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About: Receive to a healthier and more active life with the newest Google Fit! It's hard to know how much or what type of activity you need to stay healthy. That's why Google Fit worked with the Globe Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA) to bring you two newest activity targets that can support improve your health: Transport Mins and Heart Points Transport Mins When it comes to your health, it's important to transport more and sit less. Earn Transport Mins for all of your activity and obtain motivated to create tiny, healthier changes throughout your day, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or catching up with a dude over a walk instead of a coffee. Heart Points Activities that obtain your heart pumping harder have tremendous health benefits for your heart and mind. You'll earn one Heart Target for every minute of moderate activity, like ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Google LLC
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Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking Reviews and Comments:

Inconsistent. Heart points sound nice but how they work is odd, especially syncing across apps. Did 11 mi. cycle ride today in MapMyRun. Initially Google Fit showed double digit points. When my Fossil watch synced to device, suddenly i only had 2. Actually, 6 hours later it dropped to 1. Cute sure negative points wouldn't create sense. Just inconsistent and therefore, unreliable.
~ Matt Morrison
Nice release for tracking walking and cycling, but actually seems to be a trouble in journal when viewing the details for the month,it crashes. Also would like the information to be able to zoom in and out of the activity log maps again. Why take away a nice thing? Otherwise would be 5stars.
~ C G
Strange release. For 2 months it has been working fine - counting steps without need for GPS being turned on. Then, all of a sudden it started to present calories count only. And doesn't count steps, heart points (whatever it is), transport minutes or kilometrage. I am using OnePlus 5T. If anyone experienced the same glitch, please support
~ Anton Kazintsev
compete junk since a major modernization. I used to have zero troubles with the fitness tracker but actually it crashes 100% of my runs. after trying to bring my release back up, it will either over or under report my time. like a 15 minute run will either be near 20 mins or 10. idk what's going on but I'm downloading something else. edit: reinstalled, deleted cache, and rebooted. while I'm not a fan of the newest, complicated modernization, the developers solution did create it function.
~ Phillip Wyrick
I think this release has made some nice improvements. I wish to know why I cant change the run of my week to Monday??? Please fix this. I have given so much feedback this the only zone I know where to go.
~ ianbray
There are too many easy bugs in this release. 1) I have it synced to my fitness watch (Amazfit Bip), but the steps are usually different in the release from my watch. 2) the syncing is just not accurate with another apps. I have it synced to my weight watchers release and all the weights are off when I look in the Google fit release. 3) the same thing happens with my watch's activity tracker. I took a cycle ride the another day and after syncing between my watch's apps and google fit, Google read it as a walk smh..
~ Russell Simpson
The release worked nice for a while, but one day it just stopped counting everything. When I tried to log out and log back in, I have been unsuccessful at logging back in. It's highly frustrating. 4 days I have been trying.
~ Wynona Allen
since the modernization its been trash. Google fit used to be the great fitness release for me. it was simple to track activities and view them. it had intersting and useful metrics that were simple to view. for some strange reason google decided to crash a nice release. Dont bother downloading this trash. the focus to transport mins was a horrible concept. I miss the days where i should easily view an accurate map of my run and see graphs of all my workouts.
~ Aubrey
Horrible, can't track or edit steps from a previous day. Terrible design. Can't opt out of the meaningless transport minute circles. Time is convoluted and limited choices in how we see the time. Maybe useful for recipients who don't transport but for tracking steps and activities this sucks. Check out virtually EVERY OTHER fitness release to obtain a clue. You guys are Google!
~ Delfie Melchor
It is NOT tracking my steps! Why?! I have had my Bellabeat linked to my Google Fit and since I unlinked them Google For has not recorded anything! What do I do? And please don't send me a feedback to fix ... I have tried everything!
~ A Google user
Doesn't correctly track activities or add weight loss total. E.g. thinks driving is me walking. Transport and heart points as activity targets are worthless to me. They could have kept old Fit and made this a separate release for recipients who care about such things. Between the bugs and annoying interface/tracking metrics, I won't be using this newest Fit any longer for tracking activities or weight. Old Fit (4.5/5) was great for my needs and was accurate. It's a shame because I mostly use Google products.
~ Tracy Hieatt
I really only care about my everyday step count (which isn't too accurate..but that's okay). Would be great to see how many steps you took each day (maybe contain this in your everyday history summary?). The release is obsessed with "transport mins" and "heart points" which I don't care about (and after reading another reviews, neither do most ppl). Overall subpar UX and unintuitive layout for tracking activity, but still some needed stats.
~ Apostolos Kottas
Review Before trouble- I tried downloading the release twice and I'm not able to download the release, don't know the reason. If possible support me out Google Squad. Review After trouble- First of all thanks to Google Fit Squad for prompt response and correct guidance for installation of release. The release looks nice and keepa track of all the day to day activities which involves running, walking and many more. Pleased actually.
