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Fulton Sheen Complete Audio Catholic Sermons   
About: Almost 300 audio talks from the nice 20th Century Catholic preacher and writer, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Contains: - Many of his retreat talks to priests and laymen - St. Therese of Lisieux series - 50-part catechism series - Meditations on the Passion and Resurrection of Christ - And many individual talks on different subject on Christ, the Church, and Christian and practical living. Grow in your own spiritual life and obtain to know the life and teachings of Jesus Christ from the lad loved and admired by recipients of all Christian and non-Christian religions for his commanding and sincere preaching via radio and media. He died in 1979, and he is in the process of becoming a canonized saint of the Catholic Church. This is an nice collection you don't wish to be without. HOW IT WORKS Download the release for nonpaid and sample some of the talks. Upgrade to t ... Show more
Genre: Books & Reference Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 2MB Developer: Catholic Vault LLC [email protected]
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Fulton Sheen Complete Audio Catholic Sermons Reviews and Comments:

Nice church teaching long lost since v2
~ Mike B
I would claim that this release is simply nice.All the talks are very knowledgeable.Very glad with the newest ver.Thank you
~ Maddy Kaushik
Oh, and while your at it, give all these recipients a refund for charging them twice.
~ Abraham Rocha
I've been double charged once already. Google took care of it and I received a refund. And actually it wants me to buy it again? No. I payed for it already.
~ Clifton Wolfe
Bishop Sheen is nice but this release is not. So far I have not made it through talk without it freezing. Most of this material is available on Test Sound for nonpaid with a subscription.
~ Chris H
Listened to one meditation on the idea home. Crystal clear, as usual, in his content and delivery. Helped me a lot in preparing for my next talk! It did freeze on me at one target, but when I got home I reloaded and it worked fine for the rest of the time. Thanks for the compilation!
~ Evelyn Chew
~ William Contreras
Worth the dollars for the upgrade
~ Theresa Fitzpatrick
Really enjoyed Fulton Sheen
~ A Google user
God blessing to us all... Is his contribution to us all for our Spiritual needs...
~ Millicent Dmello
There needs to be more apps like this in the globe!
~ Eric Gilbert
Incredible. Sheen is the finest.
~ C.H. Pryor
Love the content but for the last several months have had troubles getting any of it to load and test.
~ Michael d'Esterre
Nice release. Venerable Fulton Sheen is timeless. And ageless. Truly a remarkable Catholic. Love it . Thank you so very much
~ serene marine
This is one of the finest collection of Bishop Sheen's available in a compact, simple to use release! Customer care addressed and resolved my trouble. Thank for everything!
~ Dj Roy
What an nice and inspirational bishop Fulton Sheen really was. He could have been Pope. His works are definitely suggested especially for university student's.
~ I Practice Psychology 24/7!
I purchased the full ver but changed devices and don't have it anymore. I imagine this release was made on a shoestring budget but that's no excuse to let this major error to remain unfixed. Few another players have had the same trouble. This is the only paid release that I have this trouble with.
~ Christopher Madden
I received an automated correspondence response when contacting the help correspondence. It indicated I required to go through the buy process again and that I would not be charged again. I instantly received a credit card charge info just after buying. Please reverse the charge and correct the behavior of the release to recognize player accounts that have previously bought the bonus content upon installation of the release.
~ Timothy Lederhos
Truly a lad for all seasons. All troubles can be solved with the wisdom contained in this release. Fulton Sheen will be a saint!
~ auri auri
After reading the another reviews, I tapped on a greyed out talk and picked the buy button and it restored my lost talks, however with the newest upgrade it freezes a couple mins into the talk.
~ Sharon Spears
Almost great! The only thing I'd request would be to have the test pause control on the lock screen for when the screen turns off. Otherwise, I love the content of this release!!
~ Joe Baumgarte
Listened to the talks and purchased full ver. After an modernization, all the talks disappeared and went back to the nonpaid ver. Sad because I love his talks and would like my paid talks back🤔 please I need support for the full ver to be restored
~ Phyllisbeto Kayode Gomez
I've had the same trouble as another players when it comes to paying for the full ver twice, but honestly I should care less--this is an nice release. I place on Bishop Sheen whenever I'm exhausted from what I'm hearing in the globe today and just need to hear a humble, holy lad speaking the truth. Can't thank you enough for this release.
~ Michael Bowden
Nice, organised collection of talks, with nice quality audio (for the time period they were recorded in). Highly suggested. Would give 5 stars for the ability to download a talk or two for offline listening, as I don't usually have access to wifi
~ Benjamin Portelli
There seems to be an trouble after my buy of the full ver. I am still unable to access all audio files even after buy. Please fix this. God Bless!
~ Daryl Lim
Though I was not born until 1962 & never heard or saw him on TV. So when Mother Angelica & her Sisters took that plunge & lived their vow's as Christ wants it to be. Also I am a Convert from the Southern Baptist Convention but was already on the way to the Roman Catholic Church. I trust I tried, or at least learned about before I answered God's call.
~ Barrie Hibdon
Paid for full ver on my device. Just purchased a device and installed it....only nonpaid ver loaded with no option but to repurchase! If I paid dollars for the full ver, it could transfer to all my devices!!!! What's going on? Very frustrated!
~ Ken Kean
I paid for the full ver and I love listening to the talks but after changing to a newest handphone I couldn't access to all the talks. It is only the nonpaid ver. Pls support! I wish back the full ver. Catholic Vault replied that to upgrade to the full ver I won't be charged if I have already paid for it. Well, I did and Google Test charged me $11.56. Checking my order history it showed I bought this twice. I wish a refund.
~ clara lee
I purchased it once and actually I'm being asked to buy it again!
~ John Baines
~ George Chavez
~ Raj Cooper
Archbishop Sheen is an oasis of clarity and beauty when he teaches the faith. Venerable Fulton Sheen, pray for us.
~ Samuel Popiel
nothing loads up
~ A Google user
love his talks. deepens the love for Christ
~ Joyce R
I love to read Fulton J Sheen ebooks . Thanx .
~ Joseph Sequiera
unbelievable in each idea
~ Andrew Quinnan
This lad was WAY ahead of his time.
~ Mark Robinson
It's a very nice release... My only gripe is that I want it should remember where you left off if you have to stop in the middle of one
~ Louis J. Senn
this ver 4.3 everything works on this modernization.
~ bRiAn Villanueva
It's a superb collection of the soulful and loving talks given by Venerable Bishop Fulton Sheen. Even as a young lad (21), I search myself closer to Christ after hearing the words of the Bishop.
~ James Tracy