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About: Komoot is the key to the outdoors. Just plan your hiking, way cycling or MTB journeys in the planner, and be guided along each trail, track, way or patheven when youre offline. Receive your first region for nonpaid and claim hello to your next journey! Plan Your Excellent Hiking, Mountain Biking or Way Cycling Travel Receive the route great for your sportbe it smooth asphalt for your way cycle, singletracks for your mountain cycle, silent cycling paths for touring or natural trails for your hikes. Plan down to the last detail with at-your-fingertips stats like surface, difficulty, distance and elevation profile. Turn-by-Turn Voice Navigation Never take your eyes off the way with turn-by-turn voice navigation: your precise, down-to-the-inch verbal navigator that doesnt distract you from your surroundings. Hold your eyes firmly on the journey in front of you and navigate with ease ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: komoot GmbH
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Komoot — Cycling, Hiking & Mountain Biking Maps Reviews and Comments:

Brilliant release for planning a bike ride and it also gave the map of my castle for nonpaid which is magnificent. Only thing left for perfection is GPX file output/export information. Guys, seriously implement it and I mean quickly!
~ Dogan Sengun
Bit getting used to the interface but then it's a very nice release. I've tried it first with nonpaid map zone of my coice and then just purchased the entire box. My most common use is to uee my garmin watch for tracking, then have komoot import it and finally add pictures. nice release, absolutely suggest!
~ Gabriel Hakvoort
It's nice release! It will present you routes, you'd never search otherwise. It will create you love cycling even more! Select touring biking and you go mostly on ways, pick mountain bikeing, and you'll go through a forest, even if a way is just next to your path. I love it! If I should ask developers for anything more it would be a speed added to details. You can see the elevation and average speed, but it would be cool if you should see for example if your speed going up hill is improving.
~ Piotr Domanski
magnificent release. simple to use. full map of the globe at an nice discount. used for designing a running route so far, but looking forward to using it for cycling routes and walking routes too.
~ Chris Webb
Using my nonpaid region, I was able to go on a hike in Hexham that I had not done before with a couple of dudes. Usually, a newest route would mean lots of squabbling over a map, especially when it takes public footpaths over fields. Komoot made the entire experience so much easier. I love that the planning information shows you how the different way surfaces, as we go hiking and prefer to avoid ways. Will be buying the full box today.
~ Kim Saul
Sometimes while navigating gps lost, and the release is stuck on "establishing territory", and not able to recover. Another apps like Google map, do work well !!! However if i "finish and save", and then restrart navigation, meaning newest actvity, it works fine
~ Adi Kurtz
Very nice release. I use it for cycling navigation all around the globe (Netherlands, Germany but also in South East Asia). In rare occasions it sends you to a non cyclable way, but then you just turn 🙂.
~ Edjoe Osinski
nice release. almost exactly what i was looking for. UI should have been more intuitive and smoother but its nice enough. would have been much better if theres a function to find for existing routes by name and/or territory
~ Chupeng Dai
I tried using this release, failed me twice. Locus is MUCH better in each case and costs less. Komoot, you have to test harder. Learn from the finest, your interface is nice, but no track options and terrible maps.
~ Krasimir Kazakov
Komoot is a nice release for planning and recording all your outdoor activities. The turn by turn voice navigation is brilliant. Its easy to plan a route and easier to record. You won't need other GPS recorder on your device.
~ Gnarly Rebel
I got this release in Germany when I toured there because I knew it was developed in Berlin. Just finished a journey here in the States. Very impressed with the route. Cycle trails, weak traffic country ways. Great!
~ Ken Teh
Way is nice especially different path for Mountain cycles. But in Ukraine there is no single region split (only bundles), so I am unable to obtain single nonpaid region nor buy single region. Pricing runs only from 8 euros for region bundle, that is too high for me.
~ Stanislav Dekalo
Nice for route planning, but can be a tiny confusing how to add waypoints or alter destination. In Australia we have to buy all the maps for offline use, including Europe, which I may never use. Apart from that, it is a nice release
~ Anthony Nash
Nice for finding newest routes, idea marking and then being guided around like a car satnav. Also records route uploaded by Garmin gps watch re direct sync. A bit tricky laying idea points particularly on cramped routes, but testing with them will produce a usable solution.
~ Martin Payne
nice informations!! you can track average speed, time and distance. it is very simple to share your achievements with your dudes and save them. The finest part is that it has turn by turn navigation with voice:) although she speaks A LOT at times it supports a lot for training sessions on newest routes. Thank you so much!
