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Interval Timer For Wear OS (Android Wear)   
About: An interval timer for training and workouts or work and rest times. This release is easy and simple to use. An nice timer, whether you're working on cycling, running, lifting weights, exercise, workout, stretching or boxing. This release is easy and simple to use and a nice helper for on the go. Download actually for nonpaid. To run the release. Just claim: OK Google...Run Interval Timer. Receive more apps, releases & news about Mobile Wear with "Mobile Wear Center": Informations: Straight and intuitive interface Set hours, mins and seconds of the timer Pause, resume, restart timer Set rest time Set repetitions Set infinite repetitions You have to own an Mobile Wear device to use this release Currently compatible devices: HUAWEI Watch Moto 360 Gen 2 (2015) Moto 360 Gen 1 (2014) Asus Zenwatch LG G Watch LG G Watch R LG G Watch Urbane (Mobile Wea ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 4MB Developer: Wearable Software
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Interval Timer For Wear OS (Android Wear) Reviews and Comments:

Sencillamente lo mejor
~ martin bol
Only a single timer length so too primary to be needed.
~ Craig W
Its nice release..but i need sound info for changing mode.
~ Andreas Kokkalis
Great execution but the timer runs slow
~ Jonathan Seyghal
Not syncing to my watch! All my another apps install correctly
~ Chris Jones
Exactly what I required
~ Parker Davidson
Nearly! Just give us a stopwatch mode counting upwards with laps too... Please! :-)
~ Exsosus
Very usefull for emptying the pokestops in Pokemon Go :-)
~ Valerii Vyshniak
worked fine for a several weeks then it doesn't buzz anymore. reloading release... some reason buzzer still not working with this release.. buzzer still works on another release
~ Oscar Rotton
For the info. It could be time elapsed or something like that. Contact me for more information
~ anant kandpal
Nice replacement for the timer I used to have on my device. I only want it saved the number of repeats between uses.
~ A Google user
Didn't work. Seems to be outdated and can not even be installed on my wear device.
~ Patrick Morrisey
Straight and efficient. Not pausing or destroying when the screen goes off on my lg urbane.
~ Marcos Capra
Just a easy countdown timer so I can track passage of time. The slightly longer buzz when all reps are done is a great touch
~ Michael Wang
bonne app. Manque - une carte qui reste disponible lorsque le timer est en route pour retourner sur l'appli - un mode chronometre
~ Matthieu Frys
Needs to be made into info card that can be scrolled back to easily. Also, please add the ability to preset different times instead of having to adjust each time.
~ Peter Rios
I've been looking for an release that does exactly what this does and it functions as it could. However the vibrations are very speedy and low that I miss them often
~ David Struff.
Use this to run outdoor. Nice release! Can you create the release peep a sound? Sometimes I missed the vibration on my wrist.
~ Ferry Utomo
My only gripe is that the timer stops/resets if I connect or disconnect from my device, ie: if the device is in range and I walk away from it, like when I'm at work.
~ Dwight SwoopFiasco Jones
I was training for distance running and this helped hold me on top of how long I would allow myself rest. Worked nice with no bugs on LG G watch.
~ Elizabeth Motes
It's OK, but it would be nice if it; made a sound at the run and end of interval . when I'm doing Burgess or jumping jacks or something vigorous I don't usually feel the vibration. Also a premium would be to contain a countdown at the beginning to obtain set.😊
~ Shanna _
When the watch sleeps (screen dims or turns off) the timer stops. It keeps track of where it was, but simply stops working. Otherwise, it's...
~ Alejandro K. Brown
The vibration could be a tiny more than just once. It's so simple not to notice whilst exercising
~ Samir Malik
But unfortunately if my Watch gets disconnected from my device it resets itself and stops. Please fix this and I'll give it five stars and reinstall.
~ Elizabeth Rosenberry
The vibration on my zenwatch is more like a tickle and it is simple to miss when running. If you added a sound it would be great. Two sounds one for timer completed one for paused completed.
~ David Chisholm
This easy release looks nice and works as expected, but my largest gripe with wear apps are those that have a host release with no functionality. The stopwatch release is not like that. It simply takes up zone.
~ Blayk Giddens
This release makes my workout zip right along. I want I should save every set of interval I use, but even without that it is unbelievable.
~ Sheri Abbott
Please do add info customisability to the release; one long vibration, two long vibrations etc. The ability to save intervals for speedy use and the ability to run multiple Called timers simultaneously would create things great.
~ Edward D'Souza
Straight release that tracks intervals without needing your device connected, which is exactly what I was looking for. The only thing I would change would be to create the vibration interval alert configurable to create it more noticeable . I seem to miss it as I am running sometimes (not the apps fault).
~ Nate Custer
This release has the potential to be nice. It's clean and easy. However it has a fatal flaw - it is fully inaccurate if the display is either off or on the 'standard clock' mode. I've timed it with a stop watch and it looses significant time. I was using it to time for an exam - however it is off by about 12 mins by the end of the exam! Useless. I've also emailed the developer and have had no response. It's a shame as it should be very nice. If the inaccuracy is fixed I'd love to give it five stars.
~ Peter Williams
The timer runs well but consistently crashes my moto360 on long runs. The only idea to recover is to coonect to charger at home. Not a battery trouble since there is still 50% battery left.
~ Jitendra Kulkarni
It's solid and reliable (unless the screen turns off/sleeps, then you're out of luck). Whoever made this gotta have place a lot of work into it. The UI is deceptively easy, repeating timers and equipment like that is not simple with Mobile. I use this release 5 days a week to time my stretches after exercising so that I can allow my mind wander instead of counting them out.
~ Mac Champion
This is (almost exactly) what I was looking for. I required an Mobile Wear release that I should use to time my slides presentation for class and this is the one I'll use. I would live it even more if it continued working with the display turned off. Other great information would be if we should set multiple different timers.
~ Tiago Cotrim
I use this release on a everyday basis, but currently my two gripes are 1) When I run the timer and turn the display off (by side button or palm over the watch) the timer info card goes away (and stops running). 2) The release remembers everything but the number of repeats. I usually set this to infinity; I'm not sure why it forgets this detail.
~ Nigel Nye
This so should be great. The interface and the functionality are both ideal. But you have to manually set up your intervals each time you use it, which makes it fully useless. It will only be usable when it becomes possible to define and shop interval configurations on the device and pick them on the watch.
~ A Google user
Really like this release, however it would be dramatically improved with a more efficient option to adjust seconds. I'd love to be able to adjust the number of seconds by 15 (or 10 or even 5) instead of just 1, so I'm not tapping on my watch variety of times to change from a 2:00 interval to 2:30. Otherwise, it's great for timing breaks in the gym.
~ Dustin Schimp
Simple to use, and extremely clear interface. Tried using it with a separate HRM release, and it worked reliably when using a watch face supplied by the watch hardware supplier. Using Watchmaker watch faces sometimes lead to forxed exiting from the HRM release. This probably was due to overpowering the watch's hardware capabilities. If different interval settings, as in workout profiles, should be saved I'd give it 5 stars. Sound instead of vibration would be nice, too.
~ David B.
what it's just a pic no release was loaded arrg
~ Robert Sapp
sucks. just does not work. can not obtain it off the stats screen.
~ Fred Donham
Incredible tiny internal timer. it's easy and does what it needs to. It would be great to be able to set progressive intervals (rather than just repeating the same interval)
~ Garry Adams