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About: All Your Favoured Sound. All Your Favoured Stations. All Unpaid. Infinite streaming song, thousands of live radio stations, playlists for any mood or activity plus podcasts all in one release. iHeartRadio is simple to use and finest of all, it's still FREE. Download iHeartRadio today and run listening to your favoured song live radio stations, and podcasts! The Finest Live, Local Radio Stations Find thousands of live and local AM and FM radio stations near you and from cities across the world Listen to top radio stations, song, news, sports, talk and comedy Hear sports stations like ESPN Radio, Fox Sports and more Unpaid Playlists great for any moment Listen to any of thousands of hand curated playlists. Organized by mood, activity, decade and category to create it simple to search something thats the great soundtrack for any moment. Receive Hooked on a Podcas ... Show more
Genre: Music & Audio Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: iHeartMedia, Inc.
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About: Increase your note identification speed and improve your ability to read sheet music. This is a perfect tool for people learning music. The application increases in difficulty over time so that you can truly learn to sight-read music notes effortlessly. - Great for those just learning to read music as well as those challenging themselves to increase the speed at which they can read music notes and play the guitar With guitar tuner (NoteTuner) With Metronome (NotePulse) support Basic musica...

Developer: Leonid Arefev [email protected] ?app=note

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Developer: Top Fan Ringtones [email protected]

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Developer: Nguyễn Hồ Bá Hải [email protected]

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About: Music 70 80 90 Do you like an application of 80s music for free? If the answer is a yes Download now radio 90s. Music of the 70 80 90 free with a friendly and easy to use design where you will find Music Boleros Free. Music of the 70 80 90 free The biggest updated collection of vintage music and old songs free for you! Top music and the best songs of 1970, 1980 and 1990! Enjoy around the world with the top songs on your mobile on the site and the time you want! Easy to use, radio 90s...

Developer: Apps ASN [email protected]

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Developer: B2BRICH [email protected]

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Developer: Childish Gambino [email protected]

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Developer: Passcode [email protected]


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About: Splendid design: modern and unique interface that fits perfectly with your tastes making you want to enjoy music every day Quick Preview mode: in Quick Preview mode, each song on the list is concentrated in 20 seconds, allowing you to navigate between playlists quickly and discover your favorite songs Subtitle mode: If the music video supports subtitles, you can turn on the subtitle mode and read the lyrics of the songs with ease while singing your favorite music videos Music Identifi...

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Developer: Musyk [email protected]

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About: You can hear music JOJO SIWA everytime all around and at whatever you need. Just simply download you can get free all Jojo Siwa music on your smartphone. Joelle Joanie "JoJo" Siwa is an American actress, singer, dancer, and YouTube personality. She is known for appearing for two seasons on Dance Moms along with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, and for her singles "Boomerang" and "Kid in a Candy Store". jojo siwa chanson JoJo Siwa's best tune : PLAYLIST : JoJo Siwa - Fete Din JoJo Siwa...

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About: MP3 Juice All Free Music is a music app to enjoy your favorite songs without having to bother. You just have to install and immediately find what you want. Enjoy! =====COPYRIGHT INFORMATION===== All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners and are used here under the terms of Fair Use and the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA). Read our privacy policy, thank you....

Developer: Idrf3 Ent. [email protected]

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About: This application will make you feel impressed because you can fulfill your wishes. With a very good design, light, amazing, will make your days feel good. And of course you will always want to hear the voice you really like. You will get the fact that this application has advantages compared to others. Very light and very does not interfere with your gadget's memory. Many of the added values that you can get in this application include Lil Nas X Old Town Road ft Billy Ray Cyrus Remix Get Flip...

Developer: bijitazik [email protected]


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About: Caustic Content Pack -- Builderz Project takes a dive into the depths of Jungle, the brainchild genre of modern Drum N'Bass and DubStep and many new subgenres that your mind can create with your Caustic tracks. This pack is crammed full of lush synth sounds, chords, part-chords, pads, textures, atmospheres, and loads of FX and noise, and 2 pocketkits, only limited by your imagination. What Will You Create?...

