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About: Unpaid lightning speedy messaging Glide is the fastest live video messenger release on the planet. It combines the convenience of texting with the expressiveness of video chat. Actually you and your dudes/family can share true moments as they happen, and enjoy quality facetime. What Else? Review your videos before sending, or tap to stream live - whichever fits you finest Share videos with dudes and family from everywhere to anywhere with a tap! Snap a picture in true time or uploaded from your device Cool filters create your video messages look nice Own a Smartwatch? Receive Glides directly to your wrist! Watch live videos, reply with texts, emojis, and even live voice recordings. Video messaging on Mobile Wear is changing the idea we communicate on the go. Receive in touch with us Url: www.glide.me Fb: www.fb.com/glideme Twitter: www.twitter.com/gli ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Glide 
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About: NEW! International calls for 3 ($0.03) per minute. Countries: United Kingdom (+44) - fixed and mobile. Germany (+49) - fixed and mobile. France (+33) - fixed and SFR mobile. India (+91). Italy (+39) - fixed. Australia (+61) - fixed and Telstra, Vodafone mobile. China (+86) - fixed and mobile. Taiwan (+886). Russia (+7) - fixed (not all cities). The list will be extended. After registration you will have $1.5 credit for international calls. For International, US and Canada calls ...

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Glide - Video Chat Messenger Reviews and Comments:

a cute nice release all around...the filtering system needs major work...asap
~ Jay Frizzo
I haven't had this release in months and was charged for a super profile today!!??? Unacceptable! I need to be contacted ASAP!
~ Kristen Adams
There could be an easier idea to decline chats, instead of going through every one claiming decline. May I recommend a decline all button.
~ Quinnletta Seay
Soft continuously reverted to main screen when watching and recording messages. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and the release keeps freezing. I cant even log into it actually.
~ Debi Brown
I really enjoy it and I can multi task while using it
~ Greg Batson
after newest modernization, my dudes list is gone and have to run profile, and register often i log on actually!! like my newest player each time i run the apt!!! also my picture is on recipients profile im talking to, when their picture could be, my dude list is empty too!!!!
~ Marcus Jones
when will you add more find options, like being able to find by orientation or territory? alot of bullying goes on here!
~ diego minnis
I just made an profile and cannot change the @ on it, and am stuck with the one it gave me automatically. my dudes with iPhones can change their @'s, however. this needs to be fixed
~ Jayborb -
It is nice. I really like it. Lot of fun with family.
~ olive p james
There is not a idea to delete the profile once you make it. I've emailed the help and they provided instructions that are not correct. I emailed again for assistance to delete the profile and no response.
~ Sharon Hudson
it's horrible it used to be such a nice release whenever I used to obtain on here I immediately would obtain messages from recipients I haven't been on here in almost 2 years I just made a newest profile and no one seems to be using this release anymore and if they do it's not often I really hate when apps are really nice and then they change it for the worse
~ Ms Cali
About 1 year ago. Glide claimed that they were deleting videos but gave an option to pay in order for you to hold. Well, Glide profited but videos were still deleted. I had wanted to hold my precious and memorable videos of my loved ones. So sad still.
~ Tracie R
nice signal ,clear videos an simple to navigate
~ Jazzmine Howard
I was enjoying this release but actually I'm not simply because when I go to record a video to someone about 15 to 30 seconds in, it cuts me off and I don't know why that is, so can you please fix this trouble so I can run back enjoying the release again. Because I thought that I had to delete it and install it back again, so I did that and it did the same thing so please fix it asap. Thanks in advance.
~ Tameka Gaston
The release is cool especially if your to busy to text, send a speedy video or don't like texting. There are alot of creeps on here. I thought this was a true video messaging release not a hook up and send perverted videos release.
~ Tierra Demings
The policies policies on this release is disgusting. Forcing players to pay for super to avoid their information being sent to 3rd parties is just deplorable. That could never be a choice for an end player. No P2P messaging, just client/server. Uninstalled as quickly as I installed it. And from what reviews I see here, player help is generic responses with no actual care for the end player. You'll more than likely respond to this review with a generic response too.
~ Exacutiona Gaming
This is by far my favoured release. My family lives in Colorado, and I live in Nebraska. We use Glide rather than Facetime because the lack of high-speed internet in the mountains makes live video chat impossible. Without this release, my nieces wouldn't even know what I look like. I am so, SO thankful for Glide...I use it daily!
