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About: With the huge selection of restaurants, Grubhub delivers your favoured foods to your door. Order with a several easy taps in the Grubhub release and obtain the restaurants you love, delivered. What Grubhub offers: THE MOST RESTAURANTS Grubhub offers the huge selection of restaurants in the nation, so whether its Chinese, Greek, Italian, or any another meal kind youre craving, its covered. And with exclusive restaurant partners, youll search that mom and pop market AND the national spot you love. EASY ORDERING When you order using the release, you'll avoid the hassle of over-the-device mistakes. You can also count on Grubhubs 24/7 customer help. NO HIDDEN FEES What you see is what you obtain: we promise you upfront pricing with no hidden fees. REAL-TIME ORDER TRACKING Grubhub offers true-time order tracking so you know exactly when to dash to the door for your de ... Show more
Genre: Food & Drink Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 31MB Developer: GrubHub
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Grubhub: Local Food Delivery Reviews and Comments:

I mean i fully appreciate the delivery, but I prefer the foods wrappers to not be launch, also would be chill if when i click on th taco sauces those are provided, considering I added a nice hint. however, they delivered my meal to me so still gets a 4 even tho i wasnt pleased that much, still didnt have to walk, so theres. that, just do Not hint until you create sure they deserve it is all i can claim.
~ Rebeka Branson
Haven't ordered from them before, but they sent a coupon with a nice deal. Got signed up, placed an order, and after all the wasted time, the release claimed the coupon was for newest first-time orders only. I wont waste anymore time on Grubhub. Uninstalling the release and going with other service.
~ Andrew K
I placed an order and then the release claimed the order was placed. 20 mins later the release claimed there were no deliveries available. But they still charged my card. I named and got the order cancelled and they claimed it would take 5 to 10 business days for my refund. They're speedy to take the dollars, but slow for a refund.
~ Jay Ramos
I ordered meal at 7:01pm and I still haven't received my meal. It is 8:38pm. The restaurant is no more than a couple miles away. This is ridiculous and will never use this service again. Absolutely the worst meal delivery release I have ever used. When will my meal arrive????? Horrible service. Stay away.
~ Todd Templeton
So far so nice. Ive been claimed that our "tricks" are used by Grubhub to pay the driver.... instead of being a real hint. Not sure how i feel about that. Not to mention Grubhub charges a lot for delivery. So I dont use it often. I would switch to postmates, but its not available in my zone.
~ Andrew Roe
never again!!! waited an hour and a half for meal that didn't ever present. then had to war with the guy to cancel the order and credit me back. the only reason he cancelled the order is because I claimed him it was a health code violation. then his tune changed. true great. screw grubhub!!!
~ Keagan games
I used Grubhub 2 weeks ago to order meal ahead for a pickup and 15 minutes later I obtain a bonus code for $12 off, that's a nice deal, so 2 weeks later I made other order through grubhub and weak & behold they claim the offer is valid for my first time buy through scamhub. How are you gonna give me an offer 15 mins after my first buy and not add it automatically when I first signed up? It appears I'm not the only one affected the restuarant claimed GH charged him 30% through their service!
~ SiNKarnage
I would give it no stars if I should! I'm literally 2 miles away from where I wish to order meal from and they won't deliver! finally obtain the release to approve my order and then I obtain a device call and a text claiming they cancelled my order. Never using the release again. DoorDash sucks and they are still better than grubhub.
~ Aubrey Sweet
I just wish to give recipients a heads up from a drivers target of view: this company does not care about it's customers or drivers at all. I just fixed a customers incorrect order quickly and was claimed I am not able to obtain any compensation because I didn't do it the right idea. You wish to know why your order is late? They send it to drivers that are on the another side of the delivery zone and the send it to them when they have 2 mins to create a 15 minute drive. Be aware...
~ A Google user
Hit or miss. Some days they are really nice and some days they chage your delivery time three different times or they allow you order 20 minutes before a restaurant closes and allow you wait for your meal for and hour before calling and claiming you. They lack major consistency.
~ LaNetta Jackson
ordered my meal came later than it claimed it would, when I got the meal it was not ready correctly and cold. call the restaurant and they claimed me I had to obtain a newest order through GrubHub, I'm not going to wait other 45 mins for cold meal and meal that's not ready right. If the driver can't take the two seconds it takes to check the receipt and the order then they're not competent enough to obtain my order for me ever again
~ Angela Honnigford
My 20 min delivery estimates usually take over an hour to deliver. I often have meal missing or ready wrong. Drivers often call me to come outside my building to obtain my meal, rather than using the building door code I've provided so they can come in. Lazy. Why am i paying almost $10 in delivery and service fees if your drivers don't do their job to the fullest? I finally decided to uninstall. 🥴
~ Kevin Guinn
I have dollars in my PayPal but it keeps asking me for a credit card when I pick PayPal. In which topic, I do not have a PayPal card. Customer service had no concept why it keeps asking me for a card. And yes, for the love of God I SAW THE PAYPAL OPTION AND SELECTED IT. I never received a respond in the chat window for customer service. 😐
~ cutie08
Grubhub comes in handy when my husband and I are exhausted from our work day. I would give this a 5 star rating if the drivers would thoroughly look at our receipt and create sure everything is there before leaving the restaurant. Occasionally, they'd forget a drink or some bonus condiments we asked for. But that doesn't stop us from using this release.
