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GymRun Workout Log & Fitness Tracker   
About: GymRun - intuitive, extensive, customizable * make own custom workout plans and day routines for weight lifting, bodyweight and cardio exercises (as mix, supersets, circle) * customizable and expandable built-in exercise engine (shop own photos) * details, charts and session reports (1RM, workout volume, calories, rest) * individual rest countdown timer and stopwatch * smartwatch help (Samsung Galaxy Watch/Gear, Google Wear OS) * lock screen widget to log workouts * comfortable historical log autofill/pre-filling * customizable logging list * note function * multiple profiles * log body time and body pictures * light, dark and pure black (OLED) theme * exercise favoured list and muscle group filters * workout record info * local backup, Dropbox, Google Drive sync and CSV export * share workout session effects on Google Fit, S Health, Ig, Fb, Twitter * YOUR FEATURE: feedback and recommen ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Developer: Gym App Team
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Developer: Healthx, Inc.

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Developer: Heka Health

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About: Join your new personal trainers, Coach Kozak and Claudia, through motivational full-length home workout routines and fitness plans. You sweat. They sweat. • Named “Top 10 Fitness Channel” by YouTube for 4 years straight • 99% approval rating on over 100 million completed workouts Featured on Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Yahoo, AOL, Mashable, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, MSN, Product Hunt, Computer World, CNET, and more 100’s of Follow Along Workouts in High Definition ...

Developer: HASfit

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Developer: Page Mossey

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Developer: Branded MINDBODY Apps

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Developer: Performance IQ

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About: This app calculates a calorie norm for you according your sex, weight, height and age. It uses Mifflin-St Jeor Equation. This is a first issue and we are going to add more features. This app is distributed as is and we don't responsible for any harm....

Developer: HumanSoftware


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Developer: Branded MINDBODY Apps

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Developer: Health Tech

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About: Share updates, ask questions, support others, and stay connected with others throughout your recovery. This invite-only community is a tool to help you in recovery and receive support when you need it the most. Connect with: * Peers and coaches to share updates, ask questions, and offer support. * Your recovery program to receive inspirations, updates for onsite events, and ways to be involved. Key Features: * Real-time posts: This private group allows you to stay connected to fellow ...

Developer: CaredFor



GymRun Workout Log & Fitness Tracker Reviews and Comments:

nice release for keeping a record of lifts. simple to customize and name your own exercises
~ Iti Srivastava
i think it's the easiest and the most player friendly release on the supermarket to track gym workout
~ Ksenia Efimova
No heartrate display on galaxy watch Can only edit last exercise entered Cannot browse exercises while timer is running Does not auto sync to device after workout is finished No idea to export to s health after a sync automatically. S health export does not shop exercise time in notes Cannot log distance for rowing instead of time Supersets onky present as individual exercises on watch
~ Andrew Camilleri
Finest weight lifting release I've used, and I've used few.
~ Randy Sherrod
lots of cool improvements lately including cloud backups on Gdrive and Dropbox. the release probably actually just need a several support screens here and there. it is not so intuitive at first for newest players. but otherwise, nice, flexible and potent release
~ Jeremie Tisseau
Its Straight and a Great software for keeping track of your progress.
~ Rozen
Would be 5 stars if it had details for overall workouts for example overall calories burned in a given time like a week or year or overall weight lifted over all the exercises and workouts done in a certain time
~ Adam Moogan
Great Workout Soft! You won't be disappointed! Give it a test! Highly customizable! Thanks for the nice release!
~ Lies in the Skies Skies
excpetional release. requires some set up and customisation for your routine. i use it with a samsung galaxy watch and the implementation is nigh flawless.
~ Harry Kinsman
Nice release - only need the ability to create a set AMRAP or + actually. Please! And possibly making the OLED battery-saving theme extend globally throughout the release.
~ Thomas
so far so nice. should use more graphics for single arm rows and cable machine face pulls. second day using release so far I like it. create it work with Fitbit plz.
~ Tony Holtrust
the watch release is not as player friendly as others I have used. paid for the full service as i purchased it specifically to use with my watch and the interface terrible. moving onto other service
~ Darran Kierans
not able to sync custom routine from my device to watch. paid for super ver on device and still will not sync to the standalone ver on my watch. very annoying.
~ Steven Wiggins
I've tried lots of different gym log apps and have settled for this one and don't regret it. Does everything I need and more which allows me to concentrate on working out. Heart rate monitoring and FitnessPal integration would be nice, perhaps I'm asking for to much. :)
~ Anth Gavriel
Finest lifting tracker. I've tried a nice many of them and hold coming back to this one. Purchase the full ver and help the devs. You won't be disappointed.
~ Stephen G
Been loving this release for somple tracking of my workouts. Exports time to google drive, alliws creating custom exercises including a picture with custom cariables. i have a set of upper body gym exercises, lower body exercises, set of elastic band exercises, set of elastic loop exercises instead of the muscle groups. instead of using Monday, Tuesday.... i just pick one of my sets. I want it had better visual graphics to see progress.
~ Cult Doctor
this is my absolute favoured gym release, keeps track of my routine and has a timer to hold you on pace and to claim you how long you worked out. customization is nice!
~ Chris knecht
Incredible release. Modernization to my previous review.. The developer reached out and explained a several things (about the release) that resolved my recommendations. Great feedback and communication. Rating remains 5 stars as before.
~ Keenan Holtvoigt
Great release. I spent ages looking for one with a nice implementation for supersets but this is also just generally more intuitive than others. Love some of the subtle informations such as copying an excercise which allows for variations to be easily created. A couple information requests. An option to make custom excercise groupings. I.e., it would be nice to be able to group my excercises by push or pull movements, or by equipment needed. It would also be nice to have an "undo" within the set.
~ Julian Vilsten
Absolutely love the outstanding Mobile Wear integration! It has become an invaluable component to my each workout. I don't even have to bother with my device while at the gym. Many thanks to the developer of this fine release!
~ Michael Madsen
There should be more exercises with proper illustration. Also there seem to be two ideas of adding notes which makes it a bit chaotic since one of the ideas seems to lead nowhere. Otherwise an awesome release to the gym.
~ Gabriel Kuba
Finest training release for me out there. Finally I ca.n use my watch to enter details! One thing though, if you forget to end your workout on the device, it won't obtain exported into Samsung Health, please fix this :) So we can export time afterwards into Samsung Health.
~ Vincent De La Rosée
so hard to use ,if you accidentaly hit "finish rep"you CAN NOT cancel it and do it again ,you have to delete the whole excersice and add it again and star over ,the video you mention does not claim anything about that
~ sveyder
Modernized review acter prompt support from Help. Scared cannot give 5* as so much time wasted. Needs Help Documentation to avoid potentially losing exercise history time. Limited/customisable genres, eg, Cardio(Duration), per exercise not nice after you pay for customisation box. You can easily overwrite parameters without realising.
~ Jennifer Goulopoulos
Nice app simple to use and ergonomic. The only trouble I've found is when they are few lines into the stats field you can't scroll and you can't see the end of the text. it should be nice if you can see the text on full screen.
~ Jean-Louis Porcile
Recently started a gym tool & this release has been nice to support me set up a tool to follow. When i obtain to every machine, i can see at a glance at the release, via the lockscreen, what weight i need to set & the reps I'm doing, & tick them off when completed - very glad to pay for this information. I walk regularly too & use Samsung health to track time/distance of walks. Would be wonderful if I should do that in this release instead, so that all my exercise is in 1 release. Would be 5 stars with this information.
~ m ga
Finest workout tracking release I've ever used (and I've used many). Straight and streamlined yet allows so much customization of workouts. From making custom workouts to customizing rest times per workout, PER SET. PLUS you can obtain the standalone companion on your galaxy watch and it makes logging workouts so easy.
~ Brian Jaber
Nice workout log! Straight but has all the stats you need in one zone! Nice UX and connectivity to Samsung Watch.
~ Kenny Lee
After looking for many weeks and trying many Tools, GymRun is the finest workout log release by far. Highly customizable and most importantly does not sell useless monthly subscriptions. It also works flawlessly with smartwatches create it the great workout companion. It would be even better if it came with some standard workout routines.
~ O K
My experience has generally be nice. I use the device release and the Samsung Watch release at the same time. I will be more than willing to give five stars once the watch release adds heart rate monitoring for the duration of my gym session and when an bonus information is added to enable machine weights to be added in equivalent plate / brick settings, for example, setting a chest flies machine to brick 3 which equals 30kg. that claimed, I'm enjoying using Gymrun and I did pay for the super ver.
~ Tom Jw
Finest release for gym tracking purposes! Developer addressed concerns immediately with auto fill and syncing troubles. I'll continue to play but this release is nice for use with galaxy watch during a workout. I'm allowed to input the time and hold track of it throughout my workout on my wrist. Highly suggest. Some things are rough around the edges but the help is wonderful. To dev: I'll be sure to create some bug/information requests via correspondence!
~ Daniel Ribero
I tried few apps and this one is really the finest one. Very simple to use and intuitive, I really appreciate that you can save your workouts on your Google Drive (really helped me when I broke my device), and that you can sync with Google Fit or Samsung Health. This week I even discovered it supported my Samsung watch, nice !
~ neo draig
Coming from iOS and using Gymaholic on the Apple Watch has set a very high bar for weight lifting apps and trackers. To claim the least, it has been hard finding a comparable app with a companion release for the Galaxy Watch. Gymrun is the closest, and finest, I've found thus far. It does just about everything I need it to do with the exception of tracking my heart rate per exercise. Looking forward to future upgrades and informations.
~ Aaron Stanley
I tried tons of apps, but this one has the finest UI that I managed to encounter. Most of actions are quite intuitive thus whole release is great to use especially during the work out.
~ Vitalij Spakov
This release is just what I was looking for. I love the ability to custom tool my own routines. Being able to see the thumbnail photo on the watch release would really complete this release.
~ Tim Mallard
purchased super ver release plus smartwatch box. if I test to sync both companion/standalone, my watch claims 'tablet not found'. tried with wifi and bluetooth enabled on both devices. wear Os ver is the first installed on sony smartwatch 3. please support me or I'll ask for a full refund
~ Luca Cattide
I bought the upgrade for my S10 and Gear S3. The super informations still present i need to unblock them. When i click, it errors claiming me i already own. Need it to feedback to Samsung Health and Google Fit. Satisfied with release, but feel I'm being ripped off because i can't use the informations i paid for
~ Larry Watts
Nice workout release. Been using it for 2 months and just upgraded to the paid ver. However, I am not able to access my history or actual plan from other mobile device. I thought once I paid, I would have access from multiple devices. Is this even possible?
~ Warren Bara
Nice release, went straight for the paid ver having used apps like this before. Integration with my Samsung Watch is great, only thing missing is heart rate time. If they nail that, then we have a master. Id pay bonus for better cardio tracking, so for running, gps would nice, along with heart and pace etc, with the ability to sync to Samsung Health and/or Strava. One for the developers information list! Most release lack having everything in one zone, so it would definitely be a premium.
~ Wayne Fontaine
finest zone to log workout. and you also obtain to know how many calories you have burned. and that too syncs with samsung health. so it supports you to search our calories deficit. however i would like developer to add more exercises. and I cant search a idea to sync my small routine to my galaxy watch.
~ Taimour Javaid