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About: Ig is a easy idea to capture and share the globes moments. Follow your dudes and family to see what theyre up to, and search accounts from all over the globe that are sharing things you love. Join the community of over 1 billion recipients and express yourself by sharing all the moments of your day the highlights and everything in between, too. Use Ig to: * Post pictures and videos you wish to hold on your profile grid. Edit them with filters and constructive softwares and combine multiple clips into one video. * Browse pictures and videos from recipients you follow in your feed. Interact with posts you care about with likes and comments. * Share multiple pictures and videos (as many as you wish!) to your storyline. Bring them to life with text, drawing softwares and another constructive results. . They disappear after 24 hours and wont appear on your profile grid or in feed. ... Show more
Genre: Social Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Instagram
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Similar Apps Like Top Nine for Instagram Alternatives
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About: Top Nine for Instagram is the #1 app to get your Top Nine Grid for any year on Instagram! Highlights * Select from any year 2011 - 2018 * Secure Log In ensuring only you can access your top nine * Rearrange the grid to your liking * Change scaling of photos to fill squares or show whole post * Share with friends and family in a single tap * Supports multiple accounts * See total number of likes and posts in a particular year It is important to reflect on the year - Top Nine organize...

Developer: Social Wrist Team [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Get Subscribers For Youtube- Sub4Sub Pro Alternatives
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About: Get Subscribers is the best platform to promote Youtube channel and video. With this application you can get subscribers on youtube quickly and effectively, and still views for your videos, and you do not lose subscribers like the other similar applications !!! Each currency has the value of 1 subscribed, if you subscribe to a channel of a person you win 1 coin and if someone signs up on your you lose a coin. All of your subscribers are real people, we do not use bots, each subscription...

Developer: apps bro best [email protected]

Similar Apps Like WAStickerApps - Must Have Sticker Packs Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Now Enjoy Adding stickers to whatsapp, Almost all type of Sticker pack are added in the single app. Stickers have finally arrived on WhatsApp! We bring you the best application with which you can share stickers packs with your WhatsApp friends. We offer you assorted stickers packs so you can choose the one you like best. Features : -- Updated. -- Fast & Flexible. -- Easy to share with others. -- User friendly interface. -- 100% free. No hidden fees and charges. -- Compact size and...

Developer: Viral Shots [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Toluna Alternatives
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About: Join Toluna, a community of millions of members who voice their opinions, influence big brands, and get rewarded in the process. Give your input to leading brands on their latest products and services, and in return receive points redeemable for gift vouchers, cool products, or even cash. Mingle with the community to start a lively debate on the latest tech gadget or ask for their feedback on current events. All you need to do is create an account if youre not already a Toluna.com member. I...

Developer: Toluna Android App [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Haahi – Live Stream Video Chat & Random Chat Room  Alternatives
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About: As the first live chat app for live stream, voice chat room and funny video in Turkish, Haahi fast wins a lot of awards and over 11,000,000 fans for always being user-centered. Were happy to see nowadays in Haahi, millions of people enjoy premium live stream, make wonderful voice chat with new friends in chat room, create the coolest lip sync videos, Vblog beautiful life moment and even become a super star. Are you going be the next fan for Haahi live stream powerful functions, convenience...

Developer: Fission Inc. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Status Saver Wa 2019 - Save Recent Friends Status Alternatives
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About: Status Saver For WhatsApp is to save statuses How to save statuses? 1. choose category : images or videos 2. Open image or video and click on download. 3. Finish! images/videos will be saved in Gallery....

Developer: Creatzapk id [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Natkhat Bobo WAStickers App by Jugnu Kids  Alternatives
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About: Be more expressive in your whatsapp chats. Use our beautifully designed WAStickers. Natkhat Bobo, Pyari Lily, Adi and many more characters with their beautiful expressions.... Developer: Crazy Cub Animation Studio Pvt Ltd [email protected]


Similar Apps Like New Year Advance Greetings Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: New Year Advance Greetings for Happy New Year 2019 advance new year wishes 2019 advance new year image advance new year shayari advance new year sms advance new year wishes advance happy new year apps best advance new year wishes advance happy new year card advance new year greeting cards advance christmas new year wishes advance chinese new year wishes advance new year dp advance happy new year dp advance happy new year everyone happy new year in advance image advance new year...

Developer: Double Nine Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Family Locator  Alternatives
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About: Family Locator & Friends Locator can show real time location, you can see your family location at maps, its the best way to coordinate with them and protect each other. It's a family locator app. Family Locator & Friends Locator allows you to: Share real-time location in your private family map where only those who gave permission to share their location are displayed. Create groups made up of your loved ones and family and enable all of you to see and share location and movements. ...

