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About: Google Test services is used to modernization Google apps and apps from Google Test. This component provides core functionality like authentication to your Google services, synchronized contacts, access to all the newest player policies settings, and higher quality, lower-powered territory based services. Google Test services also enhances your release experience. It speeds up offline searches, provides more immersive maps, and improves gaming experiences. Tools may not work if you uninstall Google Test services.
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Google LLC
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Similar Apps Like Sony | Headphones Connect Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Customize Sony headphones with a linkage function for this app to your liking. Everyday music becomes even more enjoyable with easy controls. You can quickly connect to a smartphone by following a guide. You can easily start to use it even if its your first time. Main Feature Dashboard for viewing and changing settings quickly Easy Connection guide for first time users "Ambient Sound Control" for changing noise cancellation and ambient sound mode settings easily.* Customiz...

Developer: Sony Video & Sound Products Inc.

Similar Apps Like QR Code Scanner - QR Scanner QR Reader Alternatives
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About: QR code reader is widely used to decode QRcode types such as ISBN, EAN, UPC , data matrix and others. Simple user guide as following: To scan the QR code, simply open the application, align the code. QR Code Reader will automatically recognize any QR code. When scanning the QR code, if the code contains a URL, you can open browser to the site by press browser button. Features of our QR Scanner(QR Code Reader): All-in-one scanner & reader app:(including almost all QR code) Simple & easy ...

Developer: Tech Widgets

Similar Apps Like Kids Live Safe Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The Kids Live Safe mobile app is for ACTIVE Kids Live Safe Members. Learn more about Kids Live Safe's family protection tools at Kids Live Safe provides top-rated, web-based family protection tools to safeguard our most vulnerable citizens our children. Kids Live Safe empowers parents by taking control of the safety of their children. With the Kids Live Safe Member app you can: - Find offenders closest to their current location using the phone's GPS - Find offenders nearest any Stre...

Developer: Kids Live Safe

Similar Apps Like QR Code & Barcode Scanner Pro  Alternatives
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About: QR Code & Barcode Scaner Pro is the best and fastest QR code/ bar code creator & scanner app free for Android. By using the phone's camera, this app will automatically scan and recognize the information of QR code or bar code. And supports all major barcode and QR code formats. ALL COMMON FORMATS Scan all common barcode formats: QR, Data Matrix, Aztec, UPC, EAN, Code 39 and many more. RELEVANT ACTIONS Open URLs, connect to WiFi hotspots, add calendar events, read VCards, find product and...

Developer: QR Code Group

Similar Apps Like My SCE Alternatives
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About: My SCE provides quick and easy access to your account - anytime, anywhere. Log in to view and pay your bill or report an outage near you - all in one convenient app. Features Include: View and pay your bill Report power outages Check for outages in your area Get outage status updates...

Developer: Southern California Edison

Similar Apps Like Jinvoo Smart Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: This Wifi Smart Socket is a big step forward in household intelligence.It can remote control your appliance in any time at anywhere with access to internet, So you can know the status of your appliance at all times. It also has timing function. then you do not need to worry about your appliance will be over charger-ed. 100% brand new and high quality guaranteed. With the connect to Internet, Control your sockets in real time with a smart phone. Support status tracking, home appliances status ...

Developer: UC Smart

Similar Apps Like Easter Phoenix Keyboard Theme  Alternatives
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About: New Free TouchPal Easter Phoenix keyboard theme will bring your keyboard & text input a real new look & feelmake your Android device keyboard coolcute and unique. Check this FREE personalized design for your TouchPal Emoji Keyboard right now! Thousand of FREE and beautiful themes are waiting for you. Go and typing fun! Notice - To activate the New Free TouchPal Easter Phoenix Emoji Keyboard theme, you need TouchPal Emoji Keyboard or above, which is chosen by over 500 million p...

Developer: Skin Team


Similar Apps Like WhatsBubble Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Here is another app that A Royal Bug is excited to announce! WhatsBubble brings chat bubble/chat heads for social messaging apps. Talk to your friends and family anywhere, anytime and in any app with WhatsBubble! Chat becomes more exciting with WhatsBubble. Always have your conversation by your side with WhatsBubble! WhatsBubble lets you receive and Read Silently social messaging apps messages without appearing Online in Chat-Heads Bubbles, In addition you could directly replay to the...

