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KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key   
About: THIS IS JUST A PRO KEY, YOU WILL NEED Kustom Widget APP TOO! Create your Mobile Launcher or Lockscreen look special with Kustom the most potent Widget originator ever! Use its nice WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Receive) editor to make you own designs and display any time you need, at once and without draining your battery as many others softwares do! You wish animations too? Then check out KWGT tiny brother Kustom Live Wallpaper! This key unlocks the following extras in KWGT: - Remove the ADS - Help the dev! - Unblock import from SD and all external skins - Recover preset - Buzz Launcher import help - Save the globe from alien invasion With Kustom Widget you can make customized Digital and Analog Clocks, Live Map Widget, Weather Widget, Text Widget, sophisticated Battery or Memory meters, randomly changing photos, Sound Users, Globe clocks, Astronomy widgets and ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 1MB Developer: Kustom Industries
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KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key Reviews and Comments:

After an modernization, often I touch my cuatom widget, its size gets bigger :(
~ Calvin Sandehang
Love it! The release is wonderful and the 3rd party preset options are nice too.
~ V D
refund..did i already instal it?..or what ?..sorry for asking..just obtain along with this stunning widget..
~ Toar Kaurow
This is nice release for personalising my device. It is simple to use, just a tiny trail and error of different combinations and boom my device is shining again.
~ Nayan Parmar
The finest release ever! It allows you to be constructive and create widgets all to your taste and imagination! Loved it very much!
~ ceyhun hasanli
Backing up online(can't upload seamlessly to Googledrive) and pre loading presets is tedious, please fix.
~ Lord Noctis
Nice, this is definitely the reason why Mobile is the superior small OS. Top notch customer help, nice customisability and nice versatility.
~ Alexander Leigh Stevanoski
this release unblocks a newest lvl of customization to your Mobile device to create it look really nice. 10/10 well done!
~ Alexander Dyrda
Had used Zooper widget until they stopped upgrading and helping it. This apps blow it out of the water so many more options for the widgets.
~ Adam Breon
I'll write to the appropriate zone for my refund. you need a PJS with honors to create anything work. it's usually freezing up too. When I see my refund I will bump up my rating for nice service
~ steven dallape
is there any step by step how to use it? or somekind of template? it's so hard to use & customize it
~ Dennis Washington
Within this investment, I have unlocked the ability to vest a part of my full potential! #GREATFUL/BDRLNOBSESSED CHEERS TO YOU! KWGT DESIGNERS
~ Richard DeWald
Please fix the info pop up its extremely annoying i don't use this release but still it is ever present in the drop down info shade please fix it.
~ Murrari Vikranth
It takes some time but the effects is nice! ive been looking for widgets for some time. actually i create them.
~ Beau Tiernan
As a person who is a tad pc/tech illiterate, this release was simple enough to use to make special personalized widgets! Nice release!
~ A Google user
Explore doesn't work properly. I have multiple widget boxes installed. If I wish a song widget and kind song/spotify into the find bar no effects come up.
~ Karan Saxena
nice release.. maybe even the finest release I've ever had... its just so hard to understand how to use but I am working on it.
~ John Ivey
Something Apple will have in 2022! It's a bit complicated at run but once you obtain a hang of it, it's nice.
~ Prayag Bhatia
while all the widgets look nice, there's no functionality at all. clicks take me back to the edit screen. And it's almost impossible to Map widget elements to certain tasks. i click the date and the clock opens and i cannot change it. can't trust i paid for this!
~ Pratik Agarwal
Incredible release. Quick as you understand how to use it you can create some really grate looking widgets. Makes any home screen that much better.
~ Hal
I'm seriously so impressed with this release. In the past I used the pro versions of pretty widgets and Zooper Widget, this release is so far and away superior. Nice customization options, runs speedy and clean, and most importantly looks wonderful. LOVE this release
~ Aden Webster
I was fine with Zooper, but had to transport on. I am better than fine with kwgt. Love the widget, gives me what I wanted and more AND magnificent developer help. I am a fan!
~ Sandy McReynolds
The lvl of customisation in the widgets is freaking insane. Well worth my dollars. Hold up the nice job guys!!
~ Hector Director TV
Never truly got into customizing widgets and all but this has opened up a newest interest and a newest hobby. I spend a bit of my nonpaid time day to day going through all the customization options creating what I'd call, " ONE OF A KIND CUSTOMS* Thus Far I LOVE IT!!!!