Developer: Family Locator & Friends Locator Team [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Woovly - The Bucket List App For Lifetime Goals Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Woovly is the ultimate app for all your Bucket List goals. So many things to do, and so little time. Gear up and get started with your list right away! With Woovly, discover new ideas, connect with people of similar interests, share your experiences, and inspire others with your accomplishments. Rather than listing down what you want to do before you die, list down what you want to do while youre living! Its the one-stop destination for all travelers, adventure enthusiasts, photography ...

Developer: Woovly [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Happy New Year SMS Greeting Cards 2019  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Highly recommended to everyone for Happy New Year festival. We provided Happy New Year Greeting Cards, Happy New Year Wishes & Messages, Happy New Year Quotes, with Beautiful Happy New Year Images. We provided Happy New Year Wishes Messages in many languages such as + Happy New Year Wishes in German + Happy New Year Messages in English + Happy New Year Quotes in Spanish + Happy New Year Cards in French + Happy New Year Wishes Cards in Hindi + Happy New Year Greeting cards in Portuguese...

Developer: Top Idea Design [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Happy New Year Gif Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Happy New Year Gif/Images/Animated Images/Greetings/Cards/Pictures Happy New Year 2019 Gif Happy New Year 2019 Gif/photo/images/wishes/greetings/wishes happy new year gif happy new year gif 2019 happy new year gif video happy new year gif images happy new year gif animated happy new year gif animated pictures happy new year gif app happy new year gif advance happy new year gif and photos a happy new year gif have a happy new year gif wishing a happy new year gif wishing you ...

Developer: Double Nine Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Boost for Destiny Alternatives
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About: All your favourite 'Destiny the Game' news, discussions, communities and tools in one app! Boost for Destiny is the All-in-One app that lets you get all the newest Destiny content live from all the best sources. Our Destiny 2: Forsaken app supports the following websites & tools: Essential News & Communities Destiny Google News - All the latest Destiny news Destiny Reddit - Hottest discussions & posts from Destiny Sub-Reddit Destiny Youtube - Watch the latest Destiny v...

Developer: Discovler [email protected]

Similar Apps Like CircleIt Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Make all your moments special with CircleIt. Capture what inspires you, send it when it inspires them. That day may be today, tomorrow or a special one in the future, you dont have to know when that day will be. Let CircleIt do the rest. You are walking past the ice cream shop where you first met. You sit on the bench where you had your first kiss, it was there you knew she was who you wanted by your side forever. Take a moment now to record a video letting her know just how much she meant t...

Developer: CircleIt Labs LLC [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Yome Live Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Yome Live is a global entertainment streaming and friend-making platform. We provide our users with high-definition, smooth, and enriching video streaming services for interactive entertainment. Babes and hunks will take you round the world with touching music, kawaii good looks, and the latest thrills. The up-close interactive streaming will make your heart flutter, 24/7 high non-stop! [Real-time Streaming] Watch global entertainment streams round the clock, and get the numbers of your gods...

Developer: Yome Live [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Renowned Musicians  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Renowned Musicians App is the mobile app for renownedmusicians.com This application enables users to conveniently access the resources of the Renowned Musicians community on your mobile device. Share updates, photos, videos and more. Add friends, send messages, and receive notifications when users like and comment on your posts. It's now easier than ever to stay connected and engage with fellow musicians....

Developer: Renowned Musicians Inc [email protected]

Similar Apps Like New Life Body of Christ Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: We believe that God has given all a right to a fresh start....

Developer: Matthew Pettus Jr. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Diplomatic Plates Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: This is the list of the diplomatic plates you will find in the U.S. It matches the 3 letters (DDX for example) with the country. The first letter is not used (D : for Diplomatic), so just use the 2 last letters....

Developer: Louis-Xavier Storme [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Orange Rewards  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: This is the official rewards app of the Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash. Orange Rewards allows you to earn points that you can redeem for exclusive memorabilia and experiences. You can earn points by checking in at events and interacting with our official social media accounts. Youll also receive exclusive game day offers. We want to reward you for your loyalty so set up your account today! With the Orange Rewards app you can: - Sign up for a rewards account - See upcoming events ...

Developer: FanMaker [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Off-Road Amino Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Off-Road riders unite! Whether you ride dirt bikes, motocross, ATVs, or any other OHV, join the fastest growing community dedicated to Off-Road enthusiasts around the world. - CHAT with other riders and meet new people - DISCOVER repair, maintenance, and riding tips and tricks - GET the latest off-road news - SHARE pictures of your ride! - LEARN from and CONTRIBUTE to our Off-Road catalog - an encyclopedia of all things Off-Road...

