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About: Looking for a tuning calculator to use with Forza Motorsport 7 or Forza Horizon 4? You found it. ForzaTune has been trusted by Forza users since 2009. With ForzaTune 7 you obtain: + Tunes that match your car, driving preferences and track. + Help for Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 4. + Dry, drift, drag, rain and dirt/snow options to match the conditions. + Aero suggestions for every track in Forza 7. + Gearing calculator to hold your car in the power band. + Ability to quickly save, find and create changes for another tracks or build types. + Unpaid guide videos and feedback to our driver training tools. What makes a nice tune? A nice tune has to match the car, driver and track. Anything less and you're missing out. ForzaTune 7 covers all three. How does this release work? ForzaTune 7 uses a detailed physics model to make stable and speedy setups. This model, a ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 4MB Developer: FlameFront Studios
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ForzaTune 7 Reviews and Comments:

so far all tunes I create for both releases work out. no complaints. i do like the fine tune settings too
~ james hoffner
Nice in general, but still no modernization for TVR Griffith? EDIT: Modernized a several days later, changed to 5*
~ Simon Hermansson
Nice release! Gives a nice base line tune that you can now work from. I'd suggest this for any forza tuner.
~ A Google user
Love this release! But you guys need to modernization it with the newest cars added to the release...example (the quartz regalia)
~ TonyDaWop
really nice at getting a base tune for you to then create your own.. would be cool if it took advantage of the time out on forza motorsport 7 for telemetry... being able to manually edit figures and save/share options would be nice as well .. another than that nice release well worth the buy
~ Hey_Im_ ANDREW
I've been using ForzaTune ever since Motorsports 5 I think. Hands down the finest release for getting a solid base tune and learning the ins and outs of tuning on Mobile and iOS.
~ Tim Crook
Super needed, nice base tunes from A to S2 that ive tested so far, still missing a several cars though, like TVR Griffith. will modernization to 5 stars if cars are modernized.
~ George of the Jungle
Great Soft. I do want the Diff was not defaulted to the same setting on just about each car, but that is a minor gripe.
~ Sean Goade
awesome tuning release, missing newer fe chassis. the Reventon, the Aventador among others. Hopefully this gets modernized quick, especially with the newest modernization bringing in a bunch of newest cars
~ greg schriver
Well worth the dollars,if you are forza like me,this is a nice spend,newest upgrades,impressed me even more, can't imagine forza 7 or horizon 4 without this release.
~ Cameron Sharp
Was great 5 star release but actually all of my tunes have been erased, even making a newest one and saving doesn't work. Each time I go to saved tunes it's empty. I hope they pop back up some day but nearly 100 saved tunes gone will be soul crushing.
~ chris hensel
Not what I wanted. I thought this would be easy like add a several of your cars details and what you wish like drift, way, drag, Etc and boom it spits out a tune. Half of the needed information required like performance index, gear ratios, RPM for full torque, RPM for redline, drive tire size, Etc., etc, etc. some if the stars can be found in car description but very several, just the basics like weight, Power, torque, but like I claimed from videos I watched and recipients who advertised and it's not easy. 👎
~ Stan Smith
nice release, nice tunes for beginners, your off way/rally tunes need looking at from my target of view, also the gearing given for any machine with over 7 gears loses a major amount of power and barely moves off the line, but interface and ease of use is nice 👍
~ Lee Hendon
Nice tuner, though I have had some troubles with it. works well with higher class machines but I don't know if it's me or the release but it sucks that class B or below. At least for me. Gearing option seems to work well across the board.
~ Shane Griffin
Do not buy this release. The "base line" tuning recomendations are absolutley poor and will create you a worse driver. For example.... I used this release for a base line on the 2012 Porshe 911 GT3 RS at Spa. It took 15 laps before I should stay on the track post a clean lap time, after which I loaded the Forza base line tuning and on the next lap I shaved 2.670 sec. I changed the differential by a several points and shaved other 1.298 sec. This guys release and solution is a joke. He just wants your dollars.
~ Jasen Sullivan
nice release, very solid. takes away all the long hours spent tuning manually. if u have any concept of how tuning work, you can create it better. definitely would suggest.
~ jack walter
had an trouble with spring settings but it resolved its self, none of the tweeking stays so each time I create anew tune I have to launch up the tweeking and fiddle with the bars which can take about 2-5min because I have a hard time getting the slider to reply to my imput. another then that it works but the sliders not staying where I wish them adds a significant amount of time to setting the tune up, sometimes as long as getting all the machine specs for the tune.
~ LostPup
purchased the release to tune the Lamborghini Aventador FORZA EDITION, and the Aston Martin Vulcan FORZA EDITION. These cars were the only reason I got your release. neither of them are on here. I don't think ya'll understand how disappointed I am. Please modernization the Forza Edition list. Thanks for the respond, that now worked well.
~ Derik Davis
Nice release for base tunes and support with gear tunings. I've been using this release for a several months and it's not allow me down yet. Even able to post higher on stunt leader boards than a very well know YouTuber so it works well. Also modernized regulary..
~ Gary Biddick
Nice release but resets to the home page without saving the tune if you switch away for too long. just have it hold the tune launch until you pick to close it and create a newest one. very frustrating to lose your tune cause you had to take a long device call. also would be great to be able to override the ride height.
~ Allan Barcellos
this has given me the finest drift car and the a several really nice track cars. the drag cars aren't great and seem to be a small bit slower than the cars I've tuned myself but another than that its nice i kinda want that i didnt have to spend $3 but i do think its worth the dollars If you have it laying around and you wish really properly tuned cars.
