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About: HotSchedules is the industry's leading employee scheduling release because its the fastest and easiest idea to manage your schedule and communicate with your squad. Squad members love it because they can swap, pick-up or version shifts with one click. Work-life balance is easily managed with automatic shift pick ups when you wish more hours and time off requests for when you dont. Calendar sync and info hold your Schedules and the roster automatically modernized to your device with any manager-approved changes. Managers appreciate the 75% time savings when building schedules and one-click approvals for shift changes. The ability to monitor business performance with sales and labor snapshots from anywhere, keeps them out of the back office. And most importantly, staying connected with broadcast and one-to-one messaging makes for a glad and productive squad culture. NOTE: T ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 13MB Developer: HotSchedules
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HotSchedules Reviews and Comments:

Having a ton of troubles with the release. I haven't been able to see thr roster in weeks. I have named few times and been claimed it has been fixed few times without any actual changes.
~ Jamie Sherlock
Keeps me modernized, no matter what time it is. I love this release, as well as loving my job. Ive just been having problem getting on hot schedules. I'm going to test to modernization the release.! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 WISH ME LUCK.!!
~ A Google user
Was a Time, not too long ago, when this release was Superior in each idea. Recently they allow the Guy in the Clown Shoes create some decisions. Soft is garbage, true Trashbag equipment here, compared to the easily available ver that was available before. The Guy that harm, degraded and toileted this piece of Poor Grade Dog Meal needs to go work in his Brother-in-Law's Thrift Market, or, his Mom's Discount Nail Salon if she will believe him to obtain the appointments and hours of operation right. Have my doubts
~ The Fulness
Do Not Get! for over a week, maybe two, we can not load the roster. Had to go back to printing the 4 page schedule as it's no longer convenient. why would it take so long for a fix?
~ Christopher Bartosik
I need this release for my work, and it upgrades idea too often or doesn't work at all. This release could operate more efficiently, especially when it deals with recipients's livelihood.
~ Elyse Madden
I need to buy this release for work, otherwise I wouldn't know my schedule for the next week. but it take absolutely for ever to load even what I have 5G 😫 and I just absolutely hate it. I want we would switch to something else. For having to pay for this release the quality really sucks.
~ Jasmine Guy
does what it claims but its slow. Its needed to have an profile with the company i work for. Was using the browser ver but got sick of logging in often. once its faster, its 5 stars.
~ Graylan Willocks
It's one of those magical apps that somehow becomes less functional with every successive modernization. If you can log in without troubles and manage to stay logged in for three consecutive sessions, you've essentially won the lottery. HotGarbage would be a more fitting name.
~ Talmadge Bradley
what a worthless release. Works maybe 10 percent of the time if you're lucky, and you have to pay dollars for it. can really only send messages and check posted schedule from my PC which defeats the purpose of having a small release. after 5 years of using this release, it doesnt deserve a single star.
~ Tanner Rank
Why is it so hard to create an release that logs recipients in correctly? I dont understand. The troubles have not been resolved.
~ Will Evans
this release is nice but it crashes and glitches out idea to much for an release you have to pay for. also, when synching to google calendar, the time zones obtain all messed up and it shows my schecule an hour later than im supposed to work.
~ Chelsea Harpe
modernization troubles. haven't had any troubles lately, normally works nice. ever since the modernization, I've had to reinstall the release to test and work through the bugs. but it is still being buggy when I go to view the roster section of the release.
~ Elizabeth Brady
Absolutely terrible release, takes forever to sign in. Half the time it forgets my login and makes me retype it, another times it just logs me in after it takes forever. I'm so sick of having to wait 5 mins for the release to decide to work, then figure out if I need to relog-in, then it takes forever to do that. Dont worry, if you have full signal and battery, it's still going to take forever. Icing on the cake is being forced to buy such an terrible release just to know my schedule to go to work. not worth it
~ Jennifer Curtis
this release sucks the blog has idea more options in this release does.it's hard to swap or version shifts on this release and it's also harder to view who is working on any given shift managers, cooks etc
~ わるいJayBee
this release makes you modernization for things that slow your device down. i want i had other option in which to obtain my schedule. if you are changing the screen color, and that's why I have to modernization please stop. UNSATISFIED!
~ Justin Stampfli
Why is this release so slow? I don't have this trouble with any another apps I use. When I wish to check my work schedule I literally launch the release and set my device down, then I go and do another things for at least 5 mins because I'm just waiting.
~ Hallie Newcomer
My company has been using for 7+ years, as a manager having the release is definitely very useful & convenient. However this past modernization no longer allows us to see actual versus theoretical hours for squad members only what they originally were scheduled on the roster, a HUGE dissapointment as we relied on that information everyday to track labor. Would also love the option to use the OLD scheduling module that was simplified. Having to scroll up/down constantly is annoying, as a entire harder to view.
~ A Google user
I was needed to obtain this release for my job so i downloaded it. As upset as i am with this release, i have only myself to blame. All i had to do was go to HS squad or hotschedules nonpaid and i would have saved $3.00. No difference in the release whatsoever. Very shady
~ Gentle Tingles ASMR
it's decent. I still don't understand the high price target for what is essentially a contact list and calendar. maybe it's just me. also for what it costs you figure you'd obtain a "remember me" login information at least. plenty of nonpaid apps have that.
~ Kyle Kirch
I like being able to pick up and version shifts on HotSchedules, but i absolutely hate how it never shows my slash times. iPhone players have the ability to view what time theyre supposed to obtain off work, which supports a lot with shift planning, but mobile players dont have the same functionality. if that were fixed, this would probably be the most needed release on my device, because I'm never switching over to Apple products.