Developer: Amino Apps [email protected]



Instagram Reviews and Comments:

thanks for fixing the attachment glitch. also I was trying to support a newest Instagramer obtain followers so I interviewed him & posted my video & then he shared it on his newest Insta page & Insta place it on their Search page so he got over a 170,000 views on my video & I only got a 100. it's my post he shared, i'm glad for him but why would you place his share of my video on Search instead of from the source who posted it first? & he used my exact video and tags.
~ Mr Weich
I mean its Ig. If you don't have one yet you have no possible understanding of the importance of social media and how humanity is going to grow along side it. I mean Ig is your chance to write your own narrative. Employers, future relationships look at our social media to dictate the person you are. It's better than going odd of a rumor. just obtain Ig. Narrating your social status is pivotal to having a successful work life.
~ Sammantha Lockyer
Having a min to present live to who wish to listen. Trade general discussion forum for the first time. Brand of electronic products with original owner. Community to communicate connection Babes do see this so I solution parents or guardians education to understand what a babe see and out come is true so hiding what is discussion can enforce where prober guidances. I don't trust porn star videos could be shown here. Paid as to that result the transfer eyes to their own discretion so the minds o
~ Donna Canetti
Ig is a really fun social media platform! you can message, post anything, comment, search, create a storyline, and a lot more. The only thing I want they would change is when you post things if you should transport the picture to the frame you wish it. Also I think each release with messaging could have a button to scroll all the idea to the very beginning of the messages.
~ ChloeKitty131
I usually have no trouble with ig, but I couldn't support but realize that there was a newest information added: group chat adnims. Actually I have been waiting for adnims for ages in hopes of being able to have access to more informations, such as removing unwanted recipients. I was excited upon the version so I should finally stop making an excessive amount of chats, but in turn found out adnims had no control and had the exact same actions as the others, which turned to be very disappointing. Please modernization.
~ Michaela
I like Ig it is different like night and day . I have having more success with Ig than Fb even though they are owned by the same company. I found my my audience and . I loving Ig fb made the finest transport to accurier this platform please hold it the idea it is font change it for nothing .
~ Levi Baker
Ig has this information that if you have a World SIM card, you can use Ig for nonpaid, without load in the 🇵🇭. You can see pictures and stories, upload pictures and stories and DM recipients without load. Just turn your small time on and you're nice. There is this blue bar at the top that claims: "Pictures are nonpaid, videos use time." but after a several days, it disappears and it won't allow you use Ig for nonpaid anymore. You need internet or load to use it. Please fix the bug ASAP! Thank you!
~ I Hate My Country
The release is nice. It works fluently and perfectly. Has exactly what I need. The only creative criticism I might have is that the "recommended for you" algorithm needs a bit of sorting with it. It does give me recipients I'm interested in following, but it also gives another terrible equipment I really don't (e.g. singers I don't like, recipients I have nothing to do with, strippers 🤢)
~ רפאל יצחק גולדשטיין
I have wanted this release for so long but this is just a disappointment. It won't allow me sign in at all. I have used 3 different correspondences, and over 20 different usernames. And, I have NEVER downloaded or used this release, and for some reason, I violated the terms even though I have never used this release AND no one has used it under my correspondence.! Need the same? Download this. This release is trash.
~ FlameStar YT
I deleted the release several months back, then re-install it several days back. But, each time I test to log in, it claims "Sorry, there was trouble with your request". When I test to obtain support to sign in, I only obtain password restart feedback in my device, or whatsapp or correspondence. But, I know my password is correct. When I click on Nees more support and test to submit, it claims invalid something, can't remember. Even when I test to login with my Fb, it only shows a dismiss botton. Actually what? What is the solution?
~ Sabbir Ahmed
this is my favored social media release, I have been using it for years. But some of the upgrades are not working in my acc like share post to your storyline option, but it works for my another profile. I logged out of the another acc, and even uninstalled and installed it, sent numerous complaints, still no change. It has been a trouble for many,, hope you fix it. And the song isnt available in your region. Can u pls create it available here. Except that everything is nice.
~ Sailaja M
The newest modernization broke something. I cannot use Ig at all, it is stuck in some type of strange loop (where it gives me an error, informs that I'll be signed out and then runs anew and gives the same error again...). Does not give me any options to do anything.
~ Jenni Järvinen
I tried to contact them to support me with my profile that has been deleted by someone and recreated there own one but they do not wish to support i keeo beong directed to a help blog. The help blog only gives me the same steps to go obtain a newest login feedback but ig web does not let me to its claims player does not exist and i know for a fact it does exist. So i am left with this platform to complain as ig refuses to give us human interaction when needing help.
