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About: Enjoy all your TV in one zone with a newest Hulu experience more personalized and intuitive than ever before. The choice is yours - pick a plan featuring Hulus whole streaming library or one that contains the whole library plus 50+ top Live and On Demand channels. Access Hulus gigantic streaming library featuring actual and past seasons from many known shows exclusively streaming on Hulu including Seinfeld, Fargo, South Park and Fear the Walking Dead; bold Hulu Originals you cant stream anywhere else including The Handmaids Tale, Harlots, The Mindy Project, and Casual; along with actual shows, hit videos, babes series and more from many top channels including FOX, NBC, Disney Channel, ABC, Cartoon Network, FX and A&E. Limited and commercial-nonpaid options are available for Hulu plans without Live TV. And actually pick from an option to stream Hulus whole library, plus over ... Show more
Genre: Entertainment Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Hulu
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About: Makar Sankranti is 1st big festival on every year for Hindus. It comes on 14th January on every year. In Makar Sankranti WAStickers App we have many type sankranti sticker. You can now wish everyone by sharing our stickers on your social app. Install app now and start sharing kites and festival season stickers in your chat. Install our app. After installing this sticker app, your messaging app automatically starts showing our sticker pack in that apps sticker area. Just go to sticker are...

Developer: Mobi Studios [email protected]

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About: bobby movie & show Made for those who's like Movies , full as movies free,online movie, movie collection.our app is the best choice for movies free. we will guide you to discover all you need about movies online ,Our app are updated automatically based on a movies API. you will find new online movies reviews ,rating and film trailers every time for free & unlimited movie recommendations,cast, Crew, Director, Producer, Release Date, Rating, Genre, Movie Runtime, Music Director, Singers, Synops...

Developer: Hussam Mustafa [email protected]

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About: New Cyber Flix Tv Series & Movies is the best apk app for you, We are a movie suggestions and finder app to retrieve all details about your favorite new upcoming hd movies to watch online or in cinema box. discover out the high rating movies in our cyberflix Tv apk app by release date or type or top movies are today With so many kinds: new movies, action movies, cartoons, film swordplay, historical drama, comedy cinema, drama,Action Adventure, Sci-fi, Hollywood movies, Crime, Love Movies, C...

Developer: Jerry Cee [email protected]

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About: Welcome to the crazy falling bubble ball crush game! Just tap on the screen and crush the balls! Play this simple yet fun game of tapping the color bubble balls and get the rewards. Be the fastest one to crush the bubble ball, leaving fewer and fewer balls on the screen. But you need to be careful as number of balls will increase to fill up the screen, so tap the same color bubble balls fast. Crushing more than five ball bubble results into eliminating all the same colors of ball at the same ...

Developer: Hello-Game [email protected]

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About: Animal call application contains various animal sounds; Cat sounds Dog Sounds Sounds of birds Hamster sounds Goat sounds Pork sounds Chicken Sounds Duck sounds Dog Whistle Sound package food Pet toy sound Whistle Feature 43 bird sounds in a single track. Play / Stop System Several ways to call your cat or dog with ration pack toy sounds and even whistles. * In each track has more than one type of sound....

Developer: Games&AppsRMB [email protected]

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About: One of the most iconic images throughout the matrix movie matrix video would have to be the falling green code of characters, A Digital Rain of matrix green code of characters. Check out Best Matrix Live Wallpapers 3D, matrix moving wallpaper, different color matrix wallpaper, multi live wallpapers, alphabet wallpapers. Its totally Matrix App, make matrix mobile :) Cool selection of furry wallpapers from matrix revolutions and The Matrix trilogy. with the bonus of some cool matrix l...

Developer: Yogesh Dama [email protected]

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About: Yogo is a fresh, funny,new video community whereby individuals can express opinions, share the hottest and funniest videos! MAIN FEATURES: Funny, Short VideosRalax -Spend time watching tons of enjoyable and amusing short videos while interacting with others all around the world...

Developer: Yogo Technology Co. Ltd [email protected]


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About: DOA...

Developer: Incode Technologies [email protected]

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About: We developed this application is only entertainment purpose.Which is provided daily new link for free spin and coin. Who are interested for this.In which all link is provided by public domain.If any user have any trouble please contact us without any hesitation.We always support you. Features Daily Updated Links Free Coins Free Spins Free Cards Free Gifts Coin Games Spin Games Free Daily Links Category Get free Spin Get free Coin DISCLAIMER This is not an official app and No...