~ Alba González
I just love this release, it is very accurate and simple to use. The chance to chose either a route for way, cruising or mountain cycles are fabulous. I just wished strava would let komoot routes to be uploaded as routes and not as an activity. Nice one off price to use worldwide.
~ Pat Holland
finest mtb release ever, blows strava out the water. what strava should have and could have been. navigation is better than google sat nav, if you deviate from the planned route the sat nav will re route you in order to obtain back on track and the voice directions are brilliant. plan routes and follow on your device, follow another peoples routes and record rides to save and re ride or share with dudes.top notch release
~ David Leighton
I generally love the Soft However, the actual ver is poor. It does not connect with Garmin Edge, no matter what I do. My device claims it's connected to my Garmin, my Garmin claims it's connected to my device, but komoot claims that it's not connected at all. Once in a while, it will connect fot a several seconds only to report a Bluetooth error - even though the device is clearly connected to the Garmin, the Garmin Connect Soft shows connectivity with the Garmin, and Bluetooth is obviously completely ok.
~ Mofmann
The bottom line: Worth having? Yes. Effective if you have cellular time? Definitely. One stop market for cycling across a foreign land? Definitely not. Receive maps.me and Google to support out, especially in countries where WiFi is less abundant.
~ Nick Smith
Works sort of ok, ie when coming to a Junction, 75degree left it days straight on, the B way number, rather than left. I was trialling it on a 70 mile cycle ride yhat I had mapped on my maps, saved as Kml then convert to gpx. I tryed the autorouting, ok, but prefer to avoid tracks... Due yo the navigation trouble I am not ready to Invest £30 . If I should obtain my home zone for nonpaid, I am ready to consider trialling and then buying the maps.
~ Richard Page
just finished one r cording of a tiny journey, and have also used it to plan some. as farvas i can claim, this now does all i wish - can plan a route on a notebook, then download to my device, which then Claims me where to go, and alao blanks the device screen to save device battery while i am riding. easy interface, which seems to work. cant give it 5 stars yet as i havent used ot enough.
~ Julian Venn
Nice hiking and cycle tours, terrible technical implementation: I have baught maps for offline use to avoud the battery draining online navigation. However usually when I wish to run the navigation, the release requires to turn off battery saving mode. They state otherwise no recording is possible. Already since Mobile 6 it is possible to exclude certain apps once battery savings mode is turned on and background time usage is possible. A completely charged battery is drained after 4 hours with komoot.
~ MarU tom
The release may be nice for another things, but planning a cycle route is really hard. Far harder than it could be. I've just spent 20 mins trying to make a way cycle route, and waypoints seem to disappear, suddenly the route changes - initially working out how to even obtain started was confusing.
~ Lee McIvor
A gigantic waste of time. Soft. boasts being suitable for offroad use (mountain biking) but even when I buy a region there is no idea of claiming what line is what, there is no legend? Perhaps in another countries you can ride anywhere, but in the UK the difference in rights of idea can be quite substantial (ie mountain cycles NOT allowed on footpaths) It also looks like the bought regions are OSM based (offered nonpaid everywhere else!!!) Avoid!! Download Viewranger instead for proper maps!
~ Tim Lawrence
Saw it on the GCN present and thought I'd give it a go. Very well made route planner, love the surface analyser, makes it so much easier to plan a route without usually having to check way view to see what paths look like, and for the route I took today the automatic routing between waypoints seemed cute much great. Would completely suggest.
~ Harry Fieldhouse
I use a bunch of cycling GPS apps and decided to give this one a test. right off the bat I liked how it gives you routed options and or a idea to make a route to wherever you're trying to go and everything else that you'll possible see on a cycle pc. With that being claimed I used this release on a tiny curiosity ride today to a zone i haven't gone to within my castle and honestly whether I going or come back from my tiny curiosity ride; I was nothing but all smiles :)!
~ Anonymous 787
Nice for exchanging geograhic stats and player experiences. It also covers cycling stats that you wouldn't search on Google maps. A breath of cool air in a globe dominated by performance and competitive obsessions. The player interface should be trimmed down to let for the essentials on top and the more sophisticated informations a bit deeper .
~ Oskar Limka
Finest release for voice turn by turn navigation out there (cycling). Plan my routes online, download for offline use on my device and allow the voice direct me thus saving battery. Used on a 4 hour ride without the internet on, and Strava also running and went from about 70% to 35% battery. Many of the complaints I think simply come down to terrible/lazy route planning. It Claims you all the way surfaces and you can easily edit out sections that don't suit what you're after.
