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About: KakaoTalk is a speedy & multifaceted messaging release. Send messages, pictures, videos, voice notes and your territory for nonpaid. Create chatting bonus fun with an array of emoticons and sticker collections. More about KakaoTalk: Picked by more than 150 million players worldwide Speedy, fun, simple idea to communicate with dudes and family Uses Internet connection (3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi) for calls and messaging Helps: Mobile, iOS, Windows OS, Mac OS Key Informations: - FAST: Speedy & reliable messaging no matter what your network - FREE CHATS: FREE messages & multimedia (pictures, videos, voice notes) - FREE CALLS: High-quality voice calls (1:1 and group) - EMOTICONS: Express it all with our included emoticons PLUS pick from infinite sticker collections in our Item Market - GROUP CHAT: Chats with an infinite number of dudes - PLUS FRIEND: Exclusive coupons & ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Kakao Corporation
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KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text Reviews and Comments:

Was the finest chat release out there. 5starts if you REMOVE THE NEW APPEARED ADDS! how dare you to place adds between my chat... Its already everywhere just stop.
~ Tia Wolfs
This is quite nice but i wonder when will my profile being nonpaid from commiting disobeying policies.
~ Mia Jung
Hello I have this release on my old device. And actually that I have a newest device it is not accepting my stats/ credentials after it has located my profile. This need to be fixed please. I have answered all the safety questions and my profile comes up it will not log me in. I enjoy this release and when fixed i will give it back five stars. It see that I am logged on with my old device but in order to install it on my newest device it gives error messages an it claims give it 24hrs but still not fixed.
~ Julie Bell
Seriously? You're putting banners on top of our messages list? This is probably one of worst things you can do to your customers that have used your release for a long time.
~ Daniel Pak
whats up with the stupid banners appearing all of a sudden in my chat list? kakao never had this before and i see that on my chat list ever since the last modernization.
~ Joon Kim
these days kakaotalk modernization is very frequent on device and pc and there is no improvement. this is other idea to extort dollars from the public. This is also annoying to have ad all over the page of an modernization ver of the kakaotalk
~ Mr Prance
that's the worst concept to place ad on the chatting list. pls dont be a slave of dollars. not worth it. It's really annoying.
~ Aiden Lee
have been using this release for 5+ years. Would have been 5 stars except actually it has banners. I would pay for an banner nonpaid ver if that was available.
~ Aidan Verity
Don't like the newest modernization. Soft has banners actually and it wants permission to my battery settings to send messages. Why? What next?
~ Evonne Fung
Overall is really nice, but sometimes the messages should not be deleted for everyone, sometimes should, that's a bit annoying
~ Sana Ng
kakao is special on it's own. I like the fact that I can send files as gigantic as 100mbs and also the fact that I have to give a consent to join any chatroom am invited to which means that it's up to me ti pick which chatroom to join and which one not to
~ Maureen Mwongeli
Kakaotalk hold claiming verification code can not be sent, this is the second time i lose my profile and I wish it back... It's disappointing the release hold going down and actually i can't even log or obtain my verification code, i wrote correct number and waited but no use. Kakaotalk fix that plz i really need my profile back
~ My Crush is BTS
I really like the release, but my messages only go through half the time! Nexus 6p. very frustrating, actually i mostly use correspondence for korean dudes and whatsapp for those who have it.
~ Brenda Kim
I had first come to KakaoTalk directly from my dudes. I had no choice in the matter, sadly. But when I had installed the release, I knew right away this was truly everything!. Not that I didn't realize it right away, but I was curious enough to check everything out from bugging, safety, and time. Unfortunately, there is time, but it doesn't work off WIFI. I loved from the experience that it's secure, protected, and the bugging is of weak amount. I can guarantee that this will be useful to all.
~ Swoon-hoa
WOW! I love it! I would suggest this!! It is super cool! I am so glad actually for this nice release! Please download this release which I call "Product made out of Heaven"! Thank you!!!
~ random person
Nice Soft. Just want that some tiny things were inplemented to create the release more player-friendly. i.e. Gifs auto-testing when received/sent. Otherwise, cute nice release.
~ Brandon Sivannarath
Just keeps getting more bugs after bugs. I constantly don't recieve info and my messages don't send properly. The main 2 functions this is for, it fails at far too often.
~ Joshua Hong
So nice to have this release to talk to family back home from Korea to America. It works nice
~ Bessie Bingman
sometimes i don't obtain info and that really impacted my relationship with dudes. the stickers are beautiful and fun but only several (really several) are nonpaid compared to Line who has many nonpaid stickers. also it's weird and impractical having to download theme outside of the release.
~ 구혜림
I usually love Kakao. The connection is fine and calls are usually cute high quality. The one thing I adored about this release was that if I accidentally closed out of the release then it would not end my calls. However with the newest modernization that is no longer the topic. I'm extremely frustrated with it. Please for the love of god change it back.
~ OuranEaterOnline
메세지 피드에서 광고 제발 빼주세요 The only reason I still use this release is that my parents and some dudes back in Korea use it, and actually that you've place banners in the message feed, I'm really thinking whether I shd talk them into using another apps
~ Dana Dahyun Kang
My device vibrates (when my device is set on vibrate) often when i obtain newest msgs from kakaotalk. Vibrate IS disabled under the release info menu, and that could ignore whatever my device setting is at and not vibrate right? I obtain hundreds of kakao messages daily, and it is very annoying if my device vibrates each single time while I am working. Please create sure this gets fixed that the in-release setting will override the device setting. Galaxy note 8.
