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About: GO Keyboard - Rating beyond 99% emoji keyboard, the choice of 200 million players worldwide Why is GO Keyboard-Pretty Emojis, Themes and GIFs is the finest andriod emoji keyboard? The respond is 2P&3S! Personalized&Policies NEW-Your Avatar Emoji - Take a picture to make a cartoon avatar that looks like you. - Receive your own sticker library - all with your avatar emoji. - Share your avatar emoji with your dudes on imessage,Fb ,Twitter and anywhere you chat. There are 10000+ colourful themes, 1000+emoji and GIFs, 800+emoticons, 100+ fonts and 60+languages for you to design your own customized keyboard. Change your keyboard background by one switch, set your own picture as keyboard background ! We will never accumulate your personal stats including credit card stats. In fact, we cares for policies of what you kind and who you kind! Smooth, Speedy & Smart Typing ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 30MB Developer: GOMO
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GO Keyboard - Cute Emojis, Themes and GIFs Reviews and Comments:

One of the finest keyboard ever used but one thing Am requesting please add Flags.
~ Moses Kibet
tis is a nice release but if you should place it on your hole messeges it would be better
~ crazy john
this release you could not place a frer trial in this it could be nonpaid
~ grace,alexa and freya
its needed if i dont have time to tap on my keyboard i can just drag yaay
~ Afifa Abdullah
What happened to all the themes?! There used to be so many themes. Most of them are missing. When I click on a theme it claims "Item not found." This keyboard used to be idea better. Actually the auto cap information doesn't work half the time, the emoji prediction information doesn't work well... My system keyboard has more emoji to pick from. Not to mention the word prediction predicts spelling errors and words with bonus letters added. Example: aaaand. I am tempted to uninstall this.
~ A Google user
wht cant i see the upated emojis box in my go keyboad release? i am seeing old one. and my release is absolutely upto date
~ rina Kkan
I do like it, allow's you create your device more your own style.
~ Diana Hellyer
Hello, when I am typing, either sending someone a text or typing in an release, a blank screen pops up instead of the usual zone allotted to kind in. This is causing a trouble because some of the functions do not work when using the blank zone. For example, on Fb, if I'm typing someones name, it can't be highlighted in bold letters, etc. Please fix this or claim me how to fix it.
~ A Google User
This keyboard was so great! This is the finest keyboard I have used
~ Yummy Lucky
for something that claims "nonpaid" then wants you to pay $9.99 a month talk about false advertising
~ Shauna Reed
i love This this is the finest Soft Ever i can obtain the VIP key boards For nonpaid....just by Download for Unpaid....
~ Nastasia Holman
its great because it has a unbelievable background and when i use na go keyboard my keyboard went so pretty
~ Gerry Densing
It crashes when I use it with chat head of messenger. I uninstalled it and use the default keyboard of my device.
~ Mackoi Berano
Dislike the fact that there is an autospace after each punctuation... I would prefer if there is an option for me to turn that off
~ John Lim
The Go Keyboard release is simple to use and gives access to many language and alphabet options.
~ Jeremy Shelton
more then 5th time this Tools stop working on my device. I thought My fon was jammed. But only this Tools is stop working. watehell is this?
~ Adib Najm
Changed buy way.i purchased a several years ago to remove banners but they have revoked it and actually i obtain banners due to this newest subscription way. dummb. i wish a refund
~ Ross M
well it runs to kinda at the time you download it gives a no or yes thing to memmber ship one run …●︿●‾︿‾
~ Galaxy note
May i know why my keyboard hold on switching back to google keyboard? It happened 4th times already in a day.I am using Redmi Note 6 pro.Any concept?
~ Pinkarn Tan
i love using go keyboard, but how do you clean your clipboard? for some reason i deleted them but it's not gone.
