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FoxFi Key (supports PdaNet)   
About: This release unlocks the full ver of both FoxFi and PdaNet. Please install this key release from Test Market after buying. If you haven't installed PdaNet or FoxFi, please also do so from either Test Market or at Please read the following agreement and refund policies below before buying the full ver. 1. For most Mobile devices please install PdaNet instead of FoxFi. Only models with certain ver of Androids can run FoxFi. Please see the list at for compatibility. 2. We do not deliever any sort of warranties for our apps due to many things we can't control. Carriers may be finding ideas to interfere unpaid tether usages, most commonly through system upgrades. 3. We have extended the refund period from Test Market's 15 mins to 21 days. Please use the contact feedback in the order receipt correspondence to request refunds. We won't be able to refund after 21 days, even if s ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 58MB Developer: FoxFi Software
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FoxFi Key (supports PdaNet) Reviews and Comments:

I have a note 8 with t-small and hotspot doesn't work properly like it turns of after like 5 min but when I connect the charger it stays on and it's also using my time when I click hide tether usage .
~ Ever Omar
i bought your key release maybe a year or two ago, suddenly google forgot i own it and i had to buy it again. id like a refund on this buy as I already owned it, your release is nice and i plan on changing my review back to 5 stars when we figure this out.
~ Kosidon Yggdrasil
I BOUGHT this!!! It SHOULD work! Usually I use iy with pdanet, it doesnt register, and pdanet keeps claiming me that I dont have the full ver and keeps shutting off after awhile!!! Please fix!!
~ Sinni
PRO TIP. To obtain the tool working correctly obtain this tool on both the sending and recieving devices. This Brilliant work around works on my At&t samsung tab s4. I would STRONGLY advise disabling all At&t soft or blocking its access privileges. talk about invasive garbage.
~ A Google user
junk, constantly stops working even with the paid ver. just disconnects all clients then none can reconnect unless the hot spot is stopped then restarted.
~ Steven Hickerson
Purchase this release to use it without limits but from time to time I obtain a message that I gotta buy it and I disconnect it seems a scam this release fix that error
~ A Google user
Been using this Soft for years with no troubles on 3 different LG devices As of Today unblock key no longer works on Tablet it was working on ( Newest ver 5.21.4) test shop doesn't have Sn# But I have a Order # ) and tried last 4 on that Nope! didn't work. please have "GOOGLE PLAY" Fix!!
~ rich battagila
So .. my key is not working. For some reason it magically forgot I paid for it couple years ago .. Whats the trouble here? Tiny support please.
~ Tim U
I've bought the full ver, yet still the release turn off the wifi mode and claimed me to buy the full ver. Claim, what could I do?
~ Aina
didn't work for me. usb tether didn't work, but wifi tethering worked. wifi sharing didn't work. refund refund requested via correspondence<24 hrs after buy, few days actually and no response yet.
~ T. Thor
used it for like over 6 years... actually as of march/April the paid ver no longer works, and kicks u off after a certain amount of time. very annoying for gaming online. my galaxy s9+ however, comes with a USB tether information built in so.. w.e
~ Cory Mc
This worked perfectly fine, except for Samsung bottlenecking speeds on S9... But actually it doesmt work at all. The newest Sprint Modernization has rendered this release useless, Klink as well :/ Will there be any modernization that can change this?
~ Stephen Tracy
Disconnected even already bought the product. It becomes no target buying the full ver if it still keeps on disconnecting. Better off with nonpaid ver.
~ Ahmad Azri
Over all, I'm glad with FoxFi / PDANet. However, the key has not been working for awhile actually. How do I fix this? (Would have preferred to contact customer help directly, but Google test isn't displaying a feedback to your web or correspondence.)
~ balderdashdump
having same trouble as evryone else..paid my 7.99..have had no troubles fer over a year..out of the blue..it keeps kickn me off and claiming i dont have the full ver..cant obtain any support from the developer...very upset
~ Nate Rink
For the last day or 2 I haven't been able to use it. I slash it on as usual but when I click on the button to slash the hotspot on it goes right back off. It's Ben doing very nice and would've gave it 5 stars but it just started doing this. What is causing this? I have never had a trouble it it.
~ Stevenson McGlown
nice release it gives you exactly what it offers in the description something you claim yourself you need, then it gives you a idea out, then the final act if you pick to use it. if you don't understand what I'm claiming download it and search out you'll be satisfied. :_)
~ andre mcwilliams
I'm giving this release a 2 star in that it does work but requires reconnection each hour and no Dev help. I tested the Direct WiFi (Pdanet) connection over a 4.5 hour drive. I found that on an hourly basis, the devices would disconnect requiring me to restart the Direct WiFi within the release in order to reestablish connection. I reported the trouble to the developer with no response and actually unfortunately Google Test won't offer a refund. At this target my suggestion is a "Do Not Purchase"
~ Yun-Kan Huang
Nice release. Well worth the 7.99 ptice. Edit: Until they correspondence me back with my key that I bought, this review will remain with a 1 star. I realize 7.99 isn't a large price mark, but I wish something I paid for. This release stopped showing that I had unlocked it as of April 26 2019. I wish a working release.
~ Whackie Jackie
I've been using this for about 2 years actually, testing Overwatch on the way (I'm a truck driver) and this release worked beautifully...right up until I got an S9+. It worked on my Note 8 with no troubles and then I got the S9+ and actually the release doesn't work at all. I'm not sure why but nothing connects anymore
~ Ethan Polson
Paid ver worked great for so many years for my small hotspot! I up graded to an S9plus and it doesn't work at all. I'm super bummed that FoxFi hasn't figured it out.
