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Horoscope Pro - Free Zodiac Sign Reading   
About: Horoscope Pro, the nonpaid horoscope release that will explain your life and future. Unique Informations One release in hand for all zodiac sign reading Unpaid professional zodiac horoscope tricks for everyday life Read everyday/weekly/monthly/yearly zodiac horoscope predictions in 2018 Fortune rating of love/career/dollars/health Your own horoscope characteristic analysis specialist Secret crystal ball usually bring you solution according to your puzzles Scratch a piece of paper, obtain your lucky number & color for today Detailed description available for all Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
Genre: Entertainment Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 24MB Developer: Horoscope Team
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Horoscope Pro - Free Zodiac Sign Reading Reviews and Comments:

I'm able to wait for tomorrow to see it will bring. 😄
~ Marcella-Ann Addams
It is nice!The only negative thing are the cookies.But it is o.k though!
~ Agimarta Lula
I think that my reading today is cute accurate, as i,am in the middle of trying to obtain a newest project started.
~ James Wright
It really hit the nails on the head🔨
~ Nakeia Lee
somewhat accurate. banners are annoying though.
i feel if its claiming me something a bout my life.
~ Juan Castaneda
This release is very nice. I like this release.. 👍
~ Mohammad Abdullah
Enjoy this a lot and it is real to form so far.
~ Linda Ortega
today's horoscope fit so great having to do with this Memorial weekend
~ Leone Demery
it motivates you.. just have it and obtain the success! 😁🙏
~ Jaishree Jaiswal
cute cool my experience now was very positive and the readings were on similar to what im going through.. and thr crystal ball was nice
~ Stacy Jennings
I love this release so much❤but there is a trouble there is a lot of banners🤷‍♀️
~ Aya Amir016
i like this release very much but for the past several days the icon of this release is missing from my release list.. but im getting the info and all... can you please look on this?
~ Sree Hari
foul release in the history of the test shop.👎👎👎👎
~ Ayon Rajesh Cha
this release is almost type of creepy how accurate it is! this is my favoured horoscope release!
~ kendra mabey
i didnt wish to rate it right actually but its insistive for me to do it before i have had a chance to dislike it
~ ScottLynn Campbell
like the release but I do not like all the banners that I obtain with it.
~ Christina h
its very accurate, but it doesn't really respond what i need!!
~ Scooby12 Scooby12
Horoscope pro Unpaid zodiac is the finest. they are right with everything they print. thank you
~ Luisa Roman
I swear these horoscopes readings I be getting off of here I be feeling like that day or at that time in my life love them
~ A Google user
Majority of the time it is accurate in some form. I like knowing what I can expect.
~ Kasi Helmly
If you, are as nice, as you guys claim. Not being, rude( you know,who I'm) I need guidance, when your reading, yourself, you obtain it twisted. I already, love your release.
~ Beth VanBuskirk
Unique, splendid, nice... I really like it, in closing have a unbelievable Sunday...
~ Lexx Ball
it was usually cute much rite on with what was about to take zone in my life ya knw .. It gave me a heads up alot times..
~ Becky Higgins
supports you to ensure your feelings and bring light to the real you. Each case is different, but to keeps you launch about yourself and the case at hand.
~ dean durst
I was kidnapped, with cloriform & either on a rag. I seen the rag coming at me. I did'nt have a fighting chance to even test to obtain away. Also, I had been pulled over by the cops. I could have been going to jail. But instead I ended up at few rock concerts. I would do alot of methamphetamine & wait to be taken or i would delibratly break a law so I would obtain pulled over. For the longest time I never went to jail??????? Also hangin out with my dudes there was usually this strange guy followin
~ Renee Williams
cute much spot on I like the encouragement! it makes me feel nice and like I'm getting nice solution of course I love astrology but I also think some of it is meant to be heard from God so just what I wanted to hear or required to hear!
~ Heather Blackburn
nothing but a virus...i wouldnt even give it one star but you cant go less...horrible release full of viruses that i still cant obtain off my device....DO NOT DOWNLOAF THIS [email protected]
~ Ron Stage
Have had this release for a while actually... I so very much love this release! I love my everyday horoscopes n such! They are usually so dead-on! Thank u! They are so personalized to just me!
~ Rhonda Adels
my reading for the day is exactly the idea we feel right actually we appreciate that the heavens and world are on the same path with one other and we both hope and pray that some day that all of us will be able to drink from the same cup. All will be well for all of us. ㄴㅇㅅㅌ ㅂㄴ ㅁ ㅛ ㅋㅋㅈ
~ Saint Vincent
i think it was interesting to use but I don't like that it only had female and male relationships, and I didn't really like that they posted yt videos that just had cancer in the name. I wouldn't even believe it wince they are all from one person on cancer.
~ Asher Alli Stars
well its too quick to know ...i will allow you know how tomorrow works out and if your reading was accurate
~ Katherine Pistey
it's very exciting and fun to know more about me. Almost all of the predictions are accurate and satisfying so I love reading it. This release is really nice and I m glad I downloaded it. I see it each morning after I launch my eyes In my bed with out missing a single day. I m a Gemini woman so I know how it works out for geminis and this release is supporting me a lot. Sometimes it brings me to a comfort territory from all my stress and I feel more at ease after reading it like I actually can deal with my troubles.
~ Suzaata Rai
love this release and wish to give it 5 stars. seriously though, it has predicted things. my only trouble with it is that it causes a bunch of ads to take over my device. And so I usually end up having to delete it. please fix these troubles. please. these apps are going idea too far. they disrupt calls, block google maps. it is unsafe
~ James Watson
The release is the finest horoscope release I have ever used, but the meme and quotes section is starting to post things with selfies???? Sorry, I just loved the background before 😅😅
~ Emily Li
This intro.to the release.is uncanny how accurate,things are with concerns of this kinda equipment,my daughter is a pisces,and my son is a gemani...l'm quite sure I'll search your web serves me as useful,with personality characteristics and traits that will prove useful for a lense to share some like minded views,and impact us to learn things of eachother and teach one other how to optamize through our interactions,in daily living and useful softwares to effectively prove by example in our day
~ Rayne Gray
Over the years, I have usually been connected ro and somewhat lead by zodiac readings. Horoscope pro is so for me. Love it. I have recommeded it to close one around me. Lol n please enjoy as I do on a regular.
~ Raynard Parks
Everything about this release was spot on about my zodiac sign. I am impressed by the entire setup of the release. Great job to the staff that place this release together. Thank you for your time and effort.
~ Jonathan Jackson