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About: Check your EBT Balance right from the release. See your SNAP card, dollars (TANF), ebtEDGE balance and meal stamps transaction history right from the release! Newest EBT brings your EBT card into the 21st century. Join over a million recipients from across the country and download Newest EBT today. Featured on Forbes: This startup supports meal stamp recipients create their ebt benefits last #11e3f1817e8d INSTANT, FREE, AVAILABLE IN YOUR STATE Newest EBT is available in each US state and zone! Newest EBT actually helps WIC EBT benefits for residents of Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Vermont, and West Virginia. SAVE ON GROCERIES with the newest CLIP COUPONS information NEW: Clip coupons direct to your grocery shop loyalty card to save dollars when you market! Receive a info when your next deposit is expected. Search shops that approve ... Show more
Genre: Finance Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 11MB Developer: Propel Inc
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Fresh EBT - Food Stamp Balance Reviews and Comments:

its a nice release. very needed i can place my grocery list on here and figure out how much im spending before go to the shop. it also has couoons that are available as well. only trouble i found is its slow to modernization on how much you spent already before going to other shop.
~ Lisa Thomas
I love this release! It's so useful to be able to look up my balances and which territories I've used my benefits! I usually feel better when I can double check the remaining balance before checking out. No more embarrassing cases due to having less than I remembered!
~ Emily Sornson
I absolutely 🖤 this release. I use it often for a several different purposes. Gives stats advising your weekly $ amount to spend to last the entire month. I also have opportunity to see balance available, newest or past transactions, coupons available for shops I market, & I loved the explanation of what is going on with tool & gave avenues to inquire if questions!!! I'm sure I'm forgetting something else I appreciate about this release. Thank 👍 you for this release.
~ A Google user
So, I just downloaded the release. I opened it & went directly to the page with shop listings. Not one of the shops listed is in the state in which I live! I go to view coupons. Very disappointing. Selection is minimal. Not comprehensive at all. So, I check out the recipes section. Disappointing is an understatement. A recommendation or two? Add a vegan (no meat, eggs, dairy) option & more than a several vegan recipes. Also, it would be useful if shop circulars for all major grocery shops, in each state, were available on the release, so a cost-effective shopping list is simpler to achieve. Create those changes and it will go a long idea in creating an release that is both realistic and enjoyable to use.
~ Heather Stimmel
release sucks!! Im uninstalling it today after this review. The ONLY thing you can do with the release IS check your balance. It doesnt give you the chance to see what your spending is or what deposits you have because all this release does is ruin ALL the time. Never again will i use this or suggest it to anyone else.
~ Latara Hamilton
Its simple access usually giving you upgrades. Nice coupons and nice deals on another things outside of meal etc.! Just hate when you cant access the web! As far as recipients not getting their cards from here going in the office is the finest idea. Being a vegan you are not going to search recipes on here vegans are not consider of a healthy choice u have to take vitamins with being a vegan. my babe use to be than she pass out.
~ A Google user
It eliminates the need to call the number to check balance. Just click the release and your balance is right there in 2 seconds. I love how it supports you save and present you each transaction, wherever youve shopped & manage your budget with lists & coupons to support you save. Job find & recipes!. I ENCOURAGE & suggest EVERYONE to download it NOW!
~ Charles McNeil IV
Like the Soft very much, just launch it up and takes about 30 seconds to modernization from last time you closed the release. after 30 to 45 seconds theres your balance, simple to use see your newest deposits , transactions , really simple to use even for me and im not really a pc and device guru ... nice job on the release. very smooth interface....
~ Johnny James
the release is cool but hate that i have to modernization the password regularly and cannot use any old passwords and the passwords gotta include at least one of each kind of hero. too many unnecessary steps for the strict password use. another than that the release is nice and needed. would like to see some changes in the passowrd regulations.
~ freddie pugh
Nice release! It's great to just tap an icon and obtain your stats instead of calling. My balance is usually actual. It upgrades instantly after I use my card. Extra stats is useful. I sent an correspondence to the release contact and received a return correspondence and answers in hours so they're definitely on top of things.