~ C J
I would not believe this release, very deceptive use of their bonus ($10 off first order of $15 or more) which was offered and did not apply at discount like it claimed it would. Also they charged my bank multiple times. Check a different release if you need meal delivered, this is a sleezy company and I regret they actually have my credit card stats.
~ Taylor Burke
Poor experience first time ordering. ordered sushi. the release never assigned me a driver. thr sushi restaurant named me multiple times asking me when im going to pick up my meal? i ordered for delivery... turns out grubhub wasnt able to assign a driver? i waited for over one hour and a half only to go to bed hungry. customer service wasnt useful one bit. thanks for nothing.
~ James White
poor. 2nd time I used release and got half our order. the grubhub rep claimed because the order left behind was not over $20 they would not redeliver the food left behind. release puts $ ahead of customer service. i have seen many another reviews with same trouble. This was for a birthday dinner for my mom. I will NEVER use this company again. Also, very expensive.
~ Michelle Vieira
The delivery drivers are all very great and the communication with your order is nice. The only down fall is some of the restaurants not providing all the meal in large orders and the meal is crammed into one bag. It seems like the cheaper territories are guilty of this, but the more expensive territories I have no complaints on my order or the packaging it comes in.
~ miranda almon
overall the release is nice - but it seems a bit ridiculous that the recommended hint runs at 20% for the driver. I reserve 20% hint for a server who meets my needs. why would I give the driver 20% to simply deliver meal? on top of that - your hint percentages contain the delivery fee. again - ridiculous. the hint percentages could contain the nice total and that's it.
~ Alex B
Their TOS allows another entities to send you text messages well after you order from them. Also test finding a idea to delete, not deativate, your profile on their FAQ page. Plus, their customer care center is... GrubHub needs a lot of work. I'm so serious, customers and stakeholders there is a reason GrubHub's stock is down to $65.87 (as of 8:56EST 24 May 19) from $146.73 less than 9 months ago. They have some terrible troubles.
~ AC H
My fiancé and I ordered Taco Bell from down the way because we had been drinking and didn't wish to drive. We ordered our meal at about 8:50pm, it was delayed twice by 20 mins every time and we didn't end up getting our meal until almost 10:30 p.m. Our meal was cold and our drinks were warm/melted. It was the first time using GrubHub for both of us and we probably won't be using it again, just a major disappointment.
~ Georgie Mills
Would not approve bonus code. I named customer service, they verified it was actual code. They claimed they should not apply it to the order but claimed me to order without bonus and they would refund me. As I placed my order it automatically applied a different bonus code and they can't do anything to fix it. A lot of hassle to not obtain what I wanted.
~ Phillip Landis
Enjoy the service very much! The last modernization on the release took away certain options for our favoured restaurants, so it doesn't let us to adjust our order the idea we would like. Seems more hard to obtain a keep of customer service, as well. So actually we just approve that our orders may be incorrect. Before the modernization it seemed like Grubhub CS was more available to support fixed errors.
~ Amanda Hancock
I ordered several nights ago and with all the fees I've spent $10 before I even ordered anything. I specified in all caps no lettuce on my tacos. there was more lettuce than meat & cheese combined. I named and I got a refund but it's going to take about 5-7 days to obtain it back. an addition, if a restaurant is about to stop service for delivery there needs to be some type of info. I was in the middle of ordering and when I clicked the button to pay it claimed the restaurant was no longer availab
~ z a myers
I have never had such an terrible experience with an release in my whole life. I have also never written a review before but this release was so horrible that I had to go out of my idea to do so. Two cancelled orders, 3 orders that mysteriously just errored out? Each one of them charged me. I tried three different ways of payment and NOPE still didn't work. I was so glad when I found my favoured restaurant on GrubHub but I would rather never eat there again than use this release one more time.
~ Tiffany Wilson
worse release ever. the zone I ordered from named me to confirm then cancelled my order and was very unprofessional and rude, then I obtain a call from grubhub customer service to claim me how sorry they was that my order had been canceled and that I would obtain a nonpaid delivery on my next order, like I would ever order from them to launch with. when I did have an order in zone it claimed an hour and a half to deliver. what a joke. poor service.
~ Michele Campbell
We have used them with no trouble, until the last time. The driver was within a block of our house, and kept going. The device rang; no caller ID, no message. Then the order was marked delivered, and he drove away. I named and was claimed that the driver named, got no respond, and went on to the next delivery, in accordance with GrubHub policies. We screen calls like most recipients. The order is closed with no refund. We'll obtain two $25 coupons for your next order (on a $65 order), one coupon per order.