Developer: A Royal Bug

Similar Apps Like Screenwise Meter  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The Screenwise Meter mobile app is used to manage registered panelists' participation in market research panels. If you are not a registered panelist with Google, this app will not function; please do not download or use this app. This app works in sync with external Screenwise measurement devices. ABOUT PANEL RESEARCH: Like many other companies, Google brings together market research panels to help learn more about things like technology usage, how people are consuming media, and how they us...

Developer: Google LLC

Similar Apps Like Corrata Alternatives
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About: To use this app your organization is required to have licensed the Corrata Enterprise Mobility Control Platform. Contact your IT Administrator for further information. The Corrata App makes it easy for employees to manage their usage of mobile data in line with their organization's policy and mobile plan. The Corrata App helps organizations to reduce unnecessary mobile data usage, eliminate bill shock and simplify mobile expense management. For more information visit www.corrata.com...

Developer: Corrata

Similar Apps Like Downloader & Browser Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Feature BROWSER: - Full browser. - Incognito mode....

Developer: Entertainment Apps for Everyone

Similar Apps Like Downdetector Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Downdetector monitors over 4,400 services in 32 countries including telecommunication outages (internet, phone and TV service), online banking problems, websites that go down and apps that arent working. Our outage detection is based on a real-time analysis of user reports from multiple sources, including social media such as Twitter, the Downdetector website and reports filed through this app. Functionalities: - Track outages with services in your country (32 countries supported) - Re...

Developer: Downdetector

Similar Apps Like Color Phone Flashlight - LED display banner Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Color phone Want to flash alert on incoming calls? Want to flash on incoming SMS ? Want to flash alert on incoming calls with beautiful animated theme? Want to something new to make your incoming calls alert with perticular name ? We have something best to make your mobile caller screen best with attractive tools the name of this thing is Color Phone Flashlight - LED display banner This app have all are best steps to change your incomnig calls with more attractive tools like - alert ...

Developer: Beijing HUAXIAFENGYUN Technology Co., Ltd.

Similar Apps Like Electro Music Drum Pads 2018  Alternatives
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About: Electro Drum Pads DJ Music interpretation will make your music sound as a producer of popular EDM! This is a beat app for drum pads, EDM pads. Playing on the road with signs of professional studio and collaborate with friends! Now you can record your rhythms created. Here you can make music in beat maker go where beats app in making music with music pad to launch pad. What are the advantages of our app? - The minimum response delay. This is one of the most important factors, since at the lo...

Developer: Rudra Apps Developers


Similar Apps Like VPN Express - School VPN & Unlimited & Unblock  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: VPN Express is really permanent free, without in-app purchases. Proxy server IP will replace the local IP, can hide your real IP. VPN Express supports IPV6 network access. VPN Express provides a DNS proxy to prevent DNS leaks. What is a VPN? A VPN creates a secure, encrypted tunnel over the internet between your computer, smartphone or tablet and whatever website or app you are trying to access. This is made possible by redirecting your connection via a VPN server in another coun...

Developer: FIFA VPN

Similar Apps Like Galaxy Watch Plugin  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: This application is a component for Galaxy Wearable Application. Galaxy Wearable Application has to be installed in advance. Please allow the permission of Galaxy Wearable Application from Android Settings to use it completely in Android 6.0. Settings > Apps > Galaxy Watch Plugin > Permissions Access rights information The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed. [Re...

Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Similar Apps Like SCE DR Alerts  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Welcome to the SCE Demand Response (DR) Alerts App! Download and set up the app to start receiving courtesy alerts for upcoming SCE DR events. Customize the app to receive alerts when a DR Event is scheduled, started, and/or ended based on your selected DR program and desired geographic area. The SCE DR Alerts App can help you stay informed about following program events: - Summer Discount Plan (SDP) for Residential or Business - Smart Energy Program (SEP) - Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) for...

Developer: Southern California Edison

Similar Apps Like Clean Phone - Phone Booster  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Do you want to make you phone faster and delete all unnecessary junk files? Clean phone - Phone Booster app is what you need. We made an application that will help you to remove junk files, boost phone speed, save your device battery and manage installed application. The clean phone is all in one utility that created to help user keep the device in good condition. "Clean Phone - Phone Booster" App Features: Junk cleaner. With constant use of the phone, its memory is clogged with residual ...

