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About: Google Drive is a protected zone for all your files and puts them within reach from any tablet, device, or pc. Files in Drive like your videos, pictures, and documents are backed up safely so you cant lose them. Once there, you can easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders. With Drive, you can: - Safely shop your files and access them from anywhere. - Explore for files by name and content. - Easy share files and folders with others. - Quickly view your content. - Set access lvls for who can view, comment, or edit. - Quickly access newest files. - See file information and activity. - Enable viewing of files offline. - Use your device camera to scan in paper documents. - Access pictures and videos from Google Pictures.
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Google LLC
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About: The Korean Sports & Fitness App Helps students keep up with the latest: * Announcements * Events * News and more... * Update school requirement videos * Allow students to signup for Events and/or RSVP * Many more features....

Developer: TheDOJOApp, LLC [email protected]

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About: Get this free English spelling checker keyboard before sending your messages or email to anyone and check text constantly while you are typing, no need to type and then check for any errors, spell checker keyboard will give you correct spelling without any processing or time. This spell corrector app also helps in learning the spelling of the words and what other words you can use while typing. Most of the times we cant type a word or type wrong spelled word because we dont know correct sp...

Developer: Buildroid Apps [email protected]

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About: We provide a simple, mobile friendly app that enhances online reputation promoting reviews for your company....

Developer: Real Time Reviews, Inc [email protected]

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About: this app includes an animated emoji feature known as Animoji or memoji. This responds to facial expressions via the camera, to animate various 3D animated emojis that can be sent as video and gif....

Developer: ARW Inc [email protected]

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About: Facilitates home repair services for real estate consumers and providers....

Developer: Reparet Incl [email protected]

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About: Recuperar mensajes borrados de celular Recuperar conversation borradas viejos Perdiste uno de tus viejos mensajes? Se pierde accidentalmente de su telfono inteligente o de las aplicaciones de mensajera para las conversaciones? Est buscando una solucin de la que pueda recuperarse? Este problema se resolver inmediatamente con esta aplicacin. Esta aplicacin es para recuperar mensajes eliminados y perdidos de su telfono, simplemente todo lo que tiene que hacer es descargar la aplicaci...

Developer: huibertje boermans dev [email protected]

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About: Official App for 2019 NBA Team Retail Summit 1/18/19 - 1/24/19 (1/18-20 will be in Los Angeles, 1/20-1/24 will be in Las Vegas)...

Developer: Pathable, Inc. [email protected]


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About: The Special Olympics Michigan app keeps you up-to-date on happenings at SOMI's biggest state events. Enjoy event schedules and results, venue maps, documents, photo galleries, social media feeds, partner information and more!...

Developer: Pathable, Inc. [email protected]

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About: Electrician's helper provides many useful calculators and converters for electricians and anyone working with power distribution. Both the NEC and CEC codes are covered. With Electricians Helper you can... Calculate voltage, current and power in 3 phase delta and wye circuits. Find the ampacity of a conductor as per the NEC and CEC tables. Calculate the voltage drop in a line based on length, size, current and temperature. Find the total box fill by entering the size ...

Developer: Carry-On Software LLC [email protected]

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About: Automatically convert documents from PowerPoint (ppt, pptx) to PDF and open them on your device. Click on the + button to add a file for conversion. File is then automatically sent to our servers for conversion. The file is downloaded once the conversion is done. Share your document with anyone, as PDFs can be opened and viewed on any device. PowerPoint to PDF conversion is not being performed on your device so PowerPoint to PDF converter will not burden your devices resources or drain its batt...

Developer: Cometdocs.com Inc. [email protected]

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About: English Keyboard description This is the English-language dictionary for use with 1C Big Keyboard application. How to use: 1) Install the English Keyboard dictionary 2) Install 1C Big Keyboard ?id=com.onecwearable.keyboard 3) Select Use Dictionary in dictionary settings section in 1C Big Keyboard...

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About: PDF Creator - PDF Converter - Maker Now you Can Convert Images and Text Easily to PDF Via this app . Use our PDF Maker - PDF Converter to convert Images , Text , Bar code , QR Code and other files to PDF. If you can print your document, you can convert it to PDF with our freeware PDF Maker - PDF Converter application . This PDF Maker - PDF Converter can convert all your files to PDF but also compress and merge Multiple PDF files in one PDF ! PDF Converter helps you convert any file on your...

