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KissAnime - for Anime Lovers   
About: It is an app for anime lovers, such as anime onair info and cast stats. You can access the anime currently being broadcast, anime by genre, anime by year, and much more. Enjoy a easy and speedy app.
Genre: Entertainment Rotten Tomatoes® score: 3.6 Size: 7.5MMB Developer: KAPromotion
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KissAnime - for Anime Lovers Reviews and Comments:

~ Dipti Sompura
~ 3lfamous3k
~ arian aganan
Marvellous apps !!!
~ Muhammad Arrash Ammar
I love this release
~ Eddy Zheng
Video feedback are not found
~ Akash Sai
Some times banners i can't remove
~ Jomer Joshua Solis
Nowadays whenever I test to watch an episode.... It never opens... Why is this happening..??
~ Vivek Laishram
Your release is so slow!!!
~ Charles Bullas
I rate this 1 star because any anime that I watched Alywas BUFF
~ Joseph Santosidad
There is a trouble with the server please fix that
~ GauTham Shettigar
Hi i've been using this release for quite a while actually and it's the finest anime streaming platform(for me) and it was going perfectly fine..Until today..The trouble is whenever i test to watch an episode of my desired anime,my net becomes very very low and it often claims can't obtain the video's feedback..I can fix this trouble by using wifi and when the video plays,switching back to my time but it is very annoying..Please fix this and i will change it to 5 stars..Thank you and i hope this trouble is fixed quick..
~ Patrick
The main trouble is , sometimes it does not works,it does not present to pick server
~ Pushpa Maurya
Its really really nice but plsss when something is newest all of the anime in my list are gone or the release is gone if you fix this i will give this five stars its a pramis
~ Samantha Espina
It shows failed to obtain feedback after retrying few times it Shaw's same trouble
Worst release ever until 12 it was working great suddenly the release it came failed to obtain feedback it is not working in indian server only but it was working in japan server so plszzz work on this trouble Thank you
which ver does have naruto shippuden dub?
~ Dikshant Shrestha
It's a nice release I love it.
~ SUMEDH gaming
Finest release. But pls add quality option
Its nice but plz add quality option because it uses too much mb
~ dark soul
includes most of the known anime series, english sub and dub only and different servers, nice release
~ Adam x
It's nice but when you modernization it. all anime in MyList will be gone..? Or disappear rather