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About: Google Pictures is a newest picture gallery from Google, made for the idea you take pictures today. Your pictures and videos will be automatically backed up and organized, so you can search and share them faster - and never run out of zone on your device. Finally, a pictures release that's as smart as you. FREE UNLIMITED STORAGE Back up infinite pictures and videos for nonpaid in High Quality. Access them from any device and pictures.google.com - your pictures are protected, secure, and personal to you. FREE UP SPACE Never worry about running out of zone on your device again. Pictures that are safely backed up can be removed from your device's storage in just a tap. VISUAL SEARCH Your pictures are actually searchable by the recipients, territories and things in them - no tagging needed. BRING PHOTOS TO LIFE ... Show more
Genre: Photography Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Google LLC
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Similar Apps Like Ribbet™ Photo Editing Suite  Alternatives
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About: Ribbet proves that powerful photo editing isn't just for pros. Packed with an unprecedented variety of tools, this streamlined editor handles everything from basic edits to professional touch-ups. Hand-picked presets give you vast creative options, and if you want to go deeper, you'll find everything from the clone tool to fine curve adjustments. COMPLETE EDITING SOLUTION - Essentials: Crop, Rotate, Exposure, Color, Sharpness and Resize - Grid photo collage maker, with the ability to ed...

Developer: Foto Friend Pty Ltd [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Police Photo Suit Alternatives
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About: Police Photo Suit Ever wondered how you will look with a police suit on? Want to see yourself as an Police Man? Never compromise with your dreams! Here you have a chance, Police Photo Suit application provide different type of police man photo with different color and size. Police Photo Suit is Newly Released Police Photo Suit Frames for your photos. Choose your favorite Police Suits from frames collection to try & Different model police suits available. choose your favourite Police Suits ...

Developer: Magical App Zone [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Vaporwave Aesthetic Editor - Trippy Effects Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Download the best free app for image editing, creating psychedelic images and awesome "glitch art" this Season! Choose from many "trippy filters", aesthetic stickers, grunge photo effects and vaporwave themes, and create your own aesthetic design with "Vaporwave Aesthetic Editor with Trippy Effects"! Using our amazing "vaporwave photo editor", you can make your photos look trippy, glitchy and super fun! Add incredible "photo stickers" to your favorite selfies and they will get a new re...

Developer: Best Pics Editor & Photo Montage [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Selfie With Nikki Bella: Nikki Bella Wallpapers Alternatives
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About: Selfie With Nikki Bella: Nikki Bella wallpapers, WWE wallpapers and Bella twins wallpapers is best app for Nikki Bella and Bella Twins fans and lovers. Selfie With Nikki Bella, Nikki Bella wallpapers, Bella Twins selfie photo editor, wwe wallpapers app contains wallpapers of Nikki Bella and Nikki Bella stickers. Nikki Bella is beautiful, strong and brave wrestler, actress, entertainer and model. Nikki Bella games are very famous. Nikki Bella wallpapers wwe are collection of Nikki Bella HD wall...

Developer: Uau Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Auto Blur Photo Plus Alternatives
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About: Auto Blur Photo Plus can be used for effective blurry picture effect , blurred background, blur image,auto background blur , photo blur camera , smudge photo editor, dslr blur, lens blur, auto focus, depth effect , photo blur background , unblur , hide part of image for privacy as a photo blurrer. its very easy to blur image background or auto background blur , select your image by drawing around it and it will auto blur background. Exciting features: 1. Select image to be blurred from gal...

Developer: Lunapicher [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Photo Filter Alternatives
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About: Photo Filter App makes your photo more professional and beautiful It has many different filters and layouts for your outdoor photo and your selfie. 9 pictures to collage your photo at the same time. Very powerful photo editor function including adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness. Photo Filter has: 1. Make up function 2. Photo layout 3. Photo collage 4. High quality photo 5. Funny stickers 6. Many different filters 7. Photo editor 8. Timer 9. Text on photo 10. Flash...