Developer: American solution [email protected]

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About: My Cincinnati Bell gives you access to your most important account and services information. You can access and manage your Cincinnati Bell phone, Internet, and Fioptics TV accounts with your Android smartphone (change based on device and operating system). Billing and Payments: Pay your bill View billing and payment history Setup and manage recurring payments using Autopay Enroll in paperless billing using eBill View frequently asked bi...

Developer: Cincinnati Bell Inc. [email protected]

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About: Sonocent Recorder is the FREE companion app for Sonocent Audio Notetaker, on PC or Mac. The App enables users to create high quality audio recordings, mark up the interesting audio with colour highlighting and add text notes, photographs and scribbled notes alongside the audio. Once a recording is complete it can be saved on the mobile device and imported into Sonocent Audio Notetaker on PC or Mac for further review. Users are likely to find annotating and visually organising audio a boost...

Developer: Sonocent [email protected]


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About: Efficcess for Android helps users manage all kinds of personal information just in one package, which includes to-do lists, schedules, contacts, notes, diary and passwords. And it is available for you to sync data across iPhone, iPad, Android and PC computers, which makes you extremely convenient to migrate data among your devices. Key Features: 1. All-in-One: Tasks, Events, Contacts, Notes, Diary and Passwords. 2. Provides 33 Languages for Worldwide Users. 3. Easy to Use and Synchronizat...

Developer: Efficient Software [email protected]

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About: Lucidchart lets you edit and view all your Lucidchart and Microsoft Visio files on your Android device. You can also import MS Visio documents from any folder or app, and export diagrams as PDF. More than 6 million people trust Lucidchart to make flowcharts, process flows, network diagrams, wireframes, and nearly any other diagram. Using the app requires a Lucidchart account (you can sign up for free right in the app) and an internet connection. Your free account lets you create, edit, v...

Developer: Lucid Software Inc [email protected]

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About: Visual Timer allows you to quickly setup a timer with a single tap. The visual representation of the time enables a quick perception of the current state. Work The at-a-glance depiction of time remaining helps to improve productivity and accountability. Keep tasks and meetings focused. Education Teaching the concept of time can be supported through the visual countdown. Kids have the ability to see and understand the passage of time. At home Use the simple setup for common tasks i...

Developer: Christoph Wiesner [email protected]

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About: * This is not an official Microsoft Xbox App Download your Xbox Live game clips and screenshots instantly. Simply start by entering your Xbox gamertag and get your results instantly. From there you can view your game clips and screenshots or you can download them by a press of a button. * This only allows you to download your most recent content * Only content uploaded to xbox live will be available to download...

Developer: Jaco Kok [email protected]

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About: FREE and OFFLINE English Jokes app with various categories, features 1. Joke collection in English. 2. For quick browsing set bookmark your favorite jokes. 3. Share your jokes with friend using share option. 4. Search joke using ID & text. joke and sms categories 1.) New English jokes. 2.) Clean English Jokes. 3.) Best English Jokes 4.) Funny English jokes. 5.) Light English jokes. 6.) English jokes 1. 7.) English jokes 2....

Developer: CoolApps - VPlugged [email protected]

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About: Now you can get PDF backup of almost everything (Contacts, Specific contact Log, Call Log, SMS backup, Call Log Statistics, SMS Statistics, truecaller ) and can instantly save backup in email, Google Drive/ DropBox or save them on any cloud location/where ever you want. E2PDF allows backup of sms, contact, call log, call log statistics, sms statistics. Details of each feature is mentioned below. DISTINCT FEATURES OF APP 1- SMS Backup/ Favorite SMS Backup E2PDF is very simple but highl...