Developer: GreenHat Apps

Similar Apps Like Unlock any Device Guide Free  Alternatives
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About: This app provides guide to unlock any android devices and others. Unlock any device by remove password, Hard reset, unlock without account and much more features. Unlock any phone guidelines. Provides screenshots for guidelines. How to unlock lava phones Screen overlay detected solution. Guideline to unlock phone Unlock T-Mobiles tips Unlock Verizon mobiles guide Provide Guidelines to unlock phone by Google account or without Google account Provide guidelines to unlock phones by using ...

Developer: Perfect Apps786

Similar Apps Like Lantern: Better than a VPN Alternatives
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About: Are your favorite apps blocked? Download Lantern to easily access Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp and MORE! Lantern is an app that allows you to bypass firewalls to use your favorite apps and access your favorite websites while you're at school or work. EASY - No set up, no registration, no signup, no settings, just click and go! All you do is install it and push the ON button! FAST - Dont wait forever for your apps to load or for the website to pop up in the browser. Connect with Lante...

Developer: Lantern



Google Play services Reviews and Comments:

In the past month or so thus thing has drained my time. I've had the device for over a year, I know it's behaviour. This is newest. Might be other release feeding into it but the stupid google setup won't let players to search that out
~ Michael Blackwell
Its very important and primary core release for most google apps to run smoothly and efficiently. but the only trouble I'm facing is it is eating too much of my battery even when I'm not using the device and screen is not on.
~ Raja Ghosh
head over there to see if you don't wish you so terrible that you have to be in a bit you are not the only thing that has the... YouTube has the power to do the finest things ever it gives you videos for crafts and entertaining equipment too and you can even create your own pencil topics if you watch slick slime Sam it's hard to claim actually allow me on YouTube please if I don't obtain on YouTube then this newest modernization is a rip-off and I will probably delete my release named YouTu and so slick slime Sam a it's a really nice
~ Citizen Rouge
thanks so much for ... confusion..and I surely it's not a large deal to you but I'm recall not having any fun. thanks so much for honesty and secure ity and believe in ... we us ... I still do.. don't wish to be abused.or used up. appreciated im working on the sorrys.. thanks
~ Thessa Burgess
~ Clarilo Ogania
its unfortunate that this release is a major platform requirement just to use google test apps... getting tired of the upgrades often i turn on my wifi or time...drains my battery which is inconvenient and steals my Gigs on time for an modernization, oh and my Auto modernization is turned off too, starting to be like apple products... constantly upgrading...!!!
~ Jimmy Hamilton
no true nice feedback as the release is installed. not really sure if it did or not. youtube, the tool that the modernization require this release just seem to do equipment on its own. Dont see anything different, also not sure if the entire process did anything.
~ Danny Go
I am just checking on Monday and very pretty I hope you and I received before he leaves at Costco today Actually we're at different versions create sure your support with this matter is greatly appreciated second 2 about Friday night or Saturday morning dear never mind I found it how it goes launch well call you back until ebook America nice job was successful nice message from correspondence. nonpaid boxes have yes asked if read this when I obtain leaving list for
~ A Google user
Ever since upgrading, my device is having large battery troubles and has become veey slow. It runs out quickly and overheats and the battery manager claims that Google test services is the culprit. I've tried testing around with settings but since mosts of my apps won't run without it it seems I'm stuck with this trouble.
~ Kieron HS
I have a broken orbital bone from being head butted from my supposid love of my life because of this google equipment! Thanks. He is a nice liar. With softwares like this who needs any more deciept. He is the one that place these apps on my device. Thanks.
~ Traci Pitcher
has more permissions that the lord of Norway. and consequently has been used as the great idea to mod a device both directly and remotely making my device a glorified door stop. Thank you. ..ps what are the information of the libraries that are modernized at the same time?
~ Martin Kelly
this release doesn't warrant 1 star. I am constantly getting the message " Google Test Services keeps stopping" It is driving me crazy & interfering with my device each couple of seconds !! HELP !!!!
~ lynne jackson
Connecting to Google Assistant-compatible Bluetooth devices (and possibly another Bluetooth headset devices) is causing info sounds to be sent through the media playback channel instead of the device ringer channel, allowing info to sound even if device is in DND or otherwise on vibrate/silent. Originally thought this was a Pixel 2-only trouble, but this is allegedly occurring on another non-pixel mobile devices as well.