Developer: Kohinurzone [email protected]

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About: Pink Cute Teddy Couple Keyboard Theme is an Impressive & Gorgeous Keyboard With Magenta Pink Icon Pack and Artistry Pink background. Enjoy the experience of Gorgeous and Magenta Pink Icon Pack With Impressive Glitter Love Wallpapers Element Theme For Free. Gorgeous Glitter Love Wallpapers with Compatible Keyboard Will Blow your mind once you started using it. Be The Trendsetter among your friend and get the Impressive Pink Cute Teddy Couple Keyboard Theme For Free. I...

Developer: Glossy Themes Launcher [email protected]

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About: Season 8 of Game of Thrones will premiere on Sunday, April 14, 2019. Please make sure your app is updated with the latest release. Widget might needs to be re-placed (device dependent). This app was made by fans of the great book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin. The book that started the amazing phenomenon of HBO series: Game of Thrones. A show so epic, it keeps breaking records on every season. Getting over 9.5 user rating on IMDB including episodes with 9.9 score! D...

Developer: Kay Apps [email protected]

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About: Free Full Movies & Tv shows Player helps you retrieves list of movies that are currently showing in theaters, new releases opening this week or upcoming new movies soon to be in theaters. Movie info such as synopsis, casts, movie trailer. Features: - Free streaming and download for all movies - Never pay - Discover hidden gems and new favorites - Powerful search - Create your personal Watchlist - Check your History and play again whenever you want - Make your Feedback and Request - Su...

Developer: Cotoooapps [email protected]

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About: Every girl wants to live and have a fairy dream deep inside her heart, so here it is the most stunning and amazing girls coloring pages of fairy with a shiny touch of glitter will make your childhood fantasy come true. All the young teenage girls will love to color the fairy tale princess. With Fairy Glitter Color by number, enter in the world of the fairy glitter coloring world. Select the fairy glitter coloring pages, and start coloring them with the help of the color number palates. A ...

Developer: Coloring by Number - Pixel Art Games : Next Tech [email protected]

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About: You're a fan of BATIM ( Bendy and The Ink Machine ) ? You are very lucky if installing this app " All Batim Songs App for Fans ", you can listen all All Batim Songs , Hope you happy with this app " All Batim Songs App for Fans " Fature app: Streaming ( Bendy and The Ink Machine ) songs Much Songs From BATIM ( Bendy and The Ink Machine ) Menu Playlist with this app: All Batim ( Bendy and The Ink Machine ) songs Batim ( Bendy and ...

Developer: Soundtrak Music [email protected]


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About: Coloring Games for kids , Your Child can Color on book pages and drawing app for kids free on android operating system. Best fun game to Learn Coloring animals for Preschool, Toddlers & kindergarten kids . This is free Coloring book for child doodle games. It is fun and easy way to learn free coloring pages suitable for early elementary kids. After completion of Super coloring book and you can share image with Whatsapp or Facebook to your friends. Collection of variety types of Colo...

Developer: Play-labs [email protected]

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About: just fab Easy to use....

Developer: Bihi hoho [email protected]

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About: FGTeeV Videos 2019 App have the collection of videos for the Fan of Family Gaming Team....

Developer: Muzi Khan [email protected]

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About: Teaching your kids how to paint pictures correctly has never been easier with this educational coloring game. Your kids, both boys and girls, get to pick their favorite super hero in black and white and then they need to pick up the brush, choose a color, and start painting different parts of the super hero. Children will not only learn how to use colors and how to paint, they will also learn how to use their creativity to make some unique super heroes. SuperHero Coloring Book comes with a cl...

Developer: Pon Studio [email protected]

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About: Do you have a Bernese Mountain Dog? Yes, A Berner! This is the ultimate Bernese Lovers Emoji and Sticker app. Just check out the screen shots. Whether you are a dog person or have friends, family and coworkers that are...this app has: *100+ Cute and Hilarious Emojis (more on the way) *Crisp and clear emojis. No more cut off or blurry emojis *No in app purchases. One purchase gets you instant access to all the emojis Have the cutest dog or know someone that does? You can subm...

Developer: Tosh inclusive [email protected]

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About: Alpha Guns a 2D side scroller shooter with classic gameplay and unique mechanics. Features: + Classic arcade gameplay. + 5 different characters to choose from. + 30 Challenging levels. + Lots of bosses and tanks to fight. + Easy to use & a smooth control scheme. + Amazing graphics, cool music and sound. Note: More Updates will be coming soon. Contact us on [email protected] if you need any help!...