~ adeadlybunny_
You duckers got to be nuts! I pay 7.99 for a entire month flatrate device service and you butthives wish 9.99 a month for a ducking KEYBOARD? YOU CAN SUCK MY DUCK!!!
~ Religion Kills
Wait please im begging you support me i started the nonpaid trial but then deleted the release... will it still charge me dollars cause i downloaded it again to stop it but it started over support!!
~ Angel Valadez
im ok with this keyboard, im using this since i got my tablet but not all emojis are in it, please modernization and out all emojis coz emojis create the conversation fun, im begging you, HAHA thanks, ill be waiting for that modernization
~ Keiveen Bon Gaviola
like the emojis, but the Japanese flick keyboard is not working out for me. bummer
~ Hiro Dizon
I have actually twice asked a question through Fb Messenger and got no response. If i use Go Keyboard on both my device and device does super carry over? Or will i be charged twice?
~ Tyler Sorell
it has a nice graphics and animation it turns your device into the next lvl
~ Storm Eye
Do your developers understand thst you shouldn't mix the Y key with the Z key???? change it,actually
~ Erisha Bateman
yall down terrible for this ---- making recipients pay and subscribe its not even all dat!!
~ Laurent Lobell
Suck..after modernization, can't used it again. Usually create me to restart device and to active release again and again. Done uninstall...stupid modernized
~ Aman Anuar
its quite okay but i hope that all of these are nonpaid no need to download but there is something to download ro reach what you wish...
~ Queen Michelle
used to be nice years ago. thought I'd test it again. still garbage. $60/year for a keyboard without banners? obtain true
~ chris nelson
this is my most favoured release of all! "I just love the 🦋cute keyboards! "thank you, sincerely, mooncat
~ Zdebra Bailey
Each single time I restart my small, I have to reactivate it again and sometimes it shows me *pick go keyboard* and I press and nothing is found.. I've had enough
~ Osama El Shenawey
So far, it's quite nice. But one thing that exist in the past then gone for actually is "flag emoji". Why you deceased it? I hope you can fix it ASAP. Thank you from the Indonesian province of Unique Region of Aceh
~ Ashabul Yamin Bin Syarbini
nice release, much required modernization to control speed on typing, another than that awsome usually have loved it n just as long as they continue to modernization the release.
~ Missy Myers
how do i obtain my paid ver back? i downloaded this release a several months ago and had to uninistall it cause it froze and i paid for it to obtain rid of the adds. i just recently re installed it and cant figure it out.
~ Connie O'Neel
why would you wish an release that is reported to violate Google test's policies by recording passwords and credit card numbers??? as far as I know this release records whatever you kind and sends it to remote servers and uses the stats it collects from you to sell or for their personal gain. I wouldn't believe this release unless I see some hard proof that it isnt collecting your time. (I've read that it was but the article was from 2017) but I haven't seen anything to disprove this.
~ Gunnar Petersen
hello, I have been a GO customer for nearly 10 years actually & I have a several disappointments thru.. but right actually I have an trouble with the VIP profile. In the pictures I've sent u are the ones from GO SMS information, & I trust the VIP box also works with the rest of the Services like Contacts, Keyboard etc.. however right actually I just have the keyboard & SMS active. But the VIP isn't picking up on the keyboard service & that seems to be the only themes u have, so I've noticed this for awhile.
~ Anita Ybarra
this keyboard used to be nice. i purchased it a several years ago, but actually its been changed to a ridiculous subscription service. things ive already paid dollars for are no longer available to me unless i pay for them again. theres no autocorrect, no auto caps, no comma in the qwerty tab. i feel cheated and want i should obtain the $30 or so i spent. do not download this piece of trash.
~ Justin Jones
This is an nice release to buy and i highly suggest!! the sticker r so beautiful and nice and my personal favoured was the( and still is) the pet dudes sticker box. i luv this release and once again highly suggest. it also has some rlly great backgrounds like my actual one which is the paris eiffel turret one.
~ Aaliyah katey