Alternatives
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About: The app removes ads from Vehicle Sounds application Procedure of removing ads: - close the Vehicle Sounds app by pressing back button of android system (not home button), - start Vehicle Sounds PRO app and press "Remove Ads" button, - now you can start Vehicle Sounds without ads. Alternatively you can reboot your phone, then start Vehicle Sounds Pro app and press Remove Ads button....

Developer: Premium Software [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Fluent Forever Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: "Never before have I seen a method that syncs up so perfectly with our current scientific understanding of how memory works." - Scientific American Mind ................... WHAT IS FLUENT FOREVER? A revolutionary language learning method developed by Gabriel Wyner, an opera singer who needed to learn multiple languages quickly and retain them forever. Fluent Forever's products have evolved from pronunciation trainers into a bestselling book and now into the most crowdfunded app in history. D...

Developer: Fluent Forever [email protected]



Learn Languages, Grammar & Vocabulary with Memrise Reviews and Comments:

*sigh* if it were only nonpaid... The thing is, it's SOOO nice! But I'm broke and ain't no body got time to pay 30 dollars for lights on a screen. I guess I have to go back to Duolingo... But the entire idea they teach is really REALLY nice. Very needed and relevant and very well explained stats if you wish to be able to speak the language.
~ Hannah Grace
Newest modernization enable autorotate. But there is no option to turn it off and it does not respect auto rotate settings from device itself. Jun 1: Editing it to give one stars. Tools auto rotates ignoring device settings making it unbearable to use when lying on the bed. It could be an simple fixed but was ignored.
~ Mikeel Lee
This is the only release I've ever paid for, because it's just that nice. The exercises are nice for learning, and there's grammar mixed into the vocab phrases (plus separate grammar lessons). The words and phrases are spoken by multiple recipients so you can hear some tons in pronunciation. Overall, I should have kept making progress and learning without subscribing, but I love the complete functionality and the offline capability, and I wanted to help the originators of such a nice release.
~ Anna Clay
Not worth the dollars anymore. I paid for the year subscription and did not renew it due to the newest changes that were implemented recently. When you are learning a newest language and are tested on "Listening Skills," you will hear a different word than what's shown in text on the screen. The entire newest redesign is not as nice as it used to be. If you wish to use the old (and better) design I recommend you download the app ver previous to 2.94_9344 from an app blog. *EDIT: LOL AT MEMRISE'S REPLY
~ Javier Alvarez
The release does not proceed ahead of the register or sign-in page and usually shows a useless message. If I test to register with my correspondence, it claims its already in use. If I test to sign in using the same correspondence or fb profile ,it loads for half a minute and then shows a message box that does not explain why it happened. Edit: Cheers! to your speedy response and many thanks for solving the trouble within such a short time. Your seriousness towards customer satisfaction is nice. Thank you!
~ Bukhari Alikaashif
Kana, the desktop ver on a13inch laptop. If you do a speed review the continue button is not on the page, text does not line up where it could. As i claimed in my previous, it is like it is half done and has not even been tested.
~ Joshua K
Absolutely hate the latest layout, I want there was an option to switch between layouts. When they switched to the zone layout it took a while to obtain used to but I can't obtain used to this. I stopped using it which is unfortunate because I love memrise! the small layout is just not it for me.
~ Nik
I lost my 5 month streak yesterday out of nowhere I do 2 different courses each day back to back & I have been maintaining my streak on both of them for months. I am 100% sure I finished my everyday target for every of the courses 2 days ago because I checked if the tiny rockets were yellow on both like I usually do & they were. When I logged in yesterday & did my lessons one of the courses claimed I had a 1 day streak. Honestly, it's cute disheartening because the streak kept me engaged & in check.
~ Ola W
I definitely preferred the orevious GUI, but ok, it changed and that's just the idea it is. Lately, during the 'lvl 6 USA course' I observed that words require less revisions steps to be "finished" (i.e. the single flowers seem to skip a couple of revisions before flourishing). Is that a bug or is it intentional?
~ Billy Croacker
i'm currently on the part where i'm learning "ah bon?" and "merde !". often the audio claims "merde", there are two choices that are literally the same - both are written as "merde !" but when i pick from any of the two, it is weird and unfair how it claims its the wrong respond when they're literally the same :((
~ jel les
this should be a really nice release except that it freezes all the time and you don't know how long it's going to be frozen for. in speed review it allows the same amount of time for a single word or a 10 word sentence and pronounces that 10 Word sentence over the top of the next exercise. The designers of the release just need to use it as students and see how it feels.
~ Tony Gilbert
I like how it changes the learning platform to force you to recall through audio, visual and spelling as many words have an accent on the vowel and/or consonant whereas English does not. Switching back and forth between male and female speakers also forces you to pay attention. So far finest release I have tried. (Have also tried Rosetta, Duolingo, & Babbel)
~ Karen Mills
I cant run on Korean 2 anymore? I press "words and phrases" and it just Claims me an error has occurred and under it, it asks if I wish to unblock the full course. Do I have to pay actually for primary learning? If so, that's absolutely ridiculous. You're already giving us the bare minimum honestly :/
~ Espie
Used to love it, but actually learning newest words and phrases is no longer nonpaid... Even for beginners. I am learning Japaness 0 (the lowest Japanese on here!) and suddenly it is requiring me to pay to learn newest things! This is no longer a nonpaid release! I don't have the dollars for a subscription! Uninstalling! さようなら!