Developer: Bauhinia [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Wallpapers HD For battle Royale Alternatives
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About: The best Battle Royale backgrounds, picked by our group with the most highest quality workable for you to set up a background on your phone or to download pictures. Features: Easy to use interface, for setting up your Battle Royale backgrounds. Sorted by categories like ,Battle Royale,Skins ,Save the world and more! Push notifications when new Fort9 wallpapers come out! Set as wallpapers or download wallpapers....

Developer: FordLab [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Ultra Secret Video  Alternatives
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About: [Support] 1. UHQ and HQ recording 2. Secret Mode 3. Fake Mode 4. Game Mode...

Developer: TICLE [email protected]

Similar Apps Like AZ emoji photo editor – free stickers  Alternatives
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About: AZ emoji photo editor is a free app for adding emojis and editor on your photo or create funny emoji face. You can save and share with your Friends or instagram. AZ emoji photo editor have over 1000 emojis stickers on more that 16 sheets namely and is very simple in usage and easy adding texts on your picture. Make a picture look impressive. Stickers can be attached anywhere on the image and improve the quality of image captured. You can also share the edited picture on Instagram or on social m...

Developer: azemoji studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Crazy Snap Photo Effect Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Crazy Snap Photo Effect is an awesome mirror types effects app which will let you select your photo and apply various mirror types effects including mirror effects. Make wonderful photos with Snap Effects and Filters and get more likes and more followers by using this app! Because the stickers - emojis and filters you select are saved in the picture that you post they will be the same on Android. Add amazing photo filters & stickers for your selfies and try to get more likes and more foll...

Developer: Appsworld Developers [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Superhero Photo Editor  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Transform yourself into your favorite superhero character! Look like a bat, spider or even banana! Yes, this is now possible with our new photo editing app that allows you to edit pictures and modify them in a unique way. If you are into superhero movies or cartoons, you adore superhero games and superhero equipment, this boy photo app should be your first choice. Find boy superheroes and super heroes girls and add stickers to photo to look like them. Wear cool superhero clothes and explore phot...

Developer: Fast and Fun Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Print Beauty Camera - AR & Filter Alternatives
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About: Print Beauty Camera - AR & Filter...

Developer: Camera Beauty Pro - 2019 [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Unwanted Object Remover:Touch-Retouch  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Remove Unwanted remover Touch Retouch is a background image editor to erase photo background and let you edit it with different beautiful backgrounds. Object remover photo editor has many edit options like text, stickers, photo effects and many more. Object Remover touch retouch Photo Eraser Change your Photos and make them look like they were shot on a HD DSLR Camera. Use Segment Remover. Remove text from photo, remove stamp from photo, remove stickers from photo. Object Cloth remover remove...

Developer: widetalk [email protected]

Similar Apps Like PIP Collage Maker Unlimited Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: PIP Collage Maker Unlimited is a powerful and easy to use photo editing .You can combine a large number of photos into a special photo collage grid and help you create the perfect photo grid. You can also decorate your photo with filters, stickers, text, and backgrounds. Through a series of creations,PIP Collage Maker Unlimited will let your pictures into a masterpiece. Features: - Create your puzzle photos with multiple design templates. - Collage Photos with cute Emoji, Backgrounds, St...

Developer: Simmyhitach [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Landy Selfie Beauty Camera Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Real-time stickers Beauty Camera Funny...

Developer: Thornburgh Ricketson [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Photo Blender 2019 Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Photo Blender 2019 Wanna Transform your pics into an artistic mode? Here you go! Photo Blender is the right app for you to choose, it quenches your artistic thoughts into an existence. It creates a stunning and eye-catching photo effect with your old photographs. It thresholds the effects like most popularly known as galaxy effects. Create an artistic photo mixer, overlays in unique ways of using graphical elements. Key Features of Photo Blender App Nature: It blends your pic with natu...

