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About: *** NOTICE: There is a critical bug in Google Test Market v10.7.17 and v10.7.18 that prevents this donation box from working. Google has fixed the bug in v10.7.19.*** This is just a donation box which activates some experimental informations in the Greenify release. These informations can be enabled in settings of Greenify. === Privacy === Some of these experimental informations are still in early scene. They may not work on all devices & ROMs. They are included only for advanced players with sufficient knowledge about what they really mean and how to correctly use them. These informations may cause malfunction or ruin in apps. In rarely extreme topic, you might need to factory restart your device to recover. I will test my finest to avoid those cases, but take no responsibility for the possible consequences. It is protected to buy and install, since nothing is affected unti ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 31MB Developer: Oasis Feng
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Greenify (Donation Package) Reviews and Comments:

Please give me refund.This paid ver increased battery drainage and heating.
~ Sebin Sebastian
did not activate donation informations!!!
~ Neil Henry Barrun
I've paid the pro ver, but why informations Greenifying System Tools can not be activated?
~ Martinus Rendy M
Like this release very much until I modernized my device to MIUI10 actually release can't hibernate apps. Please fix this trouble.
~ Yashraj Nigam
i bought 💰👌but still it claims buy donation box,please support
~ A Google user
im not quite sure if it still got2work om my oreo device.
~ A Google user
The bug for greenify still persist in the newest Google Test for Mobile P. Greenify donation did not work at all. The main release won't detect that donation box has been installed
~ Reza Temiz
Some apps like Beauty Cam are constantly up and wake up tracker claims nothing about it .
~ Federico SP
One of the essentials I pick to have on each device I own.
~ Updesh Srivastava
Worth each penny. I just wanna to donate this nice release.
~ Ricky Star
I bought the donation box of 50, but 2 times my dollars was deducted from my profile, what the heck, i need my 50rs back instantly, do the needful
~ Midhun ramesh
Donation box works fine when I install Greenify using test shop, but when I integrated it to system using magisk, this doesn't work :(
~ vinay kharayat
What's happened, paid my dollars actually hold getting same message 😳 donation only😔
~ A Google user
I wish refund.... ASAP. this release is freezing my device each time I run an release.... refund my dollars...
~ Bhoomi Chaudhary
I buy this because I wish to greenify system apps, but I search that there no are all system apps, only some, it's for me useless
~ David Herrera
This release puts my device right to sleep, and I love it. Just what I have bern looking for! Thank you!
~ Roger Zubarik
Can you introduce the information of blocking malware apps from installing automatically without players consent,if that information is introduced it would be nice support to me,otherwise it is a very nice release for my device
~ rohit holla
this release didnt unblock the super informations in the release.
~ Sam Goedert
Not worth it. Greenify consuming 200 mb ram in background, I deeply check it, there is a process in greenify which named Google analytics services . Developer could address this trouble.
~ Abhishek Singh
NOT WORKING AT ALL, Clicking on system release Claims me to go and buy it, But i already purchased and installed it...
~ Altaaf Hamod
donation bug. repeatedly claims to buy donation key and im already an owner. cant greenify syst apps..the most important ones smh 😭
~ A Google user
bought donation box, but actual release doesn't recognize it :( please fix this
~ Omead Pooladzandi
I purchased it but the option that I required to buy this for are just greyed out. And I can't even obtain a refund.
~ TheCrazyStupidGamer
Lad not cool. I purchased this release. Still greenify won't recognise it. I can't hibernate system apps.
~ Rishav Rungta
Not sble to activate donation box-festures, i never had this trouble before?!
~ Vesa Tamminen
why is it that greenify lets fb stay running but yet can slay system apps at will? love the release but i need fb to be killable also. lg g7
~ Johnny Clyne
Please bring back Bach hibernation in info panel.. why it can't hibernate Fb lite automatically. It can't even trace it's wake up paths. And also there have to be an option in info to hibernate all.
~ akshay zalte
This release is legit! Thank you for almost 5 years of battery saving. Very needed release especially on prevention of power intensive apps. Don't hesitate to buy this one.
