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About: Staying focused with the cutest gamified pomodoro timer. Over 300,000 true trees were planted on World by our players. More than 1 million pleased paying players. If you wish to temporarily place down your device and focus on whats more important in true life, you can plant a seed in Forest. As time goes by, this seed will gradually grow into a tree. However, if you cannot resist the temptation of using your device and leave the release, your tree will wither. The sense of achievement and responsibility will encourage you to stay away from your device, and will support you create better use of your time. Stop getting distracted by your device, create you self-motivated and obtain more things done. Stay focused. Be present! FEATURES: A interesting idea to support you beat device addiction and overcome distraction Encourage you to stay focused. Reduce procrasti ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 58MB Developer: forestapp.cc
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Forest: Stay focused Reviews and Comments:

I really like this release, but when I am planting a tree it still lets me go on apps that were already installed on my device when i got it, like YouTube, Google, Calander, Calculator etc. Please create an modernization when this doesn't happen
~ Charlotte Philpotts
Y'all could hire me. I have about 5 different concepts that would create your release better and definitely increase your popularity 1. Change it so we can plant any bush or tree for any length of time 2. Change the graphics to contain much larger trees (imagine almost 3D like) instead of just planting 4 trees for 120 mins, one very gigantic tree 3. Give players the ability to arrange their forest however they wish I have more concepts, but I am out of characters. If you wish to hear more, send me an correspondence(:
~ Sarah Swanson
Information Request: Needs to add early completion button when we finish our task before time runs out. I had to sit through the remaining 7 mins before my tree grows which doesnt seem like a lot, but it was annoying.
~ Purilarp Daoaroonkiet
I regret buying the super player. Because you have to buy again next time you switch device to a newest one. Absolutely a scam. Since the time is in the cloud, how in the globe that they claim they can't transfer virtual time. What a joke.
~ John Healty Christian
Brilliant release for long term targets but has a several troubles. Some needed release for study mode (like Google classrom) are blocked while things like youtube are still usable. Unless there's a fix to this, i can only see one use for this; practicing patience besides that it's alright instagram
~ Solar Apocalypse
Great release. Customer friendly and has a nice design. Trees you gain by being focused are mildly rewarding - just the right balance to hold you focused more. Additional is at a very affordable price as well, and worth helping imo.
~ Benjamin Lim
Because I use Google classroom on my device to do revision, I can't use this release. Would be great if you should still hold your tree growing while using productive apps like classroom. Another than that an nice release that has really helped me stay focused!
~ Oliver Faulkner
I like the concept of this release, but for me personally there is one large flaw. I can just hit the home button on my device to minimize the release and there are no consequences. Ironically, my tree just completed growing while writing this review.
~ Michael Mallory
this release allows me to access twitter, YouTube and also browse. it doesn't block all apps and browser...this is not useful. also, it's not clear what do i do with all the trees that grow and the points i collect? uninstalling the release.
~ Susmitha Reddy
Love this release, highly suggest... Not only does it support me with timing and productivity, it also puts me in a nice mood. Love the apps layout and is simple to use.
~ Emily Benford
brilliant release that really supports with device addiction. i love that it supports the enviroment too. the forest that you can grow is really cool. i had a trouble when the tree wouldnt grow and claimed the editor who fixed it really quickly. highly reccomended release. whoop whoop. 😃
~ blythe langdon
An effective idea to reduce your device addiction. You can unblock all equipment by subscribing a Additional profile. The amount of fees per item is appropriate for powerful currency players, but not for low currency players - a tiny bit expensive than normal.
~ Kyaw Hsu Thway
A easy, simple to use, fun and effective release. Whenever I use this my productivity lvl rises above normal and I obtain so much done. Suggest to anyone who procrastinates or unnecessarily makes their tasks lengthier by using their device all the time.