Developer: AppTrends [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Christening Photo Editor Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Christening is a christian ceremony where a baby is christened. Christening Photo Editor app provides yoiu amazing frames to make invitation for christening as well as capture the moments of christening and wrap them in beautiful photo frames. Invite with your own text on it or share your amazing christening memories with friends & family using Christening Photo Editor app. Features: - Free & easy to use. - Minimal GUI. - Brightness. - Quick & easy save & share. - 20+ christening photo f...

Developer: BlackFoxApps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Selfie Photo Frames Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Selfie Photo Frames Are you looking for the photo frame in which you can set your photo and make your more enhance ? This Selfie Photo Frame is one of the most powerful application which contain most awesome Selfie frames in which you can set your photos and make t more beautiful. This Selfie Photo Frames contain many other facilities with you can decorate your photos with more ease.In this there are more than 75+ photo frames available which are just awesome. Selfie Photo Editor has m...

Developer: Photo Pick Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Photo Lab Photo Editor:- Art frames & Face effects Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The best photo studio to make your pictures even better with this powerful photo editor, simply make your photo more classy, which provides beautiful photo effect and frames. Photo Lab Editor is a strong editor with lots of amazing effects and so on. Without using a skilled professional editor, make your photo look creative in seconds and set it as a contact icon, a wallpaper, send a signed virtual postcard to a friend or share it with any social media site. photo lab is to focus on object...

Developer: Creature Apps Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Cut Paste Photo Editor X Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The face you want to exchange, or want to remove the person in the photo? Do you want to delete or replace the photo background or the prank you want to do with your friends? Cut Paste Photo Editor X is a powful tools to cut and edit photos that allows users to create photos by pasting multiple photos than other tabs.Photo Background You can create a photo collage or create a family photo by pasting multiple photos into a background photo, Use another amazing cut and paste photo editor to plac...

Developer: Superjunia [email protected]



Google Photos Reviews and Comments:

I really like this release, its my go-to. Fun assistance, and I'm grateful to have a protected zone for my pictures. It would be great to be able to create better videos with easier editing but regardless it's still a nice release. I pay $20 a year for the bonus storage and don't really think i even need to. But I do anyway, just in topic. Thanks, Google!
~ Mandie Stevens
It is comfortable and player friendly. But, at times the release is a bit slow and takes sometime to load and display the picture. Also, please do enhance the video testing informations of the release. Like swiping left or right to speedy forward and reverse backward while watching or testing a video if possible. Thank You.
~ Paidipati Uthej
I can't load any pictures and its taking too long, is there some sort of a trouble? Whenever i leave the release, i cant go back in until i clear the history. Please fix this trouble as quick as possible, i really love this release
~ Vince Ng
I now like this release a lot. It's my default & go to for all my pics & vids. But it keeps backing up folders that i hold turning off & I end up getting banners & emoji files in my gallery that I have to delete few times a day. It's annoying as hell that there doesn't seem to be a idea to stop this. I'm really frustrated!!😤
~ Michael Connor
Long storyline, but Verizon's Cloud was erased and I thought all my pictures that I saved were lost. I mean my favoured pics of family and dudes that aren't with us anymore, birthdays, vacations, all of it. But, nope! I didnt even think that Google still had each last one of them saved and then some. Thanks, Google!
~ Gerry Holman
should be easier to use, less of the assistant assault. Do not need to have to repeatedly shut that part down each time i test to view a picture also should offer auto backup when connected to a time source or wifi without having to be asked, turn on auto back up and go... aside from that there needs to be an option to draw, crop, edit inside release. currently using second release for edits. lastly.... to become a better release, the true trouble to me is the ability to auto save to drive, that'd be great
~ Barry Drennan
I love the fact that I can order picture albums of my family and our vacations. I use to place the pictures all over the house on the walls. But this idea its alot cleaner and neater in my home. dudes and family usually come in and look at the ebooks on my table.
~ Rene Brown
Great Soft! It has so much to offer! It not only shops your pictures safey but it also creates videos and flashbacks and premium picture cards and variety of another premium pictures for you. You can also create your own videos out of your pictures and if you dont know how to do it on your own the release literally walks you step by step to support you. Give it a test, you wont regret it.
~ misti marbury
I received a info today from the release claiming I had a newest video. I opened it up and it was the most nice clips place together with background song of my nice granddaughter!! 😍😍 The header claimed "They grow up so speedy." That was by far the most impressive and unbelievable thing ever! I was speechless and shared it instantly. I couldn't have done it better myself and I'm almost certain I couldn't have had such an nice job done professionally without spending a fortune. Thank you!
~ Diana Freeman
i love love it. period. I will obtain a info surprise from them where they have place together a collage from your finest pictures,or even animated some of them sometimes... they don't usually obtain it great, made an album of pictures or a ittle collage or something neat so when you see it it will create my day sometimes. so yes I like it.
~ Brandie Whitney
Buggy. Sometimes won't delete. Sometimes will obtain stuck on the spinning wheel. Sometimes the menu bar is empty. Sometimes the assistant tab fails to load. Often have to manually empty thr cache to obtain it going again. Really, really poor.
~ Neil Luck
Using a newest device, Pictures was automatically set to sync and backup my pictures. Didn't realize deleting them from cloud deleted them from my device. Lost at least an hour of work sorting through the ones I had deleted on purpose and the ones Google deleted for me. I turned it off, but that doesn't create it a bit less annoying that it happened. Quite mad.
~ Hunter Hampton
In the Bible it claims that our lives will flash before us in the twinkling of an eye. We will see our lives in the Book Of Life. I used to think that Fb was the finest analogy of it. I felt like if one would post enough pictures and videos when you have a baby by the time that babe is 18 years old you will have his entire life on Fb. However unknowingly I have accomplished this with Google pictures. my son was born 11 29 12 his entire life has been captured buy Google pictures each single day!
~ Mills Cline Variety Reality Show
i love most of it, but it keeps deleting pictures in a folder that's not marked to be synced and there's no idea to turn it off. it also backs up all of your pictures in one zone, which is a horrible because i have separate folders for separate pictures, i dont wish to see them all in once zone so im only able to back up pictures from my camera release. i wish to backup memes and pictures i take with my dudes in separate folders and see them in separate territories, not all at once in the "pictures" tab.
~ Kratos Fon Fabre