~ John Carver
super clumsy especially when i paid for it and I'm needed to have it for work. TIME OFF: the calendar doesnt reflect the correct date when i click on the day i wish even after fixing the times... so that sux MESSAGES: after reading a message i have to go back to messages to go to the next unread cuz if i delete a message it opens up the older one not the newest one.... so thats annoying
~ jennifer dinklage
this is the dumbest release. It NEVER works!! claims schedule isn't available when I know it is! I have to constantly log in again and again even though it's supposed to save my login stats and hold me logged in. so stupid. not worth the several dollars. just hold using the blog.
~ A Google user
I cant even obtain pass the log in stats to make an profile.. it's like stuck on that page even know all the green checks are marked.. frustrated cuz I've tried few times. plus I paid for this release. what's the deal??
~ Collz Mariposa
Doesn't launch half the time. Filters for my rosters don't save (Even though it did BEFORE the modernization). Various tabs don't launch unless you restart the release, and even THAT works half the time. All of this happens WHILE ON WIFI by the idea. I'm not going to cry over spending $3-$4 on an release, but if you're going to charge recipients to use an release, create sure it works. You're better off using the web browser.
~ Roacherino
Poor release! Worked fine for about 1 week actually it will NOT allow me as it "does not recognize my correspondence,username,password", nothing. I can not obtain support as it does not recognize my correspondence. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can obtain back into this release and see if I'm working or not?! ridiculous.
~ Ginny Dercole
It does not work well and even when it does the interface is not intuitive like othets ive used. Takes forever to load. I obtain info less than half the time. the rest of the time i go off my correspondences to know ive been messaged on the release. I use a Pixel 3, so I dont think my device is the trouble. I can't trust i had to pay $3 for this crappy release. If you are an emolyer thinking of using an release dont be cruel to your employees by using this one. will create newest review if it ever stops sucking.
~ Mallory DeSalvo
Hasn't properly loaded my roster in a week. Plenty of another troubles they never fix and I had to pay for this release. It's costing me dollars and time actually because I have to run to the pc just to check the schedule or adjust it!!. Fix your freaking release!! Modernization 3-26-19: Did you seriously add informations while your release is still broken?
~ Steven Mills
I hate this thing so much. Not only does it take 20 mins to load up, the vast majority of the time it simply wont approve your login stats. feel nonpaid to obtain it if you enjoy entering your stats 500 times wondering if you're going insane just for it to randomly allow you in finally, freeze up, then give you a heavy error report. hate how hotschedules is considered essential for jobs, but at least the desktop ver is nonpaid. I thought a several bucks for convenience was worth, but no convenience here.
~ Patrick Floyd
its a nice release but I already paid for the release and just brought a newest iphone. how can i add the release to my newest device without having to re pay
~ ronald norris
after the most newest modernization, the hotschedules takes an extended amount of time to load, shuts itself down where you have 5o not only click on the release again, but login again as well. very irritating. At what target could we expect this trouble resolved? Actually it's claiming I have a terrible internet connection....while I'm sitting next to my modem. Really guys? This release has been around since 2010 and this is whatcha got so far?
~ Uriah Rodriguez
Most newest modernization took away the ability to see who else is scheduled during our shifts, something I need for my job. please address
~ lucas greenwell
type of upset that it not only took the 2.99 from me but also an bonus dollar. came up as a separate buy. I know it's only a dollar but dollars is dollars
~ Breanna Phipps
becoming more hard to use oh nevermind. it just completed...its not that terrible but i did have to delete some equipment this time to create room for the modernization. This release works just fine the idea it is. STOP or Please enough with the upgrades. Thank you i have been a Hotschedules player since 2011. Over all the years that I have used this release i can claim that this is the finest idea to handle scheduals . i had more to claim on positive notes but wouldn't fit so....
~ SuPErNaUt 727
this release sucks. it wont launch half the time so i have to go on the web anyway. IF you can obtain the release to launch schedules take forever to load. thanks for nothing
~ Michele Johnson
Soft is slow and does not let any admin changes or schedule config/changes. Soft hangs and will present error. blog not much better with ui that os hard to use, hard to search approved time off requests, annoying to make newest shifts as ot auto moves the cursor and 90% of the time doesnt do ot correctly giving the wrong timestamp. blog hangs constantly and is sliggish on older computers. back to the release. why does this release cost $3? we pay $2 a month per employee and every one has to pay $3?
~ Anthony Winslow
so many frustrations lately... 1. release takes ages to load, or just DOESN'T & freezes / crashes 2. doesn't hold me logged in 3. when I DO obtain a screen to enter my username/pw, it claims they're invalid - yet I can log in with them on the blog 4. haven't been getting message alerts from manager or co-workers so yeah...release doesn't even work at the most primary lvl & I can't even log into it to search out what else doesn't work
~ Aubree Tipton
What a waste of dollars. I spent $3 for the ease of using the release rather than pulling up the webpage each time I wanted to check the schedule. I am only able to view my own, which I already know. There are no options for "roster" or "everyone else working" (as the hotschedules blog explain there are) to view my squad's schedule. I am the supervisor and have the same access as the whole squad, but am the only one who cannot view another workers during my scheduled shifts. Simply infuriating.
~ Lauren Parks
this last modernization changed alot on Mobile players. i cannot write correspondences to anyone anymore. i am not able to view who else is working or who isnt to swap, obtain shifts covered and/or pick up. this release used to work great until last week (for me).
~ Jen Ramirez
~ Jeffrey Lello
My shedule gets modernized on Sunday night, but by then the release has logged itself out so tapping the info to see my schedule just brings up a blank window with a progress indicator that never goes anywhere. Newest modernization asks me to rate my shift 30 mins after it ends when there is no obvious idea to do it. Again, tapping the info does nothing but bring up my schedule, and there is no "Rate" option on the menu. Better off just using the blog and removing the release.
~ Lou Cypher