~ A Google user
Very useful release. Speedy upgrades on Balance. Great Job with making the apps for us.
~ Ashley Carter
Nice release! Using the shopping list I know exactly how much I am spending before I obtain to the register to check out. I would often forget where I was at when adding it up in my head just to search out at checkout that I over spent on groceries. It has helped me stick to my meal budget. Plus, I love the conveinence of checking my balance.
~ MaeFlower Bloom
This release is nice, I love not having to call each time to check my balance, it's really great. The only thing is, I want the release showed your transaction history. Or the last zone you used your card and how much. I know that's what receipts are for but I lose mine a lot because of my babes. Just a recommendation, over all it's a nice release!
~ raelynn hernandez
slow, and doesn't refresh as required, I have to uninstall and reinstall to obtain my actual balance, and that's after signing out and in multiple times thinking its going to modernization balance. I tried the WIC, for some reason after signing out, it will not allow me sign in again, it hold showing meal benefits instead of WIC and I have 2 different accounts. it seems like it should be an nice release if it worked correctly and speedy.
~ Jessica Maddox
I love it, but in the last 2 days, I cant modernization any stats on the W.I.C. half of the release and keeps claiming me me, even after i fixed it, that my password has expired. It's really frustrating too. Second time something has gone wrong with this release. Edit: The feed back from Propel Inc is nice. Very customer friendly when it comes to reporting troubles with the release. still giving 5 stars and loving the release!
~ Enoch the Strange
I'm 2 weeks into this. this release is not working.. the number it gives to call does NOT support, no live anything! FIX THIS APP! since the last modernization a couple days ago the release does not work and will not let me to change my password, claiming the answers to the safety questions are wrong. I know where I was born and my mother's maiden name thank you.
~ Connie Siever
this release sucks. all it claims is oh your balance was modernized 14 days ago, and how much i obtain a month. it does not present me my actual balance, nomatter how many times i test to refresh. claims my previous purchases from before. just got an modernization for the tool, and it still doesnt work. everybody else gets replies back from the release owner, i wish my respond for my trouble too. and yes, i tried clearing release time from my device and uninstalling and reinstalling the release as well.
~ Al Taylor
I can't even log in to this. I created my profile, and actually when I test to log into it it claimed my username and password was wrong. I tried to restart my password, actually it's claiming me my birth castle. I assure you I know my birth castle. The device number that it Claims you to call, cannot support you. It's just a prompt guided number to obtain your meal stamp balance. There's no idea to talk to anyone to fix the trouble. I tried resetting the whole portal, it's still claiming me my birth castle is incorrect.
~ B. Kennedy
Unable to log in to profile. Answered safety questions and message states they are incorrect. I'm cute sure I know what castle I was born. Maybe the release knows something I don't 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️. Would love a better fix to the troubles that have been brought to attention, Thanks.👍🏾
~ Kaye Hudson
It is nice to have a One-Tap icon to quickly display my available total. Gone are the days of having it declined due to the amount exceeding whats available. All I do is check it before I obtain to the check out. I hated waiting for the clerk to look it up while customers behind me had to wait. It was usually so embarrassing. No more feeling ashamed. Thanks Newest EBT😁😀
~ Michelle Shannon
(Michigan) This release has made it so much easier to manage my EBT benefits. I'm so grateful to be able to have an all in one release for my balance and grocery lists. It's WAY easier to navigate than the Connect EBT blog! Including job postings and another dollars saving, weak-cost, or nonpaid resources for weak income recipients within the release is incredibly thoughtful.
~ Jamie Lee
Wow! This release is truly nice!. I installed it early this morning and went meal shopping. It modernized quickly, plus the earn tab were u can look for work is wonderful!. It find more than one web and found jobs I didn't know were available in the small zone I live. I found a bunch of jobs I may be able to apply to. It's very hard for me. I have a severe disabled babe and can only work overnight, which is ok because I'm a night owl from years of being up with him. Really nice release! ☺
~ Mad_714
recent Ebt is a nice release it supports hold track of how much you spend and simple to use I love this release.
