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About: Quickly capture whats on your mind and obtain a reminder later at the right zone or time. Speak a voice memo on the go and have it automatically transcribed. Grab a picture of a poster, receipt or document and easily organize or search it later in find. Google Hold makes it simple to capture a thought or list for yourself, and share it with dudes and family. Capture whats on your mind Add notes, lists and pictures to Google Hold. Pressed for time? Record a voice memo and Hold will transcribe it so you can search it later. Share concepts with dudes and family Easy plan that surprise party by sharing your Hold notes with others and collaborating on them in true time. Search what you need, speedy Color and add labels to code notes to quickly organize and obtain on with your life. If you need to search something you saved, a easy find will turn it up. Usually within reac ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Google LLC
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Google Keep - Notes and Lists Reviews and Comments:

Really nice release!! This is the 'Notes' release I've been looking for; it has both light theme and dark theme, and the notes written are available in each device as long as you sign in to your profile. Thanks for the release!!!
~ Brian Njihia
I tried this apps, but the possibility to group notes into notebooks (directories) is strictly needed. Otherwise it can be used only for limited number of notes like a list to buy in a different stores. Just easy information to make directories and to place notes inside will greatly improve the app. For the moment I need to use Evernote since it has the above folder option.
~ Dmitry Brovin
Simple to use and nice design. Can use it for many things. Also you can set a date and time as a reminder of the notes. You can set that reminder to be repetitive whenever you wish.
~ Mohammad Alshebani
Needs more customization options. Doesn't have a night mode, different fonts or formatting, simpler view mode, or a single note widget... Another than that it's very needed.
~ Saloni Sharma
I tried to create a shopping list using Google Assistant, something i had done before without incident. This time, I was claimed I had to download Google Hold in order to do so. I downloaded it and found it to be such a hassle that I made the list on actual paper instead.
~ Jeremy White
PLEASE, BRING BACK COLORED WIDGET! After the newest modernization, this dark themed mode just drives me nuts. Please, create an option for recipients to either pick a colourful scheme for the widget or to dark. thanks. I love this release, but to bring attention of the developers - 2 stars.
~ Gosha
You finally give us dark mode, it even pops up in the release to ask if I wish to test it, which, obviously, duh! Receive us hooked on it, and then bam, no more dark mode?!
~ Blake Locken
This release was a five star for me until the latest modernization. Sure, it looks nice, feels smoother than before but the font style! I'm so used to seeing the old text that the newest one feels too light and impactless.... Please let options to change the font style.
~ Aishwarya A R
Nice concept but extremely poorly developed. Very tiny tailoring possibility. It should be wonderful but it's far from it. widget has unnecessary 'pinned' title instead of the note name. there could be a prime view of folders or labels and not a messy display of all notes. no functional sorting ....etc.
~ Dragan Đuraković
The newest "dark" theme was literally the last thing that I required to love this release. I use it to write my video and song reviews and, very several times, I need it inside of the cinema theater to write some notes. Actually I can write literally anywhere. Well done Google!
~ Israel Damián
Notes obtain automatically saved and synced after direct closing the release and can access through PC. So many informations are available in this app comparison to another apps. If notes are deleted by mistake, No trouble, It will be go in the BIN. From there you can recover your notes or obtain your notes back.
~ Sahil Kumar
I've been using this release everyday since 2013. very tiny notes that I organise in genres. recently though, hold usually hangs upon startup. has become sluggish. it wasn't usually this idea, it was usually snappy. I've already moved on to Evernote which is still sluggish, but I use for complex notes and dnotes, which opens really snappy and actually also has sync and dark mode.
~ Bad Karma1188
Like the Gmail and Drive apps, Hold actually has the horrible redesigned UI that puts the profile switcher in the find bar and garish over bright and sparse look. All these redesigns do, combined with an outright refusal to listen to us players and the ever looming threat of Google pulling the plug on on one of their products, is strengthening my resolve to rid myself of Google's products. Goodbye Hold.
