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About: Google Duo is the highest quality video calling release*. Its easy, reliable, and works on tablets and devices. Informations: Straight interface Pick a loved one and jump right in, with a easy interface that makes video calling as simple as one tap. The highest quality video calling release* Experience more reliable video calls with awesome video quality whether youre on Wi-Fi or on-the-go. For Mobile and iOS devices Duo works on Mobile and iOS tablets and devices, so you can call all your close dudes and family using just one release. Knock Knock See whos calling before you pick up with a live video preview. Video Messages Colleague cant respond your call? No trouble. Leave them a video message for them to call you right back. With a video message, you can still capture everything about that moment you wan ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Google LLC
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Google Duo - High Quality Video Calls Reviews and Comments:

worked nice at first. Actually it's terrible! Someone tries to obtain in touch with me and the first thing that happens is goodbye wifi. It goes straight to time plan. picture constantly freezes, audio goes bye bye. Its plain terrible. Got a fix? Do claim!!
~ Keith Hudson
The quality of the video calls are terrible. the screen freezes up constantly. It frezees at least each 5 min and the freeze will continue to happen for at least 30secounds. The audio also is extremely terrible. Even with wifi and time it still doesnt function well.
~ Harmony Fisher
Nice video & audio quality, love it 💜. You all guys could use this release for video calling, you'll never gonna regret to download this release. It's better than others. Audio and video glitches are like negligible as compared to another apps( but depending on your network 😁)
~ Seojun
Hi Squad, I am using this release in Galaxy S10+ but I am unable to obtain info until I launch the release. Info for even incomming calls are also not received until release is launch. No battery saver or time saver options are enabled in my device and also info for Duo is enabled. Please support!
~ Pronab Basu
Jaquesha Thompson she she cold for that I'm cold. b****I thought Mitch a entire b**** call b**** you got pregnant by somebody else yeah allow me search you around here anytime you got your sex tonight claim me where to obtain your section 8 section 8 apartment over here we can go obtain our son to turn it off we're Who is thibody f ****** with my recipients you know who follow my recipients huh who f *** with my recipients and obtain to your baby mama the last one like what you do to me what you do to
~ Rainier Murphy
Enjoy using Duo..the high definition and picture quality is nice..the talk and listen quality is very nice..I'm usually looking for the finest of everything and although I haven't tried all of the video chat apps but! for the one's I've tried..so far this is the finest.. me...
~ Horace Smith
Very simple to use and makes calls lots of fun. In my family each another member has ether Mobile or ios. So video calling was hard between every another. With Google Duo we can all enjoy a universal video chat release that works and is easy enough for anyone to use. Thanks for the nice product alphabet Inc.
~ Jason Vecchiarelli
the release is straightforward and primary. you simply create a call using Duo and you can look at every another and its really nice quality. it's exactly what one looks for in a video device call; you don't have any ability to take a picture or record it's just a device call, its nice overall so this definitely fits the bill. Highly suggest for older recipients that don't wish to have to feel around with a bunch of different things to obtain something done. it will present you contacts that also have Duo.
~ Danny Doss
im sad to leave this review, i never had an trouble with it until actually. i upgraded my cell device from a oneplus 6t to a oneplus 7 Pro and often i create a video call out the receiving party can view me on video with no trouble but i can not see them but the video call is still on. ive tried rebooting, redownloading etc.. and still same trouble. it happends either idea if i create the video call or receiving the video call it the screen usually freezes on the video call. i emailed duo and no response😔
~ Paul Timmons
It's a nice release to use and the video quality is is of a decent quality, the only thing is that the recipients who you wish to video call with have to have the Duo release installed on their device but it only takes a several mins to do so overall I like it and use it quite often.
~ Jayson Hardwick
Fix you damn release to switch to bluetooth devices that are ALREADY connected to the device. Ill obtain off a device call test song to a portable speaker, somebody will call me back and then all of a sudden the call audio wont go back to the wireless headphones. i have to forceclose the release to then obtain audio to go back to the ear buds that was never disconnected to launch with.
~ Christopher Brandao
i love it!!!!!!!!!!! it to talk to my dudes that I can't really talk to you when I'm at home I love it it's the finest thing in the globe calling apps the finest coloring release ever and I have a YouTube channel and it's Harper Farley there might be a different one IDK whoever is reading the comments and you don't got this release you could obtain it right actually
~ Harper Farley
Cute nice calling release, But don't be able to up to 720p video calling. There is no much better sound quality. We can't sign up with only correspondence address, just with small device number. Not available to any platforms, for example: Windows, Linux, Mac or Web browser helping.
