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About: Hold Trainer - Home Workout & Fitness Trainer, an simple-to-use nonpaid release for you to hold fit and healthy, also a home workout trainer - no equipment release. 400+ exercises will support you track your workouts and transform your bodies. Here you can search Fat burning & Weightloss and muscle gaining exercise -- HIIT and Cardio, Ab ripper workout, Legs Glutes toning, abs training, body weight and weight training exercises for toning, strength training, slimming, more muscle-focused workouts and full body workouts. Why Hold Trainer- Home Workout & Fitness Trainer? Multiple FREE Workout & Fitness routines and Exercises 400+ exercises engine with detail descriptions 100+ workouts designed by experts: Expanding workouts engine designed and demonstrated by pros. Just follow these exercises to hold healthy, burn fat and gain muscle. Video guidance of Home Workout ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Keep Inc.
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Keep Trainer - Workout Trainer & Fitness Coach Reviews and Comments:

I love this release. It's inclusive, and it provides you with personalized workout plans, regardless of your purpose, although I want there was an option to turn off that voice - the female voice that counts seconds, sets and reps. I'm sorry but she talks as if she's presenting a baby TV present
~ Arám Al-Kurdy
love the excerise. really simple to use. trouble is for the past couple weeks has not worked right. plan does not present workouts finished. trophies not being awarded. no respond from feedback given. I tried uninstall and reinstall. didn't support. I will hold using as I can, but hope glitches are fixed quick
~ D Templeton
I've gone through few fitness apps and usually end up giving up after a while. Hold's customized fitness tool is so useful and supports me exercise regularly. I highly suggest this release even if you've never exercised before!
~ Nischal Abraham
I no longer obtain credits after each workout. My workouts no longer obtain marked as finished, once completed... I love this release, it's the only workout release I've enjoyed using, so please fix these troubles. please add more workouts.
~ mariam mawani
I really like the weekly plans in order to stay on track. I have had instances where a routine I finished did not obtain checked off in the plan section (it still shows in the history). That's a bummer that the plan doesn't present 100% complete. Otherwise, my activity lvl is idea up, so I can't really complain. Modernization: keeps getting worse hardly any of the workouts are checked off the plan. I've tried logging in and out. reinstalling the release. The workouts still don't checked off!! really annoying!
~ Katy Weidner
Dear squad, i enjoy working out with KEEP but when i complete an older workout which i might have missed, the release does not present up workouts as complete. I have to go back to the workout and speedy forward it to present up as complete. Also i have invited dudes and they have downloaded the app but no coins given for that. Please sort that and I will rate 5 star
~ krunal dalal
i downloaded it a several months ago and i have LOVED it, ive stayed so motivated. however the last several days it hasnt been giving me credit for the workout after im done. same thing on my boyfriends avcount, hes not getting credit either. pleeeease fix this trouble.
~ Mallory Howell
it's a cute nice release. I'll like the sharing and it's got a bunch of nice options for whatever lvl you are at. One annoying thing though, is that after preforming the entire work out it sometimes doesn't count it for the day and occasionally the audio and video will obtain out of sync. Besides these two things it is nice.
~ Ashley
What I love about hold is that the release is self contained. It has a calorie calculator and a step tracker as well which allows you to monitor you everyday caloric intake and record your expenditure. It connects to Google fit so time can be synced that idea as well. The workouts are target oriented and can be accessed from any lvls. The release also allows us to pick from different exercises based on muscle groups alone and the directions are provided quite professionally. Looking forward to my improvement
~ Kartik Vashishth
I love the release but recently it's been acting up. for instance right actually I'm doing the Firm Abs Project K3 and it will not mark when I complete some of the workouts. I've tried rerunning the workout in the background and it still does not register that it was finished. really annoying when you wish to look back at your progress.
~ Sara Jane
Overall the release is nice!! But I don't know why it does not record the workouts that I'm doing as part of the programme. They appear on "Training History" but are not ticked in the plan's main page. It's the fourth time that happens and I don't know what to do. I've seen another recipients having the same trouble so I hope they fix it quick because the release is nice and it really supports you obtain effects if you combine it with a calorie counter.
~ Claudia IgSa
I'm mostly glad with this. Some things i want it had: * better indication of which exercises and plans require equipment. I got a week or two in to the K2 strength plan before finding out it assumed i had dumbbells and foam rollers. It would be great to be forewarned, or better yet have alternate exercises to do instead. * help for substituting another activity outside the release workouts would also be great.