This app is absolutely wonderful! I love the automatic results it does with different pictures and videos. You can save & hold the ones you like and discard the ones you dont. I also like that this app supports me to hold plenty of launch storage zone on my cellphone by backing my pictures & videos up automatically to my google profile. My only trouble with the app is it uses WAY to much time, which is a total bummer. Otherwise, like I claimed before, it's wonderful!
~ Amy Resendez
I use this release on a everyday basis and I really like it and it usually works cute nice. But for some reason, it decided to run taking forever to upload equipment, idea longer than before. I use to be able to upload many pictures in just a several seconds but actually it takes multiple mins (not an exaggeration) to uploaded only one (that's if it uploads at all). Please fix this 😡
~ Gamer 98
Just an absolute mess plain and easy. This is one of the most cluttered, annoying, and confusing picture gallery apps Ive ever seen. There are idea too many pages and tabs of honestly useless garbage that I don't think anybody in the right mind uses. All I wish to see when I launch a pictures release is a list of every folder on my device that includes photos. Maybe a speedy simple idea to transport and crop and edit equipment too. Disable this release and look for a 3rd party alternative.
~ Robert Melville
I used to be fully versus the use of google pictures back in the day, but ever since my google pixel experience google pictures has been the idea to go, immediate wifi backups, save some zone from your device, and checking the pictures anywhere else as well as sharing libraries with loved ones is nice.
~ Sam Gutierrez
this release is nice in so many ideas! it will create videos for you along with so many different another things..it made a video of a collection of videos I had of my son over the years of him growing up. they added song and everything. I cried. it was so heartwarming. song and all. I will forever cherish that video. Thank you Google for All you do!
~ Renee Mooney
This is by far one of the finest picture apps i have used. And the finest part is, is that if you obtain a newest device all your pictures are still saved. Edit: ive used this release for years, and its been nice. but after the newest modernization, pictures that you delete dont stay deleted. even if you permanently delete them they are still there when you launch the release again. would love to see this fixed because i really love this release.
~ Jazmyn Fowler
Can't pick only one profile if more than one Google acccount is installed. Disabling info does not support the nagging. Why? Duplication is superfluous at finest. Aside from the inability to pick "backup only while charging" in this day and age, the tool seems to have a strange selection algorithm as to which obtain backed up and which do not. Odd. The concept is okay, but lack of options is annoying.
~ Charley B
This gets a solid 5 stars from me. I love the options available on Google Pictures. I've used the find by name, face, date, territory, and even theme informations to search the pictures I need. I have thousands of pictures stored so these options are important to me! Other thing I love is that it suggests and creates videos and slideshows of my pictures when I take few at once. Equally important is the ease of sharing albums.
~ Kim Williams
Slow motion video is broken! There is no idea to disable slow motion. Please fix!! Edits (changes to the "slow" section) often do not stay. After an unknown number of days (5?) the slow motion editing bar no longer shows up. Also, instead of testing the picked section as slow, the main video plays speedy and then goes to normal speed in the picked portion.
~ gary wang
I LOVE this release! My device came with it pre-installed and I am so glad! I love how it sorts my pictures and categorizes them based on date and/or territory. It's a smart release too! The animation information is nice! Especially when you are trying to obtain nice pics of energetic young toddlers! I might snap 20 pictures to obtain 1 great shot and the animation information puts them together in sort of a video. I do adopt with others thag it needs more editing softwares. Maybe we will see some in the next modernization!?
~ Jennifer Aguiar
Absolutely love Google Pictures. It archives old pictures and shops "memories", it will also generate videos, clips and edits for you. It also uses your territory to mark pictures and saves them as "weekend at the beach in Florida" or "Friday in Mississippi". It will sort screenshots and pictures of documents and archive them for later review. It is so convenient and simple to use.
~ Christina Hall
i don't know what's wrong with GPhotos, but it's usually the same trouble and you guys really don't care to fix it. Usually the release keeps claiming "waiting for Wi-Fi" for to upload, the trouble is that my setting was for to upload with cellular time, but often this setting switches by itself from cellular time to Wi-Fi, and the trouble is that when i go back in the setting there's no idea for to change it again from Wi-Fi to cellular time, so? How long it'll still hold for to fix that?
~ Ash Wati Jugul
This release suuucks. It is the worst! Many pictures are distorted, or they don't appear at all. This is a brand newest HTC U11+ with no modifications! So fix the darn release, Goog. Even better: I need a newest gallery release, this one ain't it for me.
~ Mark van Dijk
I love my Gphotos! Although I usually create sure to back up my pictures onto both an SD card, and an external hard drive (just in topic), Gphotos is my go-to for everyday use. I can look up specific pictures from 10 years ago, on *any* device, with complete and total ease, in less than a minute (yes I've been using Google at least that long)! The 'nonpaid' photo storage quality is unbelievable too! Nothing ever looks 'grainy'. Thanks Google! :)