~ Jesse Sturtevant
Changed my opinion. This release is poor.
~ Harry Houlker
Nice! I use this all the time & it has really helped me improve my times. You can of course use only some or all of the settings, with some of your own tuning, the Drift tunes are nice IMHO & it's definitely worth the dollars, 😎
~ Martin O'Reilly
I'm using it for Forza Horizon 4 and mainly dirt/offroad. The profiles it generates are not nice, it usually sets the ARBs at the lowest value of 1 on all cars for example. The transmission gearing is also bogus, the default settings are far better. The gearing ratios yield 1st gear useless and top end fairly weak...
~ Ryan Mitchell
This release has really helped me step up my racing skills in FH4 and FM7. Not only can I obtain any car set to my driving style but I am also learning what the settings mean and how to make my own. I give it 5 stars without hesitation. The development squad has the customer service skills to back up this release's usefulness. They really do ALL they can do to create sure the players are glad. No release is great and sometimes things happen...but FlameFront Studios will create it right and that could claim everything! Don't hesitate because there is no another Forza release that can do what this release does!!!
~ Chris Keckley
As someone who bought this nice release, I am very thankful and satisfied with it so far, however I feel that it is lacking some informations/improvements. I have listed them below and hope they will be implemented into the release either for ver 7 or a future release. Once the tune has been generated for the car we could be able to manually change the Tune Scores. In the Customize Tune section I would like to see a information added which calculates to Braking Distance. In the Tune Scores I would like to see Tunes for Stock and Homologated parts. Lastly in the Tune Scores I would like the recommended Aero Downforce to be abit more accurate instead of just putting Poor, Med or High. I would like to see figures like 200-250 on a a weak-speed corner and 500-600 for example on a High-speed corner Track.
~ Ultra-Low Muzik
i would give it a five star rating if you should tune each car they have on the release. but there are cars listed that the release claims are invalid. example, peel P50 can not tune this car because the wheel size is invalid. i cant control the tire size is 90,90,R6.... and to be able to tune for dirt drifting would be great as well considering it is a pert of horizon 4.
~ Cup Cake
it would be better if it allowed us to conect to are acounts for the releases and us to see how this would result the cars
~ Terry Walters
I've tried all these tuning apps and i hold coming back to this one as it tends to give the finest base tunes. sure once in a while it seems to miss the mark on suspension settings and transmission getting but overall it does a nice job. premium is you can use sliders to adjust the base time to your driving style or to test fixing an trouble like understeer at corner entry or exit *been to months since an modernization. numerous cars have been added since then. hope this release hasn't been abandoned
~ Chris Everett
Long overdue... This release has been extremely useful in learning what type of changes can be made to support as well as give you a nice baseline tune to work from. I had a trouble with one trouble that arose with an modernization but the dev fixed it extremely speedy and I have to take a star for the oversight but the release is rock solid stable as well as worth the cost if you wish to beat the pants off a weekly rival. (*may not be real)
~ Nomadic Treehugger
Useless. Can't upgrade cars in most online classes. Developer doesn't respond correspondences at all. A waste of dollars.
~ Roger Hinkler
i am absolutely certain that this release has improved my FH4 effects to such an extent, I am actually almost a tiny bit pretty to the opposite sex!
~ Matt Sacca
dosnt work. Tried it on 2 of my cars, lost a second on one of them and half a second on the another. The stock tune was better.
~ Christmas Critters
This release works nice for me, and usually gives me a nice base tune for different track conditions.
~ Byron Gerlach
Improved all of my cars. Does in 10 mins what would take me hours to obtain right. Only feedback is we need the lego cars actually but matching the cars to the true life counterparts works for actually. #FH4
~ Michael Beck
This release is cute nice overall for throwing together a speedy base tune. Would suggest for recipients newest to the release or recipients who just don't wanna tune. My displayed rating is 5 stars but I'd claim 4.5 is more accurate because the release still can't approve decimal inputs on the top speed and 0-100 inputs which means I have to go into other release, kind in the number with a decimal, and copy it into ForzaTune. Up from 4 stars though since all the series 8 and series 9 cars from FH4 were added.
~ Justin Booth
This release consistently delivers an nice base tune that takes very tiny, sometimes none at all, tweaking to compliment my driving style. I would suggest this to anyone having problem getting the hang of tuning, because it has the potential to teach anyone more than they already know.
~ Joel Frederick
I like this release. it doesn't obtain the cars exactly how I wish but does an nice job at setting a base tune that I can just finely tweak till i obtain the desired effects. one recommendation though, maybe aswell as having the way, offload and snow/dirt options, maybe do an option for pr stunts so one for jumps, one for speed traps and one for speed zones. that would be nice.
~ Jason Baxter
Nice release, lets me quickly tune cars and tweak the perfectly to my liking. I've been able to obtain tune some very competitive cars with tiny effort, needed for those who just wish to race. The ability to save machine tunes and modify them later is very needed. The ability to customize the release's UI size would be welcome.
~ Jackson Vandewouw
not for recipients who can tune. lost time using this release. decided to test a several dif cars see how it fairs. I think if you don't have a clue then yeah nice go to release. But if you know, don't bother. camber, tire pressure seems a bit off. As does the springs.... been feeling lazy so decided to test it. lol. Guess I will just have to take time to tune my idea. nice release though. clear and simple to use. just not for me.
~ trev brown