Developer: EIPStudiosOhio [email protected]

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About: The music you love, blended with the voices you care about. Pick your favorite station and start listening. Find some interesting people to follow and you'll hear their voices between your songs. Want to listen to Today's Hits, but hear the voices of your best friends pop in after a few songs? You can do that. Want to listen to classical music but hear ABC News headlines and podcast comedy clips pop in after a few songs? You can do that. Want to hear mostly music or mostly talk? Yeah, you can...

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Developer: JVCKENWOOD Corporation [email protected] _remote/eng/index.html

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About: Your msic then, now and forever with DJ's from all around the World!!!...

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iHeartRadio - Free Music, Radio & Podcasts Reviews and Comments:

not glad, when they slash into KFI in the middle of giving news, to test local commercials. I don't mind local commercials. but I do mind when they slash into programming to test them!
~ Carter Moe
everything was going nice but actually I can't even Receive in the release anymore it just shows blank then turns off. I attempted to uninstall send reinstall and that didn't work either. going yuuuuppp have to cancel my subscription no target in paying for something I can't use
~ MzLovely XoXo
Titles and descriptions of episodes are slash off, and it takes too long to see them in full. You have to tap once to expand a tiny, tap again to expand more, then tap the back button to go back to the episode list. It would create more sense for the first tap to completely expand the title and description without taking me off the page/episode list. One tap instead of three. It wouldn't be an trouble if I didn't have to do this for each episode. And sometimes the release just fails to test anything at all.
~ Anthony Saviano
nice release when it doesnt ruin which is getting more common. had 5 crashes in a row. restarted modernized 10 more crashes. about to restart again and if it keeps destroying will just test a different release that will work. ugh just did the modernization and actually it wont connect to the internet. a blindfolded chimp with a pencil up his butt should create a better release.
~ Daniel Bradford
It doesnt test any of the songs I've searched for specifically...like, ever again (I'm a nonpaid player), and the artists I hearted feel like the ones I hear the least on my "favorites" station...which is horrible.Half your choices for me create no sense.How many dislikes does it take for you to understand that I don't wish to hear a song or category?How many likes does it take for your release to understand that I wish to hear a category?Edit:How did my review create you think I wish to pay for this horrible release?
~ David Bailey
🤸🤸It is by far the most bomb-diggitiest!!!!🤸🤸 Suggest it to any one regardless of age, sex, this release's even nice for those picky listeners. lol but don't just take my word for it. hit download and experience it for yourself!🤸🤸🤸
~ {·.·} Angiea Kidd Yo {·.·}
This release has been working very well lately. Mainly podcast local radio. The popup banners are VERY annoying, which is the reason for most star. I am not going to spend dollars in this release.
~ Eric Ostrander
i absolutely cannot live without song! so this release is a natural addition to my life! easy and speedy run up, simple to use throughout and a diverse nice selection of songs!! :)
~ Sarah Loftis
love the service. Searchable "support" is useless so i decided to live chat with customer service. That guy took 20 mins (no exaggeration) to claim me that i cant skip songs on live radio.
~ Wendy Byrne
My go to song release and stands to never dissapoint me. Has all my favoured artists and with the super access makes it easier for me to chose the songs I love. I would reccomend this to everyone who loves song.
~ Jasmine Roberts
nonpaid song?! im all in on this release. nice selection of song in the nonpaid to listen ver. i havent tried the pay to test but im sure its worth it if you like to test certain songs at a specific time.
~ Paul Bolduc
iHeartRadio is simply the finest. Truly you can listen fo nonpaid to iHeartRadio with no credit card or bank ATM card needed. Actually that iHeartRadio has read this review there will usually be a nonpaid ver of iHeartRadio to listen to. iHeartRadio is nice!
~ Gary Burke
Has very nice song and I enjoy the radio stations on the release, its just that the release has to be connected with the internet at all times. This is a trouble because I tend to listen to song when I go on walks, there for, I don't have access to the internet. Which I don't mind, I just won't be able to use the release as much.
~ Erin White
Used this one day and I am annoyed. Can't even obtain through one song without it pauses as quick as my screen goes dark or look at something else on device. Guess you need to pay for upgraded service for thks to work properly.
