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About: The nonpaid Fitbit release is designed to work with Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales. GET ACTIVE. EAT BETTER. MANAGE WEIGHT. SLEEP BETTER. - Wirelessly SYNC your Blaze, Alta, Alta HR, Charge 2, Flex 2, Surge, Charge HR, Charge, Flex, Aria, One or Zip tracker with your Mobile device. - Track your DAILY GOALS and progress over time for STEPS, DISTANCE, CALORIES BURNED and more - Use GPS to track your RUNS, WALKS & HIKES - LOG ACTIVITIES like YOGA and WORKOUTS to hold you on track - LOG FOOD to see how many CALORIES you consume every day, and manage your WEIGHT over time - COMPETE with FRIENDS with everyday or weekly CHALLENGES and compare details - ALL DAY HEART RATE TRACKING with Fitbit Surge and Charge HR Learn more about Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales at www.fitbit.com See list of supported devices at www.fitbit.com/devices
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Fitbit, Inc.
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About: Welcome to LYLA Fitness & Healthy Living App. Download the App today to plan and schedule all your classes and personal training sessions. From this mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view the studios location and contact information. You can schedule your personal training sessions as well. You will also have links to our online videos. You can also click through to our social pages! Optimize your time and maximize the convenience ...

Developer: Branded MINDBODY Apps [email protected]

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Developer: Ida9 Mueller34 [email protected]

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About: Log your Inside Out Training workouts from anywhere with the Inside Out Training workout logging app! View your completed and upcoming scheduled workouts. Track your progress and get the most out of your Inside Out Training workouts! If you enjoy the Inside Out Training app, wed really appreciate if you took a second to leave a nice review because it helps us improve and also helps get the word out. Thank you!...

Developer: exercise.com [email protected]

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Developer: Branded MINDBODY Apps [email protected]

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About: If you are considering a procedure of Cosmetic Surgery in Miami, our Plastic Surgery App is the ideal to directly reserve your free consultation and exchange directly with other clients in our own social network. By downloading the App you will have access to exclusive content including offers and discounts that can only be accessed from the application, and you can see real images before and after the procedures. The App also allows you to be aware of our publications in different social networ...

Developer: Armando Labrador [email protected]

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About: The easiest way to track and automatically calculate your Wendler 5/3/1 powerlifting routine. Please note: This app is not connected to Wendler himself, the creator of of the Wendler 5/3/1 program. This app may deviate from the program. Please purchase Wendler's excellent books to support his work. Simply input your one rep maxes once! Based off your one rep maxes your entire Wendler 5-3-1 routine will be calculated. You will not have to look at another percentage or weight chart again! Lo...

Developer: Vandersoft [email protected]

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Developer: Simple Design Ltd. [email protected]


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About: Overcoming addiction is extremely hard. With Sobriety Counter you can follow all of your bad habits and addictions and use the app as help to analyze them and beat them. Besides the counting of days, it also features a sobriety clock letting you know the exact hour when you break the habit. Use it for overcoming drug, gambling, junk food and sugar addictions. BAD HABITS TRACKER Commit to quit! Enter your bad habit or addiction in a glance. You can add the exact day of the last time you did i...

Developer: despDev [email protected]

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Developer: Pitashi Mobile Imagination [email protected]

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Developer: RevPro Wrestling [email protected]

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Developer: Branded MINDBODY Apps [email protected]

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About: Youre healthier when you know what it takes to be BrainFit! Learn what it takes to keep your brain healthy. Learn about the impact that eating healthy and regular exercise has on your brain; how they can help prevent diseases and why they should be a major part of any treatment regimen. In BrainFit, each level represents a particular disease state, starting with a sedentary lifestyle, progressing to Alzheimers Disease, and everything in between, including disorders that have a negative...

Developer: Dr. Philippe Douyon [email protected]

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About: PLEASE NOTE: YOU NEED A RAC MN VIRTUAGYM ACCOUNT TO ACCESS THIS APP. IF YOU ARE A MEMBER GET IT FOR FREE AT RACMN.COM ON THE RAC APP WEBPAGE. Use this app to Be Fit. Be Family. Be Well. Let the RAC MN app help you get the most out of your membership: Check class schedules Hours Participate in the apps social community Track your daily fitness activities (tie it to your wearable through Google Fit or Apple Health) Track your weight and other body metrics Over 200+ exercises and a...

