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Heart Rate Plus - Pulse & Heart Rate Monitor   
About: Check your heart rate anytime, anywhere with Heart Rate Plus - at your home or your office - when you wake up, relax, before and after exercise, or before a large meeting. See why we have been appraised as one of the finest heart rate monitor and tracker apps for tablets and heart rate monitor for Mobile Wear. Bet you never thought your device or device should do that? AMAZING ACCURACY The Heart Rate Plus release will measure your heartbeat with nice accuracy, using your tablets camera sensor and flashlight by processing the photos of your pulse on your finger! Our heart rate monitor guarantees accuracy and nice heart rate tracker and hr monitor informations. FAST RESULTS Immediate, accurate, and awesome for monitoring your health and fitness. Use your tablets camera or the sensor in your smartwatch, this can be your Mobile Wear heart rate monitor anywhere while being physic ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: PVDApps
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About: Fast connection to Smart Bluetooth hardware equipment, comprehensive access to personal health data, visualization analysis and comparison of health data, secured space to protect personal health data....

Developer: INEVIFIT LLC [email protected]

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About: The Openfit app gives you streaming access to all of Openfits integrated fitness, nutrition, and wellness solutions. Whether youre training for an extreme event, looking to lose weight, or just want to live each day a little healthier than the last, youll find a proven plan to help you reach your goals on Openfit. START TODAY FOR FREE It literally takes minutes and costs nothing with a Free Trial. DECIDE ON A GOAL We can guide you to a Results Plan to help you nail it! STREAM YO...

Developer: Openfit, LLC [email protected]

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About: Eyes feel tired during night reading on the phone? Have trouble in sleeping after long time watching phone screen? That is due to blue light. Blue light from your phone and tablet screen is the visible light spectrum (380-550nm) for circadian regulation. According to the scientific studies, exposure to blue light imposes serious threats to retinal neurons and inhibits the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms. It is proven that reducing blue light can greatly...

Developer: Milkyway Technology [email protected]

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About: RISE31, a boutique fitness studio located in Delray Beach, Florida, offers three unique environments to create a one-of-a-kind experience. RIDE in our innovative indoor cycling studio with mesmerizing illumination, insane tracks, and a killer sound system. It's a party on a bike- we just happen to get fit through it! RESHAPE with a euphoric blend of strength and movement in our signature yoga and In-Trinity classes. We elevate the possibilities. Root down to rise up. REAWAKEN in R-Ca...

Developer: zingFit [email protected]

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About: Download the The Grind House app to easily book classes and manage your fitness experience - anytime, anywhere. Make a reservation, get added to a wait list, purchase class packages, check your profile and membership status, keep up to date with the latest products and services, and more all from your device. Visit grindhousebaseball.com to learn more....

Developer: Glofox [email protected]

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About: The ExactCare app provides a quick and easy way to get patients started on the path to better health through ExactCare's comprehensive medication management program. Features: - Sign up a patient by simply entering name, address and phone number. - Gain real-time visibility into available timeslots for an in-home medication assessment. - Schedule an in-home assessment with an ExactCare clinical representative. - Watch a 90-second video about ExactCare's services and share with patients...

Developer: ExactCare Pharmacy [email protected]

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About: Whenever youre feeling stressed, tense or anxious, open Mind Ease to calm down quickly and effectively. Mind Ease is a first-of-its-kind anxiety management app, full of the best science-based exercises for reducing stress, anxiety and worry. With a single click the app will intelligently select a 7 minute anxiety reducing exercise, and will learn from your feedback, giving you exercises better and better suited for you. Exercises include: * Progressive Muscle Relaxation * Deep Breathing...

Developer: Spark Wave [email protected]


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About: DIABNEXT is a free app loaded with features to help you prevent and manage diabetes. The connected devices allow automatic data transfer into the DIABNEXT app, to better monitor and manage the disease (injection of insulin, blood glucose levels). Hassle-free diabetes life! DIABNEXT app features: - Easy manual and/or automatic logging of diabetes metrics (blood glucose, insulin injection, activity, plate's picture and more). - Syncs seamlessly data directly to your smartphone then you alway...

Developer: DIABNEXT [email protected]

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About: Forever Us provides couples a powerful and holistic set of tools and resources to enhance their relationship satisfaction. The Forever Us app serves as the access portal to a suite of digital content and professional support: - Daily content to inspire meaningful conversations and memorable date nights - Skill-building activities across 10 dimensions of your relationship - Connection to your individually selected marriage coach - The Forever Us Lifeline, which provides expert help in f...

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About: Be Grinding or Be Nothing! What's your goal? Reduce bodyfat? Build lean muscle? Get your summer body, beach physique? Or is it all about the glutes? FranklyPHit is here to help you with all of those. Get custom training programs tailored to your needs, stay accountable and conquer your goals! Hi! My name is Frank Hamilton (CPT), and I'm here to help you begin your journey to a lifestyle of fitness. My app will allow us to work together towards your goal. My programs are designed to help you ...