~ uriah templeton
its lots of support, nice stats, but ned to place a four digit PIN to launch stats!!!!!!!
~ James Manning
I love this release but when something happens to your old card and you obtain a replacement. you have to delete release and do everything over again.
~ Melissa Greenhill
i love the grocery list in release for helpfulness. The recommended budget isnt close though to my dietary needs. perhaps it can be modified for pricibg allergy-nonpaid foods monthly cost according to family size.
~ Tiffany Tramutolo
I like that it has a weekly budget to support you create the dollars last all month. I've not had any troubles with this app. Thank you and hold up nice work!
~ Theresa Dowdy
It's the finest. It keeps me modernized. I don't have to hold calling to check the balance on my card. It has recommendations for many different things that are useful.
~ Brett Middlebrooks
i love this release its really great, upgrades speedy, Claims you were you market most, i dont really use the coupon part of it, but i love it for.speedy look up at totals and tricks.
~ Liv D
the job sarch function of very inventive. who ever thought of that is a genius.it would be great for the release to list when ur next deposit is scheduled for, or even just the chart thst has the last two of the social and the deposit date
~ Jessica Calvert
very cool release, the meal kits are a nice concept. I would be nice if we should pick equipment from the menu to build our own box
~ Marcella Williams
I think the release is convient it shows all the territories that approve EBT also has a budget plan as an option. There's even a job find posting within the release, this has a lot to offer savings planning, and moving forward softwares. Download the release if not pleased just,go back too dailing toll nonpaid customer service number and test to also remember card number.
~ James Buckley
This works perfectly fine in my state (Tennessee). I take 1 star off however because it's very irritating that you are FORCED to change your password each several months (I think it is). Also, the frustration if you forget your password, you have to go obtain your card and place the numbers in AND you can't use any passwords that you have used before. This easily turns into a cruel repeating cycle when using that kind of (policies) when you forget that password TOO since it's not in your memory.😱
~ Tony Wilford
***READ*** having to go W/o tonight because the modernization that they released today will not reach Virginia's portal. Worked asst gas station to obtain drinks went to Meal castle and actually it claims error each timei test to use it. You test and better yourself, working 6 of 7days & trying to create it out of the ghetto and then the Goverment will do everything they can to knock you back down and if my babes go to school and talk about this CPS will test to obtain involved. I cant wait till i can TRASH this card!
~ Jakston's Adventures
this release is stupid. it takes longer to load your balance then now calling your card balance. I wanted it to be able to see my transactions like it claims u can but there is no transactions on this release. it b.s
~ Alyssa Willis
so simple to use. much faster than getting on to Arizonas EBT blog to check the balance of my card. i also like being able to place un what you are buying and ut Claims you what you have left to spend. GREAT APP 👍
~ Steven Price
I don't know how to do anything but check my meal stamp ballance I did test some of the another like coupons market online but I didn't understand completely how to use it but there's not enough coupons on the meal stamp part there is a entire bunch on equipment you have to pay dollars for which is fine saves a tiny on the dollars but I'd like to claim a tiny on the meal stamps as well but all in all it is a nice very nice apps I would go as far as claim it's almost awesome
~ lyndal duncan
I'm uninstalling since I can't even use this release anymore due to changing my pin number. I emailed the developer, but they just claimed that it has nothing to do with them and it had to do with a blog. No, its the release. I used to be able to check my balance and actually I can't anymore. Won't reinstall this release unless the trouble gets fixed.
~ Crystal Fowler
More Than Just An Soft: At 1st I thought it would be a speedy and convenient idea to hold tab on my balance, which it is. But once you search what the release can do. It acts as a personal assistant. Finding me savings, discounts even employment. It's all at my finger tricks. It also hold me in the loop of what's going on in my community. Must Love This Soft!
~ Tracie Incomplete Mathis
Can no longer log into my profile. It's no trouble with my username or password. The release isn't responding to login button. Uninstalling until y'all fix whatever is wrong with Virginia's portal. Also, disappointed that the shopping list information was removed.
~ Nikki Cole