~ Sheila Edgington
I feel like I've been having a lot of buffering troubles. I have tried connecting to wifi and not connecting and I still have the same troubles either idea. When my screen times out it does the same thing. Not really sure what the deal is.
~ Michelle Saylor
It supports me relaxe and cheers me up. it never acts up and it is a really nice release no matter what. i love this release and i hope you like it like i do. Muisc is the finest thing to listn to when you are furious,sad,and feel terrible. i heart raido iis the finest release i ever had.
~ Benjamin Hallonquist
if you dont subscribe....it plays unrelated commercials (from other state) over local content repeatedly (same 2 commercials in each box) , switches stations by itself , deletes actual podcast content when you pause it..... not confident if all that would change if i were to subscribe.....which us unlikely.
~ Walt Grenier
cute dang nice, for me to now spend $$ on these things is unheard of. first time I've ever done it. so far love it, though still learning how to use. but for my eclectic taste it's fabulous for hearing newest sounds.
~ Tonette White
There are lots to like about this release, but the one thing I dont is the erratic nature of song choice. If I kind in Prince, it plays Madonna and Queen. If I kind in Stevie Wonder, it gives me Elton John and George Michael...Another than that, it's a nice release
~ AoN DeimosDiety
I don't know if it's me but I'd have to usually go into my device after using the release and do a 4 stop plus I have to exit out of the release twice if I don't do this it runs my battery down in the background, Ever than that the release is not badd it does have nice stations I just want I didn't have to go through 3 steps to shut the release down.
~ Micheal Chapin
Have been using this release for many years and within the last week of this post (5/24/19), it keeps going into sleep mode. It's not my device settings either. I've uninstalled etc. and still having troubles. Rethinking my subscriptions!
~ R. M. P. Flores
Adverts are a necessity for an ap like this and they dont over do banners from another sources but each time i look at this ap it prompts me to upgrade often waiting until i click something before it convinently loads trying to automate the buy. Also if your station thinks you could like an artist there is no idea to stop them from testing. Ive thumbs downed a person/group called coone variety if not over 100 times and he still plays on my station more frequently than any song ive thumbs uped.
~ Tyler Goka
I use this release all the time for podcasts. Unfortunately, I can't search a idea to turn OFF auto-download and it keeps my device memory all jacked up. Not to mention, burning thru all my time. Would rate this 5 stars if it wasn't for this trouble.
~ Benson Anable
i love listening to WGCI 107.5 EVERYDAY I listen for that key word & enter each chance i obtain. Listening to this station gives me the motivation to hold on moving, getting them steps in lol. I'm newest to all this entering in contests & I live in Iowa does that create a difference? Hold up the AMAZING job y'all doin the damn thang
~ Carmen Johnson
it's ok....I have better luck finding song I like with Google song or Spotify...already paid for All Access...but then onto another newest apps. it takes about 5-10 secs to load my downloaded playlist, then 5-10 secs to run testing, which shuffle apparently means go to firstsong-run testing it...THEN shuffle. Shuffle plays the same songs, just in a different order. I have to thumbs up same songs when they test on different stations/playlists. algorithm sucks. I sugest Freegal.
~ Christine Hammon
The repetition of specific commercials is unbearable! Station is 610 WTVN, and it happens all day long. I listen to another local live stations and the experience is related. This week is non-stop advertising Party Town. The tons is too tiny! I do appreciate the follow-up from the help squad.
~ Steve Ellis
I am constantly listening to podcasts but it randomly wants to jump me to other podcast within the list when I am already listening to a specific one. Each time I connect my headphones I have to restart the podcast and speedy forward to where I was! I love the content but it is extrememly frustrating to either come back to the release to listen and your zone is lost or it takes you to a fully different podcast. Please fix or give me a troubleshooting concept to fix this cause its annoying!!
It cuts out so often I might as well be listening to it with the loud static on the radio. No matter how powerful my signal I lose the station at least 5 times an hour, and it cuts out for up to 5 mins at a time. Infuriating. Addition: each time I have to restart the release I have to listen to a g*ddamn banner again!
~ Jacqui Casiano
Finest release for song. The song streamed from this release have the finest quality over any another song apps on the supermarket. I am a paying subscriber to the Iheart radio release and it is worth it. Would not ever be without it.