Developer: Fitii Ltd [email protected]

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About: The Adapt App gives you exclusive access to the latest and greatest features of your Nike Adapt footwear. REMOTELY ADJUST YOUR FIT Tighten or loosen Nike Adapt footwear from your phone. The Adapt App allows you to make micro-adjustments for each foot, and it displays the level of tightness as personalized reference points. SAVE MULTIPLE FITS Save up to three of your favorite fits, and easily switch between them depending on your activity. CUSTOMIZE THE LIGHTS Choose from 13 iconic N...

Developer: Nike, Inc. [email protected]

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About: The miBenefits app furthers EBMS commitment to simplify the benefit journey by giving our customers instant access to their information. FEATURES: Secure, real-time information, access to benefit plan coverage, ID cards and instant notifications to keep you informed 24/7. SECURITY: Setting up your account is easy through our state of the art simple and secure 3 step process! Use the Touch ID or Face ID to login now. BENEFITS & COVERAGE INFORMATION: Track benefits and deductibles for...

Developer: Employee Benefit Management Services [email protected]

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About: Manifest more love into your life with Manifest Your Soulmate, your daily inspirational coach!. Daily messages inspire you to become your best self and attract your Divine partner! Manifest Your Soulmate is designed to help you establish the foundation of opening your mind and heart to love. Coupled with gentle guidance of actions, these principles will help you learn how to first love yourself and subsequently attract others to you. As you work at learning these lessons on a daily basis, yo...

Developer: Oceanhouse Media, Inc. [email protected]


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About: World Fitness by Cassie provides you with all of the tools you need to make working out while traveling as easy as possible. The app was designed by Cassie De Pecol, the first women to ever visit all 196 countries in the world, to help you stay fit no matter where you are in the world. Using her experience traveling while also maintaining a healthy exercise routine, she took her knowledge and loaded it into this app. App Features Highly detailed step-by-step workout routines Each wo...

Developer: Shred Apps, LLC [email protected]

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About: The El Camino Hospital app aids you in navigating the ECH campus and discovering its features and amenities. The app will suggest the optimum parking facility as well provide directions on how to get from vehicle to waiting room. Additionally, patients can explore the campus amenities including cafeterias and gift stores...

Developer: El Camino Hospital [email protected]

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About: Pulse, located in Peters Township, is a fitness boutique offering indoor cycling at it's finest. Our intelligent lighting program, projection screens with music videos, and a performance tracking system, will make your workout fun, challenging, and electric. We also offer Pilates Reformer classes, Bootcamp, Bike & BC, Kettlebell, Suspension Training, Tabata, Personal Training, and Pilates Privates. Pulse has a variety of classes that will help improve your cardiovascular health and total b...

Developer: zingFit [email protected]

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About: 91% of people who use a personal trainer reach their health and fitness goals. If you want to lose weight or stay in shape with a fitness service built around your schedule, then Magic is the answer. Imagine how much more you could achieve with a certified trainer - yes, a real live human - watching you, telling you what to do and correcting your form to make sure youre at your best. Book a session in advance or choose book now and well assign you the next available trainer. Magic has tra...

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About: El da de San Valentn es un da en que celebramos el amor; Por supuesto, eso no significa que no debemos animar a los seres queridos ni a ningn otro da del ao, pero este da de amor sigue siendo especial. Hay un nmero creciente de personas que utilizan mensajes SMS para expresar sus sentimientos ms profundos. A veces, los hombres estn enamorados cuando van por las ventanas de sus elecciones y tocan sus canciones de amor, las serenatas. Hoy no es el caso, todo ha cambiado con la aparici...

Developer: akaapp [email protected]



Heart Rate Plus - Pulse & Heart Rate Monitor Reviews and Comments:

Very satisfied, great check and tracking...
~ Gary L McArdle
Does what it describes. An awesome release and, based on my professional equipment, its accurate and within two to five beats. Nice! ok
~ Tom Toles
the release gives accurate effects and I like it
~ Derar Aqrabawi
checks out accurate with my home nurse's heart rate monitor, and gives me a recorded rate of high, weak and an averaged rate that supports me spot problem.
~ James Thompson
i have to give a 1 star cos, despite measuring the heart rate it burnt my finger. resting it on the flash was the culprit. too hot if covered. havi g claimed that it coulb go better with a different pho e, for all i know. mi e is a oneplus 5
~ Rita Leen
I don't like it at all. takes too long for release to work. Not player friendly at all
~ Andrew Williams
very accurate and keeps a history for you!
~ LoRaine Anderson
it seemed to work at first but then afterwards it had a hard time getting the rate so I downloaded other app just to create sure the trouble was not with my device and the second release worked much better.
~ Schuster Borland
very player friendly! love it!
~ Reyna Cedillo
Pros: -Export to Google fit -Uses red light on led flash, another apps that use the brighter white place out much more heat and can harm your finger after a couple seconds. -Fairly accurate readings. Cons: -If you don't pay the $2 for an banner nonpaid experience then the banners can be annoying. But it is a one time fee, so can't complain much.
~ Jeff Hansen
Works nice with inbuilt HR sensors of Samsung Galaxy S/Note devices. It measures Heart rate accurately and also heart-rate variability (stress). It is related to the Samsung Health release. I really liked the ability to set the time for which the heart rate is measured. I set it to 1 minute. This gives enough time for the heartrate to normalise after you have moved your hand. This also lets you monitor how steady is your heartrate. Nice work by the developer. Will upgrade to help.
~ Chetan Sharma
Accurate I compared it to my finger monitor.
~ Cynthriaa Miller
Very simple to use on all devices. Keeping time history is nice. Graphs are inconsistent and no indicator of irregularities. Heart rate measure also inconsistent, accurate when it finally kicks in! It can take long enough to burn a finger hint!
~ A Google user
i have heart troubles and this release keeps me informed,love it
~ Marilyn Owens
Great information is the release using the heart rate sensor of the device instead of forcing me to smear the devices camera!
~ Robert Saric
very nice release and very accurate. a gotta have.
~ Michael Faterkowski
Really simple to use and seems to give accurate effects.
~ Ari Tul
Great. Works well and with another apps like Google Fit.
~ Les Daniels
Quite a reliable home monitor during my first intro to atrial fibrillation.
~ Ken Brooks
so far so nice waiting to obtain a ehole months reading to obtain a better concept thank you!!
~ A Google user
i am sp cabg x3 and on metoprolol, seeing if this release and metoprolol are working. great release!
~ Michael Kasyan
Works poorly. Struggles to search pulse, while another tools search it easily.
~ Jay Dresser
this release is nice for me because I like to measure my heart beat after I finish running.
~ Gabriel Lara
working well with the in- build heart rate sensor of Note 9. Can be connected with Google Fit also.
~ Stefanos
burns my finger. most times there's no reading at all. finest masochistic release of all time.
~ Chris
Simple to use. I have a pace maker for afib and need to hold track of my heart rate.
~ Lynn Hinger
this release is very useful monitoring my heart rate and it keeps a diary for you so you can present your doctor. i love it.
~ Theresa Bouwman-Johnson
the time it took to obtain my heart rate my finger was hot and burnt. will never use again ever!
~ Derrick Vian
this is far more accurate than a fit tracker wrist band i purchased. going to return fit tracker. nice release.
~ Cody Lane
have lg stylo 4 and it only measures heart rate but still is usefull and interesting bit only for fun really. other information would be nice especially for those that don't have the fit or what ever the watch is
~ Tony Parent
cute nice appin comparison to my blood pressure machine..its mostly almost right on target with the machine each time..give or take a couple beats..so im cute NB satisfied. the only trouble im having is NB it wont sync to my google fit release anymore...it used to when i 1st installed and the stats would be on the google release as well as the HR release but actually it only shows n the HR release
~ PosterGirl's World
it's like why i need to burn my hands to see my heart beat .. does it really have to be so hot like this + it claimed that i need to keep for only 20 sec and it over than minute for God sack i think it would be more appreciated if you fix this proplem
~ Nona K
Exceptional. because of this release I went to my cardiologist. The same day went to ER. Had to have Cardioversion procedure. on my idea to recovery.
~ Sandi Chapman
burns my finger (S10e) I can keep my finger on for like 10 seconds before I can't tolerate the heat anymore. not sure why the light is essential.... cute sure the bulb is what gets hot
~ Phillip Williams
Terrible , wont take a measurement unless stationary. Difficult to settle on a reading , takes much longer than it used to on my old device
~ Stephen Lewis
I've been struggling with anxiety. Finding an release that helped me hold track of my heartrate was hard. Most apps wish you to pay, but this one has been a HUGE support!
~ Daisy Sachet
Does not read your pulse if you have mitral valve prolapse with moderate regurgitation. It just keeps on trying to read it. It would be smart to calibrate for recipients with an irregular pulse.
~ Samantha Law
I have had sinus arrhythmia for years and I think it has gone into Afib. This is going to give the Doctor a very detailed record of how my heart is going through arrhythmia and tachycardia all the time, especially when I have drowsy spells. I love how you can list as much detail as you wish when doing a recording. And with arrhythmias, you are able to change the number of seconds it records to obtain an accurate heart rate!
~ Lori Collins
using this on my Samsung note 9 and I have really enjoyed it. I got it after I had been feeling like my heart was beating somewhat strangely, after using it for a several days and monitoring my lines(ekg lines I think they are named?) I identified some strange patterns and went in to the hospital to obtain a proper diagnosis. Turns out I had been suffering from PVC's (premature ventricular contractions) and this release was now accurate enough to present it happening. I'm very impressed with this release!
~ brayden wernli
Seems to work very well & accurately as gives expected figures. Only trouble is that holding one's index finger over the flash led causes it to become painfully hot very rapidly, so i think the resulting stress of this would be likely to affect the effects, but it does seem to come up with an accurate reading by the time one's finger has become too painful. Think it would be a nice concept in a future modernization if the release should claim the player as quick as a reliable reading has been obtained. Brent.
~ Brent James Collins