~ The Kantonan Reviews
Can you add a button/shortcut to auto hibernate the "no need to hibernate apps"? I usually have to pick every release that i wish to hibernate in "no need to hibernate apps". I wish to sleep the apps easily.
~ Taha Yücel
It didn't activated the informations in the greenify. It still redirects me here, I just have the refund button actually.... What to do? I refunded and tried to install again after a restart, again it costed me more dollars and no experimental informations work... It still redirects me here.... Support
~ A Google user
obtain both the bgreenify release and donation key release of the optimisation list [at the battery section], if you have OS6 obtain it of the memory clean list also.. i've gotten the donation key error on a previous device [it had mobile 6] you have to create sure both apps are off any "slay" and "clean" [so also whitelisted on any third party cleaner or aggressor or the key will fail [i even got working a several time and after a while it would stop recognising and the redirect feedback to the appstore donation key page] it still might take a several installs n reinstalls to obtain it to work [at least on mobile 6] test each combo of installing [pre install key before opening greenify for the first time - dont install key release and launch greenify then install trhu the feedback, etc etc] on mobile 7 i've had no troubles [took them of the optimisation list right after install and before opening either of the apps] mobile 6 has bugs in the accessibillity service too and i suspect its similar somehow to the donation key failing.. dunno.. im not the expert lol hope it supports..
~ joe hill
UPDATE: Just to place some numbers on this, AFWall+ logs are showing it has blocked 24447 attempts by Greenify to connect to the internet. Yes. That's over twenty-four thousand! By comparison, the next most persistently internet abusing release has made just over 1700 attempts Time to obtain rid, methinks. PREVIOUS: I see that, of late [perhaps after the newest modernization] Greenify has returned to its former nasty habit of constantly trying to connect to the internet. I have AFWall+ installed and it shows Greenify making attempt after attempt after attempt to connect to different servers, even when I'm using another apps. Very suspicious behaviour. An release like this shouldn't need to create more than one connection per day [or even per week] to check for upgrades. It has no another reason whatsoever to be making online connections behind its players' backs –and certainly not constantly.
~ A Google user
This now works I purchased it so I can hibernate system apps you to save more battery but the trouble I face is the speed of the hibernation. I already activated God Mode for Island and granted the ADB permissions for both apps. I ask you if you can test utilize the God Mode information to test speed up the hibernation speed of apps.
~ A Google user
Purchased donation box. Still don't obtain extras. Just claims I need the donations box to use certain informations, then feedback me to this release shop page...which claims I've bought it.
~ Ben Macey
Donation informations not available after newest Greenify (beta) modernization. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. In Greenify settings, donation informations present but once checked it redirects me to buy donation box again- but I have already bought and installed. Informations do not work.
~ Jamie Bovat
The finest release that really stop apps that you defined. It is not like another TaskKiller apps that test to stop or slay process and mostly fails. Instead this release use "Force Stop" option at small Settings/Soft Manager/ and do it true nice. After years of using this release on many mobile devices, Finally I purchased donation box and Actually, It give me the list of system apps too. I am glad after these years they did not add any unnecessary informations to it to create it system resource eater! 😀✌️ Thanks
~ MR K
after installing donation box, I can actually see apps like Fb, which is preinstalled, in the hibernate list. however, I don't see Google test/test service. and that 3% of battery overnight and I couldn't slay it. any support? Samsung s10
~ Raymond Pun
Works decent except it doesn't stop You Tube, Amazon Google or My Verizon from running in the background. Doesn't give any idea to stop them with the release either. I still have to go into settings and do it manually.
~ sagr 98
Hey developers, I have purchased the Donation box for greenify but the release it self does not recognize that I have the license key, I can't access the informations that I've spent dollars to use, please resolve this trouble.
~ Allan Sandbek
It's not working at all. Paid for it. But Greenify isn't detracting the donation box. What to do actually ? Please fix it or refund. I'm running Test shop V13. Something and installed over Mobile Pie. Modernization: NO RESPONSE. NO REFUND YET. It's been months actually.
~ Shaurya Saxena