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About: Make, edit and collaborate with others on documents from your Mobile device or device with the Google Docs release. With Docs you can: - Make newest documents or edit existing files - Share documents and collaborate in the same document at the same time. - Work anywhere, anytime - even offline - Add and reply to comments. - Never worry about losing your work everything is saved automatically as you kind. - Research, right in Docs with Search - Launch, edit and save Word documents. Permissions Notice Contacts: This is used to give recommendations of recipients to add to files and share with. Storage: This is used to save and launch files on USB or SD storage.
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Google LLC
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Similar Apps Like DynaSCAPE Manage360 Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The paperless landscape crew is here! Crew leaders are empowered to track their crew's progress by clocking in and out of jobs. They can track their time, materials, equipment, and sub-contractors. A companion app to DynaSCAPE's Manage360, crews will have a live link to the back office. When jobs, work orders, maintenance visits, snow visits are added to the crew's timesheet they will automatically appear on their to do list....

Developer: DynaSCAPE [email protected]

Similar Apps Like DocSense Pro (OCR Text Scanner)  Alternatives
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About: This is the pro version of the app DocSenze. * Contains no ads * Results are more accurate with more number of definitions for a given word. 1.) Take an image from the camera and crop the regions you want the meanings of the words for. 2.) Import any picture containing text or a screenshot from your gallery. 3.) Functionality to set words as favourites. So that you only get what you care for. 4.) Favourites widget for home-screen, to ensure you keep reading those words. 5.) Functionalit...

Developer: Contrivers [email protected]

Similar Apps Like SubOps Alternatives
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About: SubOps is a tablet-based app built to optimize your restaurant's operations. The app features our ultra-smart prepping scheduler to help you determine when and how much to prep each day! The app also pairs with ZippyYum's wireless GoLabel printer for effortless food prepping labels. Smart algorithms suggest how much to prep Uses sales and inventory metrics for calculations Determines how much and when to prep during the day Built-in training materials for food prepping Training...

Developer: ZippyYum [email protected]

Similar Apps Like SV - New Japan Summit 2018  Alternatives
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About: SVS2018 is the official mobile app for Silicon Valley - New Japan Summit 2018. This mobile app allows you to: View schedules, explore sessions and find networking events. Curate your own personal schedule for easy conference attendance. Access location and speaker information at your fingertips. Post updates to sessions, keynotes, and exhibitor booths. Interact with a real-time feed of all event activity, that showcases which sessions are trending, most popu...

Developer: Launch Interactions [email protected]

Similar Apps Like URU Alternatives
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About: "Te presentamos la primera App oficial de la Universidad Rafael Urdaneta, en esta App podrs visualizar las siguientes acciones: Promedio general. Horario. Notas de todos los semestres con sus promedios. Precio de la HC, fechas de pagos y el monto a pagar. ltimos datos sin conexin."...

Developer: Papk Company [email protected]

Similar Apps Like All-in-one Calculator Pro  Alternatives
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About: All-in-one Calculator is a free calculator app for android featuring over 70+ calculators and unit converters categorized under finance, health, women, construction, lifestyle and everyday math. Simple yet powerful, the following features are built into this all-in-one calculator:- STANDARD CALCULATOR Includes percent key, negative sign, brackets and history viewer. Advanced mode includes memory keys and functions for trigonometry, roots, exponents and logarithm found in scientific c...

Developer: Everyday Calculation Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Private Downloader 2018 Alternatives
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About: Private Downloader 2018 helps you with fast and easy downloading music, videos, photos or other files from internet directly to your Android device. Save all downloaded content to your Android device in a private password protected folder. Watch dowloaded videos any time, listen offline music with your favourite music player. It is super fast and easy. Browse the web, inset url in to the search bar and start downloading. For super fast downloading is possible with multiple files download at...

Developer: FORBIS s.r.o. [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Beeline Contractor  Alternatives
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About: Time Entry for Beeline Contractors....

Developer: Beeline Development [email protected]

Similar Apps Like eXact iDip Alternatives
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About: The exciting new eXact iDip Smart Photometer System by ITS, Inc. harnesses the power of smart devices and the simplicity of design to handle the heavy lifting of complex water testing. The smart phone app is designed to work seamlessly with the waterproof handheld unit with parameter information, data storage and GPS tracking included. With guaranteed exact results in less time, our new smarter process will revolutionize water testing. The app comes with 4 tests installed including pH, Free...