~ Anusheah Ejaz
I am a fan of the pomodoro technique as a entire. It supports me somehow that with this release I don't just focus for myself but also for a tiny plant, I don't have the heart to slay. They call it"giving up " instead of just" to cancel ". Effective :)
~ AJ Sp
great apo.. but i'm really frustrated of the banners between every focusing time and the price of the trees and bushes that increases with hundred piece of gold after every time i purchased a tree or bush!! firstly 600 piece of gold to by a plant.. i purchased a tree.. 700 pieces to buy a plant.. i purchased a bush.. 800 pieces to buy a damn plant.. then actually i collected 786 and gained 18 piece then they been recounted to be 741!!! really!!
~ Aya Haggag
nice release and really forces me to stay present. I'll set it for thirty mins because logically I could be able to do thirty tiny mins. within five I catch myself checking my device but haha! Can't do anything without killing a tree and I'm a perfectionist so no can do. Brilliant.
~ Sierra Valois
this release supports me a lot focusing and preparing for my exams. the design is really great and the tree way is very motivational and beautiful. i purchased a super ver (which is cheap!) and i'm not disappointed. large thanks to the developers for doing such a nice job!
Sooooooo Nice!!!! The idea of this release is fully nice...Along with that, there are plenty of another "informations" which motivates us to sit and do our work.... Definitely l'll suggest!!
~ Niraj Kushwaha
I used this release two years ago and had the paid ver of it. While I redownloaded it recently and tried to log in to my profile it hold asking me for something named "单号". What does that even mean??? The "Contact us" button never worked, the "what is it" button was directed to your blog. Edit: Thanks for the respond, reinstall it and trouble was solved, not sure what went wrong the first time...
~ Hayley Yiu
Forest is nice for improving focus, decreasing distractions, and also tracking time now worked. The different trees and flowers are really beautiful and motivate me to work and hold using the release, and I search it really needed for tracking how much time I spend doing concentrated work.
~ Philippa Stazicker
Nice release! Really supports me focus and it's great to grow the trees. :) :) :) :) Only I can't search where to grow true trees; or is it only super? [If so I think that shouldn't be the topic because there are some recipients who can't obtain the super but would still like to plant a tree.] :)
~ C Chan
Really supports me obtain work done more efficiently. I don't like how the same ads come up after each focus period. I also don't like how some of the sounds are on a short time loop. The café in Paris sounds obtain very distracting as you're waiting for a specific sound each time it loops back round again.
~ Sam Hammond
This one of the finest apps I've ever used for focusing and I actually have an virtuel forest which makes me unbelievably glad. I guess the only trouble is not adjusting apps to my want. I got same educational apps I have to use while I'm studying but the release just tries to slay my tree and it's disturbing. Then again another than that, smooth release.
i am going to uninstall this release..because my largest addiction is youtube and this release lets me to use that!!! It is of no use to me!!! The idea of forest is to stop letting to use the device and concentrate on your work...but still i use youtube and another inbuit aps available on the device and obtain distracted..Forest u need to work on this!
~ Shristi mishra
This release has helped me so much with focusing and now getting work done. I used it during exam time and it helped me alot. I think you need to work on a several things though: I am able to use youtube which is a trouble because I am addicted to it. I am able to use my song release which is fine for me because i can't study without song, but it should be a trouble for another recipients.
~ Kristin McLean
love this release! it helped me through my senior English class and more. I've been having an trouble with the countdown on my lock screen freezing & being inaccurate, but I've never had any another troubles/bugs!
~ Tyler M
I really like this release but it does one thing that has me on the brink of uninstalling. When I complete a set amount of work time, this release makes my device vibrate aggressively. Seeing as this happens when I am in a focused state, it can be very jarring. Ive changed everything i can in the settings and nothing makes it stop vibrating.
~ Felipe Andrade
I goddamn love this release, being able to log my time for different activites and tasks really supports with my time management, and promotes me to obtain those numbers higher (especially for studying). The group tree information is nice for keeping yourself and a group of recipients off of their devices for the duration of a lecture or guide session, and its usually great to be able to share your unlocked trees with another recipients. Want there were more trees to unblock!
