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Gear Navigation: Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch   
About: Compatible with Galaxy Watch, Gear S2 / S3 / Sport, Gear 1, Gear 2, Gear S. For Gear Fit see below. It needs the nonpaid companion release "Gear Navigation" from Samsung Galaxy Tools to work. How to use: - Install Samsung Gear and connect with your Gear smartwatch. - Install this "Gear Navigation" release. - Install nonpaid "Gear Navigation" release from Samsung Market on your Smartwatch. (Go to: Tools > Samsung Gear > Samsung Galaxy Tools). - Run Gear Navigation release on your device. - Let the release to read info. (Go to: Settings > Safety > Info Access and enable Gear Navigation). - Run Google Maps Navigation and instructions will be pushed to your smartwatch. Troubleshooting - Ensure your Gear watch is connected to Tablet and you have Samsung Gear installed. - If the release still only shows the "Ready" message, please ensure that maps info are activated and displ ... Show more
Genre: Maps & Navigation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 5MB Developer: SmartWatchStudios
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Gear Navigation: Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch Reviews and Comments:

Lot of comments about the cost... doesn't create a lot of sense. worth it.
~ Big D
cute nice! especially when setting maps for walking... works as it could!
~ Chris Smith
responsive and reliable. Nice double and triple vibration alerts for left and right turns.
~ Brian Mayen
Map not working in gear. Ready is showing only even if info are on.
~ akash agrawal
would be better If it showed the speed limit and lane. there's enough room the screen for a tiny display
~ Ivan Hall
Works really well on my Samsung Galaxy Watch with my note 9. I love it, especially when Im riding my motorcycle 😎
~ Dennis C
works nice on motorcycle. Vibration alert can be felt for upcoming turns when I cant usually hear the voice turn directions.
~ Brian Truax
release does not work at all....cant obtain it to present or do anything!!!!!!
~ robert seely
Finest information of the watch. Exactly the stats required not a screen full of detail & the vibration warning of turns is gold.
~ James Barron
I use it everyday, allows me to use my device screen for another calls and messages while navigation stays on my watch
~ Toni Rubio
Nice addition for the Gear watch. Especially when cycling or walking I can hold my focus off the device.
~ Pete Canny
Does what it advertises. I need to figure out how to hold navigation from stopping when I turn my device's screen off.
~ Daniel Guss
First rate speedy customer service & indispensable when you don't wish to hold unlocking your device. Thanks Frank.
~ Glenn Mills
I like that it's like a silent reminder even when voice directions in Google Maps is muted.
~ Eryk Rippenhagen
nice release. just hate that it seems to slay battery speedy. edit: thanks for thd respond. ill give it a test.
~ Oscar Cashaw
love it!! keeps me hands nonpaid and your watch vibrates for each upcoming turn,exit, etc..
~ Andrew Cope
so far it's been a nice release, only 4 stars because it doesnt usually launch automatically but besides that it's been wonderfully convenient
~ Mary Jokinen
I can glance down and see when my next turn is and it vibrates on my wrist when I'm getting close to the next turn/step in navigation.
~ Kasey Mayberry
Can we add optional on/off button for the "Rotating dispaly with watch bezel" option? Because while riding the glove accidentally turns the bezel thereby disorienting the rider. Modernization: Thank you dev. I didn't search that option. 5 stars!!!
~ Maahir Dadlani
this is the great companion for my watch i dont have to hold looking at my device or wair for my device to claim me when to turn its lets me know ahead of time and usually accurate 👌💯
~ Jairo Valdivia
Nice release, needs several fixes. 1. Option to turn off voice on device doesn't work 2. Could have option to turn screen off and only turn on when newest direction received.
~ Ejay
nice tool..and I've tried just about all of them. had an trouble with a newest device..and customer service was right on it when I emailed them!
~ Shea Tesska
Bought the wrong release for my device, the developers have given me the correct ver of the release for my gearfit 2, thanks.
~ Lou Thepoo
this release works exactly as intended. if i had a complaint, it would be the voice output. ive had no troubles at all.. it just works. finest 3$ ever.