Developer: Industrial Test Systems, Inc. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Explore Black Hills Pioneer  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Explore More from the Black Hills Pioneer newspaper takes our readers even deeper into the story by making branded stories, photos and ads interactive through video, audio and web links. This is your local newspaper like you've never seen it before....

Developer: Strata Mixed Reality [email protected]

Similar Apps Like SayIt Dictation Keyboard Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The SayIt Dictation Keyboard allows you to seamlessly access SayIt's accurate, reliable, cloud-based speech recognition platform directly from your Android device. Just like SayIt's desktop client, the SayIt Dictation Keyboard is secure and HIPAA compliant as it uses the same platform that's securely hosted in US and Canadian data centers! SayIt is the speech recognition solution that not only converts spoken words to text in seconds but also allows you to create shortcuts and automatio...

Developer: nVoq Inc. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like New Year 2019 Countdown Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Welcomes New Year with this live wallpaper! Set a Happy New Year message, disable it or a countdown to New Year with a 2019 full of sparks on a scene with lot of colorful lights and fireworks. You will see how the camera moves around the New Year and how it focuses on the scene details. You can choose manual camera mode if you want to change the camera perspective when scrolls home screens. The New Year's Countdown is fully configurable, you can show days, days and hours left or disab...

Developer: PIPER App Collection [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Email Lite - Offline Support  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Email Lite - Offline Support is the most light-weight email application with full of features: mark email as flagged, filter spam email automatically by using advanced machine learning algorithm. - No more background services: keep your phone running fast and don't worry about battery consuming. - Offline support: take action with mail while you are offline, everything will be synchronized when network is connected. - Work with several Email services: Gmail, Yandex, Outlook, Hotmail and oth...

Developer: HBSolution Inc. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like QR Reader : QR Code Generator & Barcode Scanner Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The fastest and safest QR Reader , QR Code Generator & Barcode Scanner The FASTEST & SAFEST QR Code & Barcodes Reader in the Google Play QR Code Reader is capable of reading all types of QR codes and barcodes, including codes of products, URLs, Wi-Fi, epay, gifts , prices, texts, contacts, telephone numbers, email, SMS, locations and many other contents. Moreover, it can do much more than scanning and reading. QR Scanner Features: - QR code Reader. - QR code Scanner Generator maker...

Developer: Must-Have Apps [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Leebly - Checklists, Notes & Reminders Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Simplify your life Categorize todo lists and notes by adding customizable stickers to them. You can create, remove and edit sticker style settings from the Sticker Manager. Features "Sparks" which fun little messages periodically delivered to you to spark your motivation you and brighten your day; you can choose if you'd like to receive these messages and also change how they're shown. Sort cards by name, sticker, newest, oldest, and unlocked first. Share, star, archive an...

Developer: PixelPancake [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Fundraising Ideas Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Fundraising Ideas For Fundraising, Fundraising can be quite the challenge when you don't know where to begin. What fundraisers will work for your group? How much profit will you make? How much will you have to invest? Here we will give you some free ideas for fundraising for your fundraising efforts. It's not easy to come up with new and unique ways to fund raise so you don't wear out your welcome with your donors. If you have different and unique fundraisers, you can work multiple fundraisers a...

Developer: Creative Live Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like EZ Notes - Notepad notes, voice notes, to-do notes Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: EZ Notes notes organizer is for ultimate mobility notes. We define note taking mobility using instant notes; notes auto-save using our notes organizer voice notes. Instant notes are made using voice notes, typed notes, to-do notes, photo notes, image notes, and S-pen notes. Take notes using voice notes and learn why notes fans love note taking in easy notes. EZ notes demo notes notes benefits of ez notes notes are instant; note our edge feature is automatic saving voice not...

Developer: Alexander Madani [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Construction Calc Pro Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Essential construction calculators for your phone. Save money by quickly estimating materials. Save time by calculating angles, measurements and quantities. The ideal handy pocket companion for anyone in the construction industry. 82 Powerful, Proven & Precise Tools. Enter measurements in feet/inches or metric. AUTOMATIC UPDATES Construction Calc Pro has taken 12 months and 21,500 lines of code to develop and is the easiest to use construction calculator and estimator app availabl...

