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About: "Gallery Lock" hide pictures and videos and Pictures Lock and is an release that is absolutely required for security of personal policies. Gallery is work as picture vault, lock personal picture vault, locked picture album, hide it pro, Pic lock and picture vault nonpaid. Pic locker also manage audio manager, picture password, gallery edit, hd picture editing and hd pictures. --------------------------- SIMPLE GALLERY – FEATURES --------------------------- • Gallery collections with hide pictures vault. • Gallery Newest picture editor – crop, rotate, resize, draw, filters & more • Vault Calculator - vault Gallery, vault Products, Vault hide sms pics and video vault • Gallery Vault - Hide pictures And Videos, Picture Vault, Gallery Lock, calculator lock, calculator browser • Personal Gallery - Quickly find photos, videos & files, Gallery Lock • Smart picture gallery - Picture Editor, ... Show more
Genre: Photography Size: 5MB Developer: Gallery INC
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Gallery No Ads Reviews and Comments:

Nice release. Well done to developer. Much better than any another gallery app. I like its been modernized regularly with newest informations and fixes
~ Dearra Bruniges
Does everything I wish a gallery to do, a lot of recipients upset at the Devs removing a nonpaid alternative. Doesnt result that this release is a 5* release.
~ Daniel Vilcu
5/5 this release those everything you need a gallery release to do from arrangements to organisation and share to all your favored social media web also share with dudes .. and the finest for last .. its ADD FREE ?
~ Kiersen Haking
I was not comfortable with my stock gallery of my J7 Nxt due to terrible nquality photos. Also was not able to create MX User as default user. By ninstalling this both are resolved. These is no banners too
~ John Thorsen
As a lineageOS player, this is finest and fastest. The default gallery seems to take 10-15mins to load photos which sucks and ruins the mood so this release covers up all of it.
~ ecjwum zvojf
Thanks a lot squad. I had written a correspondence about moving trouble yesterday and it is solved actually. Thanks for making this release the finest gallery release again.
~ Izabela Mazurek
You guys did a unbelievable job with this user. It has informations and options I have never seen in a picture veiwer before. My favoured is being able to have all the GIFs test at once
~ Robin DeRidder
I love this release! Its what QuikPic used to be. Simple editing, organizing pics in folders, pick which Pic you wish as the cover picture. Great job!!
~ Paul Schmid
Simply the finest easy gallery release out there. If it works perfectly on my Galaxy note 3 with custom resurrection remix os it will run anywhere! Hold up the nice work dev. Thanks.
~ Cyril DeWilde
This is the finest so far gallery release that Ive used, everything is very useful and fit for what I need. And hey guys, not everyone didnt read your Whats Newest ??
~ Dorrit Palmer
Nice, primary gallery that works flawlessly. Is there any idea you can let nthe ability to hide the recycle bin? I test to hide it but it stays visible nwith all my regular pictures.
~ عباس جاسم حسين العبادي
Finally the release that is no fuss. Can sort folders, pin folders, arrange folders, adjust column views. All the another apps have banners or just arent easy or player friendly. This is. Finally.
~ orvan raoult
Its really very nice. Actually i am using moto g5 plus which is not having Gallery. I searched very hard no one app pleased except this one. Very easy,safetyand simple to use.congratulations for the developers.
~ evnpf ktsahl
Change the google pictures release that forced in my mobile but i cannot remved it.. how caan google forced me to used pictures that more hard to use... Google pictures cannot browse photo from different folder than my camera... This release is the finest available on the g test... Thanks for the dev
~ Alberico Suero
With brief use, this is easily the finest gallery release Ive ever used. Straight, speedy AND customizeable. The sharing function isnt trying to push specific services like certain stock apps and the view orientation options are very innovative.
~ Oystein Tangen
Five star gallery. I am using Moto e3 power. It doesnt has a gallery release by default. I found this easy release that has no banners and is very lite. Developers seem to be upgrading and fixing bugs regularly.
~ سعيد منضو بك الماعندة وفه ليعاشر ناس
on test shop , i tried about 20 gallery apps ? last obtain the finest release among them according to my need ?. easy , speedy , not banners , cheaper , completely customisable . ty for this release ? btw , i am missing my Eui gallery release which is my fav....
~ dkdgu ntowfi
Just transport from LG G3 stylus to Oppo F1s. I dont like oppos default galery. After trying few gallery apps in google test, finally I found this easy yet usefull apps. Recommendation: please add picture encription facility so I can shop important document pictures, such as driver license, passport, etc
~ pvb bdm
This is an nice gallery that works perfectly, finds all the pictures that are in your device, unlike the Samsung built-in Gallery which leaves out some pictures for some reason that are created in Photoshop.
~ zaft iupchq
The finest photo gallery! I like it better than the stock gallery and the X another apps Ive tried. The developer is very speedy in replying and supporting out and even fixed a bug I detected and mailed about. # in a folder name actually works! Heres my sixth and seventh rating star ★★
~ Ella Wisell
Thanks for a easy, simple to use, add nonpaid, bloat nonpaid release that is better than the devices stock release, allowing sort information for albums. Nice job! (I do read the modernization stats. 10/23/18. Your efforts are appreciated!)
~ mynor guage
Straight, tiny, to the target From a media file gallery, I only need to view all of my media files. For photo/video editing, I have my own prefered apps. This gallery release is exactly what it needs to be. Nice job!
~ Ixou Sickert
Super easy gallery release, just what I wanted no hundreds of silly options. Great to be able to exclude folders too which makes the gallery view great and streamlined. If you wish a no nonsense gallery release which doesnt take all day to sort out then this is one to test.
~ Ansha Mcnevin
nice release! I installed this when switched to newest device that had a craptastic gallery release. This one is as easy or as complex as you need. Variety of ideas to organize and customize, simple to understand, and nice layouts. very impressed!