~ Zach Shatley
I really hate when apps doesn't notify when there's an modernization... and this release in particular the only thing it does is watching each transport we do with our devices, sincerely, I'd like to have more authority in my device than this release that I even doesn't know what's their true use... 😠
~ Alice Vargas
hi the release has me very satified with the idea they handled with the safety im just so glad it has stoped a lot of close calls. as quick as i was notified that i should go in and create sure no one has gotten to my numbers and such to create sure all my personal stats as well. thank u google..
~ Michelle England
Cannot view saved videos. Frustrated and Disappointed. A damn message usually pops up stating that I gotta modernization google+, however when i follow up the feedback, i am redirected to an release unsupported and not even displayed when searched for. Poor device, will never use an Mobile other day in my life. I also have different reasoning for my decision and wordage.
~ Prod. By Dayy
looks cool because it's a Google Test service and maybe whatever he claims to you maybe you might be able to like releases that you can test with your sisters and brothers maybe he might claim okay and then you can have releases that you can test with your brother and sister! I think this might be a nice choice!!! I think that because Google is the finest thing ever thank you Google
~ michannan dierks
This release lets me use another apps. Recipients who rate 1 star are just furious that this release runs everything else on their device. Google did not have to create the equipment they did, they did not have to allow your device or device work but they did, so be greatful for what they did for you.
~ Billy Bob
My profile is attached to other device. ive tried getting this resolved. Tools like this support hackers or the ex wife, Husband, Mother In Law. So if anyone would like to give me dome solution that would be greatly appreciated. It claims I'm on a pc and iPhone. I have neither
~ Candie Elliott
My device caught a bug a while back and this last week it wouldn't do anything that google produced or had their name attached, would have been great if. Someone had allow me know that it required a rating . And how\what release will turn my voice into a text message from the contacts or keyboard in messages like my Lg or blue devices did? The release/apps are Vague and don't feedback/work together well or even in the same page .
~ Richard Eitelman
No stars! Why google needs access to so many another apps on my device another than to extract and use my time is beyond me! I object to this collection and use of my time. There are very nice grounds to be concerned about my policies and it's about time the behemoths did something about giving it back to us all!
~ Liz Packer
Dumb developers. Your enterprise won't grow by spying on recipients. I wish you to explain me why Google apps I disable (as Google Explore or Chrome) reinstall after a bit without sending any info or message. This is a large trouble from you devs and using 500mb of storage won't support me. 500mb of storage used by Google test is on my opinion USELESS. I even need a root to disable this release. You're kidding recipients.
~ ed•tv
I love google test, having multiple devices in different states Im still able to access my apps with any progession being saved. The library keeps my equipment organized and if I cant remember an release from a different device all I have to do is log in to my profile and they'll be right there. Google Test you're nice. Thanks.
~ Christian Hallman
this release is taking up to 4gb of storage making my device unusable. even after clearing the time, It keeps just piling up until it takes all of the internal storage. (i can't deactivate since I can't access the device manager.)
~ Hajar Joulal
Most things I read seem to think this release is the trouble why my Mobile Auto isn't working. I need to uninstall, and reinstall it to obtain past my communication error 8. I tried doing everything else and this has to be it.
~ Douglas Ford
for a several days actually, the screen on my device keeps flashing, "Google Test Services has Stopped ". I have tried a several recommendations online, I have even reported the trouble via the option given to me. It has become tiresome and frustrating as I'm unable to use my device as normal. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Marilyn Morgan
No concept what this does that the regular Google Test doesn't do. If there is even a difference, period! Trust I have it controlled actually, but holy hell did the banner interruptions piss me off-by overtaking my device and cutting off my song each 5 mins, mid-song, while streaming song in my car. I love the apps & releases, but have reached my breaking target if it pulls that nonsense anymore.... Speaking of nonsense-->what's with the reviews having nothing to do with anything? Dumbness.
~ Mike Zink
3 days actually off constant pop ups "google test services have stopped working" which is doing my head in because not only is it getting harder to see or do anything on my device be that online or offline I am also having battery draining troubles 😡 I have done everything I should possibly do to fix this trouble and still NOTHING FIXES IT!!!! Another recipients are having the same trouble so why is there no modernization to fix the bugs from the last modernization Google?
