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About: For a truly high-tech golfing release, check out Hole19 The Newest York Times Hole19 is the FREE golf release to support you lower your golf scores. As accurate as a true caddie, our release provides accurate GPS distances and scoring on over 42,000 golf courses worldwide. Packed with essential informations including GPS rangefinder, scorecard, shot tracker and details tracking - Hole19 is the all-in-one golf release solution to improve your golf and lower your handicap in 2018. Need somewhere to test? You can use the release to search courses, ebook tee times and plan your rounds too. Compatible with the newest Mobile 5+ Tablets and Mobile Wearable devices. FREE DOWNLOAD FEATURES: GPS Rangefinder - Accurately measure shot distances to the front, back, and center of the green on over 41,000 golf courses from around the globe. Digital Scorecard - Track your score duri ... Show more
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Hole19
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Hole19: Golf GPS App, Rangefinder & Scorecard Reviews and Comments:

Used the primary settings yesterday. Very nice giving yardages. Impressed.
~ Gerard Tyrer
Nice release that is useful 100 odd yards and in. Use it for my wedge choice and it is nice to compare details.
~ Thomas Kane
Love it. Simple to check distances to hazards and hold track of your score.
~ Josephine Jones
this release is really nice, distances to the front, middle and back of the green is very accurate. it's just a nice release
~ Markus Bronkhorst - AIMM
Twice I've submitted a remapping request and both times Ricardo has responded quickly and modernized the courses. Thanks!
~ Nik Spijkerman
unfortunately GPS was not working had me at a different zone on the course than I was
~ julius giambelluca
This release doesn't work on mobile. the reach function just claims "something went wrong"
~ Paul Lilley
fiddly to run with, but it's worth it for all the bonus stats.
~ Peter Murrell
I haven't purchased the super release but the nonpaid one is nice. if the super release wasn't so expensive I would buy it.
~ Butch Peterson
Nice release but seems to be draining my battery excessively on my Samsung gear s2. Went out with 90% and only lasted about 9 holes before it was dead. Never happened before.
~ Andrew Bolan
nice release. really handy for keeping score and for finding distances. very accurate to within a yard. nice release for details after a round.
~ Colin Burke
Great device Soft, having an trouble on my Samsung Galaxy Watch where the Soft keeps closing when the device goes into sleep mode.
~ Dara Cummins
Not sure if it is just me but i cant seem to search the option for super since changing from iphone to mobile!
~ Connor Rake
no rating - does not have the course I'm testing at and no idea to have it added!!
~ P King
stops each time after hole 3 on my local course. i'm using it on Samsung galaxy watch in combination with galaxy S10. to late to cancell my subscription but unless it's becoming better i wont create other payed subscription again
~ Luc vd
complicated, not intuitive. cannot for the life of me work out how to back out from advanced scoring back to primary scoring. attempted to test Birchwood the another day and the downloaded map was out of date and didn't follow the actual course route.
~ Nicholas Grace
Brilliant release! A gotta have for all golfers. The nonpaid ver has so many nice informations.
~ Daniel Brown
the finest golf GPS release out there without a doubt. I am using g the nonpaid ver and still it keep more water then any another release I used before.
~ Josef dadon
Nice release. Has bonus courses available in it unlike some of the another apps. it's nice to be able preview the course before hand. 👍🏻
~ John Lennon
This is a wonderful release simple to read and without a hiccup, nice on course very accurate.I love it so do the many golf dudes from the club also have the same feeling as I do who have downloaded it also... AWESOME...
~ Rehu [ Johnno. Jr ] Ruawhare
I couldn't capture the score. no option came up to capture my score from Silver Lakes
~ Sobz Central
I can't obtain it to install onto my Huawei smart watch. Just claims download pending but won't install.
~ Brad Haima
nice simple to use release I really love how simple it is to swipe and add scores etc. used it for the first time today and went super instantly after my round. I still use my pocket Bushnel range searcher at the same time. distances are identical but sometimes it can be tough to see my device screen i really like the idea they have done the details and I'm looking forward to learning the super membership informations
~ Paul Caesar
Doesn't work well on my Gear Sport Watch. Soft won't stay active. When the watch display turns off and then back on the watch face usually returns instead of the golf release.
~ Bob
Cute nice release. Pro's: Accurate distances, nice stat tracking, simple to score holes. Con's: Additional ver (doesn't auto switch to next hole, maps still very terrible quality), course explorer should be greatly improved (can not touch for yardage unless you launch the round). Overall, probably wouldn't use this release if it wasn't the only golf release available for Wear OS.