~ Jenna Jones
i like it so far! It's far improved from when I first used it. My guy and I are in an LDR, and it's nice for sending longer videos (most apps maybe give you a minute, but this one is five mins!) when we're busy and can't chat. i would like the sending information to be a tiny easier to navigate, but we're both not the most tech savvy so should just be that. Overall, really love this for keeping in touch!
~ Jessica Johnson
was nice but actually there is better.
~ Sabrina Seeger
nice but I can't afford their charges
~ Kali straight
I usually love this glide sign language to my dudes its was nice!
~ henry meregildo
Its very clear so far with no troubles.
~ Calvin Adams Sr.
has to be one of the worst apps so many fake profiles fake recipients out there it's nice that this release is even on the map
~ Big Daddy
I love talking to my granddaughter in Newest Orleans
~ Karen Everingham
would be 5 stars if we should change our voice like marco polo
~ Will Smith
be in member of you in glide could be able to obtain me what I wish
~ Oladimeji Oluwaseun
boring glides....there lot of deaf peoples getting sick of Glides because of too many info, all that rubbish pops ads etc we found another apps is better than this one. Nice luck glides.
~ Davy C
Not enough recipients from your local are on this release. Also to many fake profiles. Also recipients selling vids.
~ Raphen Goin
can't delet the profile once you make it. was blocked for a profile picture that was inappropriate? guess I'm that ugly? check the reports before you block an profile!
~ casey long
instrested , hmmm some recipients complain I can also be in an support please do use nice advanced devices(s8+ or any another expensive one like this you know and your trouble will stop😂🤣🤣🤣👊👍🤐🤲
~ Faisal Osman
don't use it, nice platform but it's loaded full of catfish, to many profiles to count I've ran into
~ Michael Small
This release isn't what it use to be years ago. Got rid of all old msgs and pictures. Actually there are paid banners. It's just not as nice as it was.
~ DThomasFromNC
It well design for building real love through friendship it is not simple for scammers and fraudsters has it is simple to know whom you are chatting with cause of the video.
~ stephen welldone
being able to video chat without having to constantly stream is nice.... however.... I have to refresh about 784 times before I see my newest messages and aside from that, I'm never notified when I have newest messages. sucks!!
~ Tyese Wilson
my experience has been positive & negative. l have met some great gemtlemen on this web. l am interested in Afro-American guys. this web has a large group of African American guys. l have experienced lots of nudity & vulgar experience only. on the another hand l have experienced some very great polite gentleman who like to visit. the another kind l have met are those that obtain a person really interested in them, then they dissappear forever, no comment or anything as to why! l am done!
~ Beth Heikes
I will give a 3 star. If it were easier to navigate to search true recipients over BOT accounts I should probably give a 5. The release is easy enough to navigate. however videos stall from testing and never obtain fixed for viewing.
~ D. Brown
this release could have like a bio .stating what kind of person u are interested in, with the same likes. there isnt to many choices to pick from . finally if there are Transexuals in this web? they could be seperate from the straight lads seekin true girls
~ Ant Sanchez
I just wanted to claim after reading the reviews I think alot of you have this release confused. This is not a dating release. I'm giving 3 stars because I have been using this release for few years actually but with each modernization it seems to glitch more. I can send a glide but it takes few mins to send to the another glide player.
~ Noneof Urbiznes
One star is FAR too generous! I have emailed you all numerous times in request for my profile to be deleted!! I haven't used this release in a year! It's useless and filled with pervs/creeps! The only response I received is how to create my profile appear less visible to others?! Which has nothing to do with my request! I've already done all of this PRIOR to me initially reaching out (taking me off find, change my profile pic, etc). Just delete the damn profile already! I don't wish it anymore!!
~ c________
I've been using Glide on/off for 6 months, mainly with deaf and Difficult of Hearing adults who don't have a smart device with Voice-Calling. It works well but I'm about to quit using it (one more dude still uses it to contact me) because my eyesight is so terrible. On my Samsung Note8, the video picture (and the ASL signs I'm trying to read) are in a 1" square, postage stamp zone. It's to hard read speedy sign in that zone. I'd really appreciate it y'all should create a full-screen and landscape mode option.
~ Jenny Stockbridge