~ Jonathan Odom
it works nice. I would give it great 5 stars if it had a compas like Google Maps does. as it is it Claims you "head North" and I feel most peole don't instantly know were that is.
~ Joseph Monterrosi
I had lots of problem at first getting the release to work. After few correspondences back and forth with the developer, the release works as advertised. This will be nice for my outdoor activities.
~ Juli Mik
nice! I just want it would allow us know where speed traps are (like the release does) even when the Google maps release isn't launch on the device, that would definitely create it 5 stars!
~ SonicGusAlpha
This release only works intermittently at finest. Also, your tablet's screen gotta also be on for it to modernization. I would not suggest this release unless it's reliability is drastically improved.
~ Tyler M.
Worst release. Usually displays connecting to device when the watch is already connected to the device. Doesn't work nor suggested. Actually it claims ready to run google maps navigation. all info turned on but doesn't work.
~ Sandeep Paul
Love being able to see the next turn on my watch without having to look away from the way to my device. It vibrates at .2mi to create sure I don't miss my turn. :)
~ Paul Hodges
I have read some reviews about release networking with device lock and several more things. This has been working flawlessly with my Note9. stays modernized and I have configured it to vibrate when the turn approaches and there has been no troubles there either. Over all a gotta have release in your watch.
~ rahul deva
Finest Watch navigation release out there and I have purchased and stopped using most of them. Using this with my Note9 and it just works. Select route in Google maps and the turn by turn directions appear on the watch. Straight, accurate and simple to use. 5 stars all day long
~ Mr Nigel
Didn't worked at first, then kinda worked once, when I decided randomly to give it one more test. Actually it doesn't work again. Stuck at run icon, even if all the permissions are allowed and I have rebooted both devices multiple times.
~ Matvei Truver
I like this release BUT I have 2 main troubles 1. when your device screen is locked the maps and directions DO NOT modernization on the watch. you have to constantly unblock device. (defeats the purpose I purchased this release to use while I'm riding my motor cycle. 2. I would like to be able to see some kind of map on my watch not just arrows....
~ sharey javed qureshi
Great soft. I had a several minor questions/troubles which were resolved by correspondence the developer. The developer responded timely with a resolution for my troubles. I'd highly suggest this tool. It does exactly what it claims. I am very satisfied with Navigator Pro. Well worth the dollars. Kudos to a nice soft tool!
~ mark kelman
Works well. I feel like there's some shortcomings of the Samsung watch that the developer is able to overcome. For example, the ability for the screen to turn off in between turns, or the ability to go to a different screen on the watch and then go back to directions. Again think this is a limitation of the watch itself. This release is one of the things that makes the watch needed.
~ Aaron Stransky
Overall this is a very handy release, though I think my largest trouble is the fact that it keeps the screen on; I think it could light up for info or when you turn your wrist, like the normal watch face. Also if only it should present you a display of the map, but obviously that's a limitation of the watch itself. But in any topic, this release is probably the finest you're going to obtain on a Galaxy Watch.
~ Ollie Roozen
The release closes the maps tool on my device if it's locked. galaxy s8+. the only time I can obtain through a full trip as if I leave my device unlocked. That defeats the purpose. I tried to obtain a refund because of this and they asked me for screenshots. I can't take a screenshot of the trouble and I can't videotape it while I'm driving. this is the first release I've ever bought and it didn't go well.
~ Uncle Jay
Worked immediately for me. Download onto watch, then download the release onto your device from the google test shop, let info from the device release to be sent to your watch, then your set. After that all you do is use google maps on your device as normal, and your watch will display the directions. Exactly what I was looking for.
~ Mic Smith
Honestly, i screwed up and thought that after i turned on Google Maps info, it would stay enabled. i was wrong. Apparently, whenever Google Maps upgrades, the settings are restart. If you don't enable this information, this release will be fully useless. Another than that, nice release. Sorry to the dev for the stinker of a review i left earlier.
~ Ike Ashley