~ Annie robo
This is the most useful feedback I can manage to give. 1: modernized on its own (when I don't have auto modernization active) and repeating that it needs an modernization when i can only deactivate. 2: deactivate doesn't work due to "the administrator has to deactivate it, not you." 3: takes up too much battery thanks to claimed info of being stopped and keeps stopping/needing to be modernized. 4: can't clear time on any apps thanks to this release alone. 5: interrupts my experience with my device as a entire. no⭐
~ Summer Buss
This Soft took Out my $500 device. It is no longer usable. As quick as this release, which has to install for anything else to work, installed on my device I should no longer access my Tablet Settings Soft. It continually crashes the Settings Soft so I Can't change display settings, sound setting, connections, or release settings. I have restart my device 10 times and tried everything but to no avail. Please support fix this Google. You Are killing me!!
~ Stir Stick Stick
Hate anything that forces a person to use it but gives nonsense explanations of why it is so important. It uses the MOST POWER AND MEMORY OF ANYTHING ELSE ON MY PHONE! and I see no tangible benefits. Other Google D**k in My A**hole that I did not wish there. Google could change its name to SODOMOOGLE It likes to do recipients in the back end without them knowing it so much.
~ Daymon Smith
HELP!! I hold getting info on my device screen that claim me that google test services keeps stopping. the only options are to close the release or send feedback. but even if you press close release, it still gives the pop-up. I cant force stop or disable the release. and the info stack on every another... what do I do?!? restarting my device, turning it off, turning off all its permissions and then turning them back on.. I even sent feedback
~ Heartofthedragon20
Thanks for the safety and security this unbelievable APP applys to my day to day "goings-ons". You guys at Google are the true MVPs. Just hit me up if you ever have the patience to train a eager to learn, willing, and hard working young lad. A career at 'Google' or even working with your "alleged" affiliates is a dream of mine. AND I PROMISE, I WILL MAKE A DIRECT ORDER HAPPEN. Much love, and have a unbelievable year. Lets work together on getting things accomplished!
~ Carl Goins IV
not sure I'm still working on it I have to search out how it works but in the meantime I hope this is a connection to obtain Wi-Fi I'm having problem with connecting to my Wi-Fi so I'm hoping that this it was all my troubles connecting with my internet connection needs to be improved because I cannot search an internet a Wi-Fi connection on Networks that works for me on the device that I am using I really need support with my connection to the internet or connections with Wi-Fi so if anyone can support me nice
~ Regina Pruitt
Suddenly, my device keeps getting a pop-up stating that Google Test Market has stopped. Why? What the hell have you recipients done actually? Unless I log in through my pc and go to the Test Market, I can't modernization any apps. This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! I'm F-ing serious... What the hell have you recipients done?????????????????????????????????????????????
~ Susan Bovair
I am constantly receiving banners that intrude over releases I test on my Mobile. They could be blocked while testing. I pay to test these releases and I don't enjoy wasting my dollars seeing banners. Why can't they be programmed to test only when there is no streaming or gaming.
~ Mark Hutchinson
ZERO STARS. As others have claimed, obtain constant nagging pop-up claiming it's stopped working - uninstalling didn't even support I still got these pop-up, how dumb? Possibly battery troubles too as others report, who knows, but battery does drain super quickly, I notice that actually it can go from like 12% to off in a flash, it's never done that before and I don't know why.
~ Asuka NGE
i accidentally installed a lower ver of google test services from the browser, and actually i am having an trouble with modernization of google test services. but as per the release itself, it is already modernized up to date but in my info it claims i cant use unless modernized. but when clicking, the button is only deactivate. i cant modernization from the test shop. please support.
~ Joyce Orozco
no concept how this got on my device but do know Google has made charges to my credit card. Can't see how to remove it. the button will not work! No support from Google. Refunds not made. Still no concept how Google got my credit card information and Google will not claim me so I have no concept how to stop this in future. Strongly recommend no one has anything to do with Google Test - if you can avoid it, which I should not. I gotta actually place a stop on any charges made by Google using my credit card.
~ Caroline Whatever
they decided to hate the who that is providing for them....To the handsome lad with the glasses on his face, You showed up at my door and I only wanted to present you what a riflemans rights stance looks like before you decided to go, I shouldnt be bothered by anyone, If only I knew you before they tried to destroy me on my face.....I thank you for youre kindness
~ Jamie Marie Davis