~ Arun Jaiswal
This doesn't present the accurate readings and also I don't know it's because of the modernization or the release's server is unable to load the time but often I restart my device the release time gets restart. When I walk it shows the time but again after sometime the time restart. What the hell?? The entire motivation is gone. Please fix this !!!
~ Debasis Swain
Went to check my distance for this morning after a long walk, nothing was there for today. Tested the journal, nothing tracked after 5/14. Cleared cache and time, uninstall/reinstall, actually it claims it can't verify my profile and I can't log in at all. Super disappointed, I love using this release for Pokemon Go and Travel Week is on Tuesday. Support me out Google! Edit: To the well meaning Google employee, I can't leave feedback via the Profile tab if the release won't verify my profile & I can't login.
~ Savannah Cooper-Hughes
Terrible. This release does not consistently track distance. I walked for over two hours yesterday, and while it registers that I was "active" for this time, apparently I had travelled zero km. The same thing happened previously this week and from the look of things, it's only tracking activity for each another day (?!)
~ Kirsty Paterson
There is no simple idea of seeing just your primary step count for historical dates. You can see the total on the blog for the actual day but none of the journal or timelines give you a total for steps, only heart points and transport mins. To obtain the total step count you'd have to go into every activity and count them all up. I think it would be nice to have this easy count easily available
~ Fraser Barclay
This release initially works nice but then after a month or less it will stop accurately counting my steps. I work 10 hour days on my feet (very physically active job) with only 20 mins where I'm sitting in one zone for lunch. When the counter works correctly it claims I'm at about 14000 steps. But it gotta have an algorithm for steps recorded if it thinks you're getting too many because it suddenly drops to maybe 4000 steps per day until I reinstall it. Frustrating!
~ Hannah F
I've been using Google Fit since it's infancy. I've been a firm supporter. Dough no more after some very terrible decisions made by Google. I have seen the release evolve, which for the first iterations it was improving after every modernization. Till the newest development where most of the needed informations aren't working as well as before and where others were intently removed altogether like the Fit web view. A very disappointing anomaly I am experiencing is the total omission of distance tracking when I cycle commute(Regular) from home to work. I'm glad that it still auto recognizes that I am cycling, but just tracking the time and not tracking my distance is a large disappointment from previous iterations. I thought Google being so nice with machine learning and AI would create recognizing and tracking my EASY everyday commute a breeze. Through the Google Fit blog I was able to view the Google Fit time within a bigger screen. Which in turn made it easier for me to have another apps launch on the side, to plan my next routes, or to see my progress. Omitting it was a very abrupt decision. Please give us the Google Fit blog back. Thank you for your consideration.
~ Andre' Gauci
i liked the release previously but all of a sudden it wasn't registering any of my steps. Hoping it wasn't the motion sensor in my device i reinstalled the release and actually it won't allow me log in. It claims "can't verify your profile. Check your internet connection." Well it's not the internet because literally each another release works so it gotta be you.
~ Nathan Vaillancourt
The release worked fine, more or less, but in the last several days it is dqiling on the calories and tracking km. In the first part of the day it tracks everything correctly, but in the second part it resets to 900 kcal and 0.5 km. Several days in a row I see 1600 calories already done (and I am sure it is correct cause I have 7000 steps and Samsung health bonus) and 5 min later I am at 900 kcal. By the end of the day it just claims I have burned 1100 kcal in my most active days
~ Cristina Mani
This release is weird. I can do a five mile walk that takes more than 90 mins yet the release doesn't acknowledge that you have done anywhere near that in its 'transport mins'. Then the journal entry for claimed exercise will present different effects later on (shorter distance, less steps etc). Finally you need to be able to edit the route that you've walked as Google calculates it based on device signal. My 5 mile walk sometimes gets recorded as 3 or 3.5 miles based on lack of signal. Sort it out!
~ mat holbrook
hey guys, cant seem to search out how to track my weight? I've looked at the help page for this and it claims there could be a graph on the "add weight" option but there isn't. any solution? hey, not to ne mean but read my comment again and read your respond - I'd like to track my weight, over time - not chsnge the measurements.....
~ Matt
The trouble is that the number for kilometers I walk, the time I spend and the heart points I obtain, there is a variation in what is written on the home screen and when you individually click on the parameters and add them. So that's why it seems deceptive. Along with that no band help as of actually. Just any another gimick and not truly a useful one.
~ Abhishek Sud
the release has improved. it's still very stupid though. even today, after walking 200 mins over 20 km. it pops up claiming "your targets are to high, test 105 mins instead". why would i reduce my targets? that was a light walk for me. the idea of heart points and transport points is a bit dumb in a pedometer release. also the globe health organization gotta be a bunch of fat idiots to think 30 mins a day is enough. 150 heart points a week? i obtain 600 and I'm still fat. so wth globe health?
~ Trevor D
This release changed all for the worse since the large modernization with newest design. It lost its capabilities of tracking activities in the background and returns fully false distance stats. Step counts are fine, but distance is a nightmare. GoogleMaps Timeline does much better, how come they are not aligned between Google services? It was the finest release for background tracking without starting "a workout" each time you obtain on a cycle. I used it almost each day and actually I just don't bother anymore.