~ Kaylee Campbell
Still love the release and have been using it for quite a while. In my experience its been the finest language release to support me learn, but I'm not sure about the newest theme. I dont mind the newest colours too much, but I really miss the zone theme and the monsters that symbolised every lvl. Its what made it that bit funner than another apps like duolingo and babbel, and what attracted me too memrise in the first zone. I still love the release, but am hoping the zone theme might create a return.
~ Maddi S
A previous ver allowed us to see where we misplaced a kanji (or another hero) when a sentence was incorrect, that was much more useful, I think, it was quicker to learn when I should see where the mistakes were. Also recently the release often considers my answers as incorrect, but then the correct respond is the same as what I had written. Thank you.
~ Rita PG
The release is very fluid but I search the speech far too speedy especially for sentences. When you obtain an respond correct it, quickly moves to the next screen. I would search it much better to manually advance so you have time to review the respond as sometimes you can pick an respond from 4 or 6 preset tiles. The offline is nice and the navigation is nice but with the previous ver the lessons were mixed with the review lessons. This newest ver seems to need the use to go back to the menu and pick.
~ Matthew Harrison
Been using for around 3 years, liked the previous ver better. Actual 'reinvented' ver is appalling and doesn't support concentrate on learning the language. You guys did a nice job if your goal audience is 10 year olds. Idea to crash the release by replacing all those nice backgrounds and icons with blank backgrounds and babes's drawings for icons It would be nice if you should give the option to allow the player pick the old theme. I will cancel my super subscription if it doesn't improve
~ Bipin Chakravarthy
1 less star because actually I have to obtain used to an whole different color which is uncomfortable. Another than that nice release. Literally the finest lauguage release I ever came across. very detailed teaching. Repetitive, which is nice to remember things and the settings and the processing of the release is just Nice!.
~ Massing August
I've grown up outside of Japan and search myself constantly needing to refresh my Japanese. I've tried most nonpaid language apps and even some paid ones and this is definitely the finest for me. I especially like how relevant the vocabulary is. I would fully suggest this to anyone just to test.
~ Angus Watson
A really great (and nonpaid) release for casual learning. There's tiny to no disruption in my studies due to popping up adds or any of the sort, which I really do appreciate. l would give this release 5/5 but the newest overlay is quite horrendous to both look at and navigate through. It would be great if we should switch between the old and the newest overlays. I'm willing to switch my review to a real 5/5 if it does obtain an option to switch back to the old overlay (or at least a newest one that isn't this terrible).
~ Karli S
I previously wrote a review, basically complaining about the ugly theme, but for some reason it got deleted. Why ? I honestly think memrise made a really terrible transport with this modernization. I will not renew my subscription. Edit: i know there's gonna be a dark mode, my question actually is more about the reason my review got deleted. Also, if the darkmode is gonna be a reversed colors of the actual, i dont think that will solve the trouble that much
~ Laurent Fouetillou
Add the possibility to see how many hours do you have spent studying on the release, it would be great. Reduce the speed of videos, at least in the first lvls. Add a dark mode or black screen, my eyes aches at night. And by the idea Horrible newest look, really terrible, come back to the previous one.. No ones like this one, I'm really struggling to understand why do you perseverate to hold it up, instead of simply come back to the previous.. I don't think it would be so hard for you..
~ Fabio Imparato
The newest layout is rubbish and childish!!! It is hard to concentrate, and you usually wish to create us PRO. Change it back to how it was before!!! The audio doesn't have to do with what is written. When it is "Eine Frau", the audio claims "Ein Mann" Fix it!!! Clearly, your supermarket research was nonsense! Also, when you change it back, allow PRO mean that they can buy the language, not YEARLY! Please, everyone, rate it 1 star so that they will bring the old one back!!!
~ Ted Ehioghae
I've been using the release this release to learn Japanese for a long time and it has been absolutely wonderful - until recently, when the subscription rate has jumped from $20 for 3 months to $58.00 FOR ONLY 3 MONTHS (NEARLY 3 TIMES THE PREVIOUS PRICE)!! Why could anyone be expected to pay this when there is no difference in the content of the language courses? I search EXTREMELY hard to justify to paying an bonus $38.00 for some visual changes. After 3 years of using this release, it's time to claim goodbye.
~ Jack Migala
If i should rate 0 i would. i hate the newest layout so much. the old layout was so much better. this one is so hard to look at and so hard to learn from. Create a list of differnt layouts that recipients can pick from.
~ Abby Cole
i can't repeat listening to the word by pressing on the speaker symbol, why?! and, the newest look came with troubles and to cheerful as the old style !!!! please modernization the layout to a constructive and challenging and cheerfully colors.