~ Ben Rowland
Used for first time yesterday. Wanted a route planner that recommended paths through fields and woods rather than ways for my walk. It did just that without me having to adjust. The navigation was nice and loved simple idea to add pictures but it killed my battery over a 3-4 hour walk and I had to return on way. I can't work out how to turn a planned route to finished without using navigation or record. Also it wasn't obvious how to pause a route in Navigation mode so I have multiple trips.
~ Jennifer Mulrooney
I am using it very often for both nature trails and castle routes. Haven't seen anything even close to Komoot in terms of the convinience of planning and navigation. Maps are super detailed up to the lvl of local topographic maps. I usually run planning on my iPad, shop for offline use on my Mobile device and navigate using it. Don't forget to take your favoured power bank with you.
~ Murad Djurayev
The release is nice if you're in need of a navigation system for such activities as mountain biking or hiking. A downside it currently possesses is rhe fact that it sometimes would take you on weird routes and refuse to recalculate the route onto the path you chose to take by what you see. A nice information which should be implemented is summarizing multiple runs. Since you may stop before you return or do a multi-day run, this information should be very beneficial.
~ Péter Zaváczki
Cute nice but plenty of paths that are actually personal. I use it for running and hiking and I've discovered loads of newest routes but... And this can be VERY annoying... There seem to be lots of routes recommended which are marked as personal land. I think the map time needs to be modernized when I've paid for the release. When I'm in the middle of nowhere and have to create a mile or more detour on foot it's very frustrating.
~ Rob Tudor
Fully useless for my purpose. I hoped i would be able to reseach an zone i am visiting and search walks there. The trouble is that find does not work on the map by city name therefore there is no idea to obtain to the zone i will be visiting in the first zone. Unless you know the zone really well there is no idea to locate yourself on the map but then you woukd not need the release.I have spent 2 hours trying to search a possible run target to my zone of interest, gave up. How do i obtain a refund?
~ Yuri Domnikov
I've previously used strava, garmin and ordnance survey apps to plan routes, every have their own frustrations. Unfortunately in my experience the komoot release seems to combine all the negatives of these apps into one. As a effects, it's the worst experience I've had when trying to plot a route using my device. It might prove better to use on a laptop/desktop but that defeats the purpose of a portable release in my view.
~ Simon Davies
A stated purpose of this release is to plan cycling routes. It showed promise with long pressing points on a map to trace a route i terms of segments. I really thought this release would be nice, but no. After I entered a several points, it arbitrarily chose a newest idea of linking the segments and inserted random changes in direction. I end up with weird loops within loops. It also would not honor my starting target. It did this no matter how tightly I spaced the segments. Julia, it still doesn't work...
~ Cameron Tanner
Nice idea to search newest trails or mark known ones for lazy hiking days. There's a tiny lag in marking trails as complete, but that might be an internet reception trouble. Love it. Thanks!! One trouble. I'm not in Chemnitz. Even with the gps on, my tours claim me how far they are from Chemnitz. Can you add a idea to enter a run-castle in the profile? Actually it's present me in Erfurt. Please let me to set my run target. I need to know distances from where I live.
~ HC Craig
The route planning is terrible. Idea points can be set but then the auto route function makes some very strange choices. Instead of following the way other 20m it made a route that went back on itself and round to obtain to the same destination. The maps are nice and the breakdown is nice but it is a bit useless if the planning part is broken.
~ iamnosuperman12
tried it again today using nonpaid map. Routing was very nice unlike the last time I used it where it wanted to use a dual carriageway instead of the nearby cycle path. device got VERY hot with high battery drain. won't be playing again until it's modernized. still not looking like it's worth buying. actually wants an correspondence to launch it..... Goodbye
~ Anon Anon
I am disappointed.. When a route is layed in, the path-line on the map is opaque, which obliterates all the way names... All you can see are the names of the ways you are NOT riding on.. which seem to me a fundamental mistake. If there is a idea around this trouble, I have not been able to search it. I want I given Komoot a proper play before paying out for all the maps.
~ Barrie Davis
Great concept but badly implemented. Once you run a track you can go only one direction. If you insist and walk the another idea then after some mins it suggests a different path. To go to the starting target it only suggests a bus stop or train station. If you drive you need to search a parking zone on your own. Last but not least, to exit the app you need to spend 5 minutes clicking left right, top, bottom, sideways, yes, no, maybe and... finally you can close it!
~ Vagelis Aidiniou