Developer: Virtuagym Professional [email protected]

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About: The official app of IXL Health and Fitness Clubs located in Rhinebeck and Saugerties. Schedule classes, check-in, receive special promotions, as well as schedule personal training appointments. Use this app to record workouts and track progress towards fitness goals!...

Developer: Branded MINDBODY Apps [email protected]


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Developer: Club Automation, LLC [email protected]

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Developer: Branded MINDBODY Apps [email protected]

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Developer: Branded MINDBODY Apps [email protected]

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About: A personality disorder is a set of traits that negatively characterize your life. They can have different causes and many are easier to treat than others. This test will analyze your answers to recognize the presence or tendency to ten different disorders: - Paranoid - Schizoid - Schizotypal - Antisocial - Borderline - Histrionic - Narcissistic - Avoiding - Dipendent - Obsessive-Compulsive THIS TEST IS NOT A DIAGNOSTIC TOOL: its purpose is to make aware of aspects of one's personal...

Developer: ppndrd [email protected]

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About: A great symptoms tracking app is an essential tool for anyone who wants to understand symptoms causes. Correlate is a smart health journal app that allows you to track symptoms, to log activities, and to discover correlations between bad or good habits and illnesses / intolerances / allergies / moods. Keeping a daily journal (symptoms diary), you will be able to diagnose food intolerances, allergies, or bad habits that are causing you issues. It has been designed to help you manage pain, stress,...

Developer: Cosmic Pie Design [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Sweat DC  Alternatives
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About: Download the Sweat DC App today to plan and schedule your classes! From this mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view the studios location and contact information. You can also click through to our social pages! Optimize your time and maximize the convenience of signing up for classes from your device! Download this App today!...

Developer: Branded MINDBODY Apps [email protected]



Fitbit Reviews and Comments:

The newest modernization is a major downgrade. The UI is ugly and looks like it was designed years ago. It has problem finding my device actually, when before the modernization there was never a trouble. Few upgrades since have not fixed the troubles.
~ Mchl
Just got a Flex 2 4 days ago and I've had troubles with the release 3 of those days. Constant troubles with it not wanting to sync. The only idea to create it sync has been to delete the release, restart the device, and restart the fitbit. I have to do that a several times before it now syncs. Might have to go back to using my smartwatch.
~ Maxely Chiong
haven't been able to modernization via the release since last modernization and no response to others with same trouble. i have to sync via my windows laptop. mobile device and device do not work. did all the recommendations on help page on their blog and others, but no luck. posted to the help page but only replies are from others with the same trouble, emailed but no respond. loved before, disappointed actually.
~ Li La
My alta hr worked ok until the May 7, 2019 modernization. Actually it doesn't track my sleep which is one of the two main reasons I bought it. I have been correspondence the company and did everything on my end I should possibly do and then their explanation was the same explanation that was on the screen shot I sent them. Never did they claim anything that may be similar to the modernization. I could have purchased a Samsung. What a waste of dollars.
~ Colleen Evans
Why does Fitbit need so many permissions, why the need to create calls on my small, send and obtain text messages and view an terrible lot of things I'd prefer to hold personal? The newest modernization appears to have increased the number of intrusions into our personal lives. No respond from Fitbit! I may be a cynic but whenever an modernization like the newest one causes syncing troubles there is suddenly a rash of five star reviews with tiny or no relevance to the release itself.
~ Les T
Loved this release until past week when I started having recurring troubles syncing my device. I'm getting a password error message when trying to login to the release, even though the same password logs me into my online profile. I've tried force stopping, reinstalling and restarting my device. The latter two temporarily resolve the troubles, but I'm getting fed up of repeatedly doing this. Please support deliever a longer term fix.
~ Stephanie Brien
modernization from Fitbit: Appreciate the response. We’re aware of this trouble with Mobile 9 and working to identify a resolution as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience while we work to obtain you back on track, and allow us know if you have any another questions. support. I need support. I modernized and actually my samsung bluetooth can't search my Fitbit.
~ mo montgomery
Can't setup Wallet at all. I'm in Singapore and it is definitely listed as one of Fitbit Pay countries. I'm using a Versa Unique Edition so yes, it's definitely NFC enabled. Spent 5 hours researching and tried all recommendations but didn't work. I purchased this completely intending to use it as my "wallet" on top of the step counts and sports functions. To search out that I can't even access the Pay information type of defeats the purpose.
~ Michael Ang
I haven't really had an trouble till today when I looked at the time in my Fitbit Versa and saw it was running over an hour behind. I've tried numerous times to pair it to my Galaxy 9S and then did a factory restart. Nothing is working. I cant even obtain my song or connect to wifi either. If I should I would give a negative review right actually!!!
~ Jessica Hanna
doesn't connect to bluetooth so unhappy with this release. bluetooth will not connect to charge 2. keeps claiming me to check my settings. did all that uninstalled reinstalled release. delete charge 2. and the place it back into release. still bluetooth cant connect. getting very frustrated. with this entire release.
~ Audrey Cail
Overall, I like the release, however the newest upgrades appear to have changed the idea that my sleep is monitored and it's so obviously not calculating all of my sleep, whereas in past algorithms it had done so. For example, I've been taking naps more frequently during the day and prior to the last two upgrades the release had added that time into my everyday sleep tally separately. It no longer adds it at all actually. Refreshing of all details also is taking somewhat longer, but that is just very minor.
~ Mick Gardner
As with others on this thread, I have had non-stop troubles with syncing my Charge 3 with both my device and my pc. I never had this trouble with my Charge 2 or with prior Fitbit devices. This is not an individual trouble this appears to be something systemic with your Charge 3 devices. This device is just 1 month old. Fitbit is sending me other device, but if I continue to have troubles, I will never buy other product from you.
~ Diane Pardi
In the past two weeks (maybe longer), I've started to notice that my time changes by itself - either the collected time changes when I sync in the release (yesterday I had almost 10000 steps, but after I synced it dropped to 1750), or I will notice step count is idea down when I look at my device's screen through the day. Also, sometimes when I test to input exercise stats, it will hold prompting me to pick the kind of exercise and never allow's me finish inputting the time. Very frustrating!!
~ Barbara Kaplowitz
like a lot of the another reviews, won't usually sync , becomes extremely annoying. Have a paid for a decent watch and when working/syncing it's a nice watch. Have had one watch replaced already and 2 weeks in the second one is not syncing, spend a lot of time trying everything. What is going to obtain done about this, is it time to change back to a Garmin?
~ Alison Spence
After years as a loyal customer I think that this is my last Fitbit. I dont obtain info for calls or texts on my watch. I have to restart my device just to sync it, if I'm lucky. I know Fitbit watches dont usually last, and I've usually upgraded after a couple of years. There is so much potential to these watches if they would now work.