Developer: Lightray Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like FSWizard Pro Machinist Calc Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: CNC Milling and Turning Speed and Feed Calculator (Wizard) Absolutely the best CNC machinist speed and feed app around. Calculate Speeds and Feeds simply by choosing your work and tool material. No need to know any numbers. FSWizard will automatically use recommended cutting speed and chipload for machining with a variety of indexed and solid endmills, drills, taps etc. Check our HSMAdvisor+FSWizard PRO bundle: ?page=FSWizard_H Made for CNC Machinists by a CNC Machinist Zero_Divid...

Developer: Zero_Divide [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Password Safe Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Secure, flexible and powerful password management tooling on Android! Keep confidential information safe using 256bit AES algorithm. Secure: * Encrypt password data using 256bit AES algorithm * NOT require internet permission to ensure your data private * Auto-lock application after specified timeout interval * Hide application from recent apps list * Backup/Restore data using SD card for maintenance Flexible: * Easily manage flexible password records on-demand * Support dynamic ...

Developer: Rhythm Software [email protected]



Google Docs Reviews and Comments:

I've got it, and it holds documents, but it's one of those apps you forget about and gets full of equipment that slow everything down.
~ Jack Kenley-Wright
I love this release. All the documents that I make are automatically backed up in the drive and I do not need to worry about backing up files individually by myself. Thank you to Google for this nice release. But I have one request. Can you please make an option for dark mode so that I can use Google Docs without any irritation on my eyes? The white background on this release can be cute tough for your eyes after a target. A dark background where the alphabets are white is the great thing for me.
~ Deep Roy Choudhury
I don't even wish to give one star. this stupid release has usually made it complicated to save or search a damn file! I worked hours on a document that was apparently saved few times and actually that I'm ready to submit to my professor the whole file just disappears and I can search it anywhere!! I'm going ro have to restart all over again and I only have two hours. I tried everything to find for my file but it's fully gone. I didnt delete so I don't understand why it's no where to be found!!
~ Reila
I had to restart my device twice because the release started glitching out even when I wasn't even using it. I decided to modernization the release to see if it worked, but it instead made the glitching even worse, thus my second restart.
~ FierceNight The Grey Cat
This release is ugly, clunky, inconvenient, and horrible to use, but Google has apparently decided to simply refuse to let me to launch my docs in a web browser on my device, redirecting me over and over to a support page about clearing my cache no matter what I test to do, so I'm forced to use this if I wish to have any access to my files at all. I want I should give zero stars and I certainly want I didn't have to use this clumsy excuse for a document reader because Google can't stand recipients who don't wish to use their bloated malware Chrome
~ Sundown Winter
What does this means only claiming, " Bug fixed and performance improved"? Can't you explain thoroughly? Or you just stealing time and informations?
~ Vivek Majagaonkar
So I use Google docs all the time. I'm one of those recipients with lots of docs with unfinished concepts and storyline's, and docs is my go to zone! Just being able to easily switch between documents and usually being able to check the word count really supports a lot! And since it's a Google product I don't need to create any newest accounts, just obtain in, write it out, and be done! Sorry for rambling a bit, I just really like Google docs!
~ A. C.
Google Docs has saved my behind for years!! My dream career is to be an originator, and I write all my stories on here. The fact that I can share is nice too! I can send all my dudes a copy of my work, even for school work, I can share my projects, assignments and even pictures! I highly suggest Google Docs to anyone who loves to write or even take notes and finest part is you can use it on your device and pc/laptop/desktop or your ipad/device!
~ Emma Longwood
Its simplicity is its saving grace. But thanks to all the bugs, trying to obtain equipment done on this release can be like pulling teeth. For example: -It tries to be "smart" with its auto corrections, and just makes a mess of your text. - It closes down when you test to copy and paste. - for an offline release it acts like it runs on dial up. - It suffers from not being able to preform primary, common sense, functionality. Even though that's the heart and soul of a document release. PLEASE hold debugging this release
~ International Wisecrack
