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About: Google One is a easy plan for expanded storage that contains bonus benefits to support you obtain more out of Google. You can use the Google One release to: Manage your storage plan, which covers Google Drive, Gmail and original quality pictures and videos in Google Pictures. Contact our squad of experts with just one tap. If you need support with Google products and services, our squad is here for you. Access member benefits like Google Test credit and premium hotel pricing. Share your plan with up to 5 family members, giving everyone more storage plus access to bonus benefits.
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 5MB Developer: Google LLC
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Developer: Fan Club Fundraising [email protected]

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About: Stay connected with the Ameri-Force app. Search, view, and apply to jobs while on the go. Receive job alerts when jobs match your keywords. The Ameri-Force app keeps you in the loop wherever you are. Key Features: - Search, view, and apply to jobs - Receive push notification alerts when new jobs are available - Upload your resume via Dropbox or Google Drive - Update your Ameri-Force user profile - Communicate with recruiters directly...

Developer: StaffUpApp, LLC. [email protected]

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About: reminder app without advertisements,...

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About: Use your Android device as a remote for your Windows PC or Mac - Control the mouse, keyboard, media, presentations and more! The Remote Control Collection is a compilation of remotes, which you can use to wirelessly control your Windows PC or Mac. The unified remotes enable you to control the PC beyond mouse and keyboard! What others say: DotTech.org: Very responsive and very convenient to use Chip.de: Solid application with brilliant simplicity UnlockPWD.com: There are many re...

Developer: Steppschuh [email protected]

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About: Habitat on the Hill is Habitats annual legislative conference, during which advocates for decent housing, including Habitat staff members, board members, homeowners, volunteers and youth from across the country, gather in Washington, D.C., to discuss Habitats legislative priorities, attend advocacy and policy-related workshops, and hold face-to-face meetings with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. This app will provide conference basics including schedules, important workshop and hill day documents...

Developer: Results Direct [email protected]

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About: Download this app when you are participating in an American Youth product fundraiser to track, account, and store your fundraising sales....

Developer: American Youth [email protected]

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About: Free Antivirus Plus is a free antivirus app that deeply scans your device for any mobile security threats and protects your Android phone from virus, malware, adware and spyware. Free Antivirus Plus provides professional antivirus for android and phone security services including Real-time Protection, App lock, WiFi Security, CPU Cooler, Battery Saver. By providing powerful security services, it frees up your storage space and boosts your phone security. Highlights of Antivirus Master In...

Developer: [email protected]


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About: Senstone is a tiny wearable personal assistant powered by this App. It lets you capture your ideas, notes and reminders handsfree without pulling out your phone. On Senstone Side: Syncs with the App. Automatically converts voice memos into organized text notes. Works offline: you can record notes without connection to the phone. Automatically syncs when you're back in range. Sends a gentle sound when you start and finish the recording. On the App Side: Personalized ...

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About: This APP serves as a tool for production...

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About: Do you like Cumbia & would you like to make your own Cumbia tracks? If your answer is yes, this app is for you! With this app you will become a professional Cumbia producer very fast, even if you are an artist or would like to be one you could practice with this app and improve every day more. What characterizes this Drum Pads Cumbia app: - Its high quality sounds. - Drum Pads CumbiaIts variety of colors. - Its light weight. - Drum Pads Cumbia Your flexibility when you start playing...

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About: Garbage and recycling schedules and reminders for LeMay Pierce County Refuse, in Washington state. View your garbage and recycling schedule and receive collection notifications all from within this app. LeMay Pierce County Refuse is a Waste Connections company....

Developer: Harold Lemay Enterprises, Incorporated [email protected]

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About: Viscerion is a refreshed take at the official Android client with a nicer UI, additional features and is built with the best of Android Jetpack, Google's brand new suite of tools to make Android development more pleasant. This is NOT a standalone VPN application! You will need a provider like Mullvad in order to get the configurations to use with this app. Viscerion differs from the official client in many aspects, namely - Mostly rewritten in Kotlin, one of the fastest growing languages ...

Developer: Harsh Shandilya [email protected]


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About: Employee scheduling is a vital part of business management for any shift-based organization. Accurate scheduling helps business operations run smoothly, allows for organization and planning, and makes it easier to track labor costs, paychecks, unpaid breaks, and schedule changes. Having a shift calendar thats easy to view and update is also a great communication tool for employees. To meet your employee scheduling and time management needs, weve compiled a variety of free work schedule tem...

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About: Best Motivational and Inspirational Quotes in Pics Best Quotes for Successful and happy life. Get daily Thoughts. Stay Motivated with best Thoughts. Share with friends. Copy and paste anywhere. Get new Quotes. Motivational GIFs These motivational and emphatic thoughts will bring happiness in your life and will help you become an optimist. You will remain calm and spread the message of peace in the world by distributing this app....