Developer: Rendered Ideas [email protected]



Hulu: Stream TV, Movies & more Reviews and Comments:

literally hasnt worked in three weeks. help squad has been relatively unhelpful in claiming me to troubleshoot and then call them...i spent two hours on the device the first time...who has two hours each week to call and test to fix a trouble that nobody can seem to now solve. troubleshooting does nothing needed either. why am i paying for a service that doesnt work for three straight weeks. they need to obtain it together.
~ Emily Johnson
There are so many banners in this that it's insane they're charging recipients dollars to use it. You have to watch a 45 second banner just to run a present, then a 90 second banner after the intro, and then ANOTHER 90 second banner FIVE mins into the present. Idk if there are more because I gave up. Fully ridiculous. Do yourself a favor and use Netflix.
~ Travis Gann
It has really nice selection but major troubles with it's streaming services. I have no troubles with Netflix, Amazon, or HBO streaming but Hulu takes forever to work and if you accidentally hit a button, your device, or allow you device close you have to star the process all over again. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it it runs slow and actually it's giving me error codes claiming it's my connection but Netflix works just fine.
~ Willena Abraham
content in the primary box is very hit and miss. The " hold watching" information is annoying. It doesn't usually hold track of shows you now like to watch. If you click on a present and decide you really don't like it in the first several mins, there's no idea to take it off your hold watching list. Hulu AI then recommend shows for you that you really, really don't like. The only upside is if Hulu is part of large brother, then large brother really doesn't know who you are.
~ Michael Wesselman
Won't allow me pay. Everything shut down. Claims I need to modernization payment stats, but it won't allow me. Support section describes feedback in profile page to do so but they don't exist. Only options are to "retry" the payment, doesn't work, or cancel subscription. That'll be my last choice but getting closer. Hulu please support. My babe needs sesame way.
~ Nualláin Ó Súilleabháin
Horrible performance. They did not have 2019 Super Bowl Coverage. Before you decide to use Hulu, be aware that if you've recorded a sports meeting, Hulu does not extend their programming to contain the overtime. Any sport that goes over their alotted television time is slash off and another programming runs. It is not worth the $48 per month they wish to charge for their inferior product. A one star rating is not weak enough
~ William Crelin
4/18/19: takes too much effort to upgrade subscriptions (can't do it in-release, requires external browser). Shows episodes that can't be played and gives no reason why. Previously: Expensive for an release plays something random each another time, still has banners, and offers content I can't test. Unrelated and random content when you click something specific. They go out of their idea to create sure there's no idea to submit feedback or bugs. Auto test is either fully random or not at all.
~ A Google user
This actual ver of Hulu test is the worst!!!!!! It almost makes me wish to drop hulu. First of all, I'm having a much harder time finding shows. What the (bleep) is the target of having streaming video if I can't search anything? Second. Who the (bleep) decided that testing videos in a tiny small window, that you have to click on to full screen, was a nice concept? No seriously. Who on the planet decided that was a nice concept? Seriously. Someone convinced a entire squad of designers and claimed, "recipients like the tiny small video windows with their shows so they can see what's testing next". Third, it interfaces like a monkey. Bring back the old ver!!!
~ Nathan Johnson
Hulu has been acting up a lot lately. I have contacted customer service with no support. I have no another troubles streaming on Netflix and live TV. I am just having error troubles with hulu. Yet they are claiming me it's my device. I tried other device and it's the same trouble. Apparently all my devices are broken. Hulu need to obtain it together really speedy or they will be loosing their customers. me being on of them.
~ Karen
I used to love Hulu! Until their most newest upgrade! Stupid! I had a bunch of shows saved on my watchlist, they're no longer saved! I used to be able to see all the shows with unwatched episodes in a line, waiting for me to create a choice & enjoy, & there was different catergories with lines of shows/videos easily visible; but that's all gone! Actually they let you to see one present possibility at a time, & you have to navigate through much more to search anything worthwhile! Thinking about cancelling!
~ Becky Woods
Hulu Live has so many glitches I probably cannot address them all in this review. One of them is it will jump back about 5 mins from the live cast. Then you have to speedy forward to the live cast or back out and come back to the present. It does this often. Also the format for recording is not player friendly. If you add favoured present it will automatically record everything. If you record one episode it will force you to add it to My Equipment. Not enough room for me to explain further my distaste.
~ Isaac C