Developer: Day Dreamer LLC [email protected]



Google Drive Reviews and Comments:

Trouble in making available offline. Needed to download again & again even if I've already maked it available offline. I create a lot of files available offline but after several mins, somehow it lost from offline & once again i need to create it available offline. Some of the offline files like .ppt/.pptx. didn't launch when there's no wifi or time available. 3 ⭐ only for 15 GB Size.
~ Anmol Maharjan
Google Drive is nice, except for one major flaw which is keeping it from getting 5 stars. Customers cannot set a entire folder for offline sync, only individual files. This is a serious trouble for recipients who need to have access to their stats regardless of their internet connection, which is almost everyone.
~ Wizen Thorne
I honestly love the convenience and simplicity of Google Drive. amongst all its informations I am able to shop, organize and easily search my documents, pictures and another media. Love the option of updating to more storage zone. my only complaint is it gives me such a hassle when I'm due for upgrading the app.
~ Heather Arzoo
Love the fact i can usually obtain my contact numbers restored each time i obtain other note device. After the one i had gets stolen. i could be in the guinus ebook of globe records for having the most device numbers issued. Then for habing a device number or device for the shortest time. Cant seem to stop Trusting the wrong recipients. i only see the Nice in recipients. And if i should obtain them to do the same within themselves. How Nice theyd be...
~ Kimberly Condiff
I honestly hate the layout. I miss the old layout. Before the layout change I felt like I can upload multiple files with ease and it was easier moving between folders. I thought I place down a review but I guess not, so I'll claim this again. Can you at least have the layout as an option or something????
~ Jade Hernandez
this release is very needed and nice.. 👍👍 but hey, why i can't see percentages of the file that i upload, please fix this trouble a.s.a.p, well i guess it's required to be shown and also it supports knowing how long it will be uploaded..thanks
~ Sebastian Ardy
As of 6/3/19, Drive for Mobile will not upload files via WiFi or network. I mean, I can't. Hello, iPhone. 6/4/19; thank you to whoever replied to me, and the only thing that worked was uninstalling Drive's upgrades and reinstalling. THAT worked. That nothing else did is, honestly, embarrassing for Google.
~ Kate Harvie
its been an nice release and service for very long. But the newer minimalist looks create it even better, eye-catching and yes easier to use. Perhaps this is first release in my life to obtain 5 star ratings from me.
~ Hashim Ali Khan
The Drive release is buggy and unreliable. Uploads often fail or take forever. Even with 6+ Mbps upload available on Wifi and another apps uploading and downloading perfectly fine Drive will happily sit on my files for days. Extremely disappointed. This is Microsoft lvl ineptitude. Edit: Thanks for the response. You seem to have fixed the bug and then just reintroduced it in the newest modernization. The trouble is back and annoying as ever :(
~ A Google user
i couldnt trust that there were some equipment in my files that I had forgot about and fidnt remember several things that i had in them so that was nice cause i found a picture if my son i had took that i dont know if i got a copy if or not so im glad if that but all together this is nice release kerps your files separated and bery heat layout
~ Brian M. Richards
This release used to perform well but newest upgrades have caused an unrecoverable "waiting to upload" error where somehow my files are simultaneously there and not that has caused me to lose important work and family pictures and another time. Actually this app is a frustrating, insufferable mess with newest interface. Both thumbs all the idea down. After having read another reviews, don't you DARE claim me to delete the cache or change the release settings. I've done both and my trouble persists.
~ Mark Gumbrecht
Correction* The option to manage a file revision and the previous native help for tect file editing has been removed. Checked this on 5 different devices with different Google accounts. - It's just a .txt file. I can manage and edit it natively via the Google Drive web and use to be able to do the same with the release. I can understand that i might need to use other release to edit it, but the missing ver handler means i have to upload the file later via a PC.
~ Jack Peters
All those equipment that are alleged to be backed up have failed after a factory restart. my calendar is missing, so are pictures and most of my contacts. Apparently google isn't addressing these troubles and there's zero support, upgrades or resolutions posted in the community or feedback forums. Samsung claimed it's a google server trouble and to contact google. As far as i can see no one is working this trouble. HELP PLEASE
~ Theresa Price
At this time the release crossed its limit of worstness, I was uploading a file of across 500mb on the drive, it finished upload, but restarted the upload, my all time wasted, the newest upgrades are worst, and actually I have to claim this that the google is not secure as advertised. And I am uninstalling the apl from device,