~ Larry Hicks
1. The finest thing is NO-ADS 2. Customer friendly easy player interface. 3. nGiving functionality for advance players as we. 4. Some informations are most nuseful and making it finest release till actually in galleries. 5. Most appreciated napp. Thanks for your dedications.. thank you so much
~ Uog Fathers
This is indeed the worst gallery release. It doesnt come with banners, no weird permissions needed, plenty of customizations and its so easy to use. Ive been using quickpic for years and this release has made me switched from quickpic. Ill be glad to help this developer with donations quick.
~ Erion Zane
Is easy, its nonpaid, and it has a lot of needed informations. This is the finest gallery apps I know. Hi. It would be nice if there is an option to change view style into nested recyclerview. And I read whats newest each actually and again. Thank you.
~ Alben Scorrer
It has a batch rename function that meets my minimum expectation: it can add a prefix or postfix to file names ina batch. Most, if not all, apps Ive tried cant add a postfix. It also has no adds and doesnt require access to the Internet or strange permissions. A easy decent release. Thank you!
~ Victoria Skog
Poor rating is just to gain attention of developer. Will gv 5 star once dev nreplies. Great release. Just a recommendation: It would be really useful if u nhide the recycle bin from gallery. You can place a separate option in nsettings view recycle bin (obviously temporarily). Its irritating to see na folder containing deleted photos. The photos are deleted because we dont nwant to see it in the gallery.. right? Modernization: 5 Stars! :)
~ ابو كامل حنيش نشوة حسن
My custom rom didnt come with a gallery and a lot of the test shops galleries had banners. After trying to obtain another default galleries to work on my device I found this. It is better than all another default gallery apps and it is customisable with no banners. This release it nice and what I claimed applies to all of this developers apps .
~ بدر اليحيوي وليد عنتر
We prefer to know what are the newest changes rather than guessing them. Please hold documenting. One trouble though, if a folder is launch in the release and i have a picture displayed (i take a newest picture) sweeping left will not display the newest picture. You have to go back to browsing mode.
~ Saddie Boosey
This gallery release is wonderful and does exactly what I wish it to do - view and share each picture, no matter what folder it is stored in. After trying for months to obtain downloaded photos from downloads to gallery - and an equal amount of time to obtain fb to upload photos from downloads instead of gallery - (on a samsung j3 small device) I decided to test each single alternative gallery release on google shop until I found one that worked. This is absolutely great. Straight thankyou payment has already been sent with my heartfelt gratitude preceding it :-)
~ Pradip Tuladhar
Many thanks to the developer! Its got everything I wish; this is the ultimate gallery release; needs only storage permission; no banners; hide and lock folderspictures. The default release in my oppo true me wants to create & manage device calls as well!?! This is great!! I want there were more developers like this. Gotta help! 7 stars!Modernized review: OMG! So many informations!! can customize your gallery to present ot present anything you wish; them any idea (customize by pinning), .. so much more. 8 stars!
~ fger torawn
I cannot stand my stock gallery release so I replaced it with Straight Gallery and it was the finest choice Ive made since quitting my horrible job. The gallery is easy with great informations, its lightweight and doesnt bog down my device. And Im super glad with it. Its easily one of the finest apps I have downloaded in the Test Market and Im glad I did it. Thank you easy gallery
~ Biaunca Kinig
Incredible gallery release with no bloat or unnecessary informations. I was looking for a replacement for Quickpic, which went downhill very rapidly for some reason. This release so much better! I love that you can customise the colours of both the release and the icon. Plus testing GIFs in thumbnails is something I didnt even realise I required. I really cant search any downsides. Highly suggested.
~ wwtba cbkig
Love this release! Probably the only gallery release I liked after QuickPic, and I can finally switch off QuickPic for this. Just one information request though, the find functionality currently works only inside folders. When outside folders, the find only checks for the folder names, not for the files inside folders. For instance, when I launch the release and without knowing the folder if I wish to find for a string abc, I cannot do that. But QuickPic searches for that string in the file name for each folder and returns the grid of media. Would love to have the implemented here. Apart from that, Im absolutely in love with this release and it certainly is my newest favoured gallery release! ?
~ Kelis Burr
As the name claims its easy and very simple to use. Just see your pictures stored on device. And finest part if you accidently delete anything its not lost forever as there is option of recycle bin from where it can be restored. However, there is one thing I would like to see in it and that is the option of auto delete files in bin after set time.
~ ttl ukawc
Nice tiny Gallery Soft. I used to use QuickPic, however its become quite a mess, in my opinion. Straight Gallery is like the name implies, easy. Its clutter nonpaid, customizable, intuitive, and speedy. Exactly what most recipients need. I paid for the Pro Release, as I quite like the Straight Series of apps, even if I dont use many. Hold up the lovely work.
~ rjoz xtd
So far, so nice! Ive been looking for a easy gallery viewer that allows me to add or remove bonus folders to for a while, and amongst another informations this one has it. The layout of pictures can be customised to suit the number of columns you wish, and the file names of the photos can also be shown on the thumbnail photos, which is a tiny but very needed information! Nice that this is add-nonpaid, and provided its stable would gladly offer a one-off donation could a popup appear to present my help. Nice job keeping the release easy yet cute much highly featured!
~ niklas brickell
After initial impressions, a nice gallery release. Straight and effective, banner nonpaid. Much like my old Galaxy Note 3 stock gallery (which was nice, the newest Samsung stock gallery is cute pitiful) but with many more customization options to create it feel just right. Controls for customization are also cute simple to search and use. Only drawback is it wont use my Note 8 built in picture editor, or work with Mobile Beam.
~ Hilde Karlsen