I've had mostly very nice experiences with the release, however about a week ago the release quit allowing me to stream videos on my device. I hold getting an error code. I contacted the support center and they had me run a connection play and claimed that it was too slow to stream. later I connected to my home Wi-Fi which I have been using to stream over my TV, and still the release on my device didn't work. It will test about nine seconds of the commercial at the very beginning and then just freeze.
~ Cass Bate
Actually I remembered why I ended up trying to cancel this. It's been a several months. Do not upgrade to No banners cuz guess what? You end up paying $50 and you STILL obtain banners. And it's impossible to cancel. I tried and I obtain claimed to just pause subscription. So I came back on trying to change plan back to what I had. $11 a month with banners. I can't. It claims manage accounts but it won't allow me change anything. I really miss Hulu. But screw you guys. I refuse to pay $50. I'll just cancel. 😠
~ Christina Molina
I don't mind a lot of banners, but their placement is just outright annoying. You can't even run watching a present without 90 seconds of banners. Even if you JUST WATCHED a set of banners from one present, you're forced to watch other set when you switch to a newest one. You're also forced to watch a set of banners when you rewind or speedy forward too far (again, even if you just watched a set). They could at least limit how often banners can occur. Back to back sets are just ridiculous.
~ Kevin Shibley
Everything was working nice until the casting icon to my TV disappeared from my release. Apparently my Sony TV isn't compatible to have the live TV icon. But the icon on my device so it wasn't a large deal to cast what I wanted to watch live through my device onto my TV. When it disappeared from the release, customer service had no explanation and claimed I required to buy an adapter for Hulu to have the live option on my TV. Why? Just fix the icon on the release - it was working just fine before!
~ Paige Thomas
I have been enjoying Hulu over some another streaming apps. It has met my expectations. Ive found a mutiude of shows I like, and some nice documtaries which i love watching. For me its worth the $5.99 I pay every month. Have had it for 3 or 4 months actually and will continue to watch it. Other thing I like is they have ABC news shows. You obtain them the next day (or before). so at least im not missing the news which I watch each morning...
~ Kaye Reis
in a week i had unauthorized log-ins on my profile. fb, netflix, crunchyroll, google, yahoo, and many more blogs and apps prevented this before over the years. not hulu. they just claimed it happened. they didnt stop it. they didnt give me any more stats on what happened. tried to dig into it more and got nowhere. Not trusting them with my personal stats ever again. 1 week and my safety is breach, no thanks.
~ Cheyne Robinson
Hulu used to work, each actually and again I obtain a green screen with just audio but doing a power cycle to clear the cache would fix it. suddenly the last two weeks I usually obtain the green screen with audio, clearing the cache and doing a reboot does not fix it anymore. I have to uninstall the release then clear the cache, then reinstall each time. reinstalling alone does not fix either. I have to cancel the service. It's just too much of a hassle.
~ Craig
If you pay bonus for the commercial skip and DVR it is not terrible, but live TV is horrible. If you wish to watch something that is being recorded it makes it extremely hard to run from the beginning and does not let you to skip commercials even when you have enough buffer to skip through them. Also, while a commercial is testing it won't allow you restart or rewind. Can't sort the DRV, everything appears in random order. No programming walkthrough. Too many another primary informations that it could have, but doesn't. It's like the designers have never heard of Tivo. Modernization. I kept waiting for the service to obtain better, it got much worse. I was paying bonus for no commercials and everything had commercials, no skip, no speedy forward. I went with other service.
~ A Google user
What is going on? Soft modernized and suddenly most of my live channels disappeared. They better come back asap. I'm also no longer able to control the volume from my device when casting to my TV. Thanks a bunch. Edit 4/22/19: Welp. You screwed it up again. Each time you modernization my Hulu stops working! Tired of struggling to use this and I'm about to just claim screw it and go back to cable!
~ Wendy Hoeme
The Hulu library quit working on my device. The live channels still work fine but none of the shows are working in their library. Im paying nice dollars for this service so fix it Hulu. Not cool.
~ Rich Oberst
"No Commercials" is 100% false. If you are considering paying for this service, you need to know that you WILL watch commercials 80% of the time you are watching content. In speaking with customer service about what the word "No" means, they claim me that they have no true control over how many commercials the networks present. They limit commercials as much as possible, but almost each network will contain limited commercials. If what I'm getting is "None", standard commercials would be unbearable
~ Rachel Major
The content is nice. But the streaming is poor. Hulu could take a page from Netflix and stream at whatever speed they are using. Netflix streams at a lower speed, saving it's customers on time usage. I can stream on Netflix when I can't connect to Hulu. Unfortunately, Netflix content is terrible. Hulu, if you wish my dollars you gotta fix this trouble. It can be done. Take care of your your customers! Allow me know if you fix this trouble and I will return. Until then I am canceling.