The newest large mobile modernization removed what I thought was already established as an essential information in almost any tool: the scroll bar. I have thousands of files and photos and actually i have to swipe up and down if I wanna search something. I don't remember names of files so find isn't any support. If there won't be one added or a idea to enable it I'll have to search a newest service
~ Carlos Lizardi
If u obtain locked out of your google pictures or G-drive well nice luck getting any support. I've been trying to obtain my G-profile back for almost a yr and nothing. I've lost all my important equipment, like pics & video of my 2 lads- all the idea back to 2010, bcause I got a newest device and Google didn't recognize it so they locked me out. Had 2 obtain a newest G-profile 2 save my docs & pics. It's just really aggravating losing all my pictures and videos and not getting any support from Google.
~ Stacie Mosley
Accidentally deleated my review, so here it is again: for some time actually, it's become impossible to use google drive/docs. it freezes, crashes! It's been annoying&frustrating since day one, as I use google drive almost everyday. it's practically impossible to obtain into two folders before the drive crashes; if I'm lucky enough to obtain into the folder I need, it'll ruin as I go to launch the document. Edit: Unfortunately Ive done the clear cache numerous times and nothing changes
~ AJ Sarge
Thank you for fixing. Works perfectly actually. How you can create it better is by having on this system, preview mode for documents, sheets and slides. A better offline system and on google docs you should have custemize colors to be able to make your own colors for mobile small devices and then you will obtain a six star. Sadly I can't do that, it only goes to five.
~ Ryan Zedd
This release used to be nice with uploads and I loved it so much but actually I can't do anything on it at all. Nothing will upload and I've even cleared the caches and such. Google you create billions, it shouldn't be hard to create a an release for storage that now does its job
~ Endeavour Dax
After installing the newest ver. 'Add Page' button is overriding the existing page. So, not able to a add multiple pages. I am scanning a document with multiple pages. I know, how to do this, done multiple times in the past. But after newest modernization I am no longer able to add more than one page, each newest page override previous page.
~ Ramesh Chandra
As the largest cheerleader of Google's suite of products this pains me to claim, but I can't express how disappointed I am that the "Waiting to upload" trouble has been an ongoing trouble for few years. I only buy and use bleeding edge mobile devices, I've tried clearing cache on the release and at system lvl, I've tried multiple connections, flicking on and off airplane mode, force closing, restarting my device... basically, if you have multiple files you wish to place in the cloud, use dropbox.
~ Casey Locke
question to drive help squad. why can't I sync a folder between mobile tablet and Google drive? It is a primary function which is missing. actually help squad is asking silly questions. this help person had never googled 'how to sync folder between mobile tablet and Google drive'. you can sync between windows notebook and drive but not mobile. multiple blogs have work around articles. It gives error 'cannot upload a folder'. I have newest release with clear time. third party release is autosync.
~ Amit Gulati
Newest modernization looks like an Ig clone not a file manager. Recipients use Drive for true work. This release needs to be robust. I do my job from here. I shop and share files with coworkers and clients. I back up important files from my desktop. This is ridiculously terrible.
~ Josh Mahan
It used to be a solid, intuitive release before this lastest modernization. Actually its hard to quickly access files in your archive that are older than a month, unless you manually scroll forever. The newest UI is clunky and unhelpful. What a shame.
~ M Dolla
Already, the device makers not allowing us to enjoy the newest informations in newest ver of Mobile/safety patches, by not giving upgrades. Actually, Google newest informations available only on newer ver of mobile only? So, one could buy newest device for every ver? what a terrible idea to consume resources of the world.
~ Lakshmipathy Viswanathan
Didn't follow the last solution to contact you, but after the modernization yesterday, the release works as it could once more. As I claimed in feedback, it was clearly on Google's end. Thank you for addressing the trouble. It would be great if Google admitted it was a technical trouble there, rather than an trouble on the player's end. Lots of recipients complained about it, after all.
~ James Donaldson
UPDATE: ability to transport to Drive from my Mobile gallery is back and working nice! ***** Equipment moved to drive from my Mobile gallery to save zone don't appear to have uploaded...they have been spinning since March 25th as if they are still processing!?!? Used to work flawlessly on small and actually can only be trusted from my laptop...WELL, I don't take pictures / record videos on my laptop!!!
~ Angie Porter
the newest versions of Google drive in the past several months have been junk. the find function does not work. the keyboard gboard does not pop up when clicking in find the older versions worked fine but I guess hey if it works fix it with more upgrades and still not work. but hey what do I know I'm just have the mentality if it works don't fix it but I guess Google thinks differently. what the hell is up with all is bright white ass scream it's like having a flashlight in my face .
