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About: Hue Pro is a newest idea to use your Philips Hue lighting system. It provides all the informations of the native Philips Hue Mobile app, such as lighting presets. But it can also be used for scheduling meetings with alarms and timers. By scheduling an meeting you can set light presets to come on (or off) at a specific time in the future! Hue Pro is designed to create using your Hue lighting system much easier and more convenient. With Hue Pro's Wifi Detection, you can have your lights turn on to a preset of your choice as you walk in your home's door! Or turn off as you leave! (These informations have been moved to a separate release named Hue Pro Tasker. Check it out!) With Hue Pro, you can even control your lights away from home! (Forwarding port 80 on your router to the bridge) Documentation on how to do this is inside the app! Hue Pro Lava Lamp! Turn your room into a live ... Show more
Genre: Lifestyle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 6MB Developer: Prismatic LLC
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Hue Pro Reviews and Comments:

Have used this & the Tasker for a year & when things work they do so well. Over the last several months behaviour has been erratic with bulbs in a long established group failing yo turn on, off, or being dimmed to nearly 0%. I've restart & recreated light schedules only to have the trouble recur after. I'm installing some different apps & resetting the bridge to test to determine if it's a trouble with the bridge, release or another variables.
~ Patricia Morris
Nice release. Been using for years. Would you mind upgrading the release icon to be a newest "Adaptive Icon" for Mobile 8.0? Hue Pro is one of my only apps that is outdated.
~ Corey Vidal
This is nice work. I wanted it for the widgets, and it pulls them off nicely on all of my mobile devices/devices. Speedy solution for those that may have had troubles with the widgets connecting - create sure Hue Pro isn't an release the battery management can control.
~ ryan spiegl
Purchased it for the schedule ability, BUT only obtain "schedule error" message and to modernization the bridge with the newest soft. The hue lights and bridge are the newest 3rd Generation of lights. Can`t suggest because of that, sorry.
~ Russ Roberts
I have been a long time customer of this release and have loved each moments even when an trouble had risen. Ben, thank you for the release and constant support you give back and for implementing informations another apps don't have.
~ S H
Can't connect on my note 8. Times out! Works fine on my fire 10 device. Modernization. Tried for days to connect to my newest note 8 unsuccessfully. Just tried again and connected fine. So glad it's working actually.
~ Vickie Collier
Incredible release to control Hue lights. My favoured information is the ability to make custom animations that can change color and intensity of lights over time. I have a sunrise one that runs dim and red/orange, then gradually changes to bright and white.
~ Loren Jones
I prefer this over the official Hue release! but is there any idea to reorder the bulbs in the list so that they can be picked more easily? I have 27 lights and picking them for grouping is such a painful process.
~ David Hwee
I'm back to rating this release 2 star the bulbs seem to have a mind of their own actually... even with helps support and troubleshooting certain lights hold flickering on and off I cannot set task for them to turn on at certain times or when connected to Wi-Fi they won't turn on... very annoyed afyer paying $200 and stuck in a dead end
~ Doubleohdan daniel
Nice release made better with the tasker add on. Have had a trouble with it lately. This release has caused one of my lights to usually switch back on instantly after switching off. Uninstall/reinstall + wiping all cache and time, no fix. Checked with different apps (including philips official) and philips switches. The only solution to getting the light to stay off is to force stop Hue Pro. After doing so, when tested with all another apps and switches, the light will stay off.
~ Clayton Howlett
Used to work perfectly for yrs, actually after modernization on Galaxy Note8, cannot connect to the bridge no matter what I do. Connection times out. Wife's Galaxy S7 Edgeworks fine... she hasn't modernized. The iOS ver works fine on my iPhone. Modernization broke it. Fix it! Can't use my Hue lights. THANK YOU Prismatic LLC., you actually suck. You'll never obtain a cent from me again, unless this is fixed ASAP!
~ Jim Sipple
The release is more functional than the Philip's release. It works well enough. However, the interface is one of the most dated and ugly UI's I have used in used in the past two years. The developer could invest in an interface designer. The functionality is mostly there but patting yourself on the back for that is like patting yourself on the back for getting a C+ among a bunch of C- and F students. I docked one star for the interface. The another star was docked because I have to use the Tasker release to schedule an animated stage. I am guessing this is due to the lack of an API, but that doesn't matter to the end consumer. The fact remains that I have to use other release to schedule what could be primary functionality and that process is not consumer friendly. Overall this release is a nice effort with potential. I'll add the stars back when these troubles are addressed.
~ Kenneth Larson
Does the job but has some flaws. Very unpredictable behaviour overall. Lavalamp mode runs working after 5 mins or so. And there is not a typical lavalamp flow going on. It's like the pattern that Claims which bulb has to change is not reaching all of the bulbs. And some change color at finest each 5 mins. I did run some extensive tests last days and came to the conclusion that lavalamp mode now is a random color mode.