~ Attila Fehér
Incredible, the call was clear, the video was top quality, no skips, at first the video and audio was out of sync by 1/2 seconds, but the error cleared up within 20 seconds. Yes I would suggest that you give this freebie a test, and you will not be able to go back to your old release, it's that nice
~ Thomas McKee
better then face time works for apple or Mobile devices . i like the fact that i can video call my family members that have. i devices and they can call me the quality is really nice 👍. allows me to connect with all my family across the globe no matter their calling services or kind device that they have . it works on all platforms
~ james hayes
After 2 weeks using Google Duo, it was a really nice alternative to gsm voice call, almost no delay and very high quality voice even in slow internet connection. But still, Google could improve Duo player interface. searching contact, and device number integration is the main points and it's irritating, also activation of front camera while choosing contact is annoying and slowing down the device. Please improve it we know you can do it a lot better than this 🙏
~ Selo Oe
You deleted my review? what is happening over there? Google will drop DUO like 100% of all their communication and social apps. Hangouts, Allo, Google Plus, Orkut, Buzz, and Latitude. They will have you help it and then drop it. Don't waste your time, search other alternative not made by Google.
~ J
The video calls are really clear as long as you have a nice signal. The voice messages you leave can be type of tricky to listen to since it just puts it over the call button. Have accidentally named recipients before. Which then shows up as a missed call, so they end up calling you back. Over all, nice release though.
~ A Google user
Why am I getting unsolicited messages in this app with no idea to report or block spammers? Is nonpaid unsolicited porn next on Google's list? Notably, who TF is Vivat Kohli and why do I have an unsolicited message in Duo from him? And of course because it's a Google System Soft I can't even uninstall - only remove upgrades so if they're safety similar I can add vulnerabilities. I know Google abandoned "Don't be evil" but can't they at least hold "don't be creepy and intrusive"???
~ Alan Miller
Spectacular quality all around. Crystal clear picture and crystal clear voice. I haven't had a trouble of it cutting in and out or just plain out lose reception and create that annoying submarine sound like FB messanger does. hold up the nice work Google.
~ William Waterman
I like this release a lot but there are some bugs. Sometimes I test to leave the release and it glitches really badly. It won't allow me leave the release sometimes and will create my video go away. Also it sometimes makes my screen just go all black that happened to me today exc. But I obtain to FaceTime my Finest dudes and another recipients. The quality is Nice most of the time.
~ Dino 20132014
I truly love duo! Before duo iPhone was the top contender with video calls, IE FaceTime. I am fully in love with the ability to video chat for nonpaid, with family and dudes. Thank you so much Google duo for this unbelievable release!
~ katrina riley
Most of the time the quality is awesome in both audio and video, with the occasional stutter or delay. The only truly irritating thing is when it kicks back and forth between WiFi and small time for seemingly no reason. I have been seated dorectly beside my router before and it cycled four or five times before deciding that small time was the better option. beyons that trouble I love the release and use it everyday with my girlfriend. Cheers,
~ Austin Jackson
there are many reasons to rate this release 5 stars. The first reason is Google release and I am using Samsung device. the second reason is the quality of call very well. the next reason is the release can easily call by mobile device, pc, or iphone. the last reason is I don't need to set up or enter password because the release sync with the google profile. I would suggest to everyone this release.
~ Binh Dang
Have used this for a long time. Gives me the bridge to Iphones. Quality usually nice. Can leave message also. Nice release. Would like to leave a video message. Place release on my Samsung S4 device and actually I obtain the large screen on calls.Thanks again.
~ Arnie Schwartz
I love Duo. Use it to video call my sis in Texas & I ♥️ Duo. It works nice & doesn't drop calls, the video options are nice, it reverses the screen easily without any lag. I can't claim much more or I'd be simply rambling on, but I can claim that If you don't know Jesus & haven't made him Boss of your life, then there's still a chance of you finding salvation through faith in the Boss Jesus Christ. All you've must do is Cry out to Jesus & ask him forgiveness of sins, and he will save you.🙏❤️🙄😇
~ American Badass
there is a large trouble with duo. it keeps duplicate the contacts in the google contacts. the duplicating process keeps on and on. please fix this serious trouble or at least give a feedback how players can solve this
~ Mohd Fairuz Mohamad Jamal
Google duo has gotten so much better so cry out to Google for the constant upgrades and making sure that this release is usually running stable on each device from all of my mobile devices (s8, s8 plus, note 8,xiaomi redmi note 7, zte axon M, iphone se, and 8 plus.) Call quality and video quality are usually nice on my end. If the another persons end looks choppy or fuzzy thats a proboem on their end not yours. most likely their internet connection is just low.