~ Anna Mason
I adore this release and it's been my tiny helper for a long time actually! it really support me hold away from my device when I lose the will to study any more. The only thing I would like is that if it was possible to still plant the cake-pieces from the 5 year anniversary meeting! I thought it was so much fun, especially when you used the giftbox and wouldn't know which piece you'd obtain.
~ Elisabet Benson
The Forest release is absolutely wonderful. I have been hoping to become less dependant on frequently checking my device - procrastinating and whatnot. Allowing you to grow virtual trees (which have neat designs!) is a unbelievable intentive to stay off one's device. Forest makes it fun to be productive, almost like it's a release. Thank you for developing this release, it has helped me immensely.
~ Matt M
Clear to use. Supports with many things such as social media addiction, procrastination and all another distractions coming from the device when ficus is required. Adorable tons of trees to unblock and gives a sense of achievement collecting coins to unblock newest trees.
~ Jez
I absolutely adore it! It supports me to focus and certainly to not launch my device, I feel too guilty when killing a tree. Not 5 stars because I'd like to buy more trees and it's interesting the price goes up, but maybe run at 300 coins then? Also, you obtain less coins for a bush (20 min focus), why does it cost the same as a tree?
~ Saiko Jiyuu
This release has helped me hold focus in my work greatly, I highly suggest it if you're a student that is constantly checking your device, you'll probably hold doing it, but if you have this on, there will be not much to look at! Also the fact that they support with reforestation is wonderful, nice luck focusing! Although, there is one thing I wish to ask of the devs, please add more sounds and test to create them higher quality! Its very simple for me to hear the loop of the track.
~ Shantrek
This is a nice release, though, it has a prodigious flaw. I remembered the old ver, which confines the players to the release itself; however, the newest ver allows me to leave the release and even use system apps like Google ,Youtube, Camera, Gallery and so on. If this can be fixed , it surely will be one of the most benefitial apps in the globe. Once it is fixed, I will rate it with five stars.
~ 黃研綸黃研綸
I rarely write a review on an release, but this topic is exceptional. Nice idea, nice performance, fair price (only 2$). If to be more critical, this release supports you to exchange one or few addictions to one. Fair enough, if it makes one not to drown in releases and social media. But the "ASMR" information was the finest of all, it works even when the release is in the background. I'd really like to see more background song added. The release won't allow me blacklist YouTube though, but it needs it. lol
~ AlivePineapple
It is visually appealing and it gets me focused so that I dont slay my tree. Because I need to accumulate 2500 coins to plant 1 true tree, and with each finished tree in the release I obtain a several coins towards that. Works wonders for me. I like it. 😊
~ Helena Rós Gilbert
it is so needed!!! i obtain to focus more on my studies without worrying or getting distracted by ny device. it also feels very rewarding to look at how many trees I got to plant by the end of the week! 💓thank u for creating this nice release!
~ Garima Grg
Nice release, nice motivation to work! However I have two recommendations: It would be nice if on the details screen we should see the amount of time spent on every task as well as the % of time spent (I'm talking about in the pie chart for everyday, weekly and monthly details); and it would be nice if there was a landscape mode too. hold up the nice work!
~ Camus Albert
nice release!! it is easy and simple to use, and it simply does it's purpose; manages to obtain me to stop using my device while I'm working! there is a super ver which i don't obtain, so I appreciate i am not experiencing the release's full potential, but I would like to add that I'm so thankful the company is not constantly trying to force me to spend dollars on super and simply allowing me to use the release. honestly this is the only release I use each day without fail. I would 100% suggest to anyone!!
~ lidimar
Lovely release which I use each day. I like how the trees can't be bought directly but have to be earned instead. I really love how genuine the release is.. If i had to really find for something to improve, really all I'd wish is more trees and plants to pick from. It might be great to add animals in the future! You should "hatch" an animal like you would one of the trees.. and the more mins the older the animal gets? I think it would be beautiful haha but even without - a unbelievable release! Thank you💛
~ Esa Casayuran