Developer: Relinz Appz ltd. [email protected]

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About: Garbage and recycling schedules and reminders for Murreys Disposal Company Inc., including King County and Pierce County, Washington. View your garbage and recycling schedule and receive collection notifications all from within this app. Murreys Disposal is a Waste Connections company....

Developer: Murrey's Disposal Company, Inc. [email protected]

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About: Get documents done anywhere with Dragon Anywhere, professional-grade mobile dictation. Easily dictate documents of any length, edit, format and share them directly from your devices whether visiting clients, a job site, or your local coffee shop. Product features: - Fast and accurate dictation means you can dictate immediately with 99% accuracy right out of the gate. - No time or length limits means you can speak as long as you want to complete documents of any length from a bus...

Developer: Nuance Communications, Inc [email protected]

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About: Here is the official mobile app for RampUp 2019! This app will replace a paper agenda. So to be in the know download prior to the event. This mobile app allows you to: View schedules, explore sessions, and network. Curate your own personal schedule for easy conference attendance. Access location and speaker information at your fingertips. Post updates to sessions, keynotes, and exhibitor booths. Interact with a real-time feed of all event activity, which showcases what sessions are trend...

Developer: LiveRamp [email protected]

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About: Power your project field team for daily reporting and management of jobsite information. Fieldactive is a simple app and anyone can get on board easily from foremen, engineers, time keepers, project managers, subcontractors to field operations. Get information from different locations/zones/departments/buildings or from various subcontractors to get collaborated reports. No matter how small or large your project, or the size of your project team, get accurate daily reports while saving time and ...

Developer: Fieldactive Software [email protected]



Google One Reviews and Comments:

I usually don't give reviews but WOW! THIS SUCKS. Maybe you could allow recipients know before download this release that you have to buy it for a year, I have been with Google for I dont even know how many years actually and have been looking for bonus zone and was like yay! but nope,
~ Lisa Porter
well i live in bangladrsh....so in my currency it cost me 150tk for 100gb... i think it is a nice plan for me... cz i can help it mnthly 150tk......in future i will have 200gb zone....use it...
~ Jihad Islam
so far so nice. hold it up & please add more common and needed benefits! please add dark mode setting within release, could be standard w/Google apps by actually.
~ Auhsoj Nayr Oktrab
My family should care less about the shared cloud storage, but it's nice to have when we need it. The finest part of Google one is the infinite tech help for ALL Google products! It's paid for itself numerous times already. Being able to talk to an actual human for help is priceless!
~ Adam Thompson
could've known not to believe google after they voluntarily TOOK almost $200 from me. had anyone else had google take dollars from them WITHOUT their permission?? No one helped and they blamed me. Buyer be aware... just because they're large doesn't create them honest. Google be careful... you can hang from the top.
~ Olivia G
Technical help what a joke. I had an trouble a rep can't even probe me properly. Tech was so lost they hung up. I fill out other form for a callback they ask me is this about my correspondence why did I fill out a form. Your technical help is horrendous buyer beware. I would not suggest this to anyone.
~ Mel boogz
very overpriced. for the cost of bonus 100gig its not worth it, very simple to obtain 500gig with a truted company for same dollars. The bonus benifits apears to be a several hotels that are of tiny use to most recipients. Help appears no better than with another providers. Stick with the nonpaid plan, and spend your dollars where you can obtain more. google is nice bit overpriced
~ chris b
Poor rollout. Nothing is properly synced with my 200GB of Google Drive (making me pay up when I could not have too)! In typical Google fashion; this release feels like just other Google beta release with tiny; barebone informations or a nice topic use. Terrible communication with Google One help, no one really seem to know what's going or where things will head and how it will improve. Slow rollout taking months not weeks, creating even more confusion for both Google One help staff and customers.
~ A Google user
so far so nice! Benefits for members are quite nice so far. Affordable memberships and hope for more benefits and perks.
~ S Antoine M
hey Google! you know when this, and all the another bonus paid super benefits apps, perks would've been nice? BEFORE you sold us out & had to remove your "Don't be Evil" motto. We would've gladly paid & supported you thru glitches, bugs, had you maintained your integrity and OUR policies. Perhaps that's why the public isn't giving your mediocre apps more of a break.
~ Krista Errickson
Its expensive for 100GIG $3/m. I need maybe 25GIG or 50GIG why not have a tier tool. Or have bonuses for 3/6/9/12 months or a yearly flat rate. I rather pay $24/yr for 100GIG or have some type of savings. Contain Google Sound & another services. I'm tired of having so many companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime & Amazon Sound & others. There are another apps that give you nonpaid 100GIG maybe with banners or whatever. I'm looking to switch just must search the right company. Think GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!
~ Gregg Hadwyn
nice if you need more storage! as for olivier c comment.... yes Google have took dollars out when not expected! But it has only taken a device call and no quibble dollars back! no messing! might of took a couple of days but that's the bank side and Google has no control over that! been with Google for about 12 years and obtain Google song from them and had no problem at all! even one time had problem logging into my device and kept on claiming wrong Google profile but one device call sorted that out!
~ Robert Macauley
useless release. requires me to pay for becoming member . it doesnt allow me see my entire google softwares
~ 3lchin
Unhappy I have to subscribe to this at all. Some device I purchased activated a several years of 100GB storage, google pictures was uploading pics for years and went over the 19GB I have for nonpaid. Unpaid 100GB stops and I obtain an correspondence claiming me my gmail profile will stop receiving correspondence if i don't pony up for a subscription or delete my pictures. It felt like a mob shakedown for security dollars. What happened to "never delete e-correspondence again"? The actual app works fine, as described.
~ Chris Stewart
A fine response and 3* just for that. thank you, credit for that. troubles for me: 1). need to be made clear that a payed profile is needed as this is just a marketing release that will sell you storage that you most likely do not need as I found clear with my usage. 2). storage upselling is extremely questionable and botderline neferious in nature. 3). see (1) and (2) and adress those troubles, be it nonpaid trial, and cost awareness.
~ Paul Gray
I'm a gigantic Google supporter and for me this is a a nice idea to present my help and offers choices that are within my means as well as options to expand my storage in the future if I need to. I also enjoy the streamlined route to customer help and also the concept of benefits although I really don't travel at all and can't create use of the "benefits" they offer. I WOULD like them to offer benefits more recipients would benefit from. As of right actually, the benefits they are offer are nothing but a joke
~ D.T. Burton
This is wonderful! Shows me at a glance the time storage I'm using as well as any family members that I contain in my plan. Also, the benefits are terrific--I just got a Google Home Mini for **FREE** just by being a member. I just filled out the order form and the coupon code was already included, and with nonpaid shipping all I have to do is wait for it to arrive at my doorstep. How cool is that! :D
~ Peter C. Frank
*Modernization* Google temporarily provided me with 100 GB of storage nonpaid of charge. Metro PCS guaranteed my trouble would be taken care of in 72 hours, so the 14 days of complementary storage wouldn't end before my profile is activated. In reality it's been more than 72 hours since I was guaranteed a solution. Nothing has changed and nobody knows how to fix the trouble. My experience with this has been horrible so far. Switched from a family subscription to the plan included with our device plan and nothing works. No storage, no backups, and no resolution. Have been going back and forth with Google help and representatives from the device company for few weeks actually. Google claims the trouble is with Metro PCS, and MetroPCS claims the trouble is on Google's end. Super infuriating and not needed to my family in the slightest.
~ A Google user
A fully superfluous release. Worst of all, the promised access to so-named 'Google Experts' is a crock. Just how ignorant and lacking in technical expertise are these so-named experts? Well, I had a relatively straightforward query w.r.t. changing my backup correspondence address on my Google profile. I went through FOUR different imbeciles – who were about as tech-savvy as my 12 year old niece – before my query was 'escalated' to 'Tier 3'. So don't bother wasting your time on this worthless release.