~ A Google user
Previously I used the Philips Hue Gen 1 release until it suddenly stopped connecting to my bridge when I was outside my home. I couldn't install the Gen 2 ver of the Philips Hue release as it wasn't compatible with my ver of Mobile (I use an antique device from 2014). I then connected my Hue bridge to the internet via port forwarding on my router and DynDNS and I use this release to control my bridge directly without using the Philips server. It works like a charm actually, I'm very glad with it.
~ Ilse Joostens
widgets no longer functional after newest modernization
~ LT G
please fix the widgets. stopped working since the last modernization on my s10+... edit: thnx for the speedy response, cant wait for the fix, love this release 👌
~ Freddy Meijer
Finest release for Hue lights!
~ jody gentry
Constantly shuts off . Save your $1.99 this is garbage
Requires Sun up/down option for schedules
~ A Google user
my widget doesn't work anymore
~ j allen
Finest Mobile Hue release for controlling scenes.
~ Andrew Stein
Nice Soft but needs a UI overhaul and the Widgets recently stopped working
~ Constantin Scholl
purchased it for lava lamp. it constantly needs restarting to work.
~ Brenden Jones
Love the system. use it each day. A tiny expensive, but!!!
~ Barry Milne
i like the release but recently the tiner function stopped working. actually i can't change the scheduled on and off timers i had configured before.
~ Cas Eliëns
I've used a bunch of Hue apps, and this is my go-to. i don't even download the Philips release anymore.
~ C. Drew Gamble
this would be a 5 star if my lava lamp would just stop turning itself off. i have to go back in the apo ever several mins and resume it
~ A Google user
It's barely more functional than the default hues release. You're paying a couple bucks to create your lights randomly change colour. The song release doesn't do anything in sync with your song.
~ A Google user
This is my main Hue release. It's the only release so far that lets me set lights to K temperature, x,y, or pick color by touching screen. I use "schedules" to auto fade on in morning w my alarm to wake up. Finest wake up. It does everything I need & nonpaid w out banners. Lights to song or lava lamp, animated lights, schedule on/off for groups or individual. I hardly use any another Hue apps.
~ andrea a
This release is the *only* one with serious widget help. Another functions work as expected, but I have to dock one star since there is zero mention/config for accessory (remote and sensors), and this is cute standard for another 3rd party Hue release.
~ Arya Senna
Behaves some of the time. It will randomly disconnect from the bridge, and when i test to reconnect with my IP address manually, it still claims "unable to establish connection".
~ Madison Monroe
Edit: modernized my territory in Phillips hue release and schedule is actually calibrated. Thanks for the support! Has the informations I need. The widgets work well, but lack customizability. My "schedule" commands seem to be happening 2 hours later than they're set to. These tiny troubles do not hold this from being the most versatile hue controller, but it would be great if they were fixed.
~ Guy Manning
Have used for the last 2 years with no troubles, particularly like the customisable widgets, however recently the schedule seem to be changing on their own, either the face disappears or the chosen presets changes, very annoying, have had to stop using schedule.
~ John Fitzgerald
nice release but the main thing i use it for is to sync with song and it stops working when my screen times out. comes on instantly when i unblock the device again. is there a setting that will hold it going?
~ Rick Shepard
Adding or removing lights causes the rooms in the release to become all screwed up. Mentioned this to the dev a while ago yet nothing has changed. Soft also hasn't been modernized in over a year and a half. Disappointed with the pro ver that I paid for.
~ Matt Wydra
Nice, but should be better... I have several troubles, but you could have an option to set different bulbs on different timers. I like my living room to be deep sea but I would like my kitchen lights come on in evening as relax. So far this seems impossible to do.. only one alarm setting for all bulbs:(
~ Steve Bigley
Love this release, very flexible. The widgets seem to have stopped working since i modernized my galaxy S9 to Samsung's One UI however. Reinstalling, clearing release time and cache then restoring from a backup has fixed the trouble, nice as newest again. :)
~ Rayn Abanaki
Tasker commands actually fully broken with newest modernization. If you're going to screw with things, at least give us the option to download an earlier ver of the release. Some of us relied on this release, and chose it in the first zone, for it's reliability.
~ Angela Lehto
doesnt really work that well. I don't use it there are another apps that seem to work better. I would like a refund if possible. glitchy when controlling 40 lights. setting things on forever loops seems to usually stop at some target. I was expecting more from a payed release.
~ michael atterbury
Ridiculous release. Yes it provides a clean API for creating animated colour scenes, but any animations only work when the release is launch. This means if your device is turned off, or you're looking at a different release, the animation will stop. What an absolutely ridiculous oversight from the developers. I would have rated much higher if not for this wonderful bout of stupidity. Simply unacceptable, the release is essentially unusable actually for me.
~ Michael Ala