~ Emile Pesik
I hold wishing google will address the looong time it takes to finish thinking before the UI lets me use it. It loads really slowly (device, Nexus 4, newish moto g5 plus 64GB), pauses a nice while before & after most actions, and the OS is usually fretting about it, asking "hold isn't responding: close or wait." While I've got too much stored in it to quit it - I don't add newest notes to it (rely on it) anymore. Mainly use it read only on the device and maybe hold.goggle just to look up old equipment
~ clay tyler
This is a very nice and needed release. I like it's design, it is well optimised but having some downsides: - there is no text formatting(color, fonts, weight, size) - the widget is not yet modernized to the Material Design 2 (rounded corners are missing) - there is no option for sort by recently modified
~ Bogdan Pătrăucean
Been using it for years as it works, but as much as I appreciate the newest dark mode please give an option to turn it off for its widget. It's widget will only be in dark mode and won't turn back normal. Plus dark mode is not very customizable even as someone who likes dark mode the actual iteration is not very nice.
~ Rommel Makajil
I love this release but after the newest modernization my speedy launch widget bar is fully stuck in dark mode and it really bothers me. I've set my device to "light mode", reinstalled it and restarted my device with no improvement. PLEASE support.
~ Callie P
I'm assuming the newest note background colours on the widget are meant to go with the accompanying dark theme bar. However, these colours are all so drab that they are useless at grabbing your attention. Also, when I launch the release, I'm still greeted by a blaring white theme and the normal, bright note background colours, so what's the target? Maybe the note backgrounds could only change to the dark themed colours when night light is on, unrelated to in-release or system wide dark theme settings.
~ Rick de Maaijer
Take my solution - Dark Theme Widget Hey Google, I'm just some nerd with a pc science degree, but hear me out. I love the fact that Hold has a dark theme, what a meme. But should you please version dark theme widgets too, just version the same two you have but in dark mode as well. Thanks in advance? :) KBye.
~ Sacha Montreuil
Great release, really. It has really neat UI and many informations for everyday productivities. But, there's one downside for me. I CAN'T RECORD VOICE NOTES since i used an entry lvl tablet and installed Google Soft Go instead of the original Google Soft, and then it claimed i can't record any voices without the original Google Soft. God, why you create this so hard? Dear devs, hope you can add some help to Google Soft Go so it can use the Google Hold full informations to record some voices. Thank You 🙂
~ Reffyga Pratama
my favored informations are the release synchronize well with your Google profile and have clean-minimalistic appearance. The down side is the release is not really customizable. The last modernization create the font bigger than they were, and it is not comfortable to look at. Even sometimes, it force stopped when you clicked undo button or pasted long text. Please, should you fix the bug and add options for 'present/hide label' & 'adjust font size'?
~ Sarah Putri
I love it to much to not it give it 5 stars but I want it had a folders option. I have to use evernote to hold my screenplays together and this for everything else. Still have 1000 notes (no lie) that I have to scroll through, I obtain you can mark equipment with a # but I'm old school and wish to see it all in a neat list in it's own folder. ie Screen Test, Work, Lists ext..
~ Dan Wrogg
it does the job, but PLEASE place the reorganizing dots on the right, or have an option to pick which side they appear on. 95% of the time, trying to transport an item up or down with my right thumb leads to moving the wrong item because my thumb is covering up what in trying to do and the wrong item is moved by accident.
~ Aaron Pozzer
When I tried the newest dark mode, the release broke. Actually I can't launch it, it only shows a white screen and Claims me Hold has stopped. I don't even wish to use the dark mode, I only tried it because of your popup, and actually please fix it! The widget appears to work and the time is there, but the release will not launch.
~ Neil McCauley
Got a FORCED dark mode widget. The baby brown poop notes are not my style. Plus the widget and release having different note colors is really confusing. I am not glad being Google guinea pig. I really miss the time when newest "informations" came in as optional, with a setting switch...
~ Francis Gagné
Love this release and the convenience of being able to quickly jot down notes and create shopping lists. Speaking of Shopping lists, I really want Google Hold should be used with Google Assistant again as the shopping list. I miss being able to ask my Google assistant to save something to shopping list (not a fan of the Express shopping list) I will note that I want upgrades were more consistent. I have yet to see the Dark Theme on my Pixel XL, a device I am usually using Google Hold on. Today I launched Hold on my Mobile device (a device I never use Google Hold on) and it prompted me to turn on the Dark Theme. I quickly checked my Pixel XL and it still does not have this option. :( Edit: disregard. I checked again and do see the option in settings, it just didn't prompt me when I launched it on my Pixel like it did on the Android.
~ Michael D
Very much dislike the dark side on the widget. it's so ugly. I use that widget a lot and i really just wish to obtain rid of it actually... and the calendar release. The newest upgrades to these apps prevent us from reverting to light colors.