~ Abraham A Santiago Jr
Meal is extremely late and there is no simple idea to contact your driver. Thr first time I ordered, was an hour and a half delay. They apologized and claimed there was some type of traffic trouble so I tried it again. Second order was fine. Yesterday, I preordered meal for 1230 delivery. It didnt present up. Three "modernized delivery times" later my lunch break is over, I'm ravenously hungry, and I wasted my time and dollars. There is absolutely no excuse for this. It didnt happen with SkiptheDishes.
~ Kelly Young
nice release, been using it for a while and never had an trouble yet. Nice dining options, and speedy delivery. Very convenient for rainy days or days you just don't feel like going out. One negative though is hold an eye on delivery fees, some of them can be very high.
~ Joe DeBeasso
Never used it. I obtain an alert that I can have $10 off my first order of $15. Seems like it'd be worth a shot. Go though and build the order to be claimed the bonus is only nice for pickup. Seems dumb because I should just order directly from the restaurant, but even though a lot of the discount was taken up by the service fee, I tried to go back and change the order to pickup. I'm then claimed the bonus code is only nice for delivery. Tried delivery again. No luck. Still haven't ordered through this.
~ Nick Hodges
If there were any another service available, I would use it in a heartbeat. This horrible service is nothing another than a meal lottery. 2/3 times the orders are wrong. And contacting customer service is atrocious. I have no another words to express my disappointment.
~ Misia Clive
I thought this release was cute cool until I started to use it. seeing all the available options is nice, even filters them by range, price, etc. THE PROBLEM is that they present you countless territories on the top of your lists, only to have your order canceled 20 mins later. it happens more then not. I live in a large castle, and having orders denied constantly is absolute nonsense. I spend more time waiting for my cancelation then it would take to just save dollars and obtain the meal myself.
~ GlassBox Adventures
ZERO STARS!!! the worst service ever!! do not call you if they have an trouble yet wait over an hour no call correspondence or text yet took my dollars out my profile for a service i did not obtain and claim me i habe to wait to obtain my dollars back?! how is that resonable?? horrible customer service!!
~ Stacie Hall
This makes the 3rd order in a row that I am not pleased with! The first two orders, had equipment missing. This last order they didn't even bring half the order. The restaurant was out of the dish I ordered and instead of calling me and letting me adjust my order, they simply emailed me. Being that I was at home and not checking correspondences, I didn't obtain the correspondence and only found out I had nothing to eat when the delivery person came and brought half the order. I WILL NOT USE GRUBHUB AGAIN!!
~ Naomi Hales
Nice selection of restaraunts, but horrible drivers. Whether I now obtain my meal is hit or miss. And, because that release is designed to where you rate an overall order instead of the quality of meal and delivery separately, if you test to rate poorly based on the driver it only serves to create the restaurant look terrible. I really wish to like Grubhub, but the fact that I'm actually out $35 for meal I never got (again) and was claimed by the driver that it "wasn't his trouble", I simply have to quit it.
~ Lisa Rezendez
has nice bonuses then ruins them with delivery fees to the target I don't wish to leave a hint. i don't like ordering delivery but i have to sometimes at work. the meal is typically cold and you don't obtain as much. but when it claims things like 7 dollars off, hey I'll give it a shot. then they tack on two delivery fees so it's over 11 dollars.
~ Jordan Ball
horrible. half the time the release stops working when it gets within an hour of closing time, and if you are able to zone an order, it'll take over an hour to obtain your meal and you won't obtain everything you ordered. could Check the bags before they leave to create sure they have everything, and could work on soft, but until then, don't waste time on this release. go to uber eats.
~ Łunch Bøx
I've used this app for the first time tonight. The driver never picked up my order so my meal sat for 2 hours. I just watched the delivery time obtain pushed back, thinking the restaurant might be busy. When I named the restaurant I was claimed no one ever showed up for it. The first Grubhub agent I spoke to did nothing to support me. The second helped to cancel my order. So, as of actually, I didn't have time to cook, didn't obtain dinner and need to be up at 3:30 am. Poor experience.
~ Zachary Limbert
Seriously? I am absolutely livid with this release. first my order was marked as done and delivered one minute after it was done being made. Second my delivery driver never showed up literally an hour after the meal was set to be delivered. 3rd this restaurant was literally 5 mins away from my house. and then I named the customer service and was hung up on twice and then the guy that answered the device claimed to give him other 10 mins and the driver still never showed up. I got a refund.
~ Jacquie Boudreaux
i have had lots of troubles ...not so much with the release as with the service form grubhub. i ordered a food at 10:45pm knowing the restaurant closed at 12:00am at 11:40pm they named to allow me know my order never came up to them until their call to me. i immeatately named my bank to search out that they already took my dollars out. i was also informed it would take 7-10 days for my dollars to be refunded to my profile.
~ Dianne Caparella-Kelly