It seems my previous 2 star review was removed, so here's 1 star. Not only does the release ruin and freeze when it's making documents available offline, but when you pick text a gigantic amount of text to delete, it now remove only about half. Meaning you have to go back and reselect everything all over again. Also, when you highlight a word to go and delete it, it deletes whatever is in front, not the highlighted word. How is this logical?
~ Kseniya K
poor at the moment, crashes instead of opening a required document. I am really looking for a reliable alternative
~ A Google user
Mike works nice for me cuz I can't spell that nice has corrective spelling if you can't spell you can place the keyboard on corrective spelling and use the mic and it will correct but not on all words
~ Charles McDonald
The release is nice and all but I just can't understand why a easy information such as dividing your texts into columns is simply unavailable. I have looked all over the internet to test and search a idea to do it through the release but it seems like the only idea is to obtain a pc instead — frustating.
~ Bruna Noronha
It seemed to work the idea it was intended. It was tge default folder for all my downloads. Everything I downloaded was avaolabe for viewing.
~ Joseph Bullen
Really needed for school and work! Simple to use and nonpaid, almost better than MS Word for the easy write ups. The only trouble I have is that you can't necessarily write docs when there is no internet unless you set up a doc previously in offline mode.
~ Nyx
Poor i just spent hours writing a document and it just got deleted its in my drive or anything this release is poor. it does not save your documents I just wrote the longent certificate for my club I am going to claim my dudes,family,teachers and you to stop/not use it use word, one you press save it now saves it . i spent 7 hours doing this and when I test to print it doesent allow me then i run writing an it deletes EVERYTHING I just spent 2 hours crying.it doesent allow me place 0 stars
~ flip POWER!!!!!
I create changes to my documents on my pc but when I switch to the release, I usually have to uninstall and reinstall to see the changes.
~ Sierra Lee
The newest modernization (2019 Jun 10) is nice! All the changes I've been waiting for are finally here! The release actually feels stable and reliable, thank you!
~ B. M. Fox
The document didn't synchronized on my device! Earlier, I added pharagraphs in a document with google docs on my laptop & it was saved just fine on my google drive. While I thought the document I wrote was already saved & synchronized on my device with my laptop, because this never happened before, I edited again a tiny bit on my device. Turned out It didn't synchronized & my earlier addition from my laptop was gone!
~ Ano W
I never had a trouble using the release on my device until actually. I just tried to kind something up and it kept skipping aroud the doc and adding words I just typed into the midddle of the of the word I was trying to kind. Fully frustrating! It wouldnt allow fix any mistakes it would just add something else and mix words up. Some bugs needs to be worked or something!
~ Kayla Varner
I love it, I often have to write things and send them, or add different media. Sometimes I have to switch between different devices. This release makes or very simple
~ Julian Koonce
GDocs is one of my fave release, but I don't know why my docs oftenly ruin in offline mode and it rly makes me sad. I also don't know if that's a bug or not, but I hope Google should fix it. Thanks ^^
~ Vict_82
Hi guys nice morning how are you and this is me but her I am Adam balabai wrote to my furnace on the right and it is a speedy and compete in the marketplace and so I just wish to place it in the Google a Test Market on the wood be available does or player is to use it and obtain their own benefit and all the services on the planet this is really nice in the Spiderman I’m sans the Google is really cleared and give us the assessment and assistance to the double of my unread the device to all the players all over the globe and I think this is nice and especially in the night transport the sleeping time for the babes to prevent not to find in the certain so risky or you know or even videos or sings this is really
~ Bahrapp channel Adam
I loved Google doc very much for it made my work so simple, but there is very annoying bug which makes cursor goes to above paragraph when you pick and slash word or paragraph. please fix this trouble Asap. also I miss the old Ui which was quite better this newest one.
~ Abhishek Rathore
I love the release, but I want I should alter the layout so it looked like it did on the web, showing seperate pages and more informations. Overall a solid, release, but I would like to see that place in at some future date.
~ Ty Kiser
I think Google Docs is nice. I use it for making stories. I like the fact that you can work on equipment offline; I don't like the fact that small Google Docs doesn't allow you kind tabs...fortunately I know how to fix that.
~ Samurai Owl
Excellent for a nonpaid-writer (mostly stories, fantasy) like me. I love the newest recommendations thing that not only catches misspelled words, but also suggests changing them to more understandable language, either adding commas, changing words, swapping words around, etc. Thanks Google for this release!