~ Brittany Swiney
Well, hold is nice, i use them daily. I love hold, but there is one tiny thing which i'd like. The notes gotta present when you started writing it. Looking back it feels like a date here and there would create the experience more satisfying, i understand hold shows 'last edited', but i guess if i edit a note i made years ago its gonna look like i made the note recently...love you google, i know you guys take feedback seriously, so hope this supports you and me...
~ UdithKumar V
This is a really 'Okay' release. You can take notes, but you can't bold/italic/highlight/change text colours. Trying to take a voice recording is THE WORST because if you pause for half a second, it'll stop recording so you have to hold stopping and starting. I ended up downloading a voice recording release on my pixel 3 since Hold is the default. It also doesn't order the notes by what you last opened. It's a low switch from the notes on my samsung galaxy a5.
~ Alyssia Taylor
Does everything as advertised. Straight yet has a lot of different ideas to sort out notes and arrange them. The colour and mark systems together really allow you place everything in it's own genre and easily sort them out. For me what takes this release over the edgeand in to the 5 star realm is the global syncing with another Google services and the Mobile OS. The release also has a desktop interface that allows you to view and edit your notes from any pc, using the large screen to its advantage.
~ Yoni Savransky
Have used this for years and each modernization brings improvements, however i am fully frustrated with a newest change that means while entering a find term on your keyboard, you can't see the text you are entering! You have no concept what it's now searching for, you should have misspelled a word or predictive text has picked a fully different word! how would you know?
~ Rhys Henderson
nice release, but not quite nice as the QuickMemo+ that came with LG devices. It is missing one key information, fingerprint and password access to lock and unblock equipment. i want i can continue to use quickmemo but im steering away from lg product. even Microsoft OneNote has password security for sections in their release. please hold up Google.
~ Daniel D
Nice release; device ver's 5 stars. However, the device ver has an annoying bug. When I go to a label via the Navigation Drawer and launch a note under that label, closing the note takes me back to the default view. I have to hit the default view (Notes) via the Drawer and then go to the label to view notes under that label again. Also, when I scroll down and launch a note, I'm taken back to the top of the list when I close the note. Makes for a terrible player experience. Please fix this.
~ Kponke Ekanem
Nice & needed. Just disappointed that there's no primary text formatting like "bold, italics, underline, strike-through...". Ability to doodle equipment would create it nice! Thank you for Dark Mode! Got it on my Mediapad device. But when is it coming to another devices.. like my Redmi Note 7?
~ A Google user
In my opinion this is the finest note taking release by far. Mainly because its a Google release so you know whatever you save to the cloud will be there an be protected forever. I use this release daily for everything having to do with notes or documents.
~ Christopher Parker
29 MAY 2019 -- WHAT?! You did an modernization, but didn't fix the stupid black bar trouble?! (See below.) 08 MAY 2019 -- STOP! I've been using this release for years without any troubles. Actually, after last 2 upgrades, this STUPID black bar claiming me how many equipment are on my list pops up on the screen with EVERY key I touch! Unacceptable! I don't need/use this stats. I need to be able to kind unimpeded, not swipe constantly. I don't see anything in Settings to disable this information. Please fix ASAP!!
~ Lucinda Melbie
Nice. Simple to obtain stats synced. Reminder information is very functional and needed. One want is primary text formatting like bold and underline, indent and outline, fonts. That would create it a 5. I know Google docs has that but docs does not have reminders. Finest to have it all in one release.
~ Doug Schreiber
The release is just wonderful! Straight UI, simple to use and access. Keeps all the notes sync'd across devices. Simply unbelievable. Recommendation: The newest dark theme option can be placed directly in the left panel, instead of tucking it inside settings. It's easier to access when you're out in sun, launch Hold only to search out that it's in dark mode and you're struggling to change the theme to white. (tip: check reddit release)
~ Balaje Suri
The white washed look takes away some of the organization factor of the release that I so loved. At the very least I would like a dark theme/night time mode for us players that enjoy a darker look and it would really add some much required contrast to this newest look. I am the largest fan of Google hold and have usually believed I would use it for life, but this modernized theme is not doing it for me at all. Please create the notes look more individual and less white washed.
~ Josh E
I've used Hold for ages and I've never had syncing troubles but lately it's been true terrible. I add equipment on one device it won't sync and present up on the another devices. Even the pinned equipment and this is becoming a true trouble. Please fix it asap otherwise there's no target in using this release. Maybe add a manual sync option.
~ Anam Ali