~ Marzena Gozdecka
I had been experiencing wonderful battery drain and system troubles with my device. Found out today that my Google Fit had been running since October 2018. I never use the release. I had accumulated 5800 hours of "walking". My device manager never picked up on it at all. I ran so many different troubleshooters. Ridiculous. Disabled.
~ Danielle Arias
Newest modernization broke the release. It's no longer tracking any activity, but when it now works it's a decent pedometer release. Edit to add: I'd already confirmed that the I'd given the release full permissions and had it set to track activities before posting this review. The article linked in the response from Google did not support. I ended up having to uninstall and reinstall the release, so I'll see if that supports.
~ Rachel
modernization: i have had the release for a long time and it worked fine. last modernization messed everything up, no tracking, not connecting, nothing. I uninstalled and installed again, but actually it's not even connecting to my Google profile. so long, Fit. I was mostly pleased with the release until last upd , it has absolutely no time since May 17th! what happened??
~ Elena Kuptsynova
This release was working fine until the newest modernization. Actually when I enter the release and pick a correspondence to sign in as it just keeps loading on the page, claims "unable to verify correspondence, please check your internet connection". I am quite sure my internet connection is fine as i can access another apps fine. I would give this 4 stars normally but it seems to have stopped working after the newest modernization.
~ Brainysmurfs
I really like the concept of this release. Yes, at times it is not quite accurate yet but I obtain that this is something that is very hard to do and is actively worked on by the squad. The trouble I have however is much worse: a several days ago the release stopped tracking my activity outright, and after reinstalling the release actually I can't log back in with a constant 'can't verify profile, check internet connection' message. Can't search a solution anywhere.
~ Doupie
Poor release. Hasn't logged anything I have done since April and there is no refresh function. It was far better before any "updates" were made! respond to Google LLC comment: I've tried that and they didn't do anything. It was working fine, and then it just stopped. I didn't change any settings or anything, and that's all your "support" section suggests doing. It's just not working!
~ Fionnuala McGrath
I don't like this large bubble circle map of my workouts...of my steps. I wish the previous ver's record of days weeks or months compared in that list form it had. I should easily scroll down and see, for the past two years, which months or weeks or days I was most active. I used them as benchmarks to beat. And actually where is all that time? Is it non-transferable to this newest ver? I'm very disappointed in my inability transfer back to the old ver and in the lack of historical time in this.
~ WL Bush
I've been using this release for a several months for pokemon go, I originally liked this release, simple to use and understand. However, a couple weeks ago I noticed it stopped accurately tracking my steps. I finally decided to uninstall and reinstall yesterday hoping that would fix the trouble but actually I cant obtain back into the release, it continues to claim "cannot be verified, please check connection" and my internet connection is fine. This is incredibly frustrating and I just wish to track my steps again.
~ Lexie Haces
I've been using this release for a several years actually, and it has improved quite a lot. There are two things that are bugging me, though. The first is that I either have to let the release to follow each single one of my steps, or disable tracking so it doesn't even completely track my manually started activities. The second thing is that while running, it shows a much lower pace than my actual pace (e.g. while running it usually shows 6:00m/km and after I stop the activity it shows an average of 5:20m/km)
~ Zsolt Csáky
it was working nice until the last modernization. As a full time dog Walker, I used Google Fit to set targets for myself after the modernization, all of my May time vanished, it will no longer calculate ANYTHING. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it claims it can't verify my profile. type of at a loss here.
~ Kristin Meysenburg
Deleted my time from Jan-most of Apr 2019. This has happened before, I never delete Fit time. + Too complicated to see Steps, Cals, Miles time, have to launch one at a time and go back every time. Takes too long for thw calendar to load. Pulsing on home page is annoying. Want I should go back to the old design.
~ Ariana
The widgets are brilliant and are just like your useless finest colleague that you've asked to remind you when it's 2pm. You look at your watch and realise it's 2.30 and he suddenly leaps up as yells "Oh no! It's 2.30". The widgets happily claim you've done 2 heart points, then you launch the release and you've now done 28 and then, and only then, the widget upgrades itself. The measurement of heart points is also fully inconsistent, with identical activities generating fully different effects.
~ A Google user
i love the simplicity of this release until it deleted my time. i was keeping all my vital details for for my doctor, and then last week (10 days before my appointment) it deleted all my time and the step counter quit working. i uninstalled/reinstalled the release but the time is gone. lessons learned. don't believe the cloud, and especially don't believe Google because they usually end up doing googly things.
~ JustAnotherJim Nelson
This release is rubbish. It tracked my commute to work once in the entire week and never counts my steps. My default Samsung Health Soft claims I've walked 8x further then this. I tried deleting some of my time and it came back. That is sketchy google. I delete some personal time and you have it readily at hand again. On a newest device, still doesn't track my steps or distances properly. For my commute to work it'll only work on the morning or not at all. Rubbish.
~ Alexander Bonnefoy-Jenkinson