~ Andrew Goulet
~ -Par4No2]v[aL- BEARIZONA
its horrible. the "upcoming" system is horrible, the "add on" system is horribe, and the largest thing i have versus it is that i wish to watch some avengers videos and apparently a video that came out THREE YEARS AGO can't be seen until June.
~ VTM BillyBlox
Well I would love to claim I enjoy hulu. If perhaps hulu would approve my card and allow me use their services but that seems like it won't happen so until this is rectified. 1 star is all they deserve.
~ Paul Piergiovanni III
while i was watching one of my favoured television shows, i found many spelling errors in the description and captions, as well as getting non-babe friendly banners on a CHILDREN/TEEN TV SHOW.
~ GoldieDoggy aj
Bummer, I got Hulu because they had "If Loving you is Wrong" television series by Tyler Perry in which I was only able to see Seasons 1-3, actually I'm hearing they will not be streaming the series online anymore, so I have no need for the release.
~ Debbie McKenzie
I don't mind waiting the next day for the shows I like if it means that I don't have to watch commercials! It's nice! I definitely suggest Hulu.
~ Jackie
I like this release I can watch my favoured shows I would give it a 5 star if they fixed the bug when you finish an episode and run a newest one it freezes and then you have to exit the video and run it again it's annoying but overall the release is nice.
~ Brandon Arroyo
Not much to pick from. Usually I search a video that id like to watch that appears to be offered by Hulu, im disappointed that it is an bonus charge and you have to subscribe to a different service to watch. what is the target in paying for Hulu? There is only one present i like on this APP that is nonpaid. going to cancel after this season.
~ Victoria Wilson
create season 3 through season 9 of Fairy Tail all English with possible because freaking it is it has suspended cute much everything that I was going to watch literally even most of the episodes that I've clicked on are either Japanese or something else yeah I have no concept what the heck it is the freaking you know the language on the episodes just don't create no sense to me at least it doesn't to me it might be you guys but it doesn't to me
~ lisa schott
what's going on? I've recently just downloaded the hulu release, and have my subscription paid but there are exclusive shows? what the heck? I just wish to watch the shows that I wish without having to pay even more!
~ Grace Dille
so i recently wanted to test hulu on demand live television with no adds. i think theres some bugs that have to be worked out when being used on a small device like usually having gps on to watch live stream television. that uses crazy battery consumption while streaming obtain rid of it.maybe turn on gps one time when scanning for local channels and leave it at that.and if you have hulu on demand instead of the standard hulu subscriptions. on live television it freezes at a video stage and i have to pause and run over
~ yodaddy nuggems
I love this release. It works well and there is a lot of nice equipment to watch but can you please let us to download episodes to watch offline. Netflix has this and it's nice for long car trips when you don't usually have signal.
~ Fire Bug
I like the small release and the apps for Roku and my LG TV. Just wish to know when are you guys going to modernization the Hulu release for Mobile TV, it's hideous and very unintuitive. Mobile TV release won't sync with Hulu apps on my another devices.
~ Rudolph Smith
I love this release and usually have!!! Its a nice release for all video/television present lovers! Iv been using this release cute much since they created Hulu and iv never really had any troubles with the release on my device. Its usually given nice quality in the videos and has a HUGE selection to enjoy. I suggest this release to any of the video/television lovers that like to binge and cant obtain enough of it!!! 5 stars!!! 💯👌🏻
~ Christian Reed
Videos randomly freeze and you have to back out and go back into the episode to fix it. This happens often. Sorts your recents in no particular order, sometimes sorting the most recently watched all the idea down bottom. Neither of these troubles occur with the Netflix release or any another such as Tubi or Youtube.
~ Anthony Nardelli-Allan
I like Hulu but not the actual release ver. The background noise is too loud; the dialogue is nearly indistinguishable. Your choice is to turn your volume up so loud you harm your ears with the background noise but might create out the dialogue half the time, or use captions This trouble is on the two different devices I tried, all the banners and all four different shows I tried - when they were fine a week ago. It makes it unusable for me, so I will cancel my subscription if they don't fix it.
~ Linda Young
I've had hulu for many years but recently with the last 3 upgrades to be exact. My recorded nor previous shows or videos will playback. I obtain an error code. The live television will work. I've named twice in hopes of fixing this trouble. It was a waste of time on my part. They recommended a hard rest to my device. No thanks I don't wish to possibly ruin all my another stats for this release. Hope no one else is going through this same thing.
~ Sonya Hale