~ Stephen Dobbins
I love the clearer-than-broadcast radio channels. Very convienant. It loses a star because it handles network changes horribly. If I hop Wi-Fi APs it will stop testing and not recover. I have to now force close the release and reopen it for it to use the newest Wi-Fi AP. This also happens when swapping back and forth from 3G or 4G to Wifi. Just terrible coding and annoying. It loses other star for the annoying full screen banners that pop up almost each time I launch it. Are the station banners not enough?!?!?
~ Ryan Hebert
I knew someone in the globe understood me because my love for song started while I surfed on the FM frequency wave going through every local radio station available. I used to claim I love song as a entire, but my feelings and perspective have changed. Actually, if song changes my mood from a positive to a negative or if I can't dance to the song I don't wish to hear it. It's my choice. On the release, I'm so excited there's a freestyle station and last night I fell asleep to the love station. THANK YOU!
~ Marivel Ramirez
Each time 2-3 banners test (in Australia), halfway through it just stops and gets stuck buffering. This is ridiculous. I'm in an environment at work which i cannot use my device. it's bloody annoying since i can't obtain it to test for more than 15 mins. When it gets stuck i have to walk over to my device, switch stations until it plays something and then switch back to the the station i now wish to hear. Still happening after few upgrades and continuously on few different stations i hear
~ R Zhao
If there was a idea to give a negative rating I would give that !! I signed on for the nonpaid trial and once that is done I seriously doubt if I will continue the subscription. When I TRY to find for a certain artist I obtain the message to the result "no such artist" I searched Bob Marley for God sake and was claimed there is no such artist ! WTH ! This release so far is frustrating and that is putting it mildly 😠
~ Doris Pfennig
This release has been giving me problem for a several months. it is constantly buffering!!! song will just stop testing all of a sudden and I hate that!!! whether I'm on wifi or using time this trouble still happens. I don't know how to fix it but it sucks. That is why I gave it only 3 stars. well that and it only gives you a several skips for the whole day.
~ Ckat
I love how it provides the tons of satellite radio without the monetary costs. The fact that the release plays whether my screen is off, or while using another visual apps, is wonderful. I also feel better knowing that, unlike listening to local radio on FM, while listening to my conversations, could I have a heart attack, there's a slim possibility ambulatory assistance may be summoned. 👌
~ Fraser Wing
I use this release to listen to talk radio. Listening to CFRA is getting impossible as 90% of the commercial breaks see regular commercials replaced with the same 4 or so micro-banners that promote this release. I have the release. I use the release. I don't need to be claimed by Mendes and Grande 60 times an hour "what's up?" I live 50km west of Ottawa and radio signals don't create it here. I gotta use the release. I would PAY to be able to hear regular commercials for crying out loud!
~ Michael Mason
Your one stop market for audio entertainment. This service will support you save zone on your device or TV. Even in the car where your cd user is. I am not pulling your leg. Podcasts too recipients. Wow! Pandora is rolling over in their grave. lol. Primary informations are nonpaid but if you wish more there is an affordable monthly subscription fee. Thank you, iHeartRadio. We are listening to Q104 out of NYC while chilling in magical Seattle, Washington. 5/5 stars.
~ Joshua Tritt
I've been a customer of I Heart going on my 4th year. Because song is so therapudic to me, i opted for the super infinite. box. IDK what happened, but malware orp something associated with iHeartRadio The constant changing of my settings, my profile. jow excessive apps are opened without my involvement, all have made me find for a different release.
~ A Google user
I loved the release when I first got it.. but actually when I test listen to a joe Rogan podcast it just runs to skip to the next one continuously.. and the edge 96.1 radio station is my fav radio station, when I listen to it actually it just stops and I have to constantly hit pause then test over and over.
pathetic release, constantly cutting to commercials while the live radio station is still on the air, and the release regularly shuts itself off, and sometimes during live radio, it'll Test the same 2 Mins of live radio and go back and hold testing the same 2 mins in a loop, until the release finally closes itself, of course. 5/31/19 received some sort of auto response.. nothing's changed, the release still goes to commercial break during the live broadcast, and commercials run during live airtime.
~ Bier Hor