~ Nathan Steiner
Absolutely wonderful for a nonpaid release. Does exactly what it's intended, simple to use, nothing to critique.
~ Ryan Bayer
this is the most accurate nonpaid GPS release I've tried to date. it seems to be very accurate and matches well with the yardages my testing colleagues have on their devices. My only concern is that the connection with my SmartWatch goes away after a several holes. how ever I'm not sure this is a glitch in the release or my SmartWatch
~ Van Welch
few troubles. first trouble was it stopped allowing me to add a newest course, should only test synced courses. uninstalled and reinstalled. was fine for a couple of months. actually it wont sync my rounds even if i test do it manually. switching to something else instead actually. Nice release when it works, has nice mapping time too.
~ Rob Walker
not the easiest to use during test, especially the advanced scoring way, quite clunky and requires a lot of time using device. Advanced scoring also doesn't work with the Samsung watch add on, which was the entire target of using this release. Primary scoring is more player friendly on the watch where you can view distance and record strokes, but cannot track club usage which is disappointing.
~ A B
Nice Soft! Tiny costly though... pricing should be better especially with so many another quality options available on the supermarket.
~ Vincent Catlett
I really liked this release for the first couple of months i had it. But actually it will not search local course and the find function errors atter there first letter is input. Actually useless.
~ Bob Butcher
tried to use it yesterday. distances were off by 40 yards from the another three guys using other FREE release. yes, I had it set to yards. it wouldn't switch holes. didnt use it after the 2nd hole. not player friendly at all in my opinion. the another guys launch their release and it's ready to go. this one had to be opened three times just to pull up the course. needless to claim, I just canceled the subscription.
~ Jeremy Gautreaux
I enjoy your release, I use it on my Galaxy watch, but I've got some notes. 1. I am never going to use your advanced section. It takes too long to input and manage shots, I don't use your GPS functionality, and (no offense) I don't need you to claim me what club to hit. I've got a laser for that, I know how far I hit every of my clubs, plus I take into profile elevation, obstacles and wind. I would pay for an advanced 'easy' ver, where you can pick what stats you wish to input on your watch after the hole is finished. i.e. strokes, fairways hit, sand saves, chips, putts (from on the green or off the green). I sometimes struggle with chipping so to evaluate up-and-downs afterwards would be nice. 2. Par 5s have 2 fairways in regulation, but your release only allows input for 1. 3. Your watch release has lag when inputting stokes and putts. Finally, if there was a idea of querying the release on the watch for distances to front, center, back - an on-demand instruction - that would solve the trouble of the release giving crazy yardage to the 4th hole when you are on the 17th tee or in the clubhouse. Thanks.
~ Glen Drake
Very flakey. Searching for courses is hit and miss. The promised upgrade to Pro on the 19th May didn't work. When it does search a course the GPS element works quite well.
~ Neil Davies
used this release for a while actually it's nice but lately distances are very slow to modernization on my galaxy S8 +. also does not work correctly with my galaxy watch distance wont modernization until I take my device out and look at the distance. it's a true shame as this was a really nice release. hope they fix these troubles quick I know they no longer help Tizen but it doesnt even work well with my device
~ Andre Sinclair
Nice release when it works...unfortunately I cannot add newest courses and a lot of error messages even after upgrading. Hopefully the bugs will be worked out quick.
~ Ben Grisez
UPDATE: As suspected the promise of a refund was PR nonsense. Again lied about their release. No honour. Absolue crooks. Will continue to offer you trial option even if not now available. The entire idea theough signing up process it kept claiming FREE trial. Would not be too terrible if only a several quid but I had picked £30 option. The APP does not claim you if you previously had a trial years earlier and will continue with the "trial" bonus even though you will be charged immediately with no recourse!
~ senor aiden
Actual ver is having stability troubles, making it less needed. Can't search nearby courses and constant error messages
~ Dave Munroe
For easy score entry and details it's a nice release. However, my local club has some stroke indexes fully wrong and they don't reply to help messages so I can't obtain it sorted, really annoying when you forget to pick up a card. Secondly, the advanced information is far too complicated. The only information it seems to add is GPS tracking so you can do your distances which would be nice except you have to remember to do it each time you reach your ball. Not nice for speed of test.
~ Ian Jones
nice release with distances. club/shot tracking needs work. while trying to edit shots off the course the gps is cute glitchy and can register a shot 500 yards away. as much as i like to think i can hit a 7 iron 500 yards i would rather have accurate distances. if your usually great and hit the button when you approach your ball each time then its nice, but i missed one shot, tried to add it from the clubhouse, it regestered 500 yards and i had to manually input each shot into a newest "round".
~ Blake Fullenwider