~ Rudy Botha
love IG (will give it 5 stars when fixed), until today. i am unable to even obtain onto the release. keeps claiming 'network error'. blamed my device, device provider (even named them and bitched them out) and did all the usual fixes (time, clear cache, restart device etc.) to search out its the modernization?!! 🤦. how do you have an modernization/release that doesnt even allow its players login?! fix quickly please! modernization: all fixed. been working nice except unable to post stories with gifs, texts etc :/
~ Kimberly Leeds-Cook
glitches sometimes, i have to launch and close the release 5 or 6 times to obtain it to load. sometimes wont upload my pics or videos for days. it eventually does but idea later then the day i test to. if we should comment on posts with pictures it would be great. overall i like ig over any another social media platform. i just would enjoy a several tweeks here n there
~ A Google user
[EDIT EDIT] dms aren't working. I noticed once you viewed a picture dmed to you and view it again, it doesnt let other view just like snapchat. its annoying, please allow us view pictures however many times we wish. also has been really slow even with nice wifi, sometimes pictures and dms wont send until other 5 mins or less [EDIT] why did you remove the ability to view who's seen your storyline in archive? it was needed before, this was an unnecessary change
~ Kiara Ibanez
Modernized it only to be surprise by crashes and errors. I had an other profile and it kept claiming error that the owner has changed the pw (even I did not), ruin, switch back to my orignal acct then be greeted again by the same error. Edit: This I have observed for a long time. Usually I would upload, pictures won't load.
~ Risa Opmeja
modernization: there seems to be a bug that notifies me incessantly that my corporate profile has been logged out and in the process, shutting down the release or having it let me to view briefly before it shuts down. maybe they release has not been optimized for mobile as I heard another dudes are experiencing something related.
~ Eribelle Marie Tapalla
I just modernized the release today. I have 2 accounts and when I launch the release, it keeps showing a info on the screen claiming I have been log-out of my 2nd profile because "the owner" changed the password - WHICH I DIDN'T - and then reload the release over and over like a loop. And it isnt even on my 2nd profile, it was my 1st acc often it reload but the info keeps showing-.- this release hold making me dissapoint after each modernization
~ Chimmie Chan
Ig is a garbage social media platform flooded with spammers, sponsored banners each 5th post that you don't wish to see, and annoying memes that could be reserved for reddit. The only reason why I give it a second star is because I am able to stay modernized with another artists. It used to be nice years ago.
~ Billy Magee
Really enjoy the release, however frustrated with stories. Often when I use the vote or questions they don't work. Viewers have claimed me often they test to press it just leads to the next storyline. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the release but that didn't work. Didn't obtain a response from tech help.
~ Jessica Johnston
I don't understand, what type of enemity Ig has with me. Everyone, I mean literally everyone, is getting the quiz option in storyline but I am not getting it. And, even when my release is completely modernized, as to what the Google test shop claims. I am really pissed off. Pls, do something.
~ shreya Ghatuary
After all yhe work preparing posts, the release not only stops from posting many times, but making me having to discard the entire thing. I am very annoyed by this. It Claims you something like not actually test later but it never been because of the internet. The contents are nothing violent or potentially sensitive stuffs (no reasons to be stopped by posting)
~ Nanami Kanamori
I use it for my art and messaging but it sometimes won't allow me post with a desc, won't usually send my messages, doesn't usually notify me when I obtain a message, when I wish to save a post into a genre it usually doesn't load, sometimes the storyline votes and questions don't work for me, doesn't allow me access my gallery most of the time, and still more troubles I doubt they'll fix by the time I search other platform.
~ Favorable Bee
diggin it. nice for sharing art quickly and widely. Edit: I don't know what's happened, but there are so many banners actually. I don't mind banners and I'm not talking about the content of them, it's just there are so many all of a sudden. Two posts then an banner! That's idea too much. Can you chill out a tiny, please? It's like watching Fox TV!! And no I don't wish to pay for less banners. I don't mind there being some but not so many. Don't be greedy!
~ A Google user
in the next modernization can you do where can you see the person's profile since i see newest post I also wish to see old post like you tube does same for the saved and the post you've liked. cause I have to scroll down to the old ones and person's profile and for saved if i wish to delete some pictures or videos i wish. you can keep the picture or video and it claims pick and there's setting pick all or i can pick what i wish to delete and for old post you can set the date. month. year.
~ Kiana elle
I really love this release, it works well and It supports me talk to my dudes and another recipients. It's fun to post, but my trouble is it allowed recipients to post inappropriate things for example X in his car was everywhere. So I suggest parental supervision but it's Not an ALL THE TIME occurrence. For me I only have seen this content twice.