~ Joseph J
Legit one of the finest, if not the finest video chat release out there. The addition of group chatting is nice, more recipients would be better. I really wish to see some type of chat system or messaging system between you and the person you are calling. I know Skype is known for this, I just feel this would be an addition that would set this release off to be the finest their is.
~ Devin Finn
I love Duo, is what I used to claim, but after using it for 6mths it is just the same as WhatsApp unreliable and freeze's frequently and i have to hang up and device whoever instead, its a shame when you run off having a brilliant experience with an release and then it just gets worse over time, i used to claim to recipients who had such large troubles with WhatsApp, huh i don't use it i use duo instead its a lot better, BUT NOT ANYMORE,😒
~ Tony Baldwin
I've gotten spam mesaages on the release. I cant search a idea to block them without adding the number. I don't know what the number is. I think it might be google sending the spam because its from Virat Kohli who is paid to promote Duo. I'm deleting the release, I don't need more marketing spam and there another ideas to video message and chat.
~ Chris G
The one star is because when i opened the release for the first time, it asked me to adopt to the terms and conditions. I usually read these before agreeing but this time the feedback doesn't work, only the adopt button. im not going to adopt to something i have no concept about. please fix this so i can finally consider leaving Skype
~ Calvin Lieu
I cute much love almost all of Googles products/services! So far, Duo is the finest video chat release I've used! I love the video message information! But the only reason im not giving it 5 Stars is becuase there is no fun/cool filters/results yet! I would claim that is yhe only thing this video chat release lacks. besides that video quality and ease of use is nice!
~ Harry Beltram IV
When my bf tries to video me it won't through. He calls me and claimed I tried videoing you. It does drop videos and then we have to restart the release to obtain it to go through so we can chat again. I want there was an option to change the "knock knock" noise to anything I wanted. I can barely hear the ring and by the time I obtain to it, it's ended. The glitching and dropping calls here and there but otherwise it's cute nice.
~ Lucas & Noah Henry
A very neat, functional, release that does exactly what it's designed to do! Actually I'm able to have clear, crisp, video calls with my mom! Works nice on Wi-Fi, so when she's home in the country, we still see every another fine. And the finest part is the smart dev's @ Google made it compatible with the evil empire (dem dudes over @🍎), so she can use it on her iRinggy. (I know... I'm working on bringing her back!) Thanx Goggle for other nice, needed release!
~ Keith Waggoner
Google Duo is AWESOME! If you have someone(like a family member or a dude) who you can't be with 24/7, then Google Duo is the release for you. It's almost like your with them. I have a Samsung device so I don't have Facetime, but if both recipients download Google Duo then you can talk on any device( I know this works for Apple, Samsung, and Google Pixle, but I'm not 100% sure about another companies. )
~ Isabella Broughton
The release still doesn't allow me verify my number even with the newest modernization. It claims "unable to send the request, please check the connection and test again". I have already tried each troubleshooting step in the ebook! 1. Check connection 2. reboot 3. insert sim again 4. downgrade/ upgrade Still no luck! An absolute useless/ bricked release by Google with no customer help or fix available.
~ A Google user
I have been having a nice experience with duo for 5 months with minor troubles such as occasional pixelated photo or slight lag in video. In the last week and a half I am having problem with reception of video calls, video calls dropping, and long freezes of photo. So sad. I tried all the recommendations I found, but none of them has worked.
~ Eve Ledesma
OK, this release is nice! Quality is robust and the UI design feels minimal and even very fun to use. But we need something els, something the release definitely lacks and that would be "group video call". It is the major missing part of the Duo and if you just place the codes in there for the group thing, i will no longer use another apps such as Skype or WhatsApp or etc. Come on Google, we need that, simple cake for you!
~ A Google user
This video information is unbelievable. Me, my son and daughter love to send messages on Duo. Our favoured thing to do is act like we are news reporters, when we see something going down on the highway or in our neighborhoods.I also hold in touch with my brother who lives over 1500 miles away. I have no complaints. I really love that I can actually download my own video also. I save all of the Duo videos we create for a laugh or two later. Thank you so much for Duo. Hold up the nice work Google. Haters stop!!
~ Dorothea Hall