~ Lisa Ramirez
Fitbit opened my eyes and supports motivates me! I have had it actually 2 years and I love my Charge 2 FitBit (FB) I lost collectively 40 lbs. I love the knowledge it gave me and how it makes it a fun idea to do it too. I have claimed my close dudes they need one if they didnt already have one. my 2 yr FB is still working. I may eventually obtain other. I like the size of the Charge 2 so I may just obtain the 3 instead of the ALTA... looks too large for my tiny wrists. Hope you obtain one too!
~ C. De Anda
My first fitbit lasted a short time until the charge port fell apart. A replacement did the same. Purchased a Charge 3 for myself and my wife to use with a Motorola E4 plus, hers set up mine would not. I named them and danced around for about an hour until the lady claimed it was not compatible with the Motorola E 4 (this was before we tried my wife's) buy I was able to see the time and steps and resigned myself to that use. Just for kicks we tired to set up my wife's and wala it worked but mine still would not. I lived with it until I traveled and found out it would not change time zones. I named them again and after other hour of test was claimed again it would not work so I asked it I should use my laptop to set it up and the respond was yes, but it too would not set up so that claimed it was not a cell device trouble but a fitbit trouble at which time she claimed because we uninstalled the release and reinstalled that was causing the trouble which they are working on and to call back in a week?????????? However, in the hour process she had me restart the fitbit which I actually discovered set the watch to 12 am and there it sits.. so actually I only have a step counter
~ Bob Edwards
Very disappointed. The release only worked for a week. I do have an Mobile device and read the reviews before installing the release. I was hoping I would not have the trouble that EVERYONE else was having, but no such luck. I am type of sorry I purchased the versa, I should have spent much less and got better performance. Why are you not fixing this fitbit???? Do you not care about Mobile customers?
~ Meghan Marsh
i use fitbit versa and it was working nicely for a week or so .. but actually it won't synchronise! i tried everything, release modernization, reinstalling the release, factory restart and everything that was possible but it still wont work! actually my device wont even connect with my fitbit after the restart! i need support,, desperately!!!!
~ Tokuli Wotsa
I love Fitbit but this is ridiculous! I've been trying to pair my blaze to my Samsung Galaxy s8+ for two days! I really don't understand how it becomes unpaired so frequently. I use to usually be able to sync them back up, it might have taken a couple of tries but it never took two days and counting. I've turned both devices off for 8+ hours and restarted, I've even turned the bluetooth off and on. Nothing is working! It's like it doesn't even look for it because it's "old" technology.
~ Kayla R
$300 watch doesn't sync anymore. It is a useless overpriced piece of junk. fitbit has lots of bugs. you can't display heart rate in landscape mode. it will wake you up in the middle of the night to claim you you have 20 steps left. no idea to shut off the tiny step cheers, they happened mostly when I am not moving. and you can't shut them off. still doesn't sink anyway. do not buy this product it does not work. this is junk compared to Samsung or Apple watches. this is gumball machine watch.
~ Just Me
just upgraded my old fitbit to the lovley versa. i used to sometimes have a several sync isues, but since this last modernization and newest watch im haveing to delete from release and re conect after about 6 hours. bloody annoying as spent over £200 what this release needs is a function to save your fave clock faces. i like to change mine often but would like to have an zone that should save the ones i like most rather than scrolling through hundreds of faces. also a filter function to sort paid and nonpaid.
~ Becky Rain
Utterly unworkable goatf**k of a device !!. I don't wear it all the time as I work in trade and would hurt it. When I turn it back on, it takes an age to sync and modernization the time. Go to a different time territory and it's the same storyline. Today I turn it on and it's "you need a firmware modernization " - "this might take 30 mins " .So I proceed....after 30 mins, no sign of finish.I leave device and watch at home and go to the market, come back 40 minutes later and still downloading (!) Utterly useless !!
~ Matt Mcloughlin
Annoyed with sync troubles...shouldn't have to constantly jump through hoops to obtain Alta HR to sync. Whenever there's an modernization it seems to mess up...it's almost like it's planned...they've come out with newer trackers and I'm being pushed into getting the newer one...nope...not going that route again. This is my third and last fitbit. When it works, I love it. Right actually, won't sync with release, so type of pointless.
~ Mary S. Erickson
I now love my Fitbit, but the latest modernization on May 10th has messed with my details. The watch is collecting the time correctly, and the release agrees with the watch, except the release is not claiming me all of the exercises, under the exercise option. I generally do two workouts a day, and it is only crediting one. Actually not really a large deal, since it is there in steps, and time, but I use that section to support me identify how hard I am working out. Ways?
~ Darien Pauline
Was working but has stopped syncing since Mobile was modernized - in November. The upgrades do not fix anything (even the most newest May modernization) and actually it won't sync at all (even via the blog). in addition, my Blaze is actually running approx 5 mins slow. Come on Fitbit, fix it!!
~ A Google user