~ Chris Wilson
love this release, would rate it 5 stars if they would fix the bug I'm having! workouts no longer register when I've finished them. I don't obtain coins when finishing a workout anymore and it claims I have finished 0% of the plan when I have done all the workouts. tried contacting Hold through the release and also on Fb but no respond! Hopefully this works!! please fix this so i can give you five stars!!!
~ Tanya Jensen
The workouts are absolutely nice but all the actual release informations need improvement. A several examples - connecting with dudes is burdensome (cannot find, they are not sorted in any specific order), awarding points is sporadic (sometimes it gives you points for completing a workout or watching a video, sometimes it doesn't); finding your ranking for the week among dudes is not where your list of dudes is but at a random zone); organization of all release informations is definitely not intuitive
~ Antoaneta Stanojevic
This really support me to sweat. This is very recommendable and I already suggest this to my dudes and family and they love it. I just hope they didn't remove the countings when the remainibg time is only 5 sec, because like me I didn't not focus on time and waiting for it to count for me. Anyways thank you for this nice release.
~ anne nemenzo
Been lacking exercise for months actually and my sister suggested this and currently having a nice experience with it! Edit: it gotta be glitching lately cause it seems a lot of recipients have been experiencing their workouts not being recorded. Hope this can be fixed quick!
~ Kristy Borromeo
nice overall but i dont know why it doesnt record it when i finish a workout, like most of the times it doesn't "tick" it once im completed so the progress bar won't go up, and that's very demotivating for me. i want they would fix that or at least allow me manually pick it as completed if the automatic system is going to fail.
~ Sofia Yubrin
So, I've been really liking this release but I have recently ran into a trouble. I'm following my fitness plan but for the last two days even though I've finished the workout( I have been asked how I feel and everything ) and it is on my workout record but it doesn't mark as done. I don't know what the trouble is. I know it's about you doing your workout regularly but it's been really bugging me. Please, should anyone claim me if they have the same trouble and perhaps give me some solution what to do?
~ Маргарита Стефанова
I do really like this release,I started a training plan yesterday and it counted it when I completed the workout but it's not counting the one i completed today, please fix, the nice feeling of working out goes away when it doesn't progress in the training plan. It also did this to me in the Hold Yoga release as well yesterday. (Edit: Will give 5 stars if this ever gets fixed, 1 month later and still no fix)
~ Juhonna Lahaie
Great release, but I have a trouble with it now registering the completion of a workout. It did it with day one (after few tries), did it with one of 2 on day 2. Can't create it register any more:(. Halp! Also annoying separate screen with "share" options after a workout and the fact that I can't do (or search how) the everyday plan workout as a everyday training for points. Otherwise - thanks for a cool release!
~ Oleg Trylis
I am also failing to obtain credit for completing workouts and getting no response from help naturally! Guess they got their suggestion and don't care anymore. Would not suggest release for this reason. Otherwise the lessons are decent , although moves are not terribly well explained, there is an effort made. It does obtain your heartrate up.
~ Marie Haggard
I LOVE this release! I've tried many fitness apps but never stuck with them. KEEP is different in MANY ideas. I love the coin system! For a college student I can't afford a gym/release membership. KEEP awards coins upon completion of workouts(which is a HUGE motivational boost for me)and challenges to unblock "super" benefits/advanced workouts, ect. Thanks for creating an organized routine with lots of fitness lvls, intensity and options. I'm able to obtain my body back in shape and enjoy the process!
~ No Name
It's an nice release but I am facing some trouble.....I tried to modernization the release to super, I payed the amount using my card. After the dollars was debited from my profile, Soft showed error.Neither the dollars is credited back nor the release is upgraded to super. I m trying to reach this ppl, but no help contact number or customer service available. I wrote a feedback in tha release for support. No response yet. Thank you.
~ A Google user
Please fix bugs. This modernization of the release does not modernization your exercises according your workout plan. I've been working out for 3 days and only one day was captured. I wish to see my progress and according to this modernized ver my progress has been decreasing. So actually I have to create mental notes of my actual progress. Who then need this release.
~ Liezl Adams
I really enjoy this release. Gives you instructions on what to do and all exercises are anywhere from 10-25 mins. Nice nutrition solution as well. My only trouble is that it forsnt usually give me credit for the days exercise. I am almost done with my 3 week tool and haven't missed a day, but its claiming I am only 20% complete. Fix that glitch and I would give it a 5 star.
~ uujolTyree S
The release was so nice, at first. I got the subscription and had access to all tools and moves. But then I would do moves and obtain steps but not obtain the trophies. I contacted Hold few times, no response. Then my workouts no longer saved after doing them. I tried contacting Hold a several more times, no response. I finally unsubscribed through Google test; I will obtain constant reminders to finish the tool when I already did the workouts, and the lack of help suddenly is disconcerting.
~ Emi Natvig
I love the release so far. The only very annoying thing is that, even tho it syncs to my Google fit, the release itself doesn't register all exercises as done. I complete the workout and sometimes it marks it as done sometimes it doesn't. I don't understand what's the deal with that. Otherwise, nice release, getting more into it each day.
~ Jovana Cubrilo
I used to LOVE this release, until it stopped giving me credit for the workouts I completed on my plan last week. I just started a newest plan yesterday and I'm still not getting credit. At first, I'd do them over again, causing myself more physical health troubles than I already have. Actually, I'm about ready to delete this release, which makes me sad because I'm a long time player of this release. If i can't obtain this fixed, the release is gone! It's so discouraging when you've worked hard and not obtain the credit.
~ Anya B
I've using this release for more than 2 months , but recently its not working the idea it was at first. The release isn't counting and calculating the workout you have already performed,. The calorie intake, the workout percentage nothing is increasing nor it is showing that you have finished it. It has happened with me twice and today again. There isn't nay response from the feedback sent too. I'm uninstalling it.
~ Akanksha Joshi
This release is generally really nice. The excerises are straightforward and it gives you some concept of a tool which will work for you. However, the logging is poor. Workouts you finish often don't present up as completed. Also if you are meant to do a specific workout on a Tuesday and Thursday and the Tuesday didn't present up as completed the Thursday workout shows up on Tuesday if it shows up at all. If these troubles were fixed it would be a 4 or 5 star release, but as is it's too hard to see progess.
~ Kate Beggs
This would be such a nice release: I love the excercises! Unfortunately, there are too many things that don't work... I have tried to set up my everyday activity estimate million times, but it won't save. It happens idea too often, that plan workout I have done won't obtain ticked off as done: very demoralising! Other thing I search terrible is that the release doesn't ask how frequently you plan to work out. Since I also run, climb and walk a lot, I don't wish it to push me in working out 5 times a week! Fix this
~ Petra Kiowska
I like the release, it keeps me working out. I like it especially because I'm unsure how to exactly work out and this release gives instructions. Lately it hasnt been tracking peoples work out HOWEVER, I found out that if you claim the work out was simple at the end it does track it.
~ Becca Ortiz
The workout plan works for me with great short exercises, however the diet records are lacking a fair bit of time, the scan barcode hasn't worked for me at all as most foods aren't in the engine, if the engine should be modernized with loads of market purchased equipment that would create the release much more efficient. Right actually they have an unusable information.
~ Emily Tickner
Previously gave this release a 5 star review because I've really enjoyed the workouts and the ease of which to hold myself accountable and on track. However, recently the release has stopped recording which workouts are complete. I've filed two feedback requests through the release to obtain it fixed and obtain credit for workouts that I have done. Hope it gets fixed quick!
~ A Google user
I like how they motivate you to workout by giving you coins that you can use towards buying membership. They have some decent workouts. I like how you can pick a plan though. Lately the release hasn't been saving my workouts. If I complete a workout from my plan, it won't modernization as complete.
~ Melissa Freixa
This release is absolutely wonderful and I use it daily. I have no problem keeping up with my everyday routines in the past 6 months since I started. However in the newest week, just as the others have noted, my workouts don't obtain marked off upon completion. You guys have done an nice job with the contents of this release so please fix this trouble and I will modernization the review after! Thank you! :)
~ Calen Lewis
I used to love this release and even have a super subscription. I still use it almost everyday, but for some reason it stopped registering my workouts correctly and doesn't mark them as finished anymore, which is highly frustrating. Reinstalling the release didnt support either. Until this is fixed I cannot suggest this release.
~ Nathalie Pedrojetta
I love this release, is nice and I have suggested it to many recipients; however, there's been a trouble lately with my working plan, after I finish a workout sometimes it doesn't mark it as complete so it appears as I haven't completed my workout routine. I've had this release for around 4 months snd this probleme has only appeared in the last couple of weeks
~ Andrés Montenegro
I originally loved this release. I started from not working out at all to this and it had kept me motivated. actually this last week it's not even giving me credit for the exercises. I have tried to contact hold twice over it and still have yet to hear anything so I'm uninstalling and already downloaded other workout release. if they would have just replied back and allow me know something I would have been fine.
~ Mercedes Hand
really like the release and the interface. however it doesn't allow you copy repeatable meals. you have to input them over and over again. this should be a major plus the app if it is added in. could be able to inventory what you have eaten. therefore in the future when you have the input equipment for intake you can grab it from your drop down of meals or meal equipment you've already stored.
~ Frank Thomas