~ Notnow Later
@Google - You need to be more launch and transparent with the stats in the "What's newest" section in the test shop. You divulge very tiny needed stats which engenders suspicion. Google could be leading by example, many devs follow your lead and place mediocre entries in the test shop. So, for this ver and each ver to come - What is now newest? What's fixed? Openness & Transparency please.
~ A Google user
Scanner gets worse regularly. Google, I've submitted this feedback repeatedly from inside the release. Actually it uses the reg camera release instead of the custom ver. Light flashes instead of staying on, and the timing is off so the photo comes out dark. Why do I need the timer or white balance? tip: we don't, it's a bug. Also the scanner pulls photos in sideways so I obtain to rotate 3 times actually before saving, yay! Send this feedback to the drive squad please. Also, it defaults to radio selection of "colourful drawing" although the photo is clearly "black and white". Guys this isn't Google quality at all!! I've submitted this feedback repeatedly from inside the release. P.S. In your replies to me here, you are including tiny arrows that present up on the web as ">" Come on Google recipients!
~ Alan Nudi
i really hate Google drive after its newest modernization. its not at all responding well. it was all nice before and was very comfortable to upload fiels. actually it really acts wierd every time i upload something its not responding like before. Irritated after the upload.
~ Krithika Kulal
So far this release has been proven very needed on my end. I can access equipment from device and pc. Navigation is also simple. Only concern I have is this: When I test downloading only 1 file, I obtain HTTP ERROR 403: "You don't have authorization to view this page." But if I download more than 1 file, it zips them into 1 file and downloads decently.
~ Patrick Unson
Hello. This is a nice release that I can use for storing files and sharing some with recipients. However, there are several troubles that I face. • Sometimes recipients (who use Drive release) complain me that they can't see any files in the folder which I shared to them. They claim, the folder is empty. Then I suggest to them to launch the folder in browser. They claim, in browser they don't have such trouble • Some of the files won't launch, it'll present 'no connection, test again' • I use Mobile 8, and I need dark mode
~ Rahul Natha
Ok so, I hate this. A lot. I used Google Drive for a lot of things, and recently, I've had to resort to OneDrive. Because Google Drive is broken on my device. Nothing loads. "Can't refresh, check your connection" I have checked it. Idea more than I could have to. And it's STILL broken. So thanks, Google. Don't know what you did, but actually I can't even use one of your most important apps.
~ Smartie
After the newest UI modernization, information view forces to two columns of a device which means you lose most of the file name! no option to go back to a one column list! Also, still can't set a folder to be available offline; can only be set at a file lvl. A lot of random crashes as well.
~ Anthony Bennett
Have downgraded the rating from 5 stars to 3 because I cannot view any of my over one thousand videos. When I launch a video, a message comes "this video cannot be played".Please look into the trouble and rectify, in the meantime I have place brakes on the "upload". Thanks
~ Sadiq Said
Newest upgrades have been poor. Slow, much clunkier to navigate, keeps destroying, and my files tend to stay stuck in "waiting to modernization limbo" or take a very long time. I used to use this for speedy transfers when I required to use a file somewhere else, but that's borderline impossible from small actually.
~ Flower Song
I really like this release, but after this newest upgrades over past 1-2 months it is getting really irritated. Files and Documents are not getting uploaded quickly as previously it use to be. Moreover the release doesn't present the percentage or the Mbs that is been already uploaded, to claim in easy language a progress bar for the files been uploaded. I think progress bar is one of the crucial thing that could be included. I wonder why GDrive have discontinued this thing.. Please Support. Thanks.
~ Jitendra Tak
Google Drive is Nice (except last modernization). Scan has been messed up since the last modernization. For some reason it actually defaults to only camera use. So, instead of being able to scan into a PDF you obtain a picture. The only solution I've found is to uninstall then reinstall and it will work temporarily. The next time you launch the tool it will default back to the camera again. edit...as of May 22, 2019 this trouble still exists. No response from Google. Changing rating to one star till this is fixed.
~ A Chambers
Seems like if there is system wide dark theme help in Q then it would also be in P but it's not when they both help the information natively. I am noticing though that the previous "speedy scroll" bar that we've had is missing. That is a very needed information that could be brought back. Seems like it got kicked out with the newest design language. Also, the release has moments where it's trying to add a dark mode but reverts back to white. I guess it's not functioning properly yet.
~ Rove McClain