~ A Google user
it's a nice release except for some annoying things, firstly the algorithm, i'd much rather see posts byrted by most newest rather than having the first being from 3 days ago, the second from 2 mins ago and the third from 1 day ago. it's really annoying. i don't see a target in removing the number of likes, it's just stupid. it seems like every time ig upgrades it makes the release worse.
~ I might be gay, but
Ig is owned by Fb. They adjust your feed and bury your posts based on how much you use the release and informations. As well as who and what "they" feel like promoting. Ive been at around 1300 followers since I signed up almost 8 years ago. Fully not fair. Im guessing that this is due to me never having an actual Fb profile that they can spam me with banners. I used to love this release. Cant wait for a newest release that that can compete with them. Bye. They will test to hide this review too.
~ Michael Pelton
I usually use ig and I loved it, until 2 weeks ago i logged out of my profile and actually i cant log back in, i have restart the password multiple times, tried to log in through correspondence. I think this is a trouble with the release for Samsungs, all of my dudes are able to log into my profile on their devices but im not. I am able to log in onto Chrome but not the actual release.
~ Tomas Ruel
I am very disappointed with ig due to its copyright trouble even though I didn't copied a post from anyone else but it got reported but that is not the main trouble even after I clicked on ok an error is occurring often and even i can't run it. But these recipients will not solve the trouble the will just sit and create dollars. 😡 This is a nice release but I am very disappointed. How can anyone just report and my post will be deleted do they have any proof?
~ Chirag Deshpande
The text entry box is covered by the keyboard. Makes it impossible to respond to stories. Makes it hard to drop comments or message recipients without errors, hard to edit since you have to exit the keyboard all the time. Also linked my Fb profile but there's no option to automatically share my storyline to Fb. Odd that I used to have that option, and everyone else Ive checked with still does.
~ Tami M
I'm very pleased with Ig. I use it daily and have even replaced Fb use for Ig use. One recommendation that I have would be... to be able to pause the Ig live when you're on the replay. And other recommendation would be to be able to restart posted videos without waiting to the video is over to now be able to watch it again.
~ Natasha Mahomes
This has to be the worst release ever. I am blocked from liking posts. How can you be blocked from liking posts if that is the entire target of the release liking and commenting on post for interaction especially if you are promoting yourself or a product or even a blog. Liking pictures is the key to all. I want they would fix this trouble so I can use this release properly. Can't even obtain a response from anyone. Worst thing ever. I will search a newest release to utilize. This release sucks.
~ David Almaraz
I don't obtain it. Ig is the huge picture sharing platform in the globe and it has one of the worst apps ever made in the history of apps. Their desktop ver is equally poor. Pictures take 5-10 seconds to load sometimes in a speedy device with a speedy connection, and when the picture finally does load the quality is much worse than the source picture. This release gets 1 star because it fails at the one thing it's designed for, picture sharing.
~ David Slinkard
In my opinion I deffently think this release could obtain a 5 star rating. There was so much thought and creativity place into this release. It's so premium in its own idea. The only trouble is cyber-bulling and sexual content. I know this release is for teens, but do teens even need to be seeing that? Another than that I would claim this release is very nice and they give you a community to share about you and your life. Thank you Ig designers for going out of the box for this one! I really enjoy it!
~ miranda Parlane
Hands down drop dead spectacular. Nice release that lets you post, go live, and create stories. This is awesome and you can search dudes on here and be mutual! The only trouble is that I have a Samsung, but I am unable to use the countdown sticker in my Ig storyline. I suggest that you create the countdown sticker available for Samsung players to use in their Ig stories. Overall, this release is nice, hold up the nice work!
~ Lissy Lives On
ig is once again disappointing me in so many ideas. often i'm in a video call, i cant even do anything on the screen. the buttons that are supposed to be at the top of the screen arent even there. when im in a video call it wont allow me go to the home screen of my device. it wont even allow me go on any release at all. very disappointed and frustrated : (
I don't really understand why this is happening with the release but I've reinstalled it plenty of times and it is still having troubles. Whenever I'm posting a picture, the picture doesn't upload and it gives the option of test again later (I have internet working at these times). Or when I am putting up a storyline on my news feed, it shows an error. IF these are the two important functions that ig has, at least they could be working properly.
~ Sualeha Shamsuddin
Y'all really need to work on your release- half the time when I launch it it doesn't work. I've had to close and reopen it no less than 15 times on some occasions just to obtain it to work because otherwise nothing loads, and the whole release freezes. heavy disappointment considering the frequency you version newest upgrades.
~ Charli Wilson