~ Rebecca Keenan
Have to double click/zoom in on each picture for them to be shown in full quality, before I do they're out of focus. + Need option to transport file to trash from album. + Some files appear larger than others in Day layout. If I wanted them larger I'd set it to Comfortable View layout. + Have to scroll down to now see your albums in the albums tab. + Shared, Recipients, Territories, Things, Videos, Collages, Animations, Videos & Pictures on Device folders could be moved to the Assistant tab.
~ A Google user
I love that I am able to save all my pictures here against my devices. I feel secure that I will not lose one precious moment. The release has many informations including editing, printing, and archiving amongst another informations. You can even buy bonus storage for a nominal fee. Google provided other idea of making life simple.
~ Risha Thomas
this release sucks...archived pictures hold coming back into the main feed no matter how many times I've archived the pictures and actually it seems like it wants me to turn on territory history just to display the territories pictures. I dont wish to give Google any more stats than I have to. I guess its time to disable this stupid release. This release also gets worse with every so named "modernization"
~ A Google user
love it but I wish more video editing informations. the solution is nice, love the ability to recognize what something is and group by (find for cars in Houston for example). I wish the ability to download bulk photos based on filters so I can edit those photos and reupload them. I would LOVE a better video editing function added. I have a ton of video up in Pictures but no true idea of getting at it and pulling it together in order to create interesting videos to share with family. Thanks squad Google
~ Kev Morris
If I deleted a picture on my device it doesn't mean that I wish it to be deleted in Google photots, too. It's one thing to autoupload pictures to Google pictures, but sync with the deleting of the pictures on my device is entirely different thing, for Christ's sake! The entire target of uploading the pictures is so I should delete them on my device and STILL HAVE THEM IN GOOGLE PHOTOS!
~ Vladimir Antanasijevic
My review has been wiped out? Wow... Is it because I'm asking for monthes actually, for a RENAME software in this Soft? Are you annoyed because I'm pointing out the missing basics ? And without being able to rename my pictures can you claim me what sense of having a SEARCH TOOL in Google Pictures ? Weird... And when you crop a picture it's sent in other folder : why? As usual with Google nothing in settings. It could be in the same! Well otherwise nice Soft but I can use it with those BASICS MISSING! Support?
~ vincent burgstahler
Having Google drive no longer sync with Google pictures removes the ability to deal with duplicate pictures and to edit pictures descriptions or time. First they eliminated Picasa and actually this! Rather than enhancing your ability to work with files they just hold limiting it. I have been with Google from the first but sadly they are starting to create Microsoft look pretty again. I no longer feel like my files are protected. Don't be evil indeed! if I'm mistaken about something here Google allow me know!
just recently my device took a turn to go south and I lost everything my fault because I didn't have it backed up with this tool for my contacts in my pictures. But I was wondering if you recipients have one that will save the apps on my device yet?. thank you very much and have a nice rest of the week glad camper actually newest device and everything is backed up but I did lose all my pictures that I had collected or two and a half year
~ James Murphy
Unable to make video. It worked fine when I tried 2-3 months back. But actually when I pick videos to make a video, it is not working. It shows uploading x of y videos. But nothing gets created even after hours, on high speed time. It can be stated that this functionality, of joining videos and creating videos, is not working.
~ Rishali Raj
Nice release for viewing, and picture storage.Meta-time on every picture a needed information. I strongly recommend that you pick "Original Picture" in the storage options if you are wanting to print at any target. Otherwise, the quality is significantly downgraded which is also the topic in using "Google picture editor". I search it needed to use a different editing release, making sure to preserve the original.
~ A Google user
I love this release. My device doesn't have a regular picture gallery, so I didn't have much of a choice, but I pleasantly surprised. I do, however want they had more editing options for my pictures & videos. The infinite storage is unbelievable & allows me take all the pictures & videos I like, without fear of running out of zone to hold them. The assistant is a great information that most another apps lack & it's cute useful too. Plus, it allows me to easily share pics & videos with my family dudes.
~ Breeze Whatley-Miller
picture editing information is fine. largest drawback is the inability to arrange your pictures in a specific order, moving them around within an album. you can only arrange them by chronological order. if you take one pic a day for 7 days, then you have 7 distinct lines in your album, making it inconvenient to view pics (constantly have to scroll up and down)
~ Loic Lamoulere