~ Zeyad El Segini
this was such a nice language learning release, too terrible this newest design is just poor, truly each single thing on the visuals is poor, you even got rid of the animations on learning words and the my ziggy monster. oh well i hope the genius designer whos concept this was doesnt obtain grilled to hard, once my subscription ends im just gonna delete thid release and transport over to duo lingo.
~ gianni gentilini
I used to love using Memrise, it was such a fun and rewarding idea of learning a language that didn't punish you if you couldn't afford super. After taking a break from the release for a while I came back to with enough disposable dollars to finally obtain myself a super profile. However, when I went to I was shocked by what had happened to the release, I thought I had downloaded some cheap copy trying to scam players. The newest design is garish and unfinished to the target where its not even a idea concept.
~ Finn Eriksson
The newest modernization is annoying visually, but also slower to load and has a serious flaw: I can't seem to switch languages or lvls within a language anymore. it used to be very intuitive to do so; actually I can't even out how to do it at all. Is it even possible? Please fix this. I won't be renewing my subscription if this doesn't obtain addressed promptly. It was an awesome release; I used to refer recipients to it... but actually, not so much.
~ Eric Orem
Despite the fact that the course in Spanish I study is nice, the newest look is absolutely atrocious to claim the least. Actually instead of a really pretty background that stimulates you to study more it looks like an unfinished mess. It place me off immediately for some two months and in language learning terms, that's an eternity. I love Memrise and I hope changes will be made to bring back the masterpiece that was its original design.
~ Peter Porkhun
I LOVE the memrise platform, but the release will no longer allow me login. I can login online and I have a subscription so I would love to be able to use the release. But even with the correct login information and ubinstalling/reinstalling, the release will not allow me login but comes up with an error. I am able to login to the web ver of memrise, but not the mobile release. It comes up with an non specific error. My password is correct because I can log in on the web. Please fix, the release is nice otherwise!
~ Corallie Buchanan
If I like the newest UI, I may give 5 stars; if I don't like it, I may give 3 stars. Tbh, hate the UI that appeals to 5 year olds. Hey why not have few types of UI (At least 2 but 3 would be the finest of both worlds -for the developer and the player-). Also don't test to be Duolingo, it been long since I've deleted that useless release, I hope I'd be willing to continue my subscription. I hope you understand that I'm disappointed with these types if UI. Word of mouth is important.
~ Metin Can Tepe
Since about 2-3 months I constantly encounter a trouble with black screens when trying to invoke course actions menu (three dots) after switching to a different course. This trouble usually forces me to restart entire release if I wish to review a different course for instance. This trouble occurs almost each time and it is really irritating :(
~ 10011 1011110
there is something wrong with audio tests. some clips are not testing. it's okay when it happens in the 3 audio questions because you can kinda claim which one is correct when you listen to the others, but in the "1 audio and multiple written answers" kind of questions you can't really know. please do something about this.
~ ekin turhan
Memrise used to be my favoured language learning release. After learning French for months on Memrise, here is my feedback: 1) The release redesign is horrible. Color pallette is terrible and the theme also not cohesive. Previous theme was simple to understand. If all you did is change the visuals, add an option for the player to switch them back. 2) A lot of the sentences or words in higher courses (French) are EXACTLY the same ones as primary lvls. I hold leveling up but I'm not learning anything newest.
~ Federico Yu
The release is great! I've learned so much Portugese.(Bar one or two words I've tried that doesn't completely translate) The only faults I can think of is that there could be more of an online community, unless mine errors and doesn't connect then there is no online community to chat and compete for in release achievements maybe. Also with Portguese, there's no grammar courses... I've seen it on Russian and Spanish but not Portugese, couldn't this be added? Apart from that, I rate 4/5. Nice release.
~ Richard Brewster
Dear Memrise Squad, I've been using Memrise for a couple of years and I absolutely adored your previous zone theme. It was beautiful, fun, and motivated me to learn my goal languages. I was thankful to Memrise for providing a nonpaid language education even if we couldn't afford the super boxes the release offered. Actually, that option is gone, along with the adorable theme. I don't want to offend the design squad, but the yellow is unattractive and too bright. Please return Memrise to how it was before.
~ Ashley Dawn
i spent a lot of dollars on memrise over the years, using the community created courses. actually to thank me for my loyalty they have gotten rid of the non official courses. not sure who thought that was a nice business concept, but whatever your walkthrough, nice luck to you. i have unsubscribed, deleted and am going to search a newest idea to study japanese. in response to your respond: my review is based on the release that i know and have paid for. the decks release doesnt exist yet and is horrible to use as is.
~ Ad Rock
This release was nice, actually it's just terrible to use. The layout is atrocious and they've done nothing but ignore or condescend the many long time players who hate the appearance, severely affecting usability. Terrible, juvenile layout, very hard on the eyes. Just poor. You dont need to "fix" the newest one, when the old layout was already nice, just bring it back.
~ Johnny Karate