~ Hybrids of Pyrrhia
Ive added and saved fonts on docs under my profile over a laptop but it doesnt save the changes over to my device in which both devices were already in sync through my profile before and after saving. Im aware the docs release is limited but its a great detail id like to have again. Is there any of adding fonts on the google docs release on small?
~ Em Re
It's really just alright. There's no option to automatically do first line indentations (or indents at all) and it's a genuine nightmare if you wish to write a storyline, essay, etc. Add that and you're golden. Until then, it's not the release for me.
~ Kenney Badboy
This release is nice for when I need to do some speedy writing to obtain my thoughts down. It's really simple to fix tiny things on my homework or work on it when my pc us dead. The only fault I can think of is I want Docs had a night mode so when I'm writing in the car or late at night it doesn't harm my eyes.
~ briannah stromer
Each time I've tried to download this release so I can access the stories I've written on my pc (and believe me I've tried downloading it many times), the release wont load anything. I've sat at the loading screen for a long time and it simply wont load any documents. I've tried to launch a document from my drive folder, just to see if the release is only having problem with my newest documents, but absolutely nothing will load! I love using docs, but I just want it would work on my device on the go :(
~ Maggie Gould
Can you add an option to set my own numbering like starting the list from 2, 3, 4, etc.? This makes creating the numbered list so complicated without this option. And the most infuriating bug is the cursor auto-kind. This makes typing extremely complicated, that too with the copy-patste way. One or more words gets auto filled or auto replaced, which messes the entire document up. Please fix it.
~ Sharan K.E
As of late, I've noticed the release has been giving more recommendations. I'm normally fine with recommendations, but the ones I'm getting pay no mind to the tense I've been using, common English phrases, etc. If you're going to have recommendations, please create them more needed and pertain to what you're writing.
~ Octavia
All I can claim about this release is that it has quite and intuitive player interface an accomplishes the basics as expect. But I seriously want it should be shifted to SD storage instead of taking residence on my internal device storage. For this reason, it fails to meet all my needs. So, an uninstallation is due.
~ Wandile Chiliza
While it is great to edit Google docs on the go, there's usually considerable lag even on potent devices (Note 8). The release also seemingly randomly downloads files I haven't used in years for "offline" copies and then does not allow me remove them from my device. If I should, I would avoid this release all together.
~ Dominic Holloman
i literally cannot kind on it without it bugging out. if i test to kind on it alone, it is slow and laggy. if i test to kind on it with another recipients on collaborating with me, all the words obtain mixed up and it freezes the screen. it auto jumps to random spots and triples or doubles parts of what i kind. it is impossible to work with.
~ Eileen Zheng
This worked nice for a week and I was able to communicate back and forth easily with editor. All of a sudden it stopped working three days ago. It shuts down repeatedly and I've lost work from it doing it. Modernization: how was there an modernization and actually when I send file to correspondence, it is a blank correspondence. I can't wait to obtain my laptop back from the market and go back to Microsoft Word.
~ Kimmy Dexter
It's nice, but gigantic, and super-snoopy, and sometimes I feel as if there's more I don't understand about it than I do. For instance it's large, but not usually intuitive, so when a mistake is made it's usually a large one and hard to take back. Like when I can't figure out how I accidentally added unlimite rows to a google sheet, allow alone how to delete them. I've wasted a lot of printer ink and paper on this one!
~ Sheilagh O
I write casually all the time on my device actually, and I save exclusively to my device's storage. ...Or that's what the release is claiming me. But if I have no wifi or cell service, I cannot launch my documents...? Extremely suspicious to me! Why could I need to connect in order to load a document? I don't feel as secure with this release. Another than that, I experience random crashes, esp. when copy/pasting, it lags out when trying to backspace, and have to use bullet points to add italics.
~ Amy Millhouse
I'm giving this release a 3☆. For me, it was simple to use and obtain a handle to control, but what is frustrating is how I am a small player trying to copy-paste some things for my documents (not for plagiarism, of course)! Any time I test to, the release constantly freezes and crashes. Rarely, am I able to do this action without those consequences. I would greatly appreciate it if this trouble were fixed, so my life as a student can be a bit easier.
~ Emi Koya