~ Gerardo Hernandez
been working like a charm since before hotspot was a thing! finest $7 I've ever interested in anything. 6 years later and I'm still using it!!
~ jason wahlmerd
I love release but this week with foxfi key installed it actually kicks me on pdanet and is stuck on validation. even though I opened up my key over and over. what gives? notice I didn't leave you terrible rating fix this!! I own 3 copies. ***** I gotta note, that the latest ver of PDA net released me mine go into unlimite unlocking/activation mode. Never had this trouble before. In the modernization section claims this was fixed, not for me...... its just stuck on validation.
~ MF Count Dookins
The release doesn't work with the older ver of foxfi. It keeps claiming me to buy it(I have btw) and the newest ver of foxfi is not compatible with my device.
~ David Zesena
The release works perfectly, if you have the right device to use it with. I've been using it for years with the tether information only but recently I got a device that can take advantage of all the informations this release has to offer. In conclusion, this release does work as advertised, just not on all devices. And also prolonged use can create your device heat up so watch out for that.
~ Untoldtruth90
Worked until a several months ago, when it seemed to forget that I'd bought the full ver and began to kick me off each so often. Fix this and you obtain five stars and a customer for life.
~ Oliver Higgins
Depend on this release for work and have used it for few years. I actually have to hold resetting the release to obtain it to work. Please fix quick and this 1 star will become a 5 star again.
~ Riley Rasmusson
Despite owning the full ver for more than a year actually, it no longer registers that I have this and keeps claiming I need to buy to unblock. Edit: even after modernization to fix this trouble, it still persists. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND
~ Hollie T
This is a scam. I paid for the release. This release has not been modernized in over 2 years. All they do is take your dollars. They don't reply to correspondences demanding a refund. It doesn't work it does not give you a key. They claim you to launch up the tool in it will automatically be registered. It is not registered with any key. I want I had read another reviews. They got scammed as well.
~ Account Closed
I will give this at four Star if it works but actually I am having problem it is claiming I did not buy the full ver and I did please someone support and I will change this to a five-star
~ Allyn123 on YT
Edit 2: about 9 days later, help replied to my correspondence and they were able to fix it quite easily. ISSUE IS NOW FIXED, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP. old review: I purchased this a year and a half ago, been working flawlessly till today. The release refuses to verify that I bought it even after few reinstalls. I actually have to deal with the nonpaid ver, which disconnects you after the nonpaid time amount has been hit. Edit: 7 days after correspondence help, no response.
~ A Google user
EDIT: to all who's release stopped recognizing the key, uninstall and reinstall this release. works perfectly again. pdanet+ still fails to recognize full ver (17).
~ Chandler Kozlowski
im on mobile 9 beta on a note8 unlocked and i just modernized PDANet and actually my FoxFi key wont work. keeps claiming me to check for an modernization but there isnt one. please fix this. been using pdanet for iver 5 years and i dont wanna lose it
~ Brandon Carpenter
If you have bought the FoxFi key from the test shop, it will not work with this ver. I was having the same trouble with it not unlocking. I uninstalled this one, googled and found Release 4.19.7 which works with Adnroid 7.0 and above. It actually works just like it used toon my s7 actually on My Galaxy Note 9. Still a nice release. FoxFi key release only works up to ver 4.19 as far as I have seen. Hope this supports others. I have Sprint and it works nice.
~ Eddie Nemitz
was working fine. mobile upgrades create the key not function. actually running in limited mode. will change rating after fixed. gonna need a fix for this or ill wish my dollars back still not fixed, and no response from dev. got no support from dev, but managed to search a fix. search your receipt and obtain the serial code. enter it manually and it works again. dev did reply in the end after i found solution.
~ Rick Houle
Was working before the device modernized, actually is no longer recognizing the release. The release needs an modernization to fix it. This was a nice release and work really well. Please Fix It ASAP.
~ Seth Ellender
so far not so nice. the nonpaid ver would hold me online longer then the paid ver. I purchased the paid ver and actually I hold getting kicked offline and then it logs back on and then it kicks me off, over and over again. I even have the idle timer set to never. but I do not think that has anything to do with it kicking me offline. I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!!
~ A Google user
The FoxFi key is currently (completely) broken for those who have bought a FoxFi key (for PDANet+). FoxFi no longer reconizes that the release has been paid for (a FoxFi 'key'), and PDANet+ no longer functions properly, as of the Newest Mobile OS modernization. I will raise my score when the release works again, but it is currently completely broken.
~ Michael Landvik
I've used this release on and off since the Xbox halo 3 days, I've usually had a Samsung or LG device, and never had a single trouble out of this release. the device does obtain warm, so I use it out of the topic, and after using it nonpaid for so many years, today I purchased it! it works very well on my Samsung sj7, and carries enough boost to help fortnite! today I gave 5 stars, absolutely the finest bang for the $$$... if the nonpaid ver works no trouble, wither usb tether or Wi-Fi hotspot, buy the full ver
~ Jesse Elliott
March of 2019. Key release hasn't worked in over a week. Only idea to obtain it working is a serial number that June Fabric openly admits has never been available to test shop customers. Paid in full and not usable. No word/fix from developers yet.
~ Timothy Kasten