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About: Message and video call your dudes and family for nonpaid, no matter what device they are on! - High-quality video and voice calls on Mobile and iPhone - Unpaid and infinite messages and video and voice calls over 2G, 3G, 4G* or Wi-Fi - Group video calls with dudes, family and others - Speedy picture and video sharing - Hundreds of nonpaid stickers! - Avoid SMS and device call charges *Time charges may apply
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 11MB Developer: Baby Penguin
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About: Mastalab is a multi-account client for Mastodon /!\ The first field when logging in should be your instance hostname. For example: "mastodon.social" for the most popular Instance - You need to create an account on an Instance first - If you don't know what's Mastodon, please read: - You want to choose an instance, please use this tool: - It's an open source app, if you encounter a bug you can open a ticket on Github: The number of libraries is minimized and it does not use tr...

Developer: tschneider

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Developer: Melons Expression Team

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About: Get access to your computer via Android. The application provides access to services such as mouse, keyboard, multimedia, presentation, power system commands, terminal or even display desktop. DOWNLOAD SERVER: Requirements: Java SE Runtime Environment 8: Steps to connect: 1. Download the Server - Go to our websites www.androidremotepc.com and download & install the Remote PC Server 2.0 to your computer! 2. Prepare your PC - Turn on the wireless adapter & pair the PC via Bluetooth ...

Developer: Rozky

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Developer: Hamster Beat

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Developer: Business Africa Inc

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Developer: Fiorenza Francesco

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Developer: Hot-World GmbH & Co. KG

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Developer: Heapsoft

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About: From anywhere, at anytime, if you need to remember something Captain's Log for Android can: * Send a quick email to yourself or a friend * Send a quick text message/SMS to yourself or a friend * Schedule a notification in the future at a preset or customized time * Archive frequently used reminders to use again in the future People need to remember things each day, things that you don't necessarily put in a calendar, just things that you need to remember when you can get around to them. ...

Developer: Kevin Hinds


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About: This app speaks out the caller name without you having to attend the phone. It is completely hands free. All you have to do is configure the app once and then it works as soon as you receive a call. The caller must be in your contacts for the app to speak out the caller name, otherwise it speaks out as unknown caller. This particular version does not have SMS speaking facility....

Developer: Heapsoft

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About: Thank you for supporting my work and GPL open-source software by donating! Please also rate my application, and tell everyone about it! If bVNC doesn't work for you or you're unhappy, do not write a review, please post your question in the forum! #!forum/bvnc-ardp-aspice-opaque-android-bb10-clients If you need an RDP application, please search for aRDP in Google Play. In addition, a SPICE client named aSPICE is available. Finally, if you are an oVirt, RHEV, or Proxmox user, check out Opaq...

Developer: Iordan Iordanov (Undatech)

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Developer: INSADCO GmbH

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About: Call Control for BroadWorks allows you to originate calls from your Android phone through your BroadSoft BroadWorks powered desk phone and enables easy control of Remote Office, BroadWorks Anywhere, DND and Call Forwarding settings while on the move. If used with an account that is a member of a Call Center, joining/unjoining and control of the Agent ACD State is also possible. IMPORTANT: Call Control requires service from a BroadWorks powered service provider and the account must include the...


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About: NextCloud SMS application synchronize your SMS messages on a remote NextCloud instance and let you read your messages from it. Sending SMS from NextCloud instance will coming in a future release. Application is fully compatible from Android 4.0 to 7.1...

Developer: Open Source Softwares

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About: Dual SIM Selector allows selection of SIM-card when making a call from a third-party dialers - support for most devices with two and three SIM-cards - support for most third-party dialers - automatic selection of SIM-card based on the rules - rules based on phone masks and association with contacts - learning mode to adjust the rules when making the call - customization of name and image for SIM-cards - dual SIM support...

Developer: PixelRush



imo free HD video calls and chat Reviews and Comments:

The original ver was better. I have to search a newest video release. This one continues to freeze and force close.
~ Sistah Ameena
only US choice (+1 code) appears for logging in. couldn't log in with another number. check it out please
~ Makhliyo Shodieva
because if your device is off or one of your dudes have a Mobile and you have a i device you can text and video call
~ Erin fam Ea
i used to use this release last year but when i tried to back to use it it claims it's only for USA contacts?????
~ Hanou Ahmed
It not add personal contacts... It's ashame because imo used to be the BEST at adding another recipients.
~ Phillip Benoit
why i cant change the country code.. iam actually in US but i use sim card from indonesia so i wish to change the code country from us to indonesian code country but can't be change.. please fix it i wish to launch my profile
~ Sifaul Kuluf
it's a great release but when i go on someones live when i kind something in the chat no one can see it can see it can it be a modernization to fix it plzz or is it my device because i gon another live broadcast kind apps nd recipients see my messages idk can u hlp me on this
~ Jesean
I just love it support me hold in touch with feaind and family with it with out your device bill being paid u can u wifi
~ vickie Ramsey
Wow no permission for USA players. How unfortunate. Disappointed.
~ heena sabir
I need to know how to block someone. I have someone that is no longer in my device contacts that I can't obtain off my imo release. She is harrassing me.
~ Nichole Dunn
Unable to verify device number as release will not let selection of country code. Only "frozen" on U.S. (+1) code
~ Daniel Barbier
This release nice. But has a trouble you can't call that recipients who's on other country
~ Hello it's me
I cant call any one outside USA, I see only contacts who has a USA numbers.
~ wael e
After modernization I lost so many recipients from my contacts ??????😠
~ Parwiz Aldan
the release delete all my contacts and chats history actually i cant obtain them back never fix the deleting trouble i cant chat with the recipients i have on my acount again have test to add them again and have been unable to add my contacts back
~ zephyroth69
do not see players from different countries. seeing only USA numbers accounts. before was nice. but after upgrades to HD not works .
~ Dj Baba
I have a Web DEV in Uzbekistan who claimed me most of the population there uses IMO... he claimed me WAPP does not work well there... so I installed IMP on my Samsung S8 in Switzerland... APP would not let me to obtain past device number page to change COUNTRY CODE from +1 U.S.A. to +41 Swiss... so I had to uninstall. Tried 3x... same effects.
~ Alan Brandt
it seems clear to me by going through the reviews and the the description of the release that imo IS NOT willing to address the fact that we arent able to change country codes...not to mention: THEIR LISTED PHONE NUMBERS ARE INVALID. Will be making a complaint to Google.
~ Christopher Nightingale
This is my second earnest request to seek support with my IMO that I can no longer access. Please reply in type. The USA is not listed so that I can complete the installation process. Kind thanks.
~ Steve Hoggard
I need you to send me my code so I can log into my IMO profile it's not working you guys are claiming you're calling me but you're not calling me so I can verify my profile
~ Jennifer Williams
what is going on with my release because it's not letting me in and when I got gone it started acting funny so it's not letting login back into my profile so support me out here ok cuz I need to contact my dudes and family members too
~ Jada Life
Absolutely love it! It supports me hold in touch with my out of state family. I watched my 1yr old niece be born and grow up on imo! Thanks imo!!!!
~ Tranika Johnson
There nice,They have everything under control I would suggest it to anyone.
~ Kenwaski Powell
i Used This Soft Everybody To Talk To My Son & Another Family Member For 6 Months Straight & I Even Use It For Work....But Out The Blue Today I Receive Permanently Banned For What & Why !? I Have Emailed IMO Not Respond...I Really Just Set Because I Have A Very Important Video Chat Tonight For My Job But Since I Got Banned Idk What Im Do....Im Need Yall To Do Better... Because I Dont Do Anything inappropriate On IMO.I Tried Making A Newest Acc Still Banned Smh Sad
~ Quita Walton
Really the worst messenger release I've ever used. The hero limit is the most irritating in how it sends only the last part of your messege without warning, so then you have to retype everything.
~ Byuli Mae
I had imo previously but when I changed my device I downloaded it but it doesn't seem to detect all my contacts, I am unable to call my mom and my family. Please fix this trouble.
~ Azeem Ahmed
it's not letting me place in my international number. Not even giving me the option to change my country code from +1, so I can't even run IMO without putting in the number. Support required
~ maham irfan
Love love, imo, it offers my babes a idea to see, laugh and talk with their grandparents and aunts that live far away without having bonus charges on my device bill. Thanks for the upgrades imo
~ A Google user
it isn't work except for American recipients because u can't change code +1 to your country code ... stupid, stupid, stupid
~ Morteza Ghorbani
It is the BEST APP but, sometimes it obtain gliched and it wont allow me hang up the device so i'll claim them to hang up them SOMETIMES at least the release isn't "BORRING"🙄🙄🙄
~ Kemari Royal
Actually which type of release is this ?? when i modernized to anew ver actually it has failed to recognise my number it keeps on claiming that it's too long hence not connecting me to imo... is it used in USA only ?? bse it brings +1... hence my country code doesn't launch with +1
~ Kembabazi Lovias
imo was better when we should talk to another recipients from another countries so if you should place in the option to go see another recipients live in another countries by searching the country you wish, that would create imo really better. thanks in advance.
~ Robert Henderson
It sucks from the first opening, as it can't change the country code it's usually set to +1 and Im +20, EGYPT, I ghope you fix it !
~ Ahmad Qasem
the release claims use a valid device number and I'm using the right number so I don't know what's wrong with my number or the release
~ Blessing Turner
This release spams random recipients. even if t never installed it, you can obtain spammed by multiple messages, from random numbers (voice and text) from another players your do not know.... all within seconds of every another. since they're from random numbers, it's hard to block them. This release could be banned from the test shop as abusive.
~ Richard Glover
Love the release. It's a nice idea to face time Family & Colleagues when you have a mobile and they have iPhones. I have not used the release for a several months and actually I can't obtain video calls or send one. the release is on my screen main page but when I find my google test it claims the release is uninstalled. which clearly is not. There is no upgrades required... I installed the release and it does not have Untied States on the Country list for me to transport forward and download. Thinking that mat support. Please Support!!!
~ Jene Garrett
battery dies to speedy and no mute each time i place on silent so recipients dont hear my background or i don't wish to hear their background but i do hear thier background and they can hear my background whats up with is release you guy made a newest release for what ..???
~ Jordan Musleh
Each time I go live it stops and claim "imo has stopped working" so I close it and launch it back up and it claims the same thing and logs me out and when i test to place my device number back in it claims "please specify a vaild device number", i used to love this release but actually i hate it
~ Mnhiokko
This is the most stupid release I have ever seen. For example, if you are in US and you test to contact one of your dudes in anthor County, his/her device number won't present up just because you both have different devices number that are not similar to one country. I prefer deleting this release from Google shop because it's not worth to use it.
Was a nice release for the first 2 months and actually it wint even allow me launch it without claiming "Imo isn't responding". I sent and it still hasn't worked. I have modernized it however many times it wants me to and still doesn't work. I would love to give it 0 stars but the Test Market won't allow me.
~ Always Alexis