~ Mr. Jules Jenkins
The finest widget experience ever. Has many customisation options that another widgets simply doesn't deliever and for that a several bucks isn't a large deal. I have been contemplating on buying this for a several years actually and I just decided to do it. Loving it so far.
~ Vineeth S
Hats off to the finest widget release for mobile. There is NOT A THING which you can't create with Kustom. Large thanks to the developers for making such nice release. Definitely worth the dollars.
~ Spider Man
Cool release and supportive developer made me go pro instantly. Created a easy battery widget using the canned configuration with a couple of slight mods (that also helped me figure out how to use the release). Looking forward to making my own widgets from scratch. Thanks!
~ A Google user
This release simply makes your mobile more personalized in a entire newest lvl! Pair it with KLWP Pro and it just makes everything alive! For those who are having troubles, please do EMAIL the devs, because I trust there is something you have done wrong. My device is OPPO F7 with an abnormal size if screen and also comes with a notch but I never had any trouble with both KWGT AND KLWP, I'm glad with my purchases and will continue to help these apps to hold them alive in PlayStore. Just a hint: KWGP works wonderfully with NOVA LAUNCHER or NOVA LAUNCHER PRIME. I recommend you set Nova Launcher/Prine as your default launcher. Thabks to the devs and create more nonpaid Kustom Presets 😁😘
~ Clint Cabuntagon
[EDITED] Dear KWGT Squad, I do apologize for my terrible mistake. My web browser hijacking trouble remains while surprisingly no installed well known anti-malware Tools should detected it. And it may has nothing to do with KWGT. I'm still figuring out and scrutinizing the installed Tools's permisions that should be the cause, one by one. Thank You! [END] ••• I purchased this lovely Soft by other Google Acc. This Soft is cool and interesting, yet there's still a wide room for improvements and bugs fixing.
~ John Wisewords
Such an nice release.... I really love this release, it makes my small more customizable. The developers giving more response to the customers, thank you Kustom Industries for giving such a nice release. 😍
~ Timothy D
If you have any troubles, correspondence the developers as they do obtain back to you!! Don't leave a terrible review because this is an nice release for widgets!! Love this release!!
~ Drumin Gajjar
I mainly paid for this release to help the developer. I was so impressed by all of the capabilities it offers in a relatively easy/simple interface. Thank you, nice developers!
~ Laura Bacon
i was hesitant to buy this release in the beginning but actually, I don't regret buying it. Took a bit of time to obtain used to the interface but it is now quite easy after a several experimentations.
~ Ann Marie
I've been using the nonpaid ver for about a month. I upgraded to the PRO (paid) ver to remove banners and, more importantly, to help the dev. Great release! Nice work, Kustom!
~ A Google user
Really nice, but actually because it wants ratings it's slightly broken! What the hell? It is deleting the release I made and creating a blank sized zone claiming Go Pro! How to go back to permanent placement of the release I made?
~ DC Eaton
Incredible release. If you are into customization. This is the true deal. This release allows you to customise widgets completely. Apart from the release. Developer is responsive and replies speedy. A nice help sets the tone for a nice release.
~ muhd malik
I won this release in a contest, so then one of my dudes who made one widget with the school schedules gave me one of the most useful widgets i ever had, thank you for made this possible, actually i usually actually my schedules :D
~ Duda Gonzalez
Time not upgrading automatically. Usually I have to touch and save the time in it's release so that it comes correct in blog. Is that what you are selling?? Solve this trouble quick or refund the dollars.
~ Pralay P. Barik
When Mobile first launched, a large part of the hype was widgets. Speedy forward eight years and almost no apps have widgets, and those that do absolutely *suck*. That's where KWGT comes in: you can design your OWN widgets, the idea YOU wish them, without depending on another developers! It's very simple to obtain into, and has more advanced informations there if you ever need them. I got it for nonpaid, but being the customization guru I am, I'd claim it's worth a buy.
~ Insta
Formerly I was a Zooper player, actually switched to KWGT which seems to run without any troubles and is currently maintained. KWGT has also allot of options and you can achieve almost everything with it, in terms of creating and customizing a widget. Where I can see room for improvement is "player friendly" since even after the learning curve, there is still room fro improvement. Also it will be nice to pick the objects also by touch (even if not to accurate) and to have a resizable screen divider between the widget zone and the edit zone. Hold up the nice work since it seems this is the only reliable solution left for the ones wanting a custom widget.
~ OneSoulAssassin