~ Mark B
Usually willing to support. I had a PayPal trouble where my monthly payments to Google had stopped. PayPal should not search the trouble, after few days of wrangling with them I spoke with Google who managed to sort it in 20 mins. Very useful staff in general, the release does what it claims it does but I'm more impressed with the bods at Google. Thanks, very glad. edit. removed some stars as my paypal way of payment has actually become invalid for no reason, again.
~ richard scott-noble
this was just a thing that was given to me and add on to Metro but at least they give you a number where you can call if you need help on any of your troubles with Google which is nice another than that I don't know of any benefit to it
~ Keith Connor
Nice! I knew I probably required more storage, but wasn't sure how to handle. Didn't wish to lose grandchildren pics. Thank you. I'm on my device. Will this present up on my laptop?
~ Robin Friedlander
Got 6 months subscription as I am a Google walkthrough and after redeeming,dollars was credited from my profile but it claimed "uh oh error occurred".Worst tool.
~ Basil Eldho
this is bull i pay for the modernized 100G and no one can obtain me from the actual plan i had to run with. yes i am with metro, and they can't create it work.
~ Froger Mossolle
~ Laralphiel Lindsley
I Would give it a no star rating!!! I just down loaded and it goes to log in then to become a member then goes to pick a plan!! Please claim me why. Am I just going to just delete it again? Same thing as last time. HELP PLEASE
~ Aaron Decavele
love the bonus amount of storage . afther reading everyones reveiws i didnt have a single trouble on the 1st time I read all the instructions everything worked out great no problem i dont understand the another comments i got the T B plan .. i payed the $8.00 already also .. yall didn't read everything for activate like you were instructed to do everything worked out for my just fine
~ Nigerian pride
Cannot buy because they wants recurring payments. My bank doesn't help recurring payments. I tried two times for yearly buy. 6500 + 6500 has been deducted from my bank but service not activated. Google forcing me to subscribe. But why don't we buy and renew as we wish?
~ Pradip Bala
utterly useless. you must sign in but when you do it claims "error, this profile already exists" ya duh! that's why I hit 'sign in' instead of 'make'!!!
~ Pooh Sanders
everything is going to be all the idea down here in the US for the next couple of days to obtain ahold of my ID and password to take it off of my device so I will be able to create a payment on why I am so far from the truth and you know I am a nice lad to be 💯💪👊💯... thanks for the modernization! Gone for a week and see how much I can obtain done with you and your request for appointment with my doctor and not going to take a while for a nice price of my Life with my parents and my roommates. G1
~ Seth Miller
on my profile with 100gb on Google drive it claims Google 1 is not available for me yet , on my profile that i haven't bought bonus storage ( on Google 1 or Google drive) it claims become a member and then gives me the option to stay with the nonpaid 15gb or buy one of the bonus storage options . my device service is supposed to come with nonpaid Google 1 , however i can't utilize either the nonpaid access I'm supposed to have or the storage that i have already paid for. Not impressed so far
~ Ryan Ruiz
Asked a very easy question as a play of Google Help via correspondence...it's been almost 4 days with no response past an initial correspondence to allow me know someone would respond within 24 hours. I guess having no contest makes you charge for customer help and still don't even have to deliver any. UPDATE: AFTER PAYING FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, WAITING 3 TIMES THE ADVERTISED TIME FOR AN EMAIL BACK....I HAVE RECEIVED A COPY/PASTED GENERIC ANSWER TO KEYWORDS IN MY QUESTION, BUT NOT MY ACTUAL QUESTION.
~ Josh Vogler
i havent been able to obtain my pics backed up to it so idk if im doing it right or not. So im just archiving them to my gmail profile so i know they r saved just in topic. im suppose to have so much nonpaid because of the plan i have on my device but i might just delete seem its not working anyways..
~ Angel Brown
It doesn't work it's misleading, I just subscribed and it's still reads weak storage, so evidently we can't download apps or videos on this storage, it's only nice for pictures and correspondences only. I'm canceling my subscription looking elsewhere for expansion of storage not limited to just correspondences and pictures🙁
~ Brenda Lushel Jackson
I was getting warnings that I was running out of zone on my Google Drive and my only option was to upgrade to Google One. I pick the first option which was 100 GB for $1.99 but it claimed I was still out of zone. I picked the second option which was 200 GB for $2.99 and I just under 200 GB The next day my drive was idea back down below 100 GB but it won't allow me revert back to the 100 GB plan, that options actually gone. What's going on Google, what type of screwy time scam are you running?
~ JohnH HarveyIV
It does all the same to me.I can't even access pictures from FB.I had to install a different release for my pictures and I'm paying for this Google 1 in a bundle......SAD.........If I go to the Google release looking for pictures and they are not there, I would tend to be trust this mishap WOULD be similar to Google One.....THIS IS A GOOGLE PROBLEM AND IF I COULD WIPE IT OFF I WOULD.DONT SEND ME ANYMORE PLACES TO GO
~ Monnie Moores
I am supposed to have this a la carte with my cell service. But google has me as a member of the nonpaid tier and tries to obtain me to subscribe to what I am suppsed to have. I am actively working with my provider for a solution. Google makes help hard in my topic.
~ rhetoricmonkey
advertised that I obtain a 100 GB profile FREE with my device carrier plan, but all i obtain is the same 15gb nonpaid as everyone else and the same buy options. carrier doesn't know how to fix it and Google does not care to... still the same, different trouble. in 4 hours on the device and 2 hours in person, no they have not. I gave up. not with the time. i decided to use degoo instead
~ PC Tech Will
Fully uninterested. I hold being harrassed by the Metro service reps when I call ABOUT A TOTALLY UNRELATED PROBLEM. They see I haven't activated the "nonpaid 100GB" and go through the entire sales pitch in spite of my needing the another isuse fixed. Twice actually they've spammed me with feedback to set up my profile. I went to sign in and it keeps trying to create me pay for the 100GB that's supposed to be nonpaid. If the another reviews are any indication, this isn't exactly a special trouble in having.
~ Sarah Kimball
Been more than 24 hours since i made a payment to subscribe to 100gb for one year. Amount has been debited from my profile, but an error message came up and my subscription wasn't activated. Also, its been over 24 hours since i sent an correspondence, no response yet. Have reached out to my bank to obtain the dollars refunded and I need to wait for more than a month before they revert. Horrible experience overall.
~ Shyam Sundar