Why is this still not fix? Won't sync anymore. I tried all the fixes. Soft is useless to me actually. So there was an modernization one day after I posted this but still no luck. My zip will not sync anymore with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 unless I take the battery out. So frustrating as I really wanted this to also sync with My FitnessPal release.
~ Jackie L
Fitbit was nice but recently the release is USELESS. I spend too much time troubleshooting Fitbit instead of working, exercising, sleeping... Why??? Again, it has not recorded activities (walks, runs, weight training etc.) for TEN days. Soft claims the sync has been scheduled, but it never syncs. I've rebooted my device, reinstalled the release few times, no change. Will obtain a device compatible with Google Fit release which records and automatically reports everything. Fitbit is unfit.
~ Craig Pereira
Can't use release. It stopped syncing with Zip after device modernization to v9.0 and cannot reconnect. Tried to connect again after this newest release modernization. Still not connecting. Check again, Fitbit! You can do it! --- Mar 5 - just modernized release and it still doesn't work. --- Apr 23 - just modernized release and it still doesn't connect to Zip like it used to. ---May 9 - modernized release and tried again - still not connecting.
~ Mike Watrous
The release is absolutely poor at the moment. I use the mobile ver on a Samsung A40. I have to hold uninstalling the release and reinstalling for it to modernization my activities. if I don't do this then the release freezes on the white loading page with the Fitbit symbol. I expect far more given Fitbit GPS/activity trackers are not the cheapest on the supermarket, if I owned a budget product I might expect budget help. Would suggest that anyone thinking of buying a Fitbit look for alternative brand.
~ A Google user
how is it possible that a company has an release that cannot sync to one of their devices? I'd like to see the release developers figure out how to obtain Androids to sync with the charge 3. im *extremely* disappointed and frustrated with my experiences with the fitbit release and the devices as well. please fix this trouble ASAP
~ ari
Nice when it is working but they need to fix those syncing troubles, my cheap Chinese predecessor was probably not banner accurate but worked much better. Three months later and the synchronization troubles are worse. Despite resetting the device twice, resetting the device, activating the usually connected information and restarting my device, my device hasn't synced for two days. The release isn't much nice to me if it doesn't do it's job.
~ Pauline Jones
I search it requires constant care and attention. it loses bluetooth connection frequently. I've lost my paid for watch face few times. Fitbit needs a better system that is more sound. Its just ok nothing premium. The sensitivity of the wrist action isn't what it once was. When it dies I will not replace it.
~ Sandra Brynjolfson
Fitbit is an awesome software for tracking your steps, logging your meal and water intake, keeping track of your exercise routines and your exercise mins and supporting you hold track of your weight. It supports me to stay on track. I required support with all of this. This release is so simple to use. I would suggest Fitbit to others 100%.
~ Ernestine Ramsey
other one bites the dust... yesterday at work I noticed I wasn't recieving info on my versa. However, it was still recording my steps. I really enjoyed having the text and device call alert. So I spent after work all my time in doing what all these another lovely customers tried and nothing I went to uninstall and reinstall which I think is absurd for how much these products are and what you have to test to do to obtain them to work. I noticed they did an modernization on the 22nd- not glad
~ Kristyn Laubach
Looks like troubles with time integrity, time binding, list item view recycling and/or another troubles. The time easy gets displayed incorrectly, and somewhat frequently. For one example (of multiple), in the list of heart rate graphs, sometimes it just skips a day. I.e. there just isn't a list item added for a particular day. The release looks nice, but that's a tiny consideration when assessing the quality of a soft product.
~ Mitchell Rossborough
this is horrible! spent my entire day trying to sync. so frustrating! please claim me this will be fixed quick. please don't ask if i restarted my device, forced quit the release, restart my blutooth, uninstalled and reinstalled the release, turned my territory off and back on (which, why do you need my territory to sync?? but whatever), and checked all my settings. because i did that. few times. why is this garbage?
~ Julie Guadalupe
I had to revert to my Fitbit Blaze. My Charge 3 claims i worked up 17 flights of stairs although I havent used the stairs today. When will i learn to follow my instincts and NOT modernization so they can break my fitbit and force me to obtain a newest one? Will you please stop "fixing" the release when it isn't broken? The next time I have an release that works, I'm disabling auto syncing. I'm so sick of the inconsistency and inconvenience..
~ B Blank
For the last three days, you haven't been syncing any of my time. The release claims Bluetooth troubles, but I have at least two another apps that consistently sync via Bluetooth with no troubles whatsoever, so this is clearly an release-side trouble. Note: it went back to normal for few months, and actually the only idea I can sync after a day is to fully uninstall and re-install the release. Please don't recommend I follow the troubleshooting steps, as I have done that few times and it does not solve it.
~ Teresa Kern
constantly claims can't sync. all my another devices work fine. just this one. restart Bluetooth. no support. restart device. no support. delete release and reinstall. nothing. only worked one time. I've done all they recommended. Didn't work. Tech help claimed common trouble with Androids and especially Moto. May never work. Messed with it for hours again and finally got it to sync to my device. We'll see if it lasts. May they did an modernization- actually no longer works again. nice job...☹️
~ Mark Acton