~ Tae Park
My daughter went US for study 2014. At the time Kakao was our only channel to chat every another and enjoy life. Then we never ever forget Kakao and we loved it once, we still love it and will love it forever...
One of the finest and widely used softwares in community to socialize, to communicate with dudes etc.
~ Chulkoo Lee
poor newest design!!! who came up with this? white buttons on white background, you messed up and moved all menu buttons, I can't understand who can approve this as final design? it's just ridiculously ugly. if i should give 0 stars to designers ...
~ Niko Jeynov
I like using this release only for chatting and the emoticon is beautiful. But so sad when I obtain some pics, it's really unclear even I can't see them. So, if I wanna obtain pictures from others, I ask them to send on other release. Please lemme know it how to solve the trouble. Thanks 😢
~ Lin Gea 95
how can i chat freely when i didn't even obtain the info sound, or vibrate? it's really uncomfortable and unconvinient. i already send some report, but nothing support me. i already turn on the info sound and vibrate, but i can't hear any info. i really hate this. don't like this trouble. hope it will be fixed ASAP.
~ Olvinny Caroline
I really hope that the release will be available on Mobile devices as well. I heard that you have developed and launched an Ipad specific release recently. And unfortunately, I have heard that Kakao does not have any plans to develop one for Mobile devices. But why? Almost 4 out of 10 recipients use an Mobile device and it doesn't create sense to leave this ppl out?
~ 김유수
this release in is a nice release but actually they are trying byo pinch each penny by even adding add to the chat line.... :/ Really? other extremely annoying thing is that they do not let you to change the ring tone for video chat and device calls... usually the Kakao ring tone which gets REALLY irritating. stop putting adds on the list of chats and change the ring tone
~ David Bezerra
I am so disappointed. Tried to change my device number. Horrendous. First you claimed I have no profile, although I used one for an year. Followed all your instructions but nothing worked. Then made a newest profile with a newest device number. Guess what, I have the old profile in my contacts list, lol. Tried to contact Kakao trough help channel in order to merge the accounts. It didn't recognise my correspondence lol so I should not contacted Kakao. What's up guys?
~ Laurent Potter
really.. i can't seem to chat my dude.... It usually claims "Measures have been taken to protect KakaoTalk players. You cannot send messages to players you have not chatted with before. If you continue to see this message, please contact our Customer Service for assistance. DO NOT delete the release" Support me.. and i will create 5 stars
~ Mae LK
Its nice for my job, Allows myself and co- workers to be properly informed as to what is currently happening on my shift, productively,as well as the another shifts.This release allows me to know what type of day ( busy;) It will be before I obtain to work.Nice Soft.
~ Mary Ellen Klee
Login verification safety mechanism is REALLY REALLY REALLY nice that it even denies the rightful owner of the profile from accessing it. So I test to call customer service but it turns out that it's correspondence only with no device number to call in about my trouble. I have to communicate my trouble to Kakao by sending correspondence only, which takes a LONG LONG LONG time for them to reply to. They might even ignore it. Apparently, that's Kakao's concept of nice customer service. BRAVO! WHAT A JOKE!!!
~ Sylia Gray
If kaokao auto-adds contacts then it will never obtain 5 stars. I do not want to add my coworkers, bosses, pharmacist etc .. even though they are by necessity in my contact list. Fix this sheer stupidity. Give players the choice of WHO they want to add. NOT auto-add.
~ Dan Yeh
It is simple to use to communicate with your contacts for it has a wide range but when you log out and log in again in the release, messages doesn't directly load up, also some messages becomes missing, sometimes it only present the last message you sent and the last persons you contact. Which I search inconvenient when I test to look up some past important messages. I hope this can be given an respond or can be fix. But all in all this is a great app.
~ Zeanne Alivio
it's nice when i saw the chat I was blown because of the upgrade with a surprise!!
~ Ellisa Yoon
Nowhere near as convenient ot simple to use as WhatsApp. Backup information poorly implemented, and you cannot even change your correspondence address. Impossible to send videos and pictures conveniently and in chronological order. No comments possible for photos. Very buggy and often terrible design choices create the release less player friendly. Frustratingly slow even on high end devices such as Samsung S10.
~ A Google user
Everyone who disses this release is just not paying attention to it. It is LOADS better than WhatsApp-holy cow WhatsApp doesnt even launch to compare-and also better than any another messaging release I have ever used. I've signed up on some others at dudes' requests but I cant stand them after using kakao. By far the most nonpaid stickers and the BEST stickers! Lots of nonpaid themes available. 100% self explanatory and simple to navigate. It's the BEST!!!!
~ Ah Nah Reyes
You need to obtain rid of the newest ads that appear on the chat list. place those banners somewhere where they won't bother players. Maybe obtain rid of useless content like "makers" and "style" or kakao banners that don't really create you dollars and place the banners there. I have already seen complaints about these banners in a fb community page by Koreans and foreigners alike. Don't continue in this direction or you'll lose players.
~ Astrid Orozco
This ia the finest chatting release I have ever used! It has never destroyed, never failed to notify me and it has the finest of informations! There is no another chatting release that I love ao much and I use most